E56: She Cheated On Me and Thats Not All - with Dr. Aria

E56: She Cheated On Me and Thats Not All - with Dr. Aria

By Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Monday, 9 November

This is one of the most gripping, emotional and powerful conversations I've ever had. It may also be the reason I never get married. This week I sat down with previous guest and good friend of mine Dr Aria. Dr Aria is a high performance psychologist and mindfulness specialist but he's not here to talk about that today. Dr Aria has been on a truly life changing journey over the past year and he's here to talk about that journey in the most honest and truthful way.
- The Story  - Processing the emotions - Adapting my opinion of marriage and monogamy - How I Lost an intrinsic part of who I was  - My Ideal relationship structure - Why unhappiness stems from conformity  - Finding new friends in a painful situation - Outro 

Special thanks to my good friend Dr. Aria, you can find him at:
Instagram - @dr._aria 
Website - dr-aria.com

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