395: How to Avoid Scams | Deep Dive

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By Jordan Harbinger

395: How to Avoid Scams | Deep Dive

Tuesday, 25 August

Gabriel Mizrahi (@GabeMizrahi) joins us for this deep dive into common scams to watch out for, why even the smartest among us get suckered into falling for scams, and what we can do to help ourselves and others break free of scams for good.

What We Discuss with Gabriel Mizrahi: The most common scams to look out for — from multi-level marketing (MLM) pyramid schemes and large-group awareness training (LGAT) to fake gurus and spiritual shysters. The dangerous consequences you or someone you care about can face when suckered into participating in these predatory scams. The qualities of people who often fall for scams — and why even the smartest among us are vulnerable to chasing their empty promises once hooked. The role of environment (like economic crisis and upbringing) in scam susceptibility. The right — and wrong — ways to approach someone who’s fallen for a scam (even if that someone is you). And much more…

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