9: #9 Cara's Pregnancy Story

Finally Pregnant

By Cat Strawbridge (@tryingyears)

9: #9 Cara's Pregnancy Story

Tuesday, 30 July

This interview with Cara (@ourlittlesonesstory) was the first recording I did for this podcast, not sure why it's taken so long to air! Cara is, among other things, the founder of fertility charity Fertility Support Australia which offers support for those TTC.

Since recording this interview Cara has had her gorgeous little girl Evie but it's great to listen back on how she was feeling during her pregnancy; at the time in her third trimester.

Cara also took the time to add a little note at the end on how she's feeling now that Evie is here so make sure you listen to the end to hear that too.

The day I recorded the intro I had been to a fertility related play called Baby-Go-Round by A Drunken Sailor theatre company which is being taken to Edinburgh Fringe Festival - check it out if you can!

Special mention to The Little Green Sheep company because also on the day I recorded this I won one of their organic cot mattresses which is just amazing!

If you are still TTC or know someone who is make sure you check out the events I run with my friend Alice via Cat and Alice or you can find us on socials @itscatandalice

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PS - in case you're wondering (because I forgot to mention it in the intro!) the noise in the background is Cara's dog Billy! :) 

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