Bonus Episode - TFtFT: Shedding Misconceptions Episode 1

Bonus Episode - TFtFT: Shedding Misconceptions Episode 1


Since there isn’t a Greetings, Adventurers! ep today, we thought we’d premiere Episode 1 of the latest Tales From the Foaming Tankard series! Normally this is a Patreon exclusive series but we couldn't not share the first episode with you! Join an elite group as they start a new adventure far in the East of Drunkeros. Yanghar, here we come!

In the far east of Drunkeros, across the Storm Sea, lies Yanghar...

Recent events have unfolded near Yanghar which require the specialized services of a unique group of adventurers...

Join Adrath (Matthew M Morris), Flox (Veronica Escamilla-Brady), Belloresh (David Stewart), and YOUNG MAN WECK! (Michael DiMauro) on an adventure that brings listeners to new exotic locations in the ever-expanding world of Drunkeros.

Dungeon Mastered by Fred Greenleaf

With additional characters voiced by:

Hiroshi Sutherland

Nika Howard

Jennifer Cheek

Tim Lanning

Produced and edited by @spudcam 

Art by

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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