3: #12 How to strengthen your pelvic floor with Helen Keeble

Finally Pregnant

By Cat Strawbridge (@tryingyears)

3: #12 How to strengthen your pelvic floor with Helen Keeble

Wednesday, 22 January

Did you know that incontinence is the 2nd most common reason people are admitted to a nursing home? This is just one of many gems Helen Keeble shares with me in today's chat.  Whether you are pregnant or not this episode is full of information, bring a notepad and pen!

Helen is also one third of the Pelvic Floor Patrol who want to open up the conversation around the pelvic floor across the UK and beyond.

During the chat I mention Keegle 8 vaginal cones which you can find here and if you scroll down there is a link to a prescription form which you can print off, complete and give to your doctor - I did and got some for free.

However, before I got a chance to use the above I was gifted an Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer which helps motivate me and I've got one to give away so head over to my instagram now where you can be in a chance to win one too! The giveaway will only be open for a few days - sorry if you miss it!

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Cat @tryingyears

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