10: #19 Exploring anxiety with Anna Mathur

Finally Pregnant

By Cat Strawbridge (@tryingyears)

10: #19 Exploring anxiety with Anna Mathur

Wednesday, 13 May

After a getting-used-to-corona-life sized hiatus we’re back! In this week’s episode of the Finally Pregnant podcast I’m sitting down – virtually speaking – with psychotherapist and mum Anna Mathur.

Anna’s vast experience both professionally and personally has given her a unique insight into the lives and minds of new mums. But this chat isn’t just for you if you are already parenting as we discuss issues and helpful techniques which will be useful at almost any stage of ttc, loss, pregnancy and parenting. 

If you want to hear more from Anna head over and give her a follow and make sure you check out her new book Mind Over Mother, every mum’s guide to worry and anxiety in the first year.

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Thanks so much!

Cat x


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