374: Kelly McGonigal | The Upside of Stress

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By Jordan Harbinger

374: Kelly McGonigal | The Upside of Stress

Tuesday, 7 July

Kelly McGonigal (@kellymcgonigal) is a research psychologist, a lecturer at Stanford University, and an award-winning science writer. She is the author of The Joy of Movement, The Willpower Instinct, and The Upside of Stress.

What We Discuss with Kelly McGonigal: How much does the way you think about stress affect your health? Contrary to what medical professionals have been telling you for years, can there really be such a thing as good stress? Why trying to shame someone out of a harmful coping mechanism (overeating, smoking, etc.) can generate the very stress that prompts reliance on that mechanism. How anxiety, pangs of loneliness, and other indications of stress can be seen as calls to action instead of triggers for inappropriate responses. How do genetics play into your relationship with stress? And much more...

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