Being in a Relationship with an Empire Builder- Interview with my wife!

Being in a Relationship with an Empire Builder- Interview with my wife!

By Nick James

In this episode, Nick is taking on his riskiest interview to date and speaking with the person who knows him best  - his wife, Natty James.

They have known each other since university and this episode is a great insight into what it’s like being in a relationship with an epic empire builder.

The questions discussed are those the empire builders Facebook community wanted to hear the answers to and are wide-ranging from how to cope with the challenges through to Nick’s most annoying habit.

This episode will speak to anyone in a relationship with an empire builder – like business communication is everything.



You have to have a lot of patience and trust in the empire builder. Be open and honest about the challenges and when things are not going to plan. It’s important to understand what’s important. The partner of an Empire Builder must also be committed to the vision. You need to find someone who complements you - ‘the yin to your yang’ Trust in the vision, because trust means there is no space for fear, they cannot both exist. Dominance influenced characters crave drive, achievement and to explore new ideas. Those who are steady characters want certainty and security all the time. When you are involved with an entrepreneur is that there is always something to do. The biggest challenge is the job is never finished. You need to be able to be present and have dedicated family time.



‘Nat has created the stability that enables me to do what I do’

‘I believe in the vision and I know he’s a problem solver’

‘Make sure there are opportunities to have ‘off’ times from the business’



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Nick James

Nick dropped out of university at the age of 21 and failed spectacularly with his first coaching business, which forced him to take a £16k/yr telesales job. 

Within 12 months he was the top performer and left to start his second business at 24. This time he discovered a winning formula and before long had a multi-six-figure company.

He then made a huge mistake which nearly put him out of business and cost him £50,000 in personal cash!

Fortunately, Nick kept it afloat, turned it around, and sold that business 2 years later in a seven-figure deal. 

He then co-founded a multi-million-pound marketing company, which he exited in 2015, and created Expert Empires.

Today, Expert Empires is known as the UK's number one business event for Experts, with world-renowned celebrity speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Chalene Johnson, David Goggins, and Lewis Howes gracing the stage.

Nick also specialises in helping Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Trainers, and Authors take their businesses from zero to six figures and beyond through his Expert Empires Mastermind programme.

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