S2 Ep69: Sister Cathy, The Inner Circle – A Round Table on Maskell and Memories

S2 Ep69: Sister Cathy, The Inner Circle – A Round Table on Maskell and Memories

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

Shane and Gemma facilitate a round table featuring key figures from the Netflix documentary 'The Keepers.' This assembly of minds opens a multi-faceted dialogue on the enigmatic and ominous figure of Dr. Joseph Maskell, his tenure as a teacher at Loyola, and the dark shroud of allegations that link him to the CIA's infamous MKUltra project.

The guests share their intimate recollections of Maskell, piecing together a mosaic of memories that paint a disturbing picture of manipulation and power abuse. With each anecdote and shared experience, they build upon the understanding of Maskell's character and the potential depth of his misdeeds. An analytical dissection of an interview with Edgar, a suspected associate in the case, brings to light behavioral subtleties that may hint at deeper involvement or knowledge of the events that led to Sister Cathy's untimely demise.

As they navigate through the complex interplay of past events, the discussion also turns to the peculiarities of the apartment complex where Cathy lived—a place fraught with unanswered questions and eerie coincidences that may hold keys to untold stories. The group's dynamic engagement sheds new light on historical facts, conjecture, and the collective pursuit of closure for all those affected by the case.

In a spirit of unity and determination, the round table underscores the ongoing efforts by the Attorney General's office to delve into the case, with a firm encouragement for anyone with knowledge that could aid the investigation to step forward. This is not just a call for justice but an active rekindling of the search for truth in the hopes of bringing peace to the victims and the community at large.

Listeners are called upon to join this momentous conversation and to contribute any information they may have by reaching out through itsfoulplay.com. This episode stands as a powerful convergence of voices, united in the quest to resolve a narrative that has haunted the Baltimore area for too long.

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