S2 Ep65: The Fight for Justice – The Hidden Predator Act 2020, Part 2

S2 Ep65: The Fight for Justice – The Hidden Predator Act 2020, Part 2

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

In a compelling deviation from its regular format, this episode presents an immersive audio experience direct from the legislative heart of Maryland. This episode departs from the familiar voices of Shane and Gemma, instead channeling the raw advocacy and powerful testimonies that resonated through the halls of Annapolis on February 20th, during the hearing for the Hidden Predator Act of 2020.

The episode captures the fervent arguments presented by survivors Teresa Lancaster and Jean Wehner, alongside other courageous individuals and specialists, who stand united on the legislative floor. Their voices echo the distress and determination of countless survivors seeking to overhaul the legal constraints that currently bar them from seeking civil justice for the abuses they endured. The act under discussion is a beacon of hope for many, promising a legal pathway to confront and expose their abusers without the impediments of time-barred legislation.

The hearing unfolds across three panels, with survivors and experts articulating their points before the state committee, punctuated by incisive questions from committee members that probe the depths of the issue. Jean Wehner, featured in the final panel, offers poignant insight into the personal and collective impact of the statute limitations on abuse survivors.

This episode is not just an account but a testament to the ongoing struggle for legislative change. It's a chronicle of resilience and a call to action, urging for progress that would enable survivors to have their day in court, free from the tyranny of deadlines set by outdated laws.

For those moved by the cause or looking for more information, the full hearing can be accessed, and support found at itsfoulplay.com. As the series continues to spotlight the essential issues surrounding Sister Cathy's case and the broader fight against abuse, it remains a platform for awareness, change, and justice.

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