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Melanie Lawson: How to boost your mood (and mental wellbeing)

Melanie Lawson: How to boost your mood (and mental wellbeing)


In Nicola’s fourth episode she chats to Melanie Lawson. Melanie is the founder of the brand Bare Biology (a company that has gone to great lengths to create the very best fish oil supplements). In this episode Nicola and Melanie talk all things mood and mental health.

Melanie is incredibly open about her mental health (having suffered from Postnatal Depression, OCD and anxiety) and in this episode she discusses how this was the driving force for starting her brand.

Melanie discusses how fish oils can boost our mood and covers topics such as how omega 3 can help our mental health, what on earth EPA and DPA are and what the difference is between the two, PLUS we find out what is in Melanie’s wellbeing toolkit.

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Read more about when Nicola met Melanie and check out Melanie’s NO BS Wellbeing Toolkit by having a look at our blog here:

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