S2 Ep71: Sister Cathy, Keeping On with Gemma

S2 Ep71: Sister Cathy, Keeping On with Gemma

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

In a heartfelt and introspective episode of Foul Play: Crime Series, "Keeping On with Gemma," the spotlight shines on Gemma Hoskins, whose quest for truth has transcended the role of a former student to become that of an author and tenacious investigator. Gemma shares a poignant chapter from her newly published book, "Keeping On," inviting listeners into the intimate spaces of her memories, motivations, and the ongoing journey to resolve the mystery of Sister Cathy Cesnik's murder.

Gemma's reading offers a glimpse into the soul of her book and the very essence of her relentless pursuit. "Keeping On" is not just a recount of the facts as they unfolded but a narrative steeped in personal growth and unwavering determination. Listeners are treated to Gemma's candid reflection on the profound influence Sister Cathy had on her life—from the halls of Archbishop Keough High School to the global stage set by the Emmy-nominated Netflix series, "The Keepers."

The episode traverses Gemma's multifaceted life as a teacher, grassroots investigator, and advocate for justice, echoing the spirit of Sister Cathy in every role she assumes. As Gemma reads, the audience is transported through the decades following that fateful night in 1969, sharing in the discoveries, setbacks, and moments of clarity that have marked her path.

Shane and Gemma, together, discuss the broader implications of Gemma's work, the challenges of seeking the truth in a case that has long gone cold, and the enduring legacy of a teacher whose life and death continue to inspire acts of courage and conviction.

Listeners are encouraged to explore the full depth of Gemma's journey by purchasing "Keeping On," available at the provided link. As the conversation comes to a close, the episode extends an open invitation to itsfoulplay.com for continued discourse and support. Join Gemma and the Foul Play team as they keep the flame of inquiry alive, honoring the memory of Sister Cathy and the quest for justice that unites us all.


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