The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

By The Diary Of A CEO by Steven Bartlett

A few years ago I was a broke, university dropout, living in one of the worst parts of the country, alone, with nothing but a laptop & a dream. Fast forward a few years, I’m the 27 year old CEO of one of the UK’s fastest growing companies. That company is called Social Chain. My world is intense, sometimes crazy, always challenging and always unpredictable. This podcast is simple, every week I’m going to share my personal diary with you and I want to give you an insight into what it’s like behind the scenes, being an entrepreneur, the deep, dark thoughts that nobody else will share with you and anything else that’s playing on my mind. This is not scripted, this is off the top of my head and this is direct from my diary. This is the diary of a CEO, I’m Steven Bartlett. I hope nobody is listening, but if you are… keep this to yourself.


Moment 10 - Jake Humphrey On The Building Blocks Of Success

In these ‘Moment’ episodes of my podcast, I’ll be selecting my favourite moments from previous episodes of The Diary Of A CEO. In this clip, Jake Humphrey explains that understanding the ‘building blocks’ to success is what truly made him successful. He claims the ‘trick’ is to take absolute responsibility for everything in your life.Jake then tells us that now that he has his success, it feels somewhat underwhelming and anticlimactic as he reveals that he doesn’t yet ‘feel’ successful.Episode 50 - 
17/06/219m 11s

E84: World Leading Mindset Expert: How To Reach Your Full Potential - Matthew Syed

My guest this week is Matthew Syed, he has written some of the most important books in the self development, self improvement, team, company building space. His ideas are original, challenging and important.He is a British journalist, author, broadcaster and former table tennis player. He competed as an English table tennis international, and was the English number one for many years. He was three times the men's singles champion at the Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships (in 1997, 2000 and 2001), and also competed for Great Britain in two Olympic Games, at Barcelona in 1992 and at Sydney in 2000.After leaving the world of table tennis he embarked on a journalism career working for The Times. Throughout his career he has published four books that are highly regarded taking all of the learnings across his life as an elite level sports man and journalist. To say this conversation is diverse would be an understatement, we covered everything from creating innovation, build confidence and how to reach your full potential. This man is fascinating, engaging and thought provoking, trust me when I say you need to hear this.This weeks topics: How do you define success  Mindset Failure & moving out of your comfort zone The importance of creating diversity How do we create innovation within teams? Social media, how do I keep up? Human psychology  What stops people reaching their full potential? Whats the biggest things you're a contradiction on Wokery & cancel culture How does one find confidence and self-belief? How to become a better leader   Matthew:
14/06/211h 42m

Moment 9 - Eddie Hearn on The Sacrifices Behind Being Relentless

In these ‘Moment’ episodes of my podcast, I’ll be selecting my favourite moments from previous episodes of The Diary Of A CEO.  In this clip, Eddie Hearn reveals how his childhood in the shadow of his highly-successful father, Barry Hearn, turned him into the ‘relentless’ sports promoter and businessman he is today. We also talk about some of the sacrifices Eddie has had to make in order to make it to the top and discuss how even something as important as family can often become neglected in his pursuit of success. Taken from episode 58 - Eddie: FOR US FOR BEST BRITISH PODCAST: 
10/06/2110m 24s

E83: Liam Payne Opens Up About His Darkest Moments, Failed Relationships & Entrepreneurship

Liam Payne has been subjected to the intensity of the spotlight from the age of just 14, when he found global fame following his entry in to the X Factor’s seventh series, and the dizzying rise once he exited as one fifth of the group One Direction. The band was cemented as a phenomenon overnight-their success and the surrounding hype was likened to that of a modern-day Beatles at time of their debut single release. They became the first UK group ever to have their debut album reach number one in the United States. There probably are not many who are better placed than Liam to discuss instantaneous fame and the churning of its 'machine’.   Liam has gone from a teen star to a fully-fledged solo artist who has taken ownership of his career in terms of its creative direction and elevated further with a strong signature pop/rnb style and a string of hits both here and abroad. He’s had his music streamed over a total of 2bn times.  However, there is much more to him than the image of simply being a teen heartthrob or sugary popstar. The X Factor may be notorious for churning out ‘instant’ popstars but Liam clearly has a deep appreciation for music and the process behind its production. He studied as a musician prior to the start of his mainstream career and has grown as a gifted songwriter, with 40+ writing and co-writing credits to his name. He has previously said that he is accustomed to writing and recording entire albums in six weeks or less, and his evolution on personal and creative levels has no doubt been accelerated by his exposure. This conversation today isn’t your normal “reunion chat” we speak about so much in a lot of depth, everything from his relationships, his darkest times and everything in-between. Its open, its honest and its inspiring. During our conversation Liam mentioned it was one of the best chats he’d had in a while and I felt that, I hope you do too. This weeks topics: Lockdown & the gym Dealing with being famous Your relationship status Being a perfectionist Alcoholism One Direction & the costs Your NFT project Where would you be if you hadn't gone on X-Factor  Your relationship with the rest of boys & touring I am lucky to be here, have I hit my rock bottom You made a movie? What does the next 10 years looks like for you?  Your relationship with money Your son applies to X-Factor what do you say? What don’t we know about you? Social media What makes you happy?  What's your next ‘mountain’? Liam: FOR US FOR BEST BRITISH PODCAST: 
07/06/211h 39m

Moment 8 - Julian Hearn on How He Avoided Burnout Whilst Building Huel

In these ‘Moment’ episodes of my podcast, I’ll be selecting my favourite moments from previous episodes of The Diary Of A CEO. In this clip Julian Hearn, Founder and CFO of Huel, explains how he avoided burnout whilst building the company. We also cover some of the common symptoms of over-working and what we can do in order to find the fine balance between grind and burnout. Episode 35 - Julian:
03/06/215m 4s

E82: Johann Hari: Everything You Think You Know About Meaning & Happiness Is Wrong

This podcast is a real treat and a podcast that you cannot miss!Johann has come back and what honour it was to record. He has to be my all-time favourite guest ever! His book ‘Lost Connections’ had such a positive, transformative impact on my life and truly changed my perspective on how I viewed depression & addiction. I am sure that the information shared today will be valuable and important topics that our society needs to hear. Johann is a very successful and inspirational British-Swiss writer and journalist with 2 books hitting The New York Times best sellers list. Born in Glasgow Scotland then relocated to London when he was young, Johann experienced some childhood trauma having suffered from being physically abused as child and his mother suffering from an illness.Starting his career as a journalist he won many awards such as Journalist of the year and was named by the Daily Telegraph as one of the most influential people. Johann then went to onto being an author writing the worldwide known “Lost Connections” and “Chasing the Scream”. He also released a TED talk back in 2015 “Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong” which has now over 17 million views.This honest conversation lasted around 2 hours and we even went on into the evening off air. I genuinely think that this might be the most important podcast you choose to ignore. I’m not giving much away, but you will thank me after.Topics: Why do you like writing books?  Rat Park Working from home, living through screens  Finding meaning within the machine Are we struggling to form meaningful connections   How good are you at making connections Psychedelics  Is Social media helping us rally together   Your new book & your writing style Social media Johann: VOTE FOR US FOR BEST BRITISH PODCAST:
31/05/211h 53m

Moment 7 - Joe Wicks On How To Forgive & Set Yourself Free

In these ‘Moment’ episodes of my podcast, I’ll be selecting my favourite moments from previous episodes of The Diary Of A CEO. In this clip Joe Wicks shares his experience in forgiving his parents for a turbulent childhood. I think the point, which Joe raises, is something which is truly significant for many people in the world we live in today and holds the key to allowing ourselves to live free.Episode 37 - Joe: 
27/05/212m 55s

E81: Ben Fogle: Overcoming My Lifelong Battle With Self-doubt

Ben Fogle, a TV presenter broadcaster and author who has reached the peak of Everest, trekked over Antarctica and rowed across the vast Atlantic ocean. A man that has faced adventure and put himself in the most high risk situations doesn’t usually pair with low confidence issues and fighting his own insecurity. Born in Westminster everyone perceives him with a life of privilege, comfort and a quintessential posh lifestyle. Failing at school and only just got through his university studies. Ben had determination for travel and exploring, he lived on a island self-sufficiently for year, presented and made numerous of well-known documentaries, written 9 Times Best selling books and is the United Nations Patron of the Wilderness. There is more to this man than I believed the conversation we had was so diverse we covered so much, going through Ben’s journey getting down the core of the man everyone see’s smiling in behind the lens. A chance for him to express in his words who he really is and the voyage of taking back control of his own narrative. This podcast is going to open your eyes to reality and surprise you in ways you did not expect. The demand we have for materialistic things, to be happy all the time and push ourselves and take those leaps make us question what is happy and how can we be more fulfilled.Topics: Where does your thirst for challenge come from?  Overthinking & building confidence  conforming  I don't know if I'll ever find who I really am  Money value  Social media and Trolling  Wokness  Failure, self doubt and self belief Your wife, preventative marriage concealing  Anxiety and looking for happiness  What is your goal?  Are you scared of dying?  Have you got any regrets?  Advice for unconfident people  Ben:  Sponsors: 
24/05/211h 41m

Moment 6 - Tom Bilyeu on The TRUE Meaning of Success

In these ‘Moment’ episodes of my podcast, I’ll be selecting my favourite moments from previous episodes of The Diary Of A CEO. Here’s a conversation I had with Tom Bilyeu in Episode 24.Together we discuss the shift in drive which Tom experienced after acquiring large amounts of wealth as he recounts his transition from being money-driven to in search of a deeper and meaningful sense of fulfilment.What truly IS success, and how can pursuing fulfilment get us there?Episode 24 -   
20/05/219m 43s

E81: Is This The Secret To Curing Depression, Anxiety, & Addiction?: Dr Robin Carhart-Harris

Psychedelics, we all know of them, some of you may have even taken them, but do we really understand the full potential of them? My guest this week is Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, he has dedicated his life to researching and understanding them. He is a world leading psychologist and neuroscientist working on groundbreaking research exploring psychedelics and psychotherapy to treat depression, anxiety and addiction.  Dr Robin’s research has already proven that 67% of patients who underwent psilocybin (compound found in magic mushrooms) treatment experienced remission of their ‘treatment-resistant’ depression at 1-week post-treatment. His findings shook up the field of mental health research and he is leading the exploration into this new grey area of psychedelics.After being awarded an MA in Psychoanalysis at Brunel University, London, Carhart-Harris completed his PhD in psychopharmacology at the University of Bristol. Dr Robin has most recently secured a place in the Time Magazine Top 100 Next for his ground breaking research in the psychedelic space. The things Dr Robin knows are the things that in some point in the future society will accept as the norm to cure depression & anxiety to name a few. He is at the forefront of this space and hearing him today quite honestly blew my mind.  Why are things changing How did you get into this space?  What is "the unconscious mind"? What do different compounds do  Dangers of psychedelics  If I'm fine and happy should I still do psychedelics? One particular bit of research that kept you going  Magic mushrooms for depression  Are mental health disorders increasing & why?  If your children were depressed what would you do?  Spirituality  Your partner  Is your work the most important thing in your life?  Where would you like to see the acceleration of the field? What is it that drives you?  What role does money play in your life? Psychedelic app  Most interesting thing that you’ve learnt about the human mind Dr Robin:  
17/05/211h 14m

Moment 5 - Ben Francis On How To Respond When Things Go Wrong

In these ‘Moment’ episodes of my podcast, I’ll be selecting my favourite moments from previous episodes of The Diary Of A CEO.In this episode I look back on a conversation I had back in 2017 with the Founder of Gymshark, Ben Francis.Together we look into how Ben’s resilience and composure under pressure has helped make Gymshark one of the biggest sportswear brands in the UK, and the insane story of when Ben wrote 1000s of handwritten letters to customers in order to uphold customer satisfaction.Ben: 
13/05/216m 43s

E80: Professor Green: How To Overcome Life’s Hardest Challenges & Find A Purpose.

We all know Professor Green aka Stephen Manderson for his multiple chart topping songs throughout the years but there is so much behind each and every track inspired by his rocky upbringing, to say he has faced and overcome adversity to reach where he is would be a real understatement. He was born and raised in Hackney, growing up on one of the most notoriously troubled council estates at the time. He has won a number of personal battles ranging from health trauma and poverty to parental abandonment. Stephen's mother gave birth to him at 16 years old and left him and the home when he was just one year old. His father was absent for the vast majority of the time, leaving Stephen troubled and alienated. He was raised by his nan Pat. Stephen was stabbed in the neck in a near fatal attack with a broken glass bottle in a Shoreditch nightclub when he was 26. Convinced that he would die, he fled the club in shock and phoned both his mother and grandmother to say 'goodbye'. In 2008, Stephen tragically lost his father to suicide by hanging. He opened up on this is in his pivotal documentary 'Suicide and Me' released in 2015 for BBC III. They had had a difficult relationship prior and only occasional contact -he had not seen him face to face for six years before to having to identify his body, and his last words to his father had followed a bitter argument. In 2017, Stephen had a major health crisis and ended up with “a paralysed stomach”, totally unable to digest food. He managed to heal himself in large part through his own research and combinations of gut/balancing products. Since identifying a gap in the market for similar solutions through his own health battle, he has converted that newfound knowledge and research into co-founding liquid supplement company Aguulp, its product range receiving rave reviews so far.Stephen is incredibly level-headed and self aware despite treading such a rocky path. His constant battle with mental health both personally and within the family has created a mindset that is very unique and this conversation is one that I think everyone needs to hear. Topics: Most pivotal moments from your early years Becoming self-aware - getting older  Your dads suicide - mental health  The last conversation you had with your dad Finding success and leaving people behind  Getting stabbed in the neck  How did manage to make it over others?  Your new phase of life  How have you found the business world? Stephen:  Sponsors:
10/05/211h 35m

Moment 4 - How I Discovered A More Grateful Perspective

In these ‘Moment’ episodes of my podcast, I’ll be selecting my favourite moments from previous episodes of The Diary Of A CEO.In this episode I look back on a trip I took to India where I got to take a look at what life is like in the slums of Mumbai. This entire experience shifted my perspective completely and yet the most surprising thing about what I was seeing wasn’t the grim reality of poverty, but the unshakable fact that these people were happy.I walked away from those slums with an entirely new perspective on the privilege we have been given from birth, and this is where I introduce how I discovered a more grateful perspective Full episode - 
06/05/216m 20s

E79: Russell Kane: How To Build Confidence & Stay Young

My guest this week is Russell Kane, a Multi-award-winning comedian, presenter, actor, author and scriptwriter. Russell Kane is best known for the BBC Radio 4 podcast Evil Genius, which has become a flagship show and was the best performing original podcast on the BBC Sounds platform. Russell's other podcast, Boys Don't Cry, also features regularly on the iTunes podcast chart. Kane is also the author of two books, “The Humorist” and the very well-received memoir about his father “Son of a Silverback: Growing Up in the Shadow of an Alpha Male”. He was also the winner of Best Show in 2010 at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards, Russell went on to make history as the first comedian to win both the Edinburgh Award and Melbourne Comedy Festival's Barry Award in one year.In this conversation you see the less funny side of Russell, it is however one of the most informative, fascinating and mind-boggling conversations i've ever had on this podcast. This guy has more knowledge than you could ever imagine and I think you’re really going to enjoy this chat.  Topics: Your Dad Are you worried you'll turn into your Dad?  How do we become more self-aware? How does someone become successful?  Personal responsibility  Is there no hope for some people?  Why did you become a comedian?  How do you overcome nerves?  Relationships, evolution of one & cheating Biohacking  What you're up to  Russell’s Biohacking list: 750g NMN (double wood) 1g of Trans-Resveratrol (not just Resveratrol) - Vitafair is good 20mg pqq Vitamin D3 Max DHA fish oil 100mg Fisetin (double wood) Weekly dose of Extension Senolytic Activator Russel: Sponsor:  
03/05/211h 44m

Moment 3 - John Vincent On How To Live A More Present Life

In these ‘Moment’ episodes of my podcast, I’ll be selecting my favourite moments from previous episodes of The Diary Of A CEO. In this episode John Vincent, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of the Leon Restaurants, explains why he believes that the current social-media-focused world we live in is slowly and subtly ‘boiling’ the younger generations like a frog in a pan. John goes on to offer his advice on how we can live more in the present moment using his experience meeting with African tribespeople as well as what he’s learned from physical-based meditation.Full episode -  John: Watch us on Youtube -
29/04/218m 34s

E78: Jim Chapman: Overcoming Failure Anxiety, Finding Love & Life-Changing Therapy

On this weeks podcast, we have Jim Chapman. You may know him from Youtube, Instagram and dare I say it... the ex husband of another high profile Youtube Star. You will hear Jim speaking about his own truth, separate from the media headlines. This is Jim Chapman like you have never heard him, he actually shocked me with his honesty in this raw and unfiltered podcast. Jim Chapman is a British Celebrity, YouTuber, presenter, model, writer and soon to be father with over 6 million loyal followers across all social media platforms. Jim along with his peers helped shape social media into what it is today.In this podcast, Jim speaks openly about topics he has not yet discussed. This is a VERY intimate podcast, which will make you smile, laugh and even shock you. Jim talks about his personal experiences, trauma from his childhood, which most of us could never imagine and how this will shape him as a first-time father. We also talk about the curse of over thinking, love, break-ups, his new projects and... those rumours!Topics: Experiences from your childhood that shaped who you are today  unpleasant traits from parents  What kind of dad do you want to be?  Failure Anxiety Therapy  Being an influencer/YouTuber  Does hard work matter?  Being in the moment  Why are you good at writing about love?  My Old public relationship Horrible comments  Cheating allegations My current relationship  Love languages  Whats next
26/04/211h 30m

Moment 2 - Nir Eyal On How To Stop Procrastinating

In these ‘Moment’ episodes of my podcast, I’ll be selecting my favourite moments from previous episodes of The Diary Of A CEO. In this episode Nir Eyal, International Best-Selling Author, lecturer and inventor explains the psychological reasoning behind our procrastination.As entrepreneurs we all have a clear vision for what we want and who we want to be. But no matter how strong this vision is, procrastination and distraction somehow find a way to stand between us and getting stuff done.Nir breaks down the science behind distraction and offers advice in how we can become ‘Indistractable’. Full Episode - Nir: Watch us on YouTube - 
22/04/217m 25s

E77: Elizabeth Day Opens Up About Heartbreak, Miscarriage & Failure

This week I am joined by Elizabeth Day – an English novelist, journalist and broadcaster. She was a feature writer for The Observer for the best part of a decade and currently write for You magazine. Elizabeth has written an incredible six books and is a fellow podcaster with her critically acclaimed podcast ‘How to Fail with Elizabeth Day’ where she interviews guests who discuss what their failures taught them. The Podcast has been celebrated by celebrities, literary luminaries and is listened to by millions of people worldwide. It is with no surprise the podcast has gone on to win Day the Rising Star Award at the 2019 British Podcast Awards.Being vulnerable is something we all find incredibly hard to do but in this episode Elizabeth was willing to be vulnerable open and honest about her truth, trauma and some of her most testing times. This weeks topics: How have social expectations made you feel like a failure? Criticism People pleasing  Business communication vs relationship communication   I was scared of being lonely  Confidence & self-worth Interrogating our thoughts  Failure  Having to be careful about what you say online  “Almost everyone feels they've failed in their 20s  Heartbreak  Vulnerabilities  Infertility and miscarriage  Elizabeth: Support after miscarriage - 
19/04/211h 29m

Moment 1 - Johann Hari On Why We're Becoming Less Happy And More Lonely

In these ‘Moment’ episodes I will be selecting my favourite sections from previous episodes of The Diary Of A CEO. In this episode Journalist and Author Johann Hari, most well known for writing the New York Times bestselling book ‘Lost Connections’, explains why as humans we are becoming less happy and more lonely. As a species, we are becoming more and more disconnected, and Johann mainly puts this down to the fact that we are being driven by ‘junk’ values. Like junk food, our ‘junk’ values seem to be attractive to us, but really only go on to harm both us and our happiness. Johann explains that only once we begin to understand our intrinsic and extrinsic motivations will we finally be free to live a more connected and happier life.Full episode - Johann: Watch us on Youtube -
15/04/215m 10s

E76: Rio Ferdinand Reveals The Training Ground & Dressing Room Secrets That Made United Unbeatable.

This week’s podcast guest, is not like any I’ve had on before... I am proud to introduce to you my friend, and football legend Rio Ferdinand.As a former Football player, he is one of the most decorated English footballers of all time and regarded by many loyal fans – one of England’s greatest players. I grew up as a United Fan, watching him, idolising him and now he is my mate.Growing up on an Estate in Peckham, Rio’s parents encouraged his curiosity. Many of you, may not know, Rio danced ballet to a high standard before choosing to pursue a career in football... and well, you might think you know how the story goes. You don’t. In this open, intimate and honest conversation Rio talks about his achievements, failures, successes and how his life experiences have made him the father he is today.Rio has broken many football records during his premiership – He joined Manchester United in July 2002 for record breaking fee of £30 million. He has featured in the PFA Team of the Year four times in 5 years. More club magic spread, as the club followed with another Premier league Win in 2006-07 all under Sir Alex Fergusons lead. During Rio’s time at United,Rio respectfully won 6 Premier League Titles and 14 Trophies. Rio announced his retirements from professional football on 30 May 2015.After retirement Rio has joined BT Sport as a Pundit. The BBC one documentary - Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad. The documentary won the Robert Flaherty Award for Single Documentary at the 2018 BAFTA Awards.Rio is a special guy, not least for what he’s achieved but for who he is, and today. You’re going to find out who he actually is. The philosophy to life that he swears by, and the culture required for you to win in an ambitious career, but also the culture required to win in your personal life.This weeks topics: What made you chose football? Culture of avoid discomfort   How did they create high standards at Old Trafford?  Sir Alex Ferguson  Manchester United now Manchester United then  What were your faults? You and Vidic  Mental health - your documentary  Techniques to help with mental health   Relationship advice What do you want to be remembered for  What matters? Rio: My book:(UK, US, AUS, NZ Link) - (EU & Rest of the World Link) - Sponsors 
12/04/211h 30m

E75: Noel Clarke Reveals How You Can Create Your Own Success

I am excited to introduce this weeks podcast guest... BAFTA award winning Actor, Director, Producer, Writer and Father Noel Clarke.Noel is the son of immigrants hailing from Trinidad. His mother raised him in a council home in West London. Growing up in a world of poverty and crime, any pessimist would say he would not be the man he is today. From the age of 6 Noel knew he wanted to create a life away from his environment, with no formal training in acting school. He began writing his first script in his early teen after watching American movies like Boyz n the Hood, noticing the lack of diversity and similar themes in the UK.Noel has triumphed to the top. His contributions to British film and culture is unprecedented. Noel has written, produced and directed some of the most iconic British Films and TV shows; Doctor Who, Kidulthood, Adulthood and Bulletproof. Noel has continued to break through glass ceilings, by creating a pathway for many young black, under privileged kids to walk through.Despite Noel’s setbacks, he has challenged the industry and broken barriers down. Noel is notoriously frank, brutally honest and at times vulnerable. He talks about his experiences of being written off, rejected, judged and overlooked. Motivated by the lack of opportunities, you will hear how Noel flipped the industry on its head - through his solid ambition, drive and hunger.This is not like any podcast you will have listened to. This podcast will challenge your mind and start a fire in you. If you don’t believe me – take a listen.Topics: Why is drive important? Self-pity Personal responsibility  Why is diversifying your skill set so important?  Self belief   Winning my BAFTA with £0 to my name Work-life balance  Paving the way for others to follow  How have you changed?  How we're making history  Noel: My book:UK, US, AUS, NZ Link) - (EU & Rest of the World Link) - Sponser (listen out for the Easter egg hunt):
05/04/211h 11m

E74: Ant Middleton Opens Up About His Personal Demons, Being "Cancelled" & His Spirituality

Ant Middleton is an adventurer, military vet, television host and author who is has become a majorly respected authority when it comes to survival and endurance techniques due to his experience within the elite and special forces.He went on to become of only a handful of those able to complete the military’s gruelling “Holy Trinity”, serving with the Paras, the Royal Marines and Special Forces (in the Special Boat Service, sister force of the SAS). He has served on military tours of Northern Ireland, Macedonia (peacekeeping), Sierra Leone and Afghanistan (in 2007 and 2008).Ant has remained grounded in a philosophy of embracing personal power and individual responsibility at all times. Ant has a very straightforward view of manhood and describes his peers as 'military alpha males'. Ant readily admits that he has been 'exposed' to so much that it's almost impossible for him to feel an adrenaline rush at this stage in his life...Most recently Ant has been caught up in a media storm after Channel 4 axed him from SAS: Who Dares Wins after five years, the broadcaster said that ant’s 'views and values we not aligned to theirs'. This is his first in-depth conversation he recorded since he was “cancelled”. Ant, Thank you for your honesty.This weeks episode entitled  'Ant Middleton Opens Up About His Personal Demons, Being "Cancelled" & His Spirituality' topics: Exercising my demons  What shaped you to who you are today?  Why is being honest with yourself so hard these days?  Cancel culture  Cutting myself off emotionally  Whats the worst thing that you brought back from war?  How important is personal responsibility? Flipping a negative into a positive    How to have a mindset like you?  Spirituality Ant: book:UK, US, AUS, NZ Link) - (EU & Rest of the World Link) - view&qid=1610300058833&sr=1-2Sponsor  Sponsors: https://uk.huel.com
29/03/211h 38m

E73: World Leading Sex Therapist - How To Avoid Having Bad Sex - Kate Moyle

In this week’s podcast I am sharing some of my own sexual experiences which I have never shared before - Things which have gone well and what has caused some relationships, I’ve cared deeply about to end. I am being open and honest. I feel vulnerable about sharing some of these experiences… so keep this to yourself.My guest this week is Kate Moyle. Kate is a COSRT (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists) Accredited Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist, Sex Expert for Sex Toy Brand Lelo, and host of The Sexual Wellness Sessions Podcast. Kate works empathetically with people to recognise their personal understanding of their sexuality and sexual health; with the view that issues have roots in psychology, emotion, the physical body, and a person’s history and culture Kate specialises in working with those who are struggling with difficulties in their sex lives, relationships and sexuality. Many of her clients are like you and I impacted by the stresses of modern life. Kate and I will be having a very open and real conversations about sex, to help you feel more educated, aware of sexual wellness and feel comfortable in your sexuality. We will be taking taboo conversations about sex and relationships (which we don’t normally chat about) out of the therapy room and into the mainstream, so you can hear what is really happening.  This weeks topics:- My sex partner did not like sex - How common is low libido? And what are the causes?- How do we keep our sex lives exciting and interesting?- What are the motivations for sex?- Who are your clients seeking advice?- What is polygamy?- What are the most common misconceptions about the opposite sex?- How many times a week should we be having sex?- Practicalities of sex- How to give constructive feedback about sex?- Is falling out of attraction with your partner normal?- What are the principles for a great sexual relationship?- What is the single biggest killer of relationships?Kate: book pre-order:(UK, US, AUS, NZ Link) - & Rest of the World Link) 
22/03/211h 38m

E72: A Billionaire’s Guide To Healing Your Mind And Extending Your Life - Christian Angermayer

My guest this week is Christian Angermayer. Christian is a friend and definitely the most interesting person I know. He has founded and invested in businesses in some of the most fascinating and mind-blowing areas from space tech to fintech to biotech, crypto - you name it he’s in there. He has become one of the largest investors in the psychedelic space and is on a mission to cure mental health disorders and addiction. Christian is the founder of Apeiron Investment Group ( Apeiron focuses on BioTech, FinTech & Crypto and DeepTech investments.  Christian has (executive) produced more than 20 feature films including critically acclaimed movies like Filth, Aspern Papers and Hector and the Search for Happiness. He is the largest shareholder of DEAG, one of the largest live entertainment companies in Europe, producing over 4.500 shows per year. Christian has created, co-founded and invested in numerous successful companies, has raised approx. USD 2.5bn for his portfolio companies and has been involved in more than 50 successful IPO- and M&A-transactions either as an entrepreneur, investor or banker/advisor. Christian reported to be among the 1,000 richest people living in the United Kingdom with an estimated net worth of more than 1 bUSD.With his biotech company ATAI Life Sciences (, Christian has the ambitious goal to enable people to live healthier and happier lives. ATAI’s focus is on developing solutions for the hundreds of million people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and addiction, especially by bringing back formerly vilified drugs like psychedelics into the legal realm. This weeks topics:- The story behind the man - Visualisation - Psychedelics - Life longevity - Relationships- The tech boom is coming - Easy things to prolong life - Bitcoin- What does your future look like?Harmful drug chart Christian refers to: Christian: My book pre-order: (UK, US, AUS, NZ Link) - & Rest of the World Link) -
15/03/211h 48m

E71: Jack Maynard: The Untold Story: How Being Thrown Out The Jungle Changed My Life Forever

Jack Maynard is a British YouTuber who is best known for his parodies, vlogs and collaborations with other famous YouTubers including Joe Sugg, Oli White and Caspar Lee.  Jack’s Youtube channel took off extremely quickly, amassing a following of 1.5m subscribers on his main channel since 2015. He is also the younger brother of Conor Maynard, a singer-songwriter and musician who shot to fame after being spotted on YouTube aged 15, and Anna Maynard who is a popular influencer, singer and YouTuber in her own right. At 23, he was the first YouTuber to appear on ITV’s 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!' (2017). He found himself embroiled in a scandal when he was removed from the show after just three days over tweets he made in 2011. This left Jack facing public scrutiny, being part of a British cancel culture moment, events which would change him forever.  After various struggles as a result of ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ Jack returned to TV screens with an appearance on Channel 4’s 'Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins' in 2020 to help him overcome what he’d been struggling with for the past three years. Youtube and your family I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Finding out what happened  PTSD, dealing mentally with what happened Deciding to get help SAS: Who Dares Wins Your mental health now Your relationship Why wouldn't someone want to be you  What's next? Jack:  Sponsors: book pre-order: (UK, US, AUS, NZ Link) - (EU & Rest of the World Link)
08/03/211h 2m

E70: Extremely Honest Q&A

For this weeks podcast I decided I was going to do something a little bit different, this week all of you will be interviewing me. I asked you to ask me any question you like about my business, my life or any advice you might need. My team went through and picked the ones that could bring the most value to you. This is my extremely honest Q&AThis weeks questions: What is the most important lesson this pandemic has tough or reconfirmed for you? How do i maximise my earning potential?    What is the meaning of life? How do you do things you don't want to do?  I’m scared to post my business or myself online at risk of humiliation or failure? What is something you miss about being poor that you'll never get back? What is the most valuable skill you've learnt and how does that serve you now? What is your greatest weakness? Do you have imposter syndrome?  Sponsors: My book pre-order: (UK, US, AUS, NZ Link) - (EU & Rest of the World Link)
01/03/2152m 18s

E69: Grace Beverley: How To Build A Multi-Million Pound Empire At 24

Grace is an entrepreneur, brand founder, influencer and Oxford University graduate who defied expectations and took her post-grad journey in an unexpected direction by launching 2 major brands: [We Are] TALA (sustainable, slow fashion activewear label) and fitness app Shreddy.  TALA’s performance since its launch in 2019 shows it to be one of the biggest positive disruptors in the gymwear space both in the UK and overseas. At the core of the brand is a focus on ethical, eco-efficient manufacture practices. The designs are inclusive in terms of size and shape range: Grace has spoken of the importance of personalising your fitness and health journey rather than subscribing to what's most popular or promoted on social media etc.  Grace has remained outspoken on the challenges faced by women in business, even in 2021. A social conscience runs through all three of her companies: up-cycled offcuts and recyclable materials are incorporated into products from TALA while remaining available to consumers at affordable prices.  Grace also used to vlog her daily life with great success, sharing her ups and downs as a 20-something year-old. Longtime subscribers of hers have had the chance to join her on a more personal journey. She however stepped away from vlogging a year ago to pursue her business ventures. Grace launched both Shreddy and TALA within a month of her final university exams. She is frequently discussed by followers for her drive and ability to be able to take on multiple projects at once with tons of enthusiasm.  Shreddy has received widespread press coverage since its launch, and Grace has recently pulled off a major partnership with celeb/influencer Jordyn Woods in LA, as well as collaborations with brands such as KOI footwear (an exclusive line of vegan footwear released in 2019). - How did you have the confidence to pursue such an uncertain career - How does it feel being discredited for what you've done? - Sacrifice of business  - Your mental health- Relationships as a young successful woman- How has being a successful person changed you?  - Your take on working culture - By stepping back from social media did you let the negativity win? - What area of business are you best at? - What area of business are you bad at? - Instagram - Any big regrets?- Worries about your book- How do you battle with all your ideasGrace: My book pre-order: (UK, US, AUS, NZ Link) - (EU & Rest of the World Link)
22/02/211h 57m

E68: Suicidal Drug Addict To Elite Military Commando with Ben Williams

From an early age Ben was subjected to a violent parent relationship which saw his family break apart, with only his mother to defend both himself and his brother. Through severe bullying and family upheaval, he moved home six times and went to six different schools within ten years of his life. After an unfortunate incident as a nightclub bouncer involving the death of a patron, Ben fell into a world of drug abuse, gambling and addiction, balancing on the brink of life. Broke, with no home or anyone to turn to, he abused his addictions every day and battled suicidal thoughts. Ben saw an advert on YouTube for the Royal Marines and knew he had one chance left at life by joining. Joining the marines gave him a purpose, he trained religiously, day and night to get fit and read and revised military tactics to increase his knowledge.  And he didn’t have a single hand in getting clean from the drugs – his mind, determination and sheer drive got him clean – he was thinking differently.During his ten years with the Royal Marines – one of the most elite regiments in the world, Ben travelled the world, seeing active operational duties in Afghanistan. The Corps was a rollercoaster journey involving the extreme highs, and lows of war. After being injured in an IED blast in Afghanistan, he returned to the UK with the horrors of war still imprinted on his mind. He had to stay at home with his thoughts – now in a completely new battle.  He turned back into his old self before the marines, drinking, gambling and getting in trouble. The dark thoughts were intrusive. After one alcohol fuelled event, Ben was court-martialed and sent for trial; with his first son on the way he was staring at a four-year sentence for assault, but he fortunately escaped prison by a judge who took pity on him.Broken and at his wits end, a friend lent him ‘the chimp paradox’; and he found himself immersed in self help books and receiving treatment for PTSD. Like a breath of fresh air, his life changed almost instantly. Ben finally found the answers from experts to understand his behaviour.When his demons were brought under control, he was given the opportunity to join the Commando training centre in Lympstone. As a recruit instructor, he entered the world of coaching and helping others; which saw him flourish. As a result of his ability, he ended up working with the England football team, where the next part of the journey begins. After being medically discharged, he now owns a leadership and performance coaching company, Vanguard and Find Your Edge, that helps organisations achieve their goals by employing a new mindset; working with many elite professional sports stars, and elite businesses to achieve more. Topics:- Your Childhood- The desire to be an alpha male- An incident that changed my life forever- My turning point - joining the Royal Marines- How to find that purpose- What the commando mindset?- Why “its taking part that counts” doesn’t work- The thing that ended my time in the Military  - Falling back into my old ways- Working with the England football team- Your ARA strategy- The joy of running - Your business Ben:Instagram - His book - My book pre-order: (UK, US, AUS, NZ Link) - (EU & Rest of the World Link) Sponsor:
15/02/211h 59m

E67: How To Chase Your Dreams Without Fear Holding You Back with Fran Millar

My guest this week is an inspiring woman and a brilliant leader, Fran Millar.Fran was recently appointed CEO of the UK fashion brand, Belstaff. Prior to Belstaff, Fran was the former CEO of Team INEOS (formerly Team Sky), the world famous cycling team. Fran led the development of the team’s operational and governance systems alongside all of the business and engagement strategies. Fran has been with team INEOS from the very beginning and during this time she has played a key role in the successes and gained considerable experience in all areas of the team.She previously held a dual role as both Director of Business Operations and Head of Winning Behaviours at Team Sky. Returning to head up all the team’s ‘off bike’ functions in 2015, her responsibilities included overseeing the team’s marketing and communications strategy, stakeholder management, and all the commercial and legal aspects that come with running the world’s number one cycling team.Fran worked alongside the incomparable Sir Dave Brailsford for over a decade, as well as leading sports psychiatrist, professor Steve Peters.Prior to working at Team Sky, Fran set-up and ran her own successful athlete and event management agency for 7 years, initially representing her brother, David Millar and going on to represent some of the UK’s highest profile cyclists, including 2011 Sports Personality of the Year winner Mark Cavendish and  2018 Tour de France winner and 2018 Sports Personality of the Year winner, Geraint Thomas.During her career in cycling, Fran had to deal with some tough challenges including getting caught up in tan infamous doping scandal that involved her pro cyclist brother David. Fran’s story is a fascinating one, one that has twists and turns, one that would have left a lot of people behind but not Fran. Fran is tough, she’s tenacious, she’s inspiring. This topics:- Your Brother- Being a difficult woman”- This idea of labels- The move away from cycling- Winning behaviours- Key qualities to success - Relationships & Work - How to be successful like you  - Belstaff - Are you scared of dying? - What does the future hold for you book pre-order: (UK, US, AUS, NZ Link) - (EU & Rest of the World Link) 959079
08/02/211h 24m

E66: The Secret To Loving Your Work with Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley is one of the world’s most influential voices on fixing workplace culture and a former VP at Twitter.Bruce Daisley spent over a decade as a top executive at Twitter, YouTube and Google for Europe, leaving Twitter as its most senior leader outside of the US.Bruce’s highly acclaimed book, The Joy of Work: 30 Ways to Fix Your Work Culture and Fall in Love with Your Job Again, offers a fascinating and data-tested insight into what ‘work’ and ‘office culture’ now looks-like in the 21st century, as well as advising how all levels of staff within organisations can build a more motivating and productive workplace culture. The book went on to become the UK’s bestselling business hardback of 2019, being translated into 13 languages and long-listed for Business Book of the Year 2020 and CMI Management Book of the Year 2020.His literary and business successes have culminated in Bruce being named one of the Evening Standard’s 1000 Most Influential Londoners and one of Debrett’s 500 Most Influential People in Britain. At the CBI Annual Conference, he was voted the top-rated speaker, having shared the stage with the Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn.Alongside his literary pursuits, Bruce hosts and runs the ‘Eat Sleep Work Repeat’ podcast on workplace culture which has reached #1 spot on the Apple Business Podcast Chart. He now devotes his time to championing reforms to culture in the workplace.He is also a published writer in the Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal & The Guardian.This weeks topics:- Your take on this new remote working culture?- What causes burn out?- What kills and causes creativity- How do I know when to quit?- Childhood trauma in the elite- The Trump Twitter ban - Where does social media go from here?- Whats next for you to keep joy in your work?- Whats the one thing you'd do to make work enjoyable for everyone?Bruce: book pre-order: (UK, US, AUS, NZ Link) - (EU & Rest of the World Link) Sponsor:
25/01/211h 14m

E65: I Won 11 World Titles Because They Said I Couldn't - Anna Hemmings MBE

My guest this week is kayaking legend Anna Hemmings MBE. Anna is Britain’s most successful female marathon kayaker with a staggering eleven World and European Championship medals, 9 of them gold. By the age of 24 she had been a World Champion 3 times and competed at the Olympic Games. In 2010 she was awarded an MBE for her services to sport.Hemmings achieved this success against all the odds. She was told by the British head coach that she was not big enough or strong enough to be a great kayaker. She proved him wrong. At the peak of her career, Anna was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  and was told by medical experts she might never race again. She battled her way to full recovery and went on to win a further 3 world titles and compete at her second Olympic Games in Beijing 2008. She has become an expert in the field of resilience and high performance. Anna is now an Executive coach and founded Beyond the Barriers, a high performance training consultancy which works globally with leaders and teams giving them practical tools and strategies to enable them to thrive under pressure, build resilience, be mentally tough in challenging environments and deliver world class performance.Anna’s sporting achievements were recognised at the Sunday Times Sports Woman of the Year Awards, where she won the 2005 Champions Award and then again in 2007 when she was voted BBC London Sports Personality of the Year.This week's podcast gave me more realisations than I’ve ever had from a guest before. We spoke about the multiple challenges she faced throughout her career and how despite all of the hardships, she was able to keep going when all the signs were there to give-up. We also delved into her expertise in resilience and high performance, discussing the steps she takes to help people become the greatest version of themselves. This weeks topics:- Why Kayaking?- Why you?- Healthy conflict within teams- Key lessons from your psychologist - How do people overcome their limiting beliefs?- What do you think about this idea of labels?- Your process of visualisation- Your discipline and how to apply it  - How do you find what drives other people - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Benefits of being vulnerable - Overcoming your disorder- The importance of connection- What’s next for you? My book pre-order: (UK, US, AUS, NZ Link) - & Rest of the World Link)  
19/01/211h 25m

E64: The Secret To A Good Nights Sleep with Stephanie Romiszewski

My guest this week is Stephanie Romiszewski, an experienced consultant sleep physiologist and channel 4's sleep expert. Stephanie specialises in complex sleep cases and developing bespoke treatment plans for sleep problems. She is a master in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders, disseminating science to the public through television media, medical legal work, and public speaking. She is Channel 4 series sleep expert, an academic researcher and published author. In my chat with Stephanie we covered various topics from common misconceptions about sleep, insomnia, sleeping pills, how to control our dreams, mental health as it pertains to sleep and much more!- What the result of not sleeping properly?- Where is the bullshit?- What are the common misconceptions- How should I be designing my environment- What do you thunk about the snooze button?- How to sort your sleep tonight- Do you sleep well?- The Therapy you offer- Caffeine and sleeping pills- Whats causing all these sleeping problems?- What impact has the pandemic had on peoples sleep- What control do we have on our dreams?- How does what I eat effect my sleep?- Can I sleep too much?- These top tips about sleep- The correlation between poor mental health and poor sleep- characteristics of a good sleeper and bad sleeper- What do you want people to get from this podcast? @stephsleepyheadTwitter: @sleepyclinicFacebook: Sleepyhead ClinicLinkedIn: Stephanie RomiszewskiMy book pre-order: HappySexyMillionaire.comSponsor -
12/01/211h 2m

E63: Everything 2020 Taught Me (part 2)

GO LISTEN TO PART 1 IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY 2020 has been one of the most challenging and uncertain years of most people’s lives. It has made us realise what and who really matters and despite being difficult, has taught me some of the most valuable and life changing lessons. Following last week’s podcast I will continue to delve into these lessons and explain how we can all hope to improve our lives and outlook in 2021.- The power of consistency - Optimism and proactivity - If you are easily provoked you are easily controlled- Respecting yourself- The most dangerous flaw - Resisting your labels- Everybody should be doing this- Why hard work mattersSponsor -
04/01/2133m 2s

E62: Everything 2020 Taught Me (part 1)

It’s coming to that time of year when everyone starts to reminisce about the year that has just been and thinks about the changes they can make to have a better, happier future...The thing is though, this year has been different to any other that has gone before! It’s been difficult, it’s been a struggle, it’s been heartbreaking! Within the hard times of life we tend to learn more about ourselves and who we are. For that reason, I’ve decided to host a two part end of year special podcast episode to take a look back at the biggest lessons I’ve learnt during one of the hardest year of our lives and how we can try and make 2021 a better year.Topics:- 2020 - Learn to live while we can- Productivity hack of 2020- Create a sense of urgency Sponsor -
28/12/2034m 51s

E61: World Leading Psychologist: How to Succeed in Life & Work - Jamil Qureshi

This week I met with high performance expert and psychologist, Jamil Qureshi and delved into the secrets behind unlocking your own potential and mastering your mind. Jamil has worked with some of the biggest businesses, sports teams and individuals to help them reach the highest level of performance.  In this episode he reveals the hidden secrets behind their success… And how YOU can use them to your advantage! Follow Jamil:Linkedin: Twitter: @Jamil_QureshiWebsite: Sponsor -
21/12/201h 5m

E60: Joe Wicks on Addiction, Childhood Trauma, Depression And World Domination.

This week I have a recurring guest, the man who helped the lives of people around the globe during lockdown when they needed it most, Joe Wicks. After we last spoke he achieved his dream and has recently been awarded an MBE but when it had finished it led to Joe feeling lost and a notion of lack of purpose, he still has struggles that on the surface you would never imagine he had!Joe talks open and honestly about addiction, childhood Trauma and depression. These are just a handful of topics we cover in this week's episode, this is the Joe you don't know. Honestly, this is one of the most EMOTIONAL discussions I've ever taken part in and you need to hear it. Topics:- Achieving my ultimate goal in 18 weeks- Feeling lost- Goals going forwards - Your childhood - You must be really busy - Marriage, tell me where I’m going wrong- Therapy - Psychedelics & mental health  - If you were to die today what would you regret- Social media- What roll does money play in your life?Sponsor -
14/12/201h 21m

E59: Lessons From 50 Of The Worlds Greatest Minds with Jake Humphrey

Imagine what you would learn if you spent a year talking to the world’s most successful people. This week I get to find out what insights Jake Humphrey has received by doing exactly that. Jake Humphrey - presenter and entrepreneur and podcaster co-presents the High Performance Podcast "The High Performance Podcast brings you an intimate glimpse into the lives of high-achieving, world-class performers who have all excelled in their field with first-hand experiences and lessons to share" Listening to what he has learnt was truly fascinating!The insight he has received from some of the world’s elite performers by hosting his  podcast has completely changed his life. He’s spotted his own insecurities, he’s spotted his own weaknesses and now he’s ready to share them with you. Topics:- What are the key lessons you've learnt in the last year- Your experience with failure and anxiety- What would you regret if you were to die today- Are successful people happy?- Burnout in the world of successful people- How do you deal with assholes- Do you get jealous?- Connecting with our audience- Tips for starting a podcast- How to contact high performance people- What are you working on?- The importance of consistency - Addressing the gender imbalanceSponsor -
07/12/201h 30m

E58: Eddie Hearn on Selling Matchroom For 5 Billion

In this week’s episode I sat down with the man who is putting British boxing on the map, Eddie Hearn. You’ll probably know him as a confident, boisterous, loud promoter. But when you dig a little deeper, I found something else, something much more revealing, something that made me unsure whether I should feel sorry for him, or be impressed by him. During our discussion he shared so many pieces of valuable information from his journey climbing to the very top of the business ladder… and he isn’t finished yet!Topics:- What made you so relentless - The sacrifices in-order to be successful - Deathbed thinking- Is ambition choice?- Finding the work life balance for a relationship - Your experience with mental health- Social media- I don't like being a celebrity - Selling MatchroomSponsor -
30/11/201h 8m

E57: How She Built Her Confidence, and Then an Empire with Krissy Cela

Parts of this episode made me feel uncomfortable, it may make you feel the same, but trust me, you need to hear this! This week I sat down with Krissy Cela, this was such a brave, truthful conversation! From being an immigrant, bullied on the school playground to becoming a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, author and one of the UK’s most recognised fitness trainers. Krissy shared the highs, but also the lows of being an entrepreneur that most won’t speak about. She's now the CEO of a business valued at almost £100m. This is the raw, unfiltered truth of Krissy Cela Topics:- Justifying myself as a woman- Building my confidence with the gym - Growing Apart from my ex- I hate talk about my success - Are you hard to date - Your parents- The pressure on women- The bullshit of being an entrepreneur- Somethings o have to give in my life - Are you scared of death - Having friends as an entrepreneur- What are you working on?Kissy's book pre order - -
23/11/201h 45m

E56: She Cheated On Me and Thats Not All - with Dr. Aria

This is one of the most gripping, emotional and powerful conversations I've ever had. It may also be the reason I never get married. This week I sat down with previous guest and good friend of mine Dr Aria. Dr Aria is a high performance psychologist and mindfulness specialist but he's not here to talk about that today. Dr Aria has been on a truly life changing journey over the past year and he's here to talk about that journey in the most honest and truthful way. Topics:- The Story - Processing the emotions- Adapting my opinion of marriage and monogamy- How I Lost an intrinsic part of who I was - My Ideal relationship structure- Why unhappiness stems from conformity - Finding new friends in a painful situation- Outro Special thanks to my good friend Dr. Aria, you can find him at:Instagram - @dr._aria Website - dr-aria.comSponsor -
09/11/201h 36m

E55: Why We're Getting More Depressed, Anxious and Lonely

- How I've FINALLY fixed / figured out why we lose motivation- Why people are more depressed and anxious (and a cure)- Key to success: Avoiding good opportunities so you have time to devote to great opportunities.- Why I don't think marriage is the right answer.- Why I don't think marriage is the right answer. - Why you should NOT "Fit in".
02/11/2053m 42s

E54: Overcoming Depression, Burnout, Anxiety and Insomnia with Dan Murray-Serter

- Depression - where did it all start?- Psychedelics- Posting online despite what people think- Burn out- Anxiety- Supplements & brand- How do you find the guts to keep going despite failure?- Relationships - Are you happy?- Are you scared of dying?- Dinner Party
26/10/202h 6m

E53: I Tested Positive...

- The first lesson this pandemic has taught me- I have a secret to tell you - Changing the shape of your brain- Less answers and more questions- What are some of the most important questions you can ask yourself?- The thing that invalided you when you were younger, will be the thing you seek validation from as an adult.
19/10/2053m 8s

E52: How We Built A $200m Company At 27 Years Old

- How to quit, why quitting matters and my quitting framework.- Dealing with uncertainty instead of certain misery.- How I built a £200m company at 22 years old.- How I got 1 million followers on Instagram.- The life changing art of taking responsibility. - An unpopular opinion about the Virus.- Bad binary answers to complex problems.- Racism will hold you back even more if you let it.
05/10/2047m 2s

E51: The Certainty Of Unexpected Chaos

This week's episode of The Diary of a CEO is all about the certainty of unexpected chaos. This is a different episode, for the very different times that we’re living in. But, I think you ALL need to hear this, because I did. I discuss why you should be responsible for your actions, how to be positive amongst all the chaos, stay psychologically effective and the importance of being compassionate with your thoughts. I also delve into what I call "happiness dividends" and discuss why it is vital not give up on your long term goals for short term pleasures, especially in this time of uncertainty.
15/04/2047m 48s

E50: Jake Humphrey: My Grandma's Suicide Saved Me

In my most recent episode of The Diary of a CEO, I sat down with the incredibly successful TV presenter, journalist and entrepreneur Jake Humphrey. Jake has gone from being an unqualified drop out, who was fired from McDonalds after just two months for a lack of communication skills to one of the UK’s most well known TV presenters, with accolades such as CBBC, BT Sport, Formula One and much more. Jake also co-founded the production company Whisper Films, alongside former BBC Sport producer Sunil Patel and David Coulthard and the business has grown from £1.5m to almost £20m. Our conversation was extremely honest and open. Jake has struggled to come to terms with the common misconceptions of who he is, battling suicidal thoughts and developing an unhealthy relationship with social media. We discuss the best way to move forward with the devastating impact social media can have and why failure is the key to being successful.
05/03/2050m 47s

E49: Dame Stephanie Shirley: Escaping Nazi Germany and Making £2.3bn

In this week's episode of The Diary of a CEO, I chat to Dame Stephanie Shirley also known as "Steve".At the age of 5, Steve fled from Nazi persecution in her hometown of Dortmund and arrived in the UK on the Kindertransport, luckily escaping the Holocaust.As a female, Jewish immigrant who wanted to create a software company, the stacks where naturally against her. However, she was determined to succeed and with only £6 in her pocket, she taught herself how to code, created an empowered, female dominated workforce and grew her business so at the time of sale, it was worth £2.3bn.Our conversation was inspiring. Stephanie was doing things 50 years ago that companies are struggling in do in 2020, and this was at a time where females couldn't even open a bank account without their husbands permission.We discussed success, how money is correlated with happiness, facing adversity plus much more. I have taken some nuggets of wisdom from her that I can use in my business life so I am CERTAIN you will learn things as well.
27/02/2057m 58s

E48: Jamie Laing & Ed Williams: The Sweet Success

In this week's episode of The Diary of a CEO, I chat to Jamie Laing and Ed Williams, the co-founders of Candy Kittens - the fastest growing confectionary brand in the UK. Our conversation delved into battling the misconceptions of family wealth, discovering how the duo handled crowd funding and raising investments to create their brand. Additionally, we discuss how schools discourage creativity and how if you are given the right support and confidence, if you really put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.
20/02/201h 22m

E47: The Solution To All Of Your Problems

This week's episode of The Diary of a CEO is all about breakdowns and problems and I delve into why only YOU have control over your thoughts. I discuss how we are obsessing over optimising our lives and the worrying increase in loneliness within the “internet generation”. Additionally, I give advice on multiple ways for you to over come your problems such as “The Best Friend” method and how you can communicate managing unmet expectations. For the first time ever, I answer your DM’s on the podcast as well as answering that one question people ALWAYS ask me but I never respond to. Finally, I share something for my event, The Diary of a CEO LIVE, EXCLUSIVELY for my podcast listeners. 
13/02/2041m 12s

E46: Diane Modahl: Doping, Defeat and Determination

How would you feel if your career, the career you’ve worked at all your life, was suddenly destroyed? This is how my next guest on The Diary of a CEO felt when her whole world came tumbling down due to a fatal error. Diane is truly inspirational. Her motivation is unchallenged. However, I didn’t expect the level of emotion and the raw honesty I would receive from her when we delved into a topic which nearly destroyed her career.
03/02/201h 4m

E45: I Have NEVER Shared This Before.

In the first episode of 2020 of The Diary of a CEO, I share a very personal extract from my diary 8 years ago which I’ve NEVER shared before, and discuss the time I’ve recently spent alone in the Indonesian Jungle. I also explain why it’s important to differentiate between admiration and aspiration, striving and living, and reaction and rationalisation, and share my thoughts on why we should be all be original thinkers, showcasing how controversy ALWAYS wins. Finally, I divulge a little bit more information about The Diary of a CEO LIVE!
16/01/2047m 32s

E44: The lessons we MUST learn before 2020.

2019 has been a world-wind of a year for me, and this week’s episode of The Diary of a CEO is all about reflection. Alongside this, I discuss why you shouldn’t waste time on people that don’t deserve it. Furthermore, I explain why it’s critical for us to embrace change and how it’s not something for us to fear. For me, this is the only way forward, because as they say, the only thing that is truly inevitable is change itself. 
23/12/1939m 25s

E43: Nir Eyal: How to Become Indistractable

On this week's episode of The Diary of a CEO, I sit down with Nir Eyal, an Israeli-born American author, lecturer and investor. Nir released his first book in 2014 “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products” and it became a Wall Street Journal International best seller, with over 200,000 copies sold worldwide.5 years later, Nir has released his second book “Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life”. Nir's highly researched and in-depth insight is fascinating and we discussed all about the science of distraction. Nir explains why we’re constantly distracted by things around us, especially social media notifications and how we can break our tech addictions in order to finally get stuff done.I was so enthralled with Nir's advice and I absolutely think you will be able to use some of his suggestions as actions in your every day life. I know I certainly will. 
28/11/191h 21m

E42: Here's How To Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

The Diary of a CEO podcast has kept me extremely level-headed, it's kept me from being self-destructive and it has maintained my self-awareness; and these points are exactly what I wanted to discuss in this week's episode. I additionally relay the importance of asking people for forgiveness, analyse why playing mind games is detrimental to your relationships, and question: What do we really want out of life?
22/11/1942m 18s

E41: The Heaton Brothers: From Horwich to Hollywood

Brothers, best friends and business partners, The Heaton Brothers share more than just their parents. George and Mike Heaton are the founders of the world-renowned streetwear brand, Represent. The 26 and 28 year old initially started Represent in their Dad’s shed in the back garden, before quickly taking over this and moving to the garage, to the kitchen, and then the whole house until they made enough money a year and a half later to move to their own place. Having been in business for 5 years, their annual turnover increased from £1.8 million in 2014 to over £8 million in 2018 and their brand is now stocked in over 160 outlets including Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, hosted on global catwalk shows and worn by the likes of Dua Lipa, the Kardashians and Justin Bieber. In this episode of The Diary of a CEO, we discuss how hiring your best friends can work successfully in a business, the importance of a strong work ethic, how to deal with mental health in a high pressured job and the future of the fashion industry.
14/11/191h 2m

E40: The Day My Dream Came True

The last few weeks have been some of the most educational and exciting in Social Chain's history and in my journey as an entrepreneur. We went public. In this week's episode of The Diary of a CEO, I share some of the insights that going public has taught me and reaffirmed for me about success. I also get a chance to divulge something new in my personal life, something very close to me. Hope you enjoy! 
31/10/1948m 25s

E39: Jamal Edwards: From Media Student To Multimillionaire

At 15, Jamal Edwards rapped under the name "SmokeyBarz", filming with his friends from a £20 phone. At 24, he had received an MBE for services to music and business, taken the first royal selfie and was a multimillionaire. The entrepreneur turned music mogul launched the careers of the musical elite such as Ed Sheeran, Dave and many more. Jamal launched SBTV in 2006, which at the time, was the first new media business on YouTube and boasted a subscriber base of over 1 million. Brushing shoulders with royals and celebrities alike, Jamal was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and one of GQ Magazine's 100 Most Connected Men Of All Time. In this episode of The Diary of a CEO, we discuss how Jamal dealt with business success at such a young age, his struggle with mental health and how money isn’t everything. I additionally share something really personal to me, which I've never shared before.
10/10/191h 0m

E38: A Simple Mindset Secret + Less Routine, More Life

The last couple of weeks have been the most professionally challenging of my life and I divulge all in this week’s episode of The Diary of a CEO. Alongside this, I discuss the importance of having an internal locus of control, and how important constant, internal analysis is in order to succeed. I also cover the concept of having a Video Game mindset, and explore the effects of adopting this ideology of risk-taking into our work. I also delve into the idea of routine, and how having too much routine is actually detrimental to our lives and our productivity, and finally I review a topic that came up in my last episode with Joe Wicks: why do we continue do hate successful people? 
12/09/1941m 50s

E37: Joe Wicks: Changing Millions Of Lives in 15 Seconds!

Have you ever had that experience of meeting someone, and being so glad that they became successful? That’s what it was like meeting Joe. Joe Wicks, otherwise known as The Body Coach, is a health and fitness coach, author, investor and entrepreneur whose reputation exploded after his 15 second recipe videos ‘Lean In 15’ went viral on social media. His first book, named after the series, was a best-selling book in 2015. Lean In 15 has been translated into 18 languages and sold over 1 million copies in its first year. He’s also a Channel 4 television presenter with his own show, has sold over 3 million books overall and has the 2nd best selling cookbook of all time. But life for Joe wasn’t always like this. In this episode of The Diary of a CEO, we discuss Joe’s early-life and how he began his career. We touch upon what constitutes success, dealing with negativity and his genuine ambition to lead a health, fitness and wellbeing revolution.
05/09/191h 12m

E36: Ambition, Motivation and Imposter Syndrome

In this weeks solo episode of The Diary of a CEO, I discuss how important it is to build and share your story when creating a brand or a business. I talk about how we are naturally obsessed with being motivated and ambitious, and explain how being motivated by external incentives could potentially hinder your passions. I also debate whether living a restrained life might actually be more beneficial for us. Finally, if you think that you might experience imposter syndrome or are often floored by procrastination, then this podcast is a must for you!
02/08/1931m 52s

E35: Julian Hearn: Huel - £45 Million In 4 Years

Julian Hearn is the founder and CMO of Huel, a nutrition company responsible for the increasingly popular, powdered meal replacement drink. Huel is basically a meal in a bottle designed for time-poor people, enabling you to get all your nutritional requirements whilst maintaining a busy lifestyle. Since is creation 4 years, Huel has seen consistent growth, and is one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK. The company is on track to reach £45 million in revenue this year, and it's entrance into the US market in 2017 has already seen it reach sales of $10 million. With 65 staff based across the UK, LA and Berlin, Huel is available in 80 countries across the globe and has sold over 40 million meals. Anybody who knows me knows how much of a fan I am of this brand and how much I consume on a weekly basis. It truly is an amazing product, but also a fantastic business, and I was very excited to sit down with Julian to hear his impressive story. We discussed everything from his experience building businesses, to his personal life and relationships and the struggles he has faced along the way. This conversation revealed some things that caught me by surprise, and I have no doubt that it will do the same to you. 
03/07/1946m 33s

E34: Dr Aria: Mental Health, Marriage and Mindfulness

In this weeks episode of The Diary of a CEO, I sit down with Dr Aria Campbell-Danesh, a high performance psychologist and an expert in the fields of behaviour change and long-term health. With a speciality in the concept of mindfulness, Dr Aria created the F.I.T method, works internationally with a range of clients from leading sportsmen to Hollywood actors clients on their mindset, exercise, and nutrition, and has co-authored the book ‘A Mindful Year’ which is due to be released September 2019. This conversation was one of my most intriguing to date, and we discuss everything from mindfulness within business, the societal pressures on relationships and the concept of monogamy.
26/06/191h 22m

E33: I Made A Mistake

It’s been a while since we last spoke which I apologise about! In this week’s episode of The Diary of a CEO, I discuss how a bad reaction of mine lead to a lot of regret. We are all on a journey of self-development and in this particular moment my ego showed up. I also talk through the concept of consistency and why I believe this is one of the most important attributes of greatness. Finally I discuss how caring less about the opinions of others will equal more success. Some of us are unable to distinguish between people pleasing and personal passion and I truly believe that one of the bravest things you can do in 2019 is be your true-self. 
19/06/1940m 37s

E32 Michelle Kennedy: From Matchmaking to Motherhood

From co-CEO of Badoo, a dating-focused social network worth over a billion, to sitting on the advisory board for Bumble to launching her in own app in 2017 with co-founder of Deliveroo Greg Orlowski, Michelle Kennedy is a force to be reckoned with. She is the Founder of Peanut, an app that connects like-minded women who happen to be mothers. Her aim? To help solve a problem for women who are entering the massive, life-changing and sometimes lonely experience of having a baby by finding them a trusted, friendly support network. Combining everything she knows about dating and romantic relationships, Michelle brings a unique perspective to her work, and in just 3 short years her app Peanut has had over 10 million messages shared, 100m profile views and has over 650k users. In this episode of The Diary of a CEO, we discuss the loneliness of founding a business, the challenges of getting investment as a women and mental-health issues that can arise as a result of the all-consuming story of entrepreneurship. I found this conversation with Michelle incredibly inspirational, and I hope you do to. 
15/05/1949m 31s

E31: Entrepreneurialism is a Disease

It’s crazy to think how much things can change in such a short period of time. In this episode I discuss the concept of compartmentalising and 6 positive ways to approach this. I also talk about how I deal with fear in life, how running a business is like having your heart broken every single day, and why you DON’T want a pay rise. Additionally I touch on some exciting new developments within my business, Social Chain. 
03/05/1945m 32s

E30: Alan Barratt: From £27 to £72 million

This week I spoke with Alan Barratt, CEO and Founder of the worlds fastest growing sports performance and weight management brand, Grenade. Alan and his wife Juliet started Grenade in 2010 with just £27 in their bank account. After a few short years, 50 new members of staff and retailing in 80 countries around the world, Grenade is now worth a whopping £72 million and is one of the most exciting companies in the United Kingdom. Alan is an incredible CEO with an amazing success story. In this podcast, I learnt about his heartbreaking sacrifice, his underdog-style narrative, and gained some serious life lessons that only someone in this position could ever of shared. Alan gave me a new perspective on what matters the most in life and is a true inspiration. I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as I enjoyed recording it. 
10/04/191h 20m

E29: Build Sandcastles out of Bullsh*t

Welcome back to Chapter 9 of The Diary of a CEO. This week, I talk about my obsession with the tragic yet fascinating mess that is Brexit, and how I’ve learnt more about British politics in the last 3 months than I’ve known in the last 10 years. Through this, I came to the realisation that algorithms are running my life and how important it is to fill your feed with value. I talk about mental health; how getting carried away with labelling our regular emotions as disorders is dangerous, as well my new personal endeavour ‘Project Peri’ - more of this in the episode. I discuss my belief that everything in life DOESN’T happen for a reason and how this belief will impact you negatively and follow from this with 6 key ways I've found that help turn a bad situation into a good one. Finally, I would like to mention some sad news from last week. Kate McIver, a truly incredible woman passed away suddenly after a battle with terminal cancer. Our thoughts are with her family and friends. 
03/04/1948m 21s

E28: Tobi Pearce: £100m in Revenue Aged 27

In this weeks episode of The Diary of a CEO, I sat down with Tobi Pearce, the CEO of SWEAT. Tobi describes SWEAT as the world’s biggest online digital gym, offering help and guidance for women with their fitness choices and health goals. Australian-born, Tobi had quite an unconventional start to his adult life, choosing to move out at 16 due to struggles at home. He started off working in a music shop before turning to personal training, where he met his now fiance Kayla Itsines - known for being one of the biggest online fitness influencers in the world. Their first business was born in 2014 and after a few years transformed into SWEAT. After several years of incredible global success, Tobi and Kayla are now worth an estimated $46 million, with a dedicated community of more than 20 million women around the world using SWEAT, making it one of the highest grossing apps on the iTunes store. Tobi travelled to meet me in the Social Chain New York office and we discussed everything from the concept of being in control of your destiny, the importance of communication, fearing failure and obsessing over progress. I really enjoyed this chat with Tobi and I hope you do too. 
19/03/1956m 49s

E27: Adopt a culture of WINNING

It has been a crazy few travelling weeks for me so I do apologise about the delay in this episode. This week, I discuss the culture of winning. Some people have an ingrained ideology that they will always lose. This is learnt from previous failings, actions when we were younger and negative team mentality and I talk about how small behaviour changes can help us modify this way of thinking and switch to a winning mindset. I also chat about feelings of progress in life, and how lack of progress can lead to feelings of unhappiness. We are a generation focused on destinations and we have a tendency to mark major achievements as milestones that define our lives when instead, we should be focusing on the journey. Some horrible news this week also lead me to discuss the importance of looking after our friends, especially the ones who mask their pain. We need to remember to treat the people around us with a certain level of caution, as nobody truly has any idea what other people are going through. Enjoy.
13/03/1930m 53s

E26: Johann Hari: We Have Lost our Connections

Books will change your life, and there are so many that have changed mine. In this episode I chat with journalist and author Johann Hari, most well known for writing the New York Times bestselling book ‘Lost Connections; uncovering the real causes of depression and the unexpected solutions - one of my favourite books to date. I've wondered for years why mental health issues are on the rise, why people are lonelier than ever and why anxiety is so prevalent amongst young people, and this book helped me find those answers. Raved about by the likes of Elon Musk and Hilary Clinton, I recommend it to absolutely everyone I meet. I travelled to London to meet with Johann and discuss all things mental heath including the concept of intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation, the idea of dedicating time each day to becoming happier and how to address mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Our conversation was inspiring, eye-opening and life-changing. I hope you find this too.
26/02/191h 6m

E25: We are the Burnout Generation

This week has been chaotic. In Chapter Five of The Diary of a CEO I flew back to the UK for an incredibly busy week filled with podcast interviews, speaking appointments, pitching to one of our biggest clients as well as filming an advert campaign. The chaos of this week lead me to thinking about the concept of burnout and the fact that right now, we are the burnout generation; the generation constantly trying to become more efficient so that we can free up time to then fill with things that make us more busy. We are the generation that has replaced quality time with things that take less time... more of that in this episode. I also discuss our need for control in life and why we need to assess what really matters. If we truly think about it, there is only one thing that we can be 100% certain of, that is inevitably going to happen to us all...We should stop caring about strangers opinions and sweating the small stuff and instead focus on what makes us happy. Lastly, I talk through our need for rules. We are always looking to apply rules to our lives that we should follow in order to achieve success in what we want. But we are all different, and following rules set for other people is a dangerous game that can only lead to one thing... failure. 
19/02/1939m 34s

E24: Tom Bilyeu: From Zero Drive to a Net Worth of $400m

In this episode of The Diary of a CEO, my entire perception of what an entrepreneur is, is completely turned on it's head. I travelled to a beautiful house in the LA hills to meet with Tom Bilyeu, the founder of Quest Nutrition. In 2014, Quest Nutrition became the second faster growing company in North America with it growing 57,000% in the first 3 years and hitting $105m in sales. Tom never wanted to be an entrepreneur, and I was intrigued to find out what changed him. How did he go from not even having the drive to get out of bed in his 20's, to being worth an estimated $400m. Tom's latest venture, Impact Theory, is a non-profit media company with an aim to end the poverty of a poor mindset. He has amassed millions of followers online and is helping inspire people to change worldwide. Tom is one of the most humble and selfless entrepreneurs I have ever met. I learnt so much in this podcast and I know you will too.  
06/02/1946m 55s

E23: I am a Slave, My Fear and Therapy

In Chapter 3 of The Diary of a CEO I talk about the importance of trusting more. I am a real perfectionist and feel trapped between wanting to control even the smallest details and wanting to let go and delegate. I touch on learning to say no, which I think is one of the single most important things you can ever learn. Saying no and focusing will define you as a person. Karma is also a big topic in this episode alongside unlearning the bad things, the manifestation of fear and why I'm thinking of getting therapy. 
28/01/1934m 9s

E22: Sarah Bahbah: Addiction, Intuition, Success

In Chapter 2 of Season 2 of The Diary of a CEO I flew to LA to meet Sarah Bahbah, the 26 year old Palestinian-Australian Artist, Writer and Director. Sarah rose to fame after the release of her photography series ‘Sex and Takeout’ was spotted by Buzzfeed and posted all across the internet. Sarah has one of the most inspiring and powerful backstories I have ever heard and in this episode of the podcast we discuss her experiences with addiction, abuse and her feelings of unapologetic ambition. 
22/01/191h 9m

E21: Mental Health, Mistakes and My Apologies

Diary of a CEO is back. Welcome to Season 2 of the podcast, Chapter 1 of my new diary. In the time I've been away a lot has happened and a lot has changed. If you're new to the channel, this podcast is where I share my deepest and darkest thoughts, both within my business and personal life. I discuss everything from mental health and relationships, to entrepreneurial and business advice. In this episode I discuss how the content I create impacts my audience, my current relationship status and why it's important to always say sorry.  
14/01/1949m 41s

E20: Deliciously Ella: Blogging Saved My Life

What a chapter this is, I meet food writer and entrepreneur Ella Mills, more famously known under the brand Deliciously Ella. Ella tells her fascinating story, about how she fell very ill during university, battling with both her physical and mental health and describes how the blog she founded in 2012 not only launched her career, but saved her life. 
18/06/1839m 4s

E19: Luke Massie: I Have Nothing To Hide

In this chapter I had the privilege of sitting down with Luke Massie, owner and founder of Vibe tickets. Luke has recently been swarmed with bad press due to his business declaring bankruptcy, to which he then chose to buy back him self. I sat down with Luke to hear his side of the story and to ask him why he thinks he's being attacked for his business decisions.
11/06/181h 12m

E18: Chris 'Drama' Pfaff: Dealing with Fame, Anxiety and Addiction

In Chapter Eighteen I'm honoured to invite Drama aka Chris Pfaff, founder of the internationally renowned Young & Reckless streetwear brand. After creating a fashion powerhouse with no prior business experience or a college education, I wanted to find out what drives him and the lessons he's learnt along the way. We discuss the struggles of being an entrepreneur, the pressures of being a reality tv star and his addiction to alcohol and Xanax.
04/06/181h 1m

E17: Marriage, Mental Health, Masturbation

Damn, it's been a long time, this the first episode on my new US journey. In this chapter I explain why an elderly couple made me jealous, debunk a common myth around visualisation and discuss marriage, mental health and masturbation. What a weird ending.
27/05/1829m 58s

E16: I Am Jealous Of Death

This is my favourite episode I've recorded alone. In this chapter I discuss the goals and dangers of moving to New York, explain the reason why I'm jealous of death, an unpredicted problem this week almost cost the business millions and of course, no episode would be complete without a development in my relationship status.
22/04/1831m 50s

E15: Gerard Adams: A $50m Elite Exit

In this Chapter, I meet Gerard Adams - A born entrepreneur. He takes us through his journey of struggle, success & tough decisions as he grew one of the most popular online publishers - Elite daily, through to it's sale to the Daily Mail. Now heading up an incubator for entrepreneurs in Fownders, Gerard's mission is bigger than ever.
16/04/1838m 58s

E14: John Vincent: Building A Restaurant Empire

In Chapter Fourteen, I'm honoured to invite John Vincent, Co-Founder of hugely popular healthy eating fast food chain Leon. Having built an empire of 52 restaurants, I wanted to find out what drives him and the lessons he's learnt along the way. Tragically, John's father passed away a week prior to our conversation, and he discusses what his fathers influence has taught him.
09/04/1850m 0s

E13: Why We're All F*cked Up

In this chapter, I discuss the importance I've learnt this past week in first impressions, the reason why we're ALL f*cked up and how we can use that to our advantage, the 20 reasons why you shouldn't be an entrepreneur, and I update on my new journey in moving to New York and as always, my relationship status..
19/03/1846m 4s

E12: Sacha Lord's Diary: The King of Nightlife

In this chapter I invite Sacha Lord onto the podcast to share his diary. From the halcyon days at Manchester's famed Hacienda, to building the iconic Warehouse Project & Parklife, Sacha is a true party mastermind, and as you can imagine, he's got a lot of stories to tell from along the way..
05/03/1856m 21s

E11: I have a huge announcement to make...

In this chapter I have a huge announcement to make, one that I've not revealed to anyone outside of my immediate team yet..
25/02/1840m 27s

E10: Dom's Diary: Mental Health, Addiction & Quitting Business

In this chapter, Dominic McGregor, Co-Founder of Social Chain joins me to talk through his story of building Social Chain, the pressure's of entrepreneurship, mental health, his struggles with addiction & his recovery. Dom's EverydayHero challenge -
12/02/181h 15m

E9: Social Media Is Destroying Our Society

In the ninth instalment of the podcast, I discuss my recent trip to Sri Lanka and the lessons it taught me about gratitude, the power of networking, the trap of social media and impacts on mental health, and as always, and update on relationships.
01/02/1843m 59s

E8: Advice from Elon Musk, Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs

In this Chapter, I discuss how I get into the right frame of mind just before a any big moment in my life, why it's so important for me to push my ego aside in order to win and the advice from some of my mentors that has helped shape the person I am today
18/12/1742m 1s

E7: Ben Francis: 25 year old CEO OF UK’s fastest growing company

After a couple of weeks away from the mic, I jump back on to reflect on my two recent interviews with Mark Stringer and Ben Francis, in addition to this, my diary was packed full of thoughts from the last few weeks which I couldn't wait to get into...
28/11/1749m 54s

E6 Mark's diary: Betrayal, backstabbing and death

In this Chapter, I delve into another CEO's deep, dark diary. My first guest was Mark Stringer, CEO of Manchester based web & design agency, AHOY. Mark takes us through his tumultuous 2017 that resulted in him having to fold his business and saw him caught up in the London terror attacks..
19/11/171h 32m

E5: The Battle With Self Doubt

In this chapter, I focus on the relationship between patience & impatience, the battle with self-doubt and the question of whether entrepreneurs should be single.
07/11/1737m 13s

E4: This Podcast Has Been Getting Me In Trouble..

In this Chapter, I discuss the benefits that this podcast has brought me in such a short time and how everyone listening can benefit too, but I also discuss the trouble that this podcast has caused..
31/10/1746m 48s

E3: Relationships, Being An Entrepreneur Is An Illness & Cryptocurrency

In this chapter, I talk about how this week was one of the toughest, most interesting weeks of my life, as I sat atop London in a boardroom full of men in suits discussing millions of pounds, I discuss how I got there. I also touched on the complexity of relationships, and how to invest your money.
23/10/1739m 50s

E2: Happiness, Meditation & Weird Wins

In this Chapter, I reflect on what this podcast hitting #1 on the business podcast chart taught me, I touch on what it takes to find happiness, the benefits of meditation, letting people go from Social Chain and my latest relationship update...
15/10/1742m 40s

E1: Sacrifice, Work/Life Balance & Purpose

In the first chapter of my diary, I discuss what it takes to be an entrepreneur including the immense sacrifice involved from relationships to financial and personal, the unpredictable chaos surrounding your life, how people will be the most important part of your life and business, the never-ending debate on work/life balance and how my perception on my purpose has changed over the years.
29/09/1729m 18s
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