S3 Ep1: The Maps, Shadow of Speed

S3 Ep1: The Maps, Shadow of Speed

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

Shane and Wendy embark on a haunting exploration of the notorious Speed Freak Killers. The chilling saga of Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog unfolds in this detailed narrative, tracing their transformation from childhood friends to ruthless serial killers in the London area of California. Spanning from 1984 to 1999, their heinous spree claimed an estimated 60 lives, leaving a permanent scar on the communities they terrorized.

Dive deep into the intricate web of crimes committed by these two men. This episode scrutinizes every facet of their journey – from their early days and descent into darkness to their eventual capture. Through interviews with investigators, psychologists, and families of the victims, Shane and Wendy strive to comprehend the incomprehensible: what drives such a drastic shift from hunting animals to hunting humans?

Listeners are invited to follow the hosts as they unravel the complex investigation and the pivotal role of methamphetamine in fueling the killers' actions. Learn about all the lives tragically cut short. Witness the significance of the maps drawn by Wesley Shermantine in locating the victims' remains and the relentless pursuit of justice for the families left in mourning.

Join us at itsfoulplay.com for exclusive content and further insights into this episode. This episode promises a journey not only into the heart of darkness but also into the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unspeakable tragedy.

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