S3 Ep4: The Maps, Cyndi and Phillip Disappear

S3 Ep4: The Maps, Cyndi and Phillip Disappear

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

In the gripping fourth episode of "The Maps," titled "Cyndi and Phillip Disappear," hosts Shane and Wendy guide listeners through the chilling and mysterious disappearances of Cyndi Vanderheiden and Phillip Cabot Lloyd Martin, set against the sinister backdrop of the Speed Freak Killers' rampage.

The episode delves deep into the story of Cyndi Vanderheiden, the last known victim before the apprehension of Wesley Sherman Tyne and Lauren Herzog. Through a detailed exploration of her life and the tragic circumstances of her disappearance, the hosts paint a vivid picture of the irreversible void left in the hearts of those who knew her.

Simultaneously, the episode sheds light on the lesser-known but equally unsettling case of Phillip Cabot Lloyd Martin, who vanished in September 1993. Suspected to be another victim of the notorious duo, Phillip's story is a haunting narrative of loss and unanswered questions. The episode intricately weaves the details of his life, the perplexing nature of his disappearance, and the ongoing struggle for closure faced by his loved ones.

Featuring heart-rending interviews with family members, insights from law enforcement, and expert commentary, "Cyndi and Phillip Disappear" is not just a recount of two tragic events but a poignant reminder of the human cost behind the headlines.

Join us on this emotional journey at itsfoulplay.com, where we continue to honor the memories of those lost and seek answers in the shadows of uncertainty.

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