S2 Ep68: Sister Cathy, Organized Abuse – A Global Call to Action

S2 Ep68: Sister Cathy, Organized Abuse – A Global Call to Action

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

Shane and Gemma join forces with Associate Professor Michael Salter, a criminologist from the University of New South Wales. As an expert deeply immersed in the study and support of organized sexual abuse survivors, Salter brings critical knowledge and urgency to the conversation, spotlighting a subject historically shrouded in doubt and misapprehension.

Salter discusses the paradigm shift in how organized sexual abuse, especially involving individuals who endured such atrocities in childhood, is recognized and approached today. With regret, he reflects on the skepticism that once met such cases and how his association with bodies like the ISSTD, Child Abuse Prevention Service Australia, and the eSafety Office signifies progress in advocacy and support.

The dialogue turns to the defunct False Memory Syndrome Foundation, a body that once vigorously challenged the credibility of recovered memories of childhood abuse. Salter dissects the implications of its dissolution, affirming the scientific consensus around trauma-related amnesia and the authenticity of survivors' recovered memories.

A pointed critique is leveled at Facebook's proposed end-to-end encryption initiative for Messenger, with Salter elucidating the potential dangers such privacy measures could pose to children. He explains the necessity of safeguarding child protection mechanisms, stressing the potential increase in risks of exploitation due to encryption hindering the detection of predatory behavior.

Shane and Gemma steer the conversation towards actionable insights, echoing Salter's call for heightened efforts in victim support, mental health services enhancement, professional training, and stringent regulation of the tech industry to prevent the perpetuation of organized sexual abuse.

This episode is a clarion call for listeners to understand the gravity of these issues and to take part in a collective effort for change. For further engagement and resources, Salter urges a visit to itsfoulplay.com, where the dialogue on safeguarding the vulnerable continues. This session is a testament to the power of informed discourse and the importance of leveraging expertise to fortify our child protection systems against the evolving challenges of the digital age.

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