S3 Ep5: The Maps, The Bounty Hunters' Trail

S3 Ep5: The Maps, The Bounty Hunters' Trail

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

In "The Bounty Hunters' Trail," the fifth episode of "The Maps," hosts Shane and Wendy turn the spotlight onto the crucial role of bounty hunters Rob Dick and Leonard Padilla in unraveling the mystery of the Speed Freak Killers. This episode explores how their involvement was pivotal in uncovering the maps that would eventually lead to the discovery of many victims' remains.

Shane and Wendy delve into the high-stakes world of bounty hunting, detailing how Rob Dick and Leonard Padilla embarked on their journey into the heart of one of California's most notorious criminal cases. The hosts recount the relentless efforts, the breakthroughs, and the challenges faced by these two men in their pursuit of justice.

Alongside this gripping narrative, the episode introduces the tragic case of Gayle Marks, who disappeared at the age of 18 on 10/18/1988. Gayle, a Caucasian young woman with naturally blonde hair and blue eyes, went missing under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind a trail of questions. Standing at 5'4" and weighing 110 pounds at the time of her disappearance, Gayle's case adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation.

Through interviews with Rob Dick, "The Bounty Hunters' Trail" offers a unique perspective on the investigation. This episode promises to immerse listeners in the intricate and often dangerous world of bounty hunting, and its significant impact on the Speed Freak Killers case.

Join us for this revealing episode at itsfoulplay.com, where the quest for truth takes us down unexpected paths, shedding new light on old mysteries.

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