The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett


A few years ago I was a broke, university dropout, at 18 I built an industry leading social media marketing company, and at 27 I resigned as CEO. At 28 I co-founded Flight Story – a marketing and communications company, and thirdweb - a software platform, making it easy to build web3 applications. I then launched private equity fund, Flight Fund, to accelerate the next generation of European unicorns. During this time I decided to launch 'The Diary Of A CEO' podcast with the simple mission of providing an unfiltered journey into the remarkable stories and untold dimensions of the world’s most influential people, experts and thinkers. Thank you for listening. My New Book: IG: LI:


Moment 171: STOP DOING THIS! It's Ruining Your Sex Life

In this moment, world-renowned philosopher and thinker Alain De Botton discusses how communication can lead to a better sex life. Alain says sex is like a mirror to the relationship as a whole. If something is wrong with a couples sex life, it’s usually a symptom of a wider problem. He says that a first step towards a more fulfilling sex life is reflecting on how you are as a partner. Being open about yourself in a relationship is the best way to create mutual trust, which means that you can ‘tease’ out any issue in a relationship. This then leads to being open with one another sexually. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Alain: https://www.alaindebotton.comm Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Josh Kaufman: The Shocking Link Between MBA & Career Success! The Easy Hack To Making Money Whilst You Sleep!

WARNING: this episode will teach you everything you would learn in a business degree, saving you $200,000 and 10,000 hours  Josh Kaufman is a renowned business expert and the author of the international best-selling book, ‘The Personal MBA’ which has sold over 900,000 copies worldwide. He is also the author of books such as, ‘The First 20 Hours’, and ‘How to Fight a Hydra’. In this conversation, Josh and Steven discuss topics such as, the 5 laws of business, how to turn $100 into $10k, the psychological tactics of millionaires, and how to make money in your sleep.  00:00 Intro 02:00 Why Did You Write The Personal MBA 04:32 What Is An MBA? 10:30 Should You Do A MBA? 14:19 How Difficult Is Starting And Running A Business? 16:57 First Steps To Setting Up A Business 19:29 Loads Of Business Are Finding Problems To Solve 27:49 How To Give Value To The End Consumer 35:47 How Do You Find Out If Your Idea Is Good? 39:11 This Is The Wrong Approach When Starting A Business 40:49 Why Should You Start With Value? 42:35 How To Market 44:04 Psychology & Marketing 46:06 Creating A Drive In The Marketing Strategy 48:23 Think Different 50:52 Be Brave To Do Something Completely Different 58:39 How To Become A Good Marketer 01:00:31 The Sales Piece In Any Business 01:04:38 Customer Service Matters 01:06:09 The Sales Framework 01:13:06 How Important Is Hiring? 01:14:50 What Role Does Competition Play? 01:19:09 Let's Talk Money 01:24:17 What Numbers Should I Pay Attention To? 01:26:35 Experimenting 01:34:55 Every Complex System Starts In A Simple Way 01:39:06 Mastering A Job 01:43:54 Ten Major Principles To Learn Anything 01:55:24 Removing Any Friction In The Process 02:01:38 Last Guest Question  Follow Josh:  Twitter -  YouTube: You can purchase Josh’s book, ‘How to Fight a Hydra’, here:  Spotify: You can purchase Josh’s book, ‘How to Fight a Hydra’, here:  Watch the episodes on Youtube -  My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now -  You can purchase the The Diary Of A CEO Conversation Cards: Second Edition, here:  Follow me:  Sponsors: Shopify: Colgate - Vodafone V-Hub: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Moment 170: The Scientific Method For Unstoppable Confidence: Professor Steve Peters

In this moment, elite sport psychologist, Professor Steve Peters discusses the way to overcome low self-esteem. Often low self-esteem manifests itself outwardly in abusive relationships, the wrong career, and impulsive behaviours. Dr Peters says these are ‘maladaptive coping strategies’, where you are punishing yourself, thinking that you don’t deserve to treat yourself well, as you believe that you fundamentally don’t deserve happiness. Dr Peters says the solution can be as simple as getting a blank piece of paper and writing down who you want to be, and what behaviours you want to have. He says that this exercise works, as once you remove the interference of your mind, this person you hope to become is actually you, as you are defining yourself. Listen to the full episode here - Spotify- Apple - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Professor Steve Peters: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/07/2410m 6s

The Investing Expert: We’re Raising The Most Unhappy Generation In History! The Unseen Link Between Marriage & Wealth! Hard Work Doesn't Build Wealth! - Scott Galloway

The millionaire entrepreneur revealing Wall Street's secrets and simplifying finance for the masses Scott Galloway is a Professor of Marketing at the New York Stern School of Business and host of the ‘Pivot’ podcast about technology and business. He is also the best-selling author of books such as, ‘The Algebra of Happiness’, ‘The Four’, and ‘The Algebra of Wealth’.  In this conversation, Scott and Steven discuss topics such as, billionaire money hacks, the 6 fundamental rules of investing, how to make $7 million from nothing, and how marriage can make you rich. 00:00 Intro 02:00 Why Some Become More Rich Than Others 03:15 Where Do We Learn About Money? 08:43 Where Would We Be Without Those Connections? 13:04 No Matter How Old You Are You Can Still Make More Money 20:21 When To Take Risks And When To Diversify 23:27 Should We Go For Our Dream Jobs? 27:05 Having Money Is Fun! 31:18 Why Should You Have A Number Of How Much Money You Need? 32:41 How To Make 9-Figures 37:18 Where You Should Live To Be Financially Successful 40:02 How Do You Get Out Of Your Current Job Situation 42:39 Good Places To Make Money Vs Bad Places To Make Money 45:19 How Do You Find A Mentor? 49:10 The Psychological Formula For Networking 56:58 How To Be A Great Decision Maker 01:01:48 Is Marriage Good For Wealth? 01:03:39 Relationship Investing Is The Key To Wealth 01:06:17 Can Anyone Start A Company? 01:08:11 The Power Of Storytelling 01:10:01 How Does The Average Person Develop The Skill Of Storytelling? 01:12:54 What Is The Algebra To Storytelling? 01:16:25 How Has Scott Changed Over The Years? 01:18:56 Where Should I Invest My Money? 01:27:12 Investing $1000 A Month In S&P Visual 01:30:42 Is Real Estate Worth Investing In? 01:34:59 Playing The Tax Game 01:41:37 The Importance Of Tax Advice 01:43:53 Last Guest Question Follow Scott:  Instagram -  Twitter -  You can purchase Scott’s book, ‘The Algebra of Wealth’, here:  Watch the episodes on Youtube -  My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now -  You can purchase the The Diary Of A CEO Conversation Cards: Second Edition, here:  Follow me: Sponsors: PerfectTed - - Code: DIARY15 at checkout for 15% off NordVPN - - give you 4 extra months on the 2-year plan. There's no risk with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!' Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Gender Expert: Men Are Emotionally Dependent On Women & We're Treating Them Like Malfunctioning Women! Richard Reeves

500,000 men are dying by suicide, and 6% of men are unemployed, is masculinity in crisis? And what is the cure?  Richard Reeves is a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and President of the American Institute for Boys and Men, an organisation that researches and addresses issues affecting men. He is also the author of the book, ‘Of Boys and Men’.  In this conversation, Richard and Steven discuss topics such as, the rising rates of male suicide rates, the health benefits of marriage for men, the toxic impact of Andrew Tate, and the relationship crisis among men.  0:00 (Intro) (01:24) Why Dedicating Your Career To Men's Issues (03:54) What's Your Background? (06:06) The Crazy Stats That Made You Research This Topic (08:07) We're Going Through A Cultural Revolution (12:32) We Need A New Way To Approach This (17:12) Are Men And Women Differently? (21:07) Men Take More Risks (26:17) Unconscious Behaviours Of Men (34:11) Suicide Is The Biggest Killer Of Men (38:44) Why Is This Suicide Increasing? (42:47) Why Do Humans Feel Like They Need To Be Needed? (46:59) Why Men Feel Less Needed (49:43) Does Retirement Kill You? (54:43) We're Losing Connection In Our Modern Society (57:42) The Dating Environment Has Changed (01:05:23) Are Dating Apps Being Unfavourable To Men? (01:09:41) Is Marriage In Decline? (01:12:51) Births Are Increasing Outside Of Marriage (01:13:56) Is Marriage Better For Women Or Men? (01:15:59) Enforced Monogamy (01:17:55) Why Andrew Tate Converted To Islam (01:20:47) Women Economic Power (01:22:56) What Do You Think About The Word Toxic Masculinity (01:27:08) There Is A Friendship Male Recession (01:31:38) Men Shed's Movement (01:33:48) My Experience With Couples Therapy (01:36:30) The Hard Times Of Going Through Couples Therapy (01:40:25) How Masculinity Can Be Expressed (01:47:42) What Advice You'd Give Your Children (01:53:58) Using Our Voices To Make Men Be Heard (02:01:22) The Last Guest Question You can buy Richard’s book, ‘Of Boys And Men’, here:  Follow Richard:  Instagram -  Twitter -  Watch the episodes on Youtube -  My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now -  Follow me:  Sponsors: Linkedin Jobs: Colgate - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Moment 169: CIA Spy Reveals How To AVOID Media Manipulation & Brainwashing: Andrew Bustamante

In this moment, the former CIA intelligence officer Andrew Bustamante discusses the crucial techniques of manipulation, which he describes as a core part of CIA training. Andrew  introduces the R.I.C.E. analogy, which stands for Reward, Ideology, Coercion, and Ego. This framework is essential for understanding the motivations of others, allowing you to connect with them, build relationships, and influence their actions. According to Andrew, reward involves anything the other person desires, while ideology reflects the person’s core beliefs and is the most powerful element of the acronym. Coercion involves using negative behaviours on someone such as guilt or blackmail, and ego relates to how the other person sees themselves. Andrew translates this manipulation technique to marketing. He suggests that by sending targeted messages to your audience and assessing their responses, you gain insights into their ideology, providing you with useful information for future sales. Listen to the full episode here - Spotify- Apple - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Andrew: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/07/2411m 29s

The Ozempic Expert: Ozempic Transforms Your Gut Microbiome! People Are Being Overdosed On Ozempic! Microdosing Saved My Life! - Dr Tyna Moore

It's the most effective weight loss drug ever, but could it have other miraculous benefits? Dr Tyna Moore is a certified Naturopathic and Chiropractic physician and expert in holistic regenerative medicine. She is also the host of ‘The Dr Tyna Show’ Podcast and founder of the ‘Ozempic Uncovered’ course about the benefits of the drug.  In this conversation, Dr Tyna and Steven discuss topics such as, how Ozempic saved Tyna’s mother’s life, the link between Ozempic and fertility, Ozempic's impact on alcoholism, and how Ozempic can boost your sex drive.  00:00 Intro 02:06 What Is Tina's Mission? 03:33 What Is a Naturopathic Doctor? 05:13 What Is Metabolic Dysfunction? 10:17 Tina's Most Surprising Case Studies 12:45 What Treatment Did You Prescribe Your Mother? 15:47 Tina's Health History 19:28 Discovering Ozempic 27:57 What Is Ozempic? 32:14 Tina's Use of Ozempic 38:17 The Untold Story of Ozempic 41:26 Other Benefits of Ozempic 50:36 Ozempic the Cancer Cure? 54:45 Mental Health Connections to Ozempic 57:14 Sexual Health and Fertility Impact 01:00:58 Where Is Metabolic Dysfunction Coming From? 01:05:04 What Advice You'd Give Someone With PCOS 01:10:13 Microdosing Examples 01:15:07 Microdosing Ozempic 01:20:34 Is Ozempic a Cure for Addiction? 01:23:56 Ozempic and the Dopamine Pathways 01:27:34 Should We Be Concerned About Side Effects? 01:30:18 What Are the Downsides of the Treatment? 01:32:42 What Else You Need to Do for Weight Loss if Microdosing 01:35:30 Losing Muscle as We Age, Fact? 01:36:37 The Sleep Component 01:38:44 Mindset for Weight Loss 01:40:36 The Benefits of Saunas 01:42:34 What Would Tyna Say to the World? 01:46:57 How to Find Out More About Tyna's Work 01:54:06 Guest's Last Question You can sign up to Tyna’s ‘Ozempic Uncovered’ course, here:  Follow Tyna:  Instagram -  YouTube -  Learn more about the studies mentioned, here: Ozempic and cardiovascular disease -  Ozempic and colorectal cancer -  Watch the episodes on Youtube -  My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now -  Follow me:  Sponsors: ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO2024 for 10% off Colgate - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

The Sleep Scientist (NEW RESEARCH): Sleeping Patterns Can Predict Future Diseases! Sleep Deprivation Is A Silent Killer! The Painful Trick To Fix Poor Sleep - Dr Guy Leschziner

Sleep walking, night terrors and even sleep murders, the mysteries of the sleeping brain revealed Professor Guy Leschinzer is a world-renowned expert in Neurology and Sleep Medicine at Guy’s Hospital London. He is also the author of books such as, ‘The Nocturnal Brain’, ‘The Man Who Tasted Words’, and most recently, ‘Seven Deadly Sins’.  In this conversation, Guy and Steven discuss topics such as, how sleep can strip belly fat, the one sleep disorder affecting up to 80% of people, the number one fix for insomnia, and the truth about sleep walking and other night time activities. 00:00 Intro 02:06 Dr. Guy's Fascination With Neurological Conditions 04:15 What Is Dr. Guy's Background 06:26 What Is A Sleep Disorder Centre? 08:01 Why Dr. Guy Chose To Study Sleep 09:19 Is Sleep Important? 11:24 Why We Need Sleep For Good Health 12:59 A Large Percent Of The Population Has Insomnia 17:05 What Is Narcolepsy 18:03 What's Causing So Many Sleep Problems? 21:06 What's The Perfect Sleeping Habit? 24:36 Sleep Quantity Variance Per Person 28:27 The Link Between Sleep And Weight Gain 31:44 Circadian Rhythms Explained 36:17 Blue Lights 39:34 The Main Reasons People Are Struggling With Their Sleep 44:35 Sleep Myths 46:15 Chronotypes 47:55 Where To Start Fixing Sleep Problems 51:25 The Rise Of Sleep Trackers 58:28 What Is The Glymphatic System? 01:01:50 The Link Between Sleep Deprivation And Alzheimer's 01:02:54 Medicating To Help Sleep 01:04:38 Side Effects Of Melatonin 01:06:05 Non-Medical Alternatives To Help Sleep 01:14:38 Surgery To Fix Sleeping Issues 01:17:49 What Would Brain Scans Reveal About Sleep Deprivation 01:19:40 Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Mood 01:21:11 Can Parts Of Our Brain Be Asleep? 01:22:47 Dreaming 01:25:08 Nightmares Explained 01:25:54 Why Do We Remember Some Dreams And Not Others? 01:28:12 Most Upsetting Sleep Disorder Dr. Guy Has Seen 01:31:42 The Sleepwalking Murderer 01:33:51 There Is Help For Insomnia 01:35:18 The Different Types Of Insomnia 01:36:42 The Man Who Tasted Words 01:39:33 Autism And Synesthesia 01:42:22 Are We Guilty Of Crimes If We Are Mentally Ill? 01:45:01 Interventions To Help The Criminally Mentally Ill 01:46:40 Crazy Stories Resulting From A Brain Disorder 01:52:47 How Meeting People With Brain Disorders Has Changed Dr. Guy 01:54:22 Guest's Last Question   You can purchase Guy’s books, here: ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ -  ‘The Nocturnal Brain’ - ‘The Secret World of Sleep’ -  Follow Guy: Instagram -  Twitter -  You can learn more about the study on light exposure patterns, here:  Watch the episodes on Youtube -  My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now -  Follow me:  Sponsors: NordVPN: - give you 4 extra months on the 2-year plan. There's no risk with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!' Colgate - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Moment 168: STOP Doing THIS! It's Killing Your Sleep!: The Fitness Scientist

You might have heard the phrase ‘circadian rhythm’ a lot but never really understood what it meant. In this moment, world-renowned human performance expert, Kristen Holmes gives a simple break down of this rhythm and its massive impacts. Kirsten says that the circadian rhythm is basically physical, mental and behavioral changes that happen over a 24 hour cycle. All of these changes are controlled by a master clock in your brain regulating every cell in your body through chemical signals. Disrupting this rhythm can cause massive health consequence such as cancer, metabolic and cardiovascular disease, as well as mental health issues. The main cause of disruption is from light which confuses the brain’s master clock, this means that you often have to fight aspects of modern life and make sure you protect your sleep by controlling your home environment Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Kristen: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/06/2415m 15s

The Fasting Expert: "The Truth About Ozempic", These 3 Foods Are Leading To Cancer! Our Supermarket Food Isn't Safe! - Dr Mindy Pelz

Unlocked: The hidden healing powers of fasting for your heart, hormones, and health. Dr Mindy Pelz is a world-renowned fasting and women’s health expert, specifically focusing on metabolic fasting, and the host of ‘The Resetter Podcast’. She is also the author of best-selling books such as, ‘The Reset Factor’, ‘The Menopause Reset’, ‘Fast Like A Girl’, and ‘Eat Like A Girl’.  In this conversation, Mindy and Steven discuss topics such as, the secret to losing 18 pounds in 2 months, how to actually strip belly fat, the toolbox you need for optimal health, and ‘nature’s Ozempic’ for weight loss.  00:00 Intro 02:14 Impact From The Last Episode 05:00 Impact Of The Book Globally 09:15 What Is Fasting? 13:40 We're Sold Dangerous Food As Safe 15:24 How To Read A Food Label To Know If It's Harmful For Us 17:35 What About Eating Frequency? 19:32 What Is Calorie Restrictive Eating? 21:00 Your Thoughts On Ozempic As A Tool For Weightloss 27:12 Are We Choosing Comfort Over Hardwork? 32:52 Ketos And The Ketogenic Diet 34:23 How Long Do I Need To Fast To Switch To Fat Burning? 35:50 Can You Have Liquids When Fasting? 36:31 Common Myths And Mistakes About Intermittent Fasting 41:35 How Does Fasting Affect The Microbiome? 47:34 The Benefits Of Fasting 49:48 When Shouldn't Women Fast? 52:04 The Impact Of Fasting Before Menstruation 53:01 The Rise In Menstrual Cycle Changes 55:03 Accommodations For Women In The Workplace 58:04 Let's Talk Apple Cider Vinegar 01:00:48 When Should We Be Eating? 01:02:44 Recommendations For Weightloss And Repair 01:04:25 Cancer Feeding Foods 01:07:03 What Is An Obesegen? 01:10:10 Ozempic Is Not The Way To Solve The Obesity Crisis 01:11:59 How Would Mindy Fix The Food System? 01:16:19 Can Fasting Help Our Body Heal? 01:20:55 Is Protein Really That Good? 01:25:12 How Important Is Our Liver? 01:31:05 Daily Routines For Checking Your Body Is Functioning Well 01:33:43 We Are Getting Less Nutrients From Our Crops 01:37:57 Is Alcohol Good For Us? 01:45:24 Is There A Link Between Oxytocin And Diet? 01:49:00 The Loneliness Epidemic 01:49:12 The DOAC Health Toolbox 01:57:08 Last Guest Question Follow Mindy:  Instagram -  YouTube -  You can pre-order Mindy’s book, ‘Eat Like a Girl: 100+ Delicious Recipes’, here:  You can purchase The Diary Of A CEO Conversation Cards: Second Edition, here:  You can learn more about the different studies that Mindy speaks about here: Obesogens:  The effects of vinegar on your health:,,  Watch the episodes on Youtube -  You can purchase The Diary Of A CEO Conversation Cards: Second Edition, here:  Follow me:  Sponsors: LinkedIn Ads - Colgate - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Wim Hof: They’re Lying To You About Disease & Inflammation!

Beating sickness and bearing the elements, these are just 2 of the evolutionary powers The Iceman says we can all unlock Wim Hof is a Dutch extreme sports athlete and multiple Guinness World Record holder who is best known for his ability to withstand extremely cold temperatures. He is also the author of the best-selling book, ‘The Wim Hof Method’.  In this conversation, Wim and Steven discuss topics such as, how he supercharged his immune system, the trauma of his wife’s death, the top 3 techniques for breathing, and how the cold helps you uncover your true self.  (00:00) Intro (01:50) What is Wim's Mission (04:13) Society's problems in the modern day (05:45) The impact of the Wim Hof Method (08:34) We need more discomfort, we've engineered out discomfort (10:06) When did this start for Wim (13:35) Your first experience with cold water (14:25) What spiritual questions did the cold water answer? (15:20) Being outside of society (17:01) What is a life force (19:15) Why don't we believe in ourselves? (21:46) Falling in love (26:46) Dealing with the grief of losing loved ones (29:57) Telling your children their mother has passed (31:32) The power of breathing exercises (38:50) Breathing exercises unlock trauma (49:22) Controlling stress through breathing (54:09) Fighting off a virus with your mind (57:00) Modern healing does not serve us (01:01:19) Teaching Steven the method (01:10:14) Where did Wim learn the method (01:11:10) The power of the mind (01:15:48) How do you train someone to stop becoming a victim of their mind? (01:18:09) The ice bath (01:23:34) Back to the studio (01:27:15) Seeking discomfort (01:29:23) Wim's routine (01:35:45) How do you find your purpose? (01:39:26) Last question Please speak to your doctor or physician ahead of attempting any type of extreme cold water treatment and only partake in a safe, controlled environment under expert guidance Follow Wim:  Instagram -  Twitter -  You can purchase Wim’s book, ‘The Wim Hof Method’, here:    For more information on the Wim Hoff Method, please visit Thank you to Urban Ice Tribe for supplying the ice baths. You can purchase one here:  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Shopify: PerfectTed - - Code: DIARY10 at checkout for 10% off Uber: Colgate - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Moment 167: 6 Foods You MUST Eat To HEAL Your GUT!: Dr Will Bulsiewicz

In this moment, the world-renowned gut-health expert Dr Will Bulsiewicz discusses the relationship between your gut health and overall well-being, including your mental and physical health. According to Dr Will, our gut is like a muscle that we can strengthen by eating a range of diverse superfoods such as leafy vegetables, legumes, and fruit. These high-fibre foods can supercharge your immune system by boosting the production of short-chain fatty acids, lower your cholesterol levels, and stabilise your bowel movements. The benefits of creating a diverse gut microbiome aren't exclusive to you, but in fact, your microbes are later inherited by your children, influencing their future health. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Dr Will: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/06/2414m 37s

"Casual Sex Is Almost Always Dangerous For Women!" This Is What Casual Sex Is Really Doing To Women - Louise Perry

Has feminism failed women? Louise Perry uncovers the truth about sexual liberation  Louise Perry is a British journalist and host of the ‘Maiden Mother Matriarch’ podcast. She is also press officer for the charity, ‘We Can’t Consent To This’ and author of the book, ‘The Case Against The Sexual Revolution: A New Guide to Sex in the 21st Century’.  In this conversation, Louise and Steven discuss topics such as, the dangers of casual sex for women, why you should trust your ‘icks’, how dating apps are making men lonely, and the truth about sex on a first date.  You can purchase Louise’s book, ‘The Case Against The Sexual Revolution: A New Guide to Sex in the 21st Century’, here:  (0:00) Intro (01:42) What are you trying to achieve?? (03:45) What does society disagree with you on? (04:21) The trade-offs of the contraceptive pill (05:30) How has sexual culture changed? (06:59) Working in a rape crisis centre (09:49) How to channel men's aggression in the right direction (11:59) The physical differences between men and women (13:28) How men and women differ in their view on sexuality (14:58) Why men are more likely to have casual sex (17:59) How does a culture of casual sex impact women (23:31) Repercussions of casual sex in society (28:54) The lack of communication and education is hurting both genders (31:18) Why women have icks towards men (33:30) Women should listen to their icks (38:10) Women's 6th sense (41:02) There are some jobs women shouldn't do due to biology (46:44) Heroic masculinity (48:22) Social media affecting our view on relationships & dating (50:54) Wait until engagement to have sex (56:11) The dating crisis (01:00:41) Why you should have sex before marriage (01:03:29) Why is marriage good (01:07:33) How likely you're to get divorced (01:11:02) Step-parents vs biological parents (01:14:47) Why are you saying these unpopular opinions (01:19:50) The decline in birth rates (01:25:16) What porn is doing to your brain (01:30:16) Is reproduction at the heart of male motivation? (01:31:03) Unwanted choking during sex (01:33:24) Should we ban porn? (01:40:36) What are we attracted to? (01:44:50) Better looking people bias (01:48:05) The last guest's question Follow Louise:  Twitter -  YouTube -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:  Sponsors: Colgate - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/06/241h 52m

Simon Sinek: "Strong Thigh Muscles = More friends", This Is Why You Can't Make Friends!

An optimist’s guide for fighting the loneliness epidemic taking over the world Simon Sinek is a renowned leadership expert and the founder of ‘The Optimism Company’, which provides programmes for leadership development. He is also the best-selling author of the books, ‘Start With Why’, ‘Leaders Eat Last’, ‘The Infinite Game’, and ‘Find Your Why’.  In this conversation, Simon and Steven discuss topics such as, how loneliness impacts addiction, why people are struggling to make friends, the truth about TikTok and depression, and the link between thigh muscles and popularity.  (00:00) Intro (01:38) Simon's take on the times we are living in (05:04) We don't have strong role models anymore (10:06) Why isn't there demand for friendship therapy (12:53) What really is a friend (15:37) The most important metric for longevity (17:50) Have we lost the skill of making friends? (21:46) Why national service is so important (30:24) The importance of belief (36:05) Remote connection vs in person (38:57) Is the office outdated? (43:47) The importance of acts of service (45:41) Is the rise of individualism hurting us? (49:05) What direction should young people be directing their life towards (51:34) Andrew Tate's approach validating young people (53:40) Are friendships the same as relationships? (57:53) Having our priorities wrong (01:12:31) What is Simon struggling with (01:17:17) Where does inspiration come from? (01:20:49) Techniques for public speaking (01:26:46) The difference between validation and insecurity (01:31:40) Companies misunderstand what service means (01:37:33) How to have those difficult conversations (01:45:03) We undervalue stories (01:49:10) Connecting with people (01:52:01) Last question You can purchase Simon’s book, ‘The Infinite Game’, here:  Follow Simon:  Instagram -  Twitter -  Watch the episodes on Youtube -  My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now -  Follow me:  Sponsors: NordVPN: ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO2024 for 10% off Colgate - Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Moment 166: What Men (& Women) NEED To Know About The Menstrual Cycle: Dr Mindy Pelz

In this moment, nutritionist and functional health expert, Dr. Mindy Pelz gives the information that every man needs to hear about menstrual cycles in order to better understand the females in their life: The menstrual and reproductive cycle lasts from 28 - 32 days (this varies from female to female) Day 1 - 10, is when a female is building oestrogen, Mindy says that for the first 2 days is the best time to give the female’s of your life some space. Afterwards they will be more present and outgoing. Day 12/13, is when oestrogen is at it’s peak in the female body and is the best time to resolve any conflict Day 10 - 15, is when ovulation happens and is when a female’s libido is highest, after Day 15, there is a crash of hormones which can lead to feeling low Day 17/18 is when progesterone starts to come in and is the time to be particularly nice and caring to the female’s in your life until the cycle begins again Mindy says that understanding the patterns of the female menstrual cycle, can create large amounts of empathy, and men can change their behaviour to help the females in their life as best they can. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Dr Mindy: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14/06/2412m 35s

The Menopause Doctor: This Diet Delays Menopause! They're Lying To You About Menopause! Menopause Is Shrinking Your Brain! - Dr Lisa Mosconi

Meet the woman behind the scientific research revolution that could change the lives of 50% of the world’s population Dr Lisa Mosconi is the associate professor of neurology and radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine and director of Women’s Brain Initiative and Alzheimer’s Prevention Program. She is also the author of the books, ‘The XX Brain’, ‘Brain Food’, and ‘The Menopause Brain’. In this conversation Lisa and Steven discuss topics such as, how the menopause impacts the brain, the link between menopause and Alzheimer’s, why sex hormones are essential for brain health, and the truth about hormone therapy. 00:00 Intro 02:05 Why People Should Listen To This Conversation 04:10 What People Need To Know About Menopause And The Impact On The Brain 06:21 Who Is Lisa Misconi? 08:08 Why Hasn't There Been Research And Investment Into Menopause? 14:28 What Is Menopause And Signs 15:54 Menopause Stages Start Before You Think! 19:07 What's The Youngest Person With Menopause 22:35 Perimenopause Transition 29:54 Menopause Brain Scans 33:09 Some Women Have More Shocking Brain Scans Than Others 34:28 Behavioural Changes From Menopause 38:05 How Many Women Experience Brain Fog? 39:53 Menopause Rewires The Brain 41:11 Symptoms As A Result Of Brain Change 43:57 Isn't The Cure Simple? 51:50 What Age Should We Think About Treating/Preventing Symptoms 52:50 Going Deeper Into The Stages Of Menopause 58:34 Link Between Suicides And Menopause In Women 01:02:55 Brain Fog Over Time With Menopause 01:07:28 The Benefits Of Exercise 01:11:04 Link Between Exercise And Alzheimer's 01:14:11 Caffeine, Sleep And Menopause 01:18:08 Is Alcohol Bad For Menopause? 01:20:52 What Toxins Should We Be Aware Of? 01:22:40 Specific Foods That Help Stave Off The Menopause 01:25:42 Are Supplements Needed In Our Diet? 01:30:06 What Is The Evolutionary Reason For Menopause? 01:37:14 Does Menopause Make You Sad? 01:40:11 Surgical Menopause 01:45:17 Isn't It Just Ageing? 01:53:07 When Will I Go Through Menopause? 01:56:48 Last Guest Question You can get in contact with Lisa’s team to discuss enrolling in her studies, here: You can access the results from Lisa’s research on brain changes during the menopause, here: You can access a time lapse video of changes to the menopause brain, here: You purchase Lisa's most recent book, ‘The Menopause Brain: The New Science Empowering Women to Navigate Midlife with Knowledge and Confidence’, here:  Follow Lisa: Twitter -  Instagram -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: PerfectTed - - Code: DIARY10 at checkout for 10% off  Colgate - Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/06/242h 1m

Simon Cowell Opens Up About His Heartbreaking Loss, "losing them was the hardest thing that happened to me"!

From working in the post room in a record label to becoming the world’s best known music mogul, this is the Simon Cowell you don’t see on TV. Simon Cowell is a world-renowned record producer, talent scout, and music mogul. He is best known for being a judge on some of the world’s most popular TV shows including, ‘The X Factor’, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, ‘Pop Idol’, and ‘American Idol’.  In this episode, Simon and Steven discuss topics such as, being bankrupt at 30, working his way up from the bottom, his life threatening accident, how his son’s birth changed his life, and his one and only regret about One Direction.  (00:00) Intro (00:52) Early Context (02:38) Your Parents (03:53) Your Work Ethic, Where Does That Come From (06:41) The Importance of Respect (10:23) Making the Decision to Pursue Entertainment (15:45) Working in the Post Room at a Record Label (19:24) Making His Way Up in the Music Industry (23:21) Starting a Record Label with Your Boss (28:40) Creating Your First Smash Hit Record (31:58) I Don't Know How Music Is Made, Staying in the Mind of the Consumer (39:40) Going Broke Right After Creating Your First Smash Hit (46:39) Meeting Pete Waterman, a Moment That Changed Everything (50:37) Being an Early Adopter of TV (59:50) Following Your Gut Regardless of the Criticism (01:06:30) Finding Westlife (01:09:30) Your Father Passing Away (01:17:37) Your Life Changing After Your Son, Eric, Was Born (01:23:09) Loyalty, Why It's So Important to Me (01:25:35) Setting New Work Boundaries in My New Life (01:29:15) Advice for a Young Simon Cowell (01:32:03) The Importance of Hard Work (01:34:30) Your Accident, Breaking Your Back in 3 Places (01:39:39) Going to Therapy (01:45:56) Foundational Advice for Anyone Starting Out in Their Career (01:49:39) The Importance of Legacy (01:53:02) The Rise of Bullying (01:55:02) One Direction (01:58:11) Searching for a New Boy Band (02:03:33) Harry Styles (02:05:54) AI Within the Music Industry (02:09:48) Will One Direction Get Back Together? (02:11:14) The Last Guest's Question Follow Simon:  Instagram -  Twitter -  Simon Cowell Launches Nationwide Hunt For Next UK Boyband Phenomenon Audition, sign up here - Watch the episodes on Youtube -   My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now -  Sponsors: Linkedin Jobs: Colgate - Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/06/242h 14m

Moment 165: This Exercise Enhances Mood, Memory & Concentration: David Raichlen

In this moment, leading professor of evolutionary biology, David Raichlen discusses how to boost the brain benefits that come from exercise. Most people know that exercise can improve cognitive function, but don’t realise that different sort of exercise, like cardio or strength training, can provide different types of neurological benefits. David says that whilst all exercise is beneficial to the brain, research shows that the best sort of physical activity is a combination of physical and cognitive challenges. This helps the brain function as it copies how humans evolved to find food and survive. So this could mean that the next time you go for a run, choose the great outdoors over the treadmill and try different routes you haven’t taken before. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - David: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/06/2410m 18s

Secret Agent: Send Your Children To A Village! How To Detect A Lie Instantly! The Eye Contact Trick I Learnt From 12 Years As A Secret Service Agent! - Evy Poumpouras

She was the last line of defence and ready to die for the most important person on earth, here are the secret skills she’s learned defending 4 U.S. Presidents.  Evy Poumpouras is a former U.S. Secret Service Special Agent and multi-media journalist. She is also the co-host of Bravo TV's series ‘Spy Games’ and author of the best-selling memoir, ‘Becoming Bulletproof’. In this episode, Evy and Steven discuss topics such as, Evy’s close encounter with death on 9/11, how to gain control over anyone, her biggest lessons from working for Obama and Bush, and the best way to tell if someone is lying to you.   00:00 Intro 02:05 My Mission To Unlock People's Potential 05:05 How You Became A Secret Service Officer 10:43 How To Get Someone To Do What You Want Them To 13:10 When You Listen To Someone They Like You More 14:34 You Need To Know About Them And Then You Can Start Asking The Right Questions 18:18 How To Get Others To Respect You 22:59 Is It Your Ego Or Have Your Boundaries Being Broken? 26:49 How To Build Confidence 29:34 The Different Versions Of Ourselves We Create 32:49 What I Learnt About Leadership From Working With 4 US Presidents 35:47 I Was In The Room When US Presidents Would Make Tough Decisions 38:36 My First Day Working For George Bush 41:07 Secret Service Training: Only 1% Make It Through 44:16 The 1% Of People That Became Part Of The Secret Service 46:06 How Can You Tell If Someone Is Lying To You? 48:16 Who's The Biggest Liar You've Met? 50:54 Signs They're Lying To You 52:59 What Your Body Language Reveals About You 01:00:19 Do Men Struggle With Strong Women? 01:01:00 What Advice Would You Give Your Daughter Become A Resilient Person 01:04:37 What Do You Work Out Your Mind And Body 01:07:19 What Was The Scariest Day Of Your Career? 01:12:28 How Was Your Mental Health During Your Career? 01:17:48 Discrimination In The Secret Service 01:19:39 How To Be Heard And Respected 01:25:51 Why You Need To Take Personal Responsibility 01:33:48 The Addiction To Being A Victim 01:35:02 Identifying Victims That Don't Want To Change 01:39:47 Undercover Missions 01:45:24 Discrimination In The Job 01:50:58 Labelling Yourself Can Affect The Way You See Yourself You can purchase Evy’s book, ‘Becoming Bulletproof’, here:  Follow Evy:  Instagram -  Twitter -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:   Sponsors: PerfectTed: with an exclusive code DIARY10 for 10% off ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO10 for 10% off Colgate: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/06/242h 5m

The Pregnancy Doctor: Pregnancy Halves Every Year After 32! If You Want 2+ Children, You Need To Know This! If You Experience This Pain, Go See A Doctor!

Where have all the babies gone? Dr Natalie breaks down everything you need to know about fertility.  Dr Natalie Crawford is a double board-certified fertility doctor. She is also the co-founder of Fora Fertility clinic and Pinnacle Conference, a leadership conference for women in medicine. In this conversation, Dr Natalie and Steven discuss topics such as, how plastic and pollution affect your fertility, the surprising condition that’s affecting 1 in 4 women, the best time to have sex for pregnancy, and the impact of phones and hot baths on sperm count.  00:00 Intro 02:05 You Need To Look After Your Fertility Even Before You Want Children 04:31 We're Struggling More Than Ever To Have Children 07:00 Are We Having Less Sex? 07:47 Sperm Count Is Declining At Scary Risk 10:38 I Had 4 Pregnancy Losses And It's Devastating 13:36 The Stigma Of Infertility 16:15 Infertility Is Not Just A Female Issue, Men Are Affected Too 18:49 Understanding The Basics Of Fertility 22:26 Environmental Factors Affecting Male And Female Fertility 26:32 Are Phones And Laptops Bad For Fertility? 29:40 Heat And Infertility 30:15 What Testosterone Replacement Therapy Does To Your Sperm 31:45 The Egg Vault 35:25 Egg Production And Anomalies 42:41 Regret, Hindsight Of Patients And What You Can Do 47:16 What Has Changed Since Our Parents 49:06 The Effects Of An Unhealthy Lifestyle 54:07 Sleep Is Crucial In Your Reproductive Hormone System 55:07 How Stress Impacts Fertility 57:14 The Best Diets For Good Fertility 59:11 How Dairy Impacts Your Fertility 01:01:05 You Need To Understand The Reproductive Cycle To Know How Exercise Impacts It 01:10:58 Menstrual Irregularities And What's Normal 01:16:57 How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant? 01:17:50 When Trying To Have Children Sex Can Become A Chore 01:21:43 Purchasing Sperm From The Black Market 01:24:48 PCOS Explained 01:30:59 PCOS Diagnosis 01:33:50 Link Between PCOS & Endometrial Cancer 01:37:02 What Is Endometriosis & How Do You Know You Have It 01:43:55 What Happens When You Come Off The Pill And Want To Have Children 01:46:25 Advice For People With Endometriosis And PCOS, If They Want To Have Children 01:49:36 Getting Started With Freezing Eggs And Embryos And Success Rate 01:55:15 The Cost Of Fertility Procedures 01:56:40 IVF Stigma 01:58:42 Ads 01:59:32 When To Think About Fertility Treatment 02:01:54 Dummies Guide To IVF 02:06:38 Myths Of Conception 02:08:54 Best Sex Position To Get Pregnant 02:10:33 Is Birth Control Healthy? 02:13:36 What Can People Do If They Struggle With Infertility? 02:15:40 Last Guest Question Follow Natalie:  Instagram -  Twitter -  YouTube -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:   Sponsors: Colgate: Shopify: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/06/242h 25m

Moment 164: AVOID These 3 Phone Habits That Are Killing Your Brain! The Mental Health Doctor: Dr Aditi Nerurkar

In this moment, the world renowned expert in stress, Dr Aditi Nerurkar discusses how the majority of people in the modern world suffer from ‘Popcorn Brain’. According to Dr Aditi ‘Popcorn Brain’ comes from our excessive use of smartphones and social media. This is a real biological phenomenon where your brain circuitry ‘pops’ due to overstimulation and spending too much time online. Your brain never really gets a moment of rest, as being online means it it receives a nonstop stream of information. ‘Popcorn Brain’ is different to the psychological disorder that is internet addiction, as internet addiction seriously affects your ability to live your life, whereas Popcorn Brain defines modern life with everyone being constantly distracted. One of the ways that you can overcome ‘Popcorn Brain’ and improve our mental health is by reducing your reliance on your phone, making sure that you create healthy digital boundaries, so that you give yourself the mental space to live your life. Listen to the full episode here Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Dr Aditi Nerurkar - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31/05/2414m 26s

Dr Mike: The Hidden Side Effects Of Vaping! The Dark Side Of Being A Doctor! We Need To Stop Medical Misinformation!

He might be known as the ‘Sexiest Doctor Alive’ but his true talent is fighting against the ugly side of medical misinformation.  Doctor Mike is a family medicine doctor and YouTube’s #1 Doctor. He has over 25 million followers on social media and is also the host of ‘The Checkup with Doctor Mike’ podcast.  In this conversation, Doctor Mike and Steven discuss topics such as, the errors in the biggest online health trends, which popular diets are destroying your health, the real truth about calorie counting, and the one thing that helped Dr Mike cure his depression.  00:00 Intro 02:01 Helping People Make Better Health Decisions 05:10 Why Have People Resonated With You And Your Approach True Medical Information 09:54 How Do You Check The Evidence Of The Studies You Share? 11:56 The New Health Trends: Optimisation, Longevity, Anti-Ageing 16:17 Lifestyle Changes Is The First Doctor's Advice 18:14 Do Shortcuts Exist In Medicine? 19:03 What's Your Take On Calories In, Calories Out 21:02 How To Make A Diet Stick 23:16 The False Illusion Of A Good Body Equals Good Health 26:46 Calories In And Calories Out Does Work 28:49 The Benefits Of Exercising 30:21 Where Is The Direction Of Travel With Our Health? 32:51 What Would Happen If There Was A Deadlier Pandemic Than Covid 34:41 Is Vaping Dangerous? 39:27 The Real And Painful Reason Why I Started Boxing 41:32 Losing My Mum 47:07 What's The Best Way To Heal From Grief? 49:49 Your Journey With Mental Health & Social Media Bullying 54:05 The Best Advice I Received From My Therapist 55:55 Are Certain People More Prone To Get Addicted To Social Media? 57:12 Have You Considered Quitting Social Media?? 58:25 Are Vitamin Supplements Good For Us? 59:45 Can We Get All Our Nutrients And Vitamins From Foods? 01:03:36 Do Prebiotics And Probiotics Work? 01:05:19 We Should Listen To The Health Advice Our Grandmothers Told Us 01:08:15 Mentioning Experts That Are Wrong 01:10:46 People Are Losing Trust In Doctors Because Of This 01:18:28 Look After Your Children, We Need This Out Of Schools 01:25:09 Are You A Deep Thinker? 01:27:39 How Do You Deal With So Much Loss And Grief? 01:29:01 What Was Your Hardest Day? 01:33:53 How To Save Someone's Life Doing CPR 01:41:23 I Asked The Doctors To Stop Doing CPR On My Mother 01:43:29 Last Guest Question Here is a link to an article discussing the inefficiency of the anti-depression drug, Paxil:  Follow Doctor Mike:  Instagram -  Twitter -  YouTube -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:  Sponsors: ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO10 for 10% off Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/05/241h 50m

Charlamagne tha God Opens Up About His Depression & Childhood Trauma!

He’s never hidden from the truth or been shy about expressing his opinion, now he brings the same honesty to his rocky journey to fame.  Charlamagne tha God is co-host of the American radio programme ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Power 105.1, reaching 8 million listeners each month. He is also a New York Times best-selling author and CEO of the Black Effect Podcast Network.  In this conversation, Charlamagne and Steven discuss topics such as his difficult relationship with his father, the moment that changed his whole life, coming to terms with childhood molestation trauma, and how he went from being fired 4 times to one of the world’s biggest radio hosts.  00:00 Intro 02:17 "Get Honest Or Die Trying" 04:09 What Made Charlamagne? 08:56 Charlamagne's Father's Impact On His Relationships 12:11 Charlamagne's Sexual Abuse 16:28 Charlamagne's Troubled Youth 22:16 Role Models For Men 27:58 The Man Charlamagne Wants To Be 30:41 The Route Of Charlamagne's Anxiety 33:50 Reaching Personal Rock Bottom 36:53 Working In The Radio 38:30 Getting Fired 4 Times 42:21 Panic Attacks & Depression 48:17 Dealing With Grief And Suicide 56:13 Charlamagne's Infidelity 58:34 Growing With Therapy 01:00:32 What's Help You To Heal? 01:02:07 What's The Cost Of Living With The Lies? 01:05:44 Disconnecting From Social Media To Be Original 01:08:00 What's Your View On Trump? 01:11:50 Healing And Rebuilding The Relationship With His Father 01:14:19 How Is Charlamagne Doing? 01:18:06 The Importance Of Living A Life Of Service 01:22:19 The Dangers Of Materialism 01:24:02 Last Guest Question You can purchase Charlamagne’s book, ‘Get Honest or Die Lying: Why Small Talk Sucks’, here:  Follow Charlamagne:  Instagram -  Twitter -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/05/241h 35m

Moment 163: Happiness Expert Reveals The One Type Of Person You Should NEVER Date

In this moment, happiness scientist and expert, Arthur C Brooks, discusses what people get wrong in their search for romantic happiness. According to Arthur, the biggest mistake people make when searching for their romantic partner is looking for an exact copy of themself. This is one of the reasons that dating apps are so unsuccessful, as their dating profile will rigidly select people with the same preferences as them, allowing no surprises and potential to experience different qualities. Instead, people are better off looking for someone who complements and completes them and their qualities. This is why many happy marriages will be between people with different qualities, such as an introvert and an extrovert. These sorts of relationships celebrated their difference rather than partners trying to change each other to be more like them, as Arthur says that this is a killer of relationships Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Arthur C Brooks: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/05/2410m 17s

The Exercise Neuroscientist: The Shocking Link Between Exercise And Dementia! Coffee Is Destroying Your Brain! Our Brains Have Been Hacked! - Dr Wendy Suzuki

Learn the secret to unlocking your brain’s full potential from over 25 years of brain research.  Dr Wendy Suzuki is a Professor of Neural Science and Psychology at New York University and the bestselling author of books such as, ‘Good Anxiety’ and ‘Healthy Brain, Happy Life’.  In this conversation, Wendy and Steven discuss topics such as, how a single drop of sweat from exercise can improve your brain function, the 4 things that can enhance your memory, the shocking brain benefits from cold showers, and how to reduce your risk of dementia by 50%.  00:00 Intro 02:18 The Importance of Healthy Brain 02:58 Why People Need To Look After Their Brains 04:23 How To Keep Your Brain Healthy 07:09 Learning This About The Brain Changed My Life 10:37 My Father's Dementia Journey 12:37 You Can Grow New Brain Cells 16:01 How Learning Changes The Structure Of Your Brain 18:43 You Can Improve Your Brain Health At Any Point - Here's How 22:28 What's Causing Dementia & Alzheimer's 24:24 How Does Memory Work? 24:53 How To Improve Your Bad Memory 26:35 The Different Types Of Memory 27:35 How To Remember Things Better 28:49 The Memory Palace Technique 37:19 The Best Exercise For Your Brain 42:04 How To Be Better At Speaking And Memory 43:37 The Effects Of Coffee On Our Brains 45:09 What Lack Of Sleep Is Doing To Your Neurons 46:58 The Best Diets For An Optimal Brain 47:48 The Shocking Benefits Of Human Connections 49:15 Neuroscientist Recommends This Morning Routine For Optimal Brain Function 50:31 What Are The Worst Habits For Your Brain? 51:41 Does Mindfulness Help The Brain? 52:21 What Social Media Is Doing To Your Brain 55:46 What To Do About Social Media And Phone Addiction 59:21 Anxiety Levels Are Increasing 01:04:02 Where Do We Experience Anxiety In The Brain? 01:06:22 How To Turn Down Our Stress Levels 01:08:18 What Do Emotions Do To Our Brain And Body? 01:11:22 Does The Brain Change When We're In Love? 01:14:13 What You Learn From Going Through Grief 01:29:26 What Is The Best Quality Of Humanity You can purchase Wendy’s book, ‘Good Anxiety’, here:  Follow Wendy:  Instagram -  Twitter -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:   Sponsors: PerfectTed: with an exclusive code DIARY10 for 10% off Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23/05/241h 33m

The Divorce Expert: 86% of People Who Divorce Remarry! Why Sex Is Causing Divorces! If They Say This, Do Not Marry Them!

Divorce rates are dominant, but is there hope for a happily ever after? James Sexton is America's top divorce lawyer, and bestselling author of romantic advice books 'How to Stay in Love' and 'If You're in My Office, It's Already Too Late'. In this conversation, James and Steven discuss the number one reason for 99% of divorces, the link between sex and divorce, the glue that holds marriages together, and a ‘note hack’ that could save relationships.  00:00 Intro 02:02 I Am A Divorce Lawyer 02:37 How Many People Divorce 08:51 The Dynamics Between Gold Diggers And Millionaires 12:33 What's Prenups? And The Legalities Behind Marriage! 17:14 The Perfect Prenup 18:56 Disagreements Over Prenups 26:48 Are Prenups Legal? 28:34 The Most Shocking Prenup (Don't Get Fat) 29:59 Appearance As A Measure Of Love In A Relationship 32:33 Prenups With Fidelity & Cheating Clauses 37:30 Are Prenups On The Rise? 39:39 Are People Fake Happy? 44:18 Stop Comparing Your Relationships To Others 50:44 How To Prevent Divorce 55:25 "Happy Wife, Happy Life" 01:02:59 Is Sex The Biggest Cause Of Divorce? 01:07:53 Fixing The Marriage 01:09:36 Who Cheats More? 01:10:02 Who Wants More Sex? 01:13:05 Most Shocking Deceit 01:14:18 Why Husbands Like To Sleep With The Nannies 01:16:36 Killing To Get Out Of A Relationship 01:22:17 Have You Ever Cried? 01:24:29 Love And Loss 01:37:01 Seeing Relationships As Chapters 01:40:55 Have We Been Sold An Idyllic Lie? 01:44:34 Is Money The Biggest Cause Of Divorce? 01:48:59 Can You Hide Money? 01:50:16 You Are Liable For Debts 01:51:49 Winning The Lottery And Keeping Quiet 01:53:20 LGBT Rights & Divorces 01:59:19 Are Open Relationships The Answer? 02:02:00 Is Cheating Okay? 02:05:44 Should We Get Married? 02:13:14 Last Guest Question You can purchase James’s book, ‘How to Stay in Love’, here:  Follow James: Instagram -  Twitter -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:   Sponsors: Linkedin Ads: Uber: Shop the Conversation Cards:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/05/242h 22m

Moment 162: The ONE Thing Stopping You From Reaching Your Full Potential!: Africa Brooke

In this moment, world renowned mentor and writer, Africa Brooke discusses how the idea of personal accountability has been hijacked. She says that all too often people can pass up on accepting responsibility and instead blame others for their misfortune and see themself as a constant victim. However, Africa says that the idea of accountability is actually a way of giving power, freedom, and control back to people, as they realise there is always something they are able to do to change their situation. Once they realise this, people gain resilience for future tough times, as they know that no matter the situation they have the ability to control how they move forward in life. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Africa: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/05/2413m 14s

The Glucose Expert: The Only Proven Way To Lose Weight Fast! Health Experts Are Wrong About Calorie Counting!

Poison or guilty pleasure, the REAL truth about sugar.  Robert Lustig is a Professor of Paediatric Endocrinology and a public health expert on the impact of sugar on our health. He is the author of bestselling books such as, ‘Fat Chance’, ‘Metabolical’, and ‘The Hacking of the American Mind’.  In this conversation, Robert and Steven discuss topics such as, how nearly 75% of grocery items have added sugar, that obesity rates have doubled, the health impacts of childhood obesity and how calorie counting doesn’t help you to lose weight.  00:00 Intro 01:58 Our Minds Have Been Hacked! 05:03 What Dopamine Does to Your Brain 07:53 Sugar Is A Big Problem In Today’s Society 10:28 Why Sugar Is Poison To Our Bodies 11:08 The Difference Between Sugar and Fructose 14:53 This Is How Sugar Is Damaging Your Body 18:29 Damaging Effects on the Brain from Sugar Consumption 22:20 How the Food Industry Is Making You Eat Crazy Amounts of Sugar 25:05 Health Side Effects 27:12 Diet Coke, Saviour or Villain? 35:17 Sugar and the Impact on Our Organs 40:08 How Important Are Calories as a Way to Lose Weight? 43:47 Sugar Addiction, Stress, and Other Triggers 46:03 The Only Foods That Don't Contain Sugar 48:31 Food Labels Are Sending Wrong and Inaccurate Messages 50:16 Babies Are Born Fatter Than Before 51:30 Research on Children's Obesity 54:20 Insulin Resistance 56:00 Can We Reverse Diabetes? 58:34 What Is Leptin & How It’s Involved In Weight Loss 01:02:23 What Are Obesogens & How They Impact Our Health 01:03:31 The 3 Different Types of Fat You Should Be Worried About 01:09:34 Fruit Consumption… Good or Bad? 01:11:45 Environmental Chemicals That Make Us Fat 01:14:16 What Is an Endocrine Disruptor & How Can We Deal with Them? 01:17:11 How To Identify Real Food 01:22:20 The Importance of Fibre in Food 01:27:02 Personal Responsibility 01:34:50 Should the Government Get Involved? 01:39:40 Are We Being Lied To? 01:42:09 The Four C's for Contentment 01:47:19 What Is the Cause of All Our Health Problems? 01:49:46 Last Question   You can purchase Robert’s book, ‘Metabolical’ here:  Follow Robert: Twitter -  Watch the episodes on Youtube -  My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:  Sponsors: ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO2024 for 10% off Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/05/241h 55m

Nuclear War Expert: 72 Minutes To Wipe Out 60% Of Humans, In The Hands Of 1 Person! If Nuclear War Starts, Go To This Country!

The world could end in 72 minutes, see how the apocalypse plays out Annie Jacobsen is an investigative journalist, New York Times bestselling author, and a 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist. Her books include, ‘Area 51’, ‘Operation Paperclip’, and ‘The Pentagon’s Brain’. In this conversation Annie and Steven discuss topics such as, how one person could cause the end of the world, what country would survive WW3, how close we are to nuclear war, and the strategic deception of the CIA. 00:00 Intro 01:59 Why Write This Book Now? 06:30 Are We Getting Closer to Nuclear War? 08:05 Who Is in Charge of the Nuclear Button? 12:23 The Evolution of Nuclear Weapons 16:16 Who Has Nuclear Weapons? 21:32 What Is the Football and Why Is Near the President 24/7? 24:30 How Important Is Picking the Right Leader? 28:17 What If the President Is Dead? 29:28 The Biggest Mistakes in Nuclear Detection 32:16 Nuclear War Games and Strategies 38:09 How Do the Decision Makers Cope? 40:32 How Would We Know Where the Nuclear Bomb Got Launched From? 46:02 What Happens After the First Minutes? 51:46 What Happens if the President Dies 53:23 The Aftermath 01:01:59 What Would Happen to a Country After It's Struck by Nuclear Bomb 01:06:51 How Many People Will Die? 01:07:35 Where Is Safe? 01:10:07 What Is the Solution? 01:14:02 How Did Annie's Feelings Change? 01:15:53 Conspiracy or Real? 01:26:55 The Role of the CIA 01:30:36 AI and the War Machine 01:40:55 Is Annie Optimistic? 01:43:37 The Origin of War 01:46:24 The Most Important Takeaway from Annie's Books 01:50:25 The People on Both Sides of Nuclear 01:59:18 The Impact of Your Books on You 02:00:46 Survivors of Nuclear Bomb 02:02:28 Conversations with Her Husband 02:06:18 What Have You Changed Your Mind About? You purchase Annie’s most recent book, ‘Nuclear War: A Scenario’, here: Follow Annie: Twitter - Instagram - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Shopify: Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/05/242h 14m

Moment 161: The Surprising Link Between Your Gut And Your Brain: Gary Brecka

In this moment, world-leading wellness expert Gary Brecka explains the fundamental relationship between our mental and our gut health. For years people have thought that their anxiety and depression are either all in their head or a product of their environment, however, Gary says the gut is the crucial hub for mental well-being. He believes that our gut functions like an assembly line. If anything disrupts its pace or workings, the wider factory of our body and mind is at risk. As a result, Gary believes that it’s crucial, before anything else, to find out how your gut is working to ensure optimal mental and physical health. Listen to the full episode here: Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Gary Brecka: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/05/249m 51s

The Fertility Expert: Delaying Having Kids Is Impacting Your Future Children & Reducing Your Chances Of Parenthood By 90%! Masturbation Reduces Cancer Risk!

The simplest lifestyle choices are impacting the biggest decisions in a man’s life; entering fatherhood. Dr Michael Eisenberg is a Professor of Urology at Stanford University, and is a male fertility and sexual function specialist In this conversation Michael and Steven discuss topics such as, what is ruining men’s sperm count, the reasons for hair loss, what is causing erectile dysfunction, and the truth about testosterone therapy. (02:02) Why do you do what you do? (02:58) What does reproductive health encapsulate? (04:27) Fertility health is growing (06:14) Researching on fertility issues (06:46) Why are we seeing more infertility? (07:18) Are you concerned about society's fertility issues? (11:14) What chemicals are reducing our sperm count? (13:50) Society measures (14:59) Sperm Quality (20:37) micro plastics affecting sperm count (23:57) Technology and heat fertility damage (30:07) Countries with biggest fertility problems (32:41) Does sitting for long periods affect our sperm count? (33:53) Fertility issues caused by OBESITY (34:46) Alcohol consumption and sperm count (36:32) What you can do to give yourself the best chances of conceiving (39:08) Man or woman, who has the most issues? (40:06) Male testosterone decline (41:31) The impact of exercise on our sperm count (43:04) What does Testosterone do? (45:23) side effects of taking testosterone (48:18) Common symptoms of testosterone use (51:01) Female fertility (51:57) How is Testosterone therapy given? (54:15) Exercise and health impact on testosterone (55:04) Penis average size increasing (57:24) Erectile dysfunction treatments (01:03:58) Pelvic floor strength (01:05:31) What causes cancer in the reproductive system (01:14:20) other male issues Dr Michael is being asked about (01:15:47) Best diets for better fertility (01:24:41) What's next for Dr Michael (01:26:04) biggest concerns (01:27:14) Advice to men who are struggling (01:03:11) Does shock wave therapy work for erectile dysfunction? Follow Michael: Twitter - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: NordVPN: - gives you 4 extra months on the 2-year plan. ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO2024 for 10% off Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/05/241h 34m

Rebel Wilson: I Experimented With Ozempic! Childhood Trauma Was The Reason I Couldn't Lose Weight & ALL The Truth About Sacha Baron Cohen!

She’s stolen every scene she’s ever been in, but her hardest role might be being herself Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress and producer best known for her roles in films such as, ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Pitch Perfect’ and ‘Jojo Rabbit’. In this conversation Rebel and Steven discuss topics such as, her battles with self-esteem and her weight, her malaria vision to be an actress, being a virgin at 35, and the truth about Sacha Baron Cohen. You purchase Rebel’s memoir, ‘Rebel Rising’, here: Follow Rebel: Instagram - TikTok - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: LinkedIn: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/05/241h 37m

Moment 160: Menopause Expert: They're Not Telling You The Full Truth! "No Ones Talking About This": Mary Claire Haver

In this moment, menopause expert, Dr Mary Claire Haver reveals what people don’t understand about the menopause. Right now, about a third of the female population of the world is in some stage of the menopause, however doctors aren’t fully trained to treat it and society is unaware of it’s impacts. A major piece of knowledge that people lack is that there are estrogen receptors in every organ system of the female body, so when estrogen levels drop with the menopause it can have a huge variety of impacts, varying from person to person. Mary believes that giving people this knowledge can help women feel validated and that they aren’t crazy, believing that these symptoms were all in their head. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Mary: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/05/2413m 24s

Russ Cook (Hardest Geezer): I Haven't Told The Whole Truth About Africa!, They Took Me Into The Jungle To Kill Me!

What does it take to become the Hardest Geezer and run 9,940-miles in 352 days? Russ Cook, also known as the ‘Hardest Geezer’, is an ultra-endurance athlete and the first person to run the entire length of Africa, raising over £1 million for charity. He is also the first person to run from Asia to London. In this conversation Russ and Steven discuss topics such as, his childhood and difficult teenage years, hitting rock bottom, wanting more from life, being robbed at gun point, and the struggles of being the first man to run across the length Africa. 00:00 Intro 02:00 Russ' Childhood & Being Rebellious 05:50 Relationship With My Parents 12:00 Trying To Get People’s Attention 16:42 Distancing Himself from Family 16:22 The Impact of Russ' Girlfriend 19:11 Moving Out as a Teenager 21:02 Going Down the Wrong Path 25:10 Russ' Mental Health 26:18 What Would Russ Say to His Younger Self 30:52 Russ' Epiphany 32:09 The Feeling of Progressing in Life 35:07 Travelling the World Running 35:53 First Challenges 36:51 Doing Things That Aren’t Considered Normal 39:03 Returning from the First Trip 42:26 Relationship with His Dad 44:09 Burying Himself Alive 44:33 Russ DM’d Steven Before Going To Africa 46:40 Why Africa? 48:40 Meeting His Girlfriend Before Leaving to Africa 52:41 How Have You Changed 54:52 Preparations to Run the Entire Length of Africa 01:03:25 Getting Robbed 01:03:26 Being Kidnapped 01:10:05 Facing Death 01:24:14 Team Struggles 01:31:52 Was Quitting an Option? 01:36:18 Visa Issues 01:37:59 Nearing the End 01:45:12 Crossing the Line 01:45:44 What’s Next? 01:50:41 What Was the Goal? 01:55:36 Russ Inspiring Others 01:59:20 The Last Guest Question  You can donate to Russ’s charity fundraiser here: Follow Russ: Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: PerfectTed: with an exclusive code DIARY10 for 10% off PerfectTed x Hardest Geezer - Strawberry Daiquiri Flavour: (all profits to charity) Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/05/242h 6m

Ozempic Expert: Ozempic Increases This Disease By A Factor Of 9! They're Lying To You About Ozempic Side Effects & What It's Doing To Our Brains! - Johann Hari

It is being called a miracle drug, but what is the dark side to the weight loss medication Ozempic? Johann Hari is a New York Times best-selling author, his books include, ‘Chasing the Scream’, ‘Lost Connections’, and ‘Stolen Focus’. He has written for the world’s leading newspapers and magazines, and has twice been named ‘National Newspaper Journalist of the Year’ by Amnesty International. In this conversation Johann and Steven discuss topics such as, the link between weight gain and sexual abuse, what Ozempic does to the brain, how Japan will help solve the obesity crisis, and the 12 biggest risks of taking Ozempic. 00:00 Intro 01:46 How Did You Find Out About Ozempic 06:37 What Is Ozempic & How Much Is It? 09:51 How Does Ozempic Work 16:03 The Impact of Ozempic on the Brain 26:17 The Cheesecake Park Experiment 31:16 Obesity Is a Choice 44:53 Addiction Transfer 52:25 Obesogenic Environment 01:04:55 Where Can You Buy Ozempic 01:07:43 The Origins of Ozempic 01:10:15 Why You Shouldn't Take It 01:13:56 Is The Ozempic Face Real? 01:18:08 The Risk of Muscle Loss 01:20:36 Suicide Risk and Fatalities 01:29:49 How Do We Undo Stress 01:30:01 Diabetes Is More Deadly Than Weight Loss Drugs 01:32:24 Downsides 01:39:21 Will Everyone Be on Ozempic? 01:42:47 Should the Government Intervene? 01:50:46 Weight Gain After Ozempic 01:53:59 Children and Ozempic 01:57:21 Celebrities Taking Ozempic and Hiding the Truth 02:05:37 Ozempic Is An Addiction Killer! 02:12:34 Oprah Taking About Her Losing Weight Journey 02:15:03 Will People Exercise Less If They Can Just Take Ozempic 02:18:58 High Demand Of Ozempic & Issues Caused 02:23:10 The Last Guest Question You can purchase Johann’s newest book, ‘Magic Pill: The Extraordinary Benefits and Disturbing Risks of the New Weight Loss Drugs’, available on 2nd May 2024, here: Follow Johann: Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: WHOOP: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/04/242h 30m

Moment 159: The Most Important Sex Advice You NEED To Hear: Esther Perel

In this moment, world-renowned relationship therapist, Esther Perel discusses sexless relationships. In her work, Esther says that many of her patients focus so heavily on the amount of sex they are having, and begin to panic when this starts to change. Instead, she says that they should focus on the quality of the experience, and the connection they have with their partner. Esther believes that many of the issues and concerns around the amount of sex a couple is having can be reduced by having better communication around sex. These conversations include a partner’s fantasy life, what they enjoy, what excites them, and what do they look for in sex. Most couples have never had these conversations before and don’t realise that sexuality is a vast topic that changes with their lives. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Esther Perel: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/04/2410m 18s

Mo Gawdat: 80% Of Illness Is Linked To One Thing! An Alarming Warning For The Burnout Generation! If You Feel Like This, Quit Your Job Today!

Life is getting faster and more hectic than ever before, but is there way to become unstressable? Mo Gawdat is the former Chief Business Officer for Google X, the founder of ‘One Billion Happy’ foundation, and co-founder of ‘Unstressable’. He is the bestselling author of books such as, ‘Solve for Happy’, ‘Scary Smart’, and ‘That Little Voice in Your Head’. In this conversation Mo and Steven discuss topics such as, why this is the most stressful time for any generation, how most people won’t recognise the world in 5 years time, and how stress is the new pandemic. 00:00 Intro 02:01 Mo How Are You Doing? 07:08 Mo's New Book & The State Of The World 12:31 The Speed Of The World 17:14 Stress Is The New Addiction 26:41 Will I Lose Productivity Without Stress? 31:06 What is TONN? The Origin Of Stress 36:07 Upsetting People With Change & Choosing To Put Ourselves First 43:31 What Is Loss Aversion? 50:43 The Noise Of Stress 01:01:38 How Do We Spot Our Own Stress? 01:04:49 Are We Really Too Busy? 01:08:23 What Is Steve's BS? 01:12:18 Setting Limits & Prioritising The Important Stuff 01:18:20 How Our Childhood Impact In Our Bias To Workaholism 01:22:22 Loss And How Long We Have Left 01:29:02 Passport Control Detention 01:29:49 How Do We Undo Stress 01:44:02 Work / Life Balance 01:44:52 The Impact Of AI 02:02:04 Being Successful And Balanced 02:16:20 Love & Relationship Advice 02:26:17 Why Some People Don't Find A Partner 02:34:22 Becoming Unstressable 02:40:15 Mo's Family Heartache 02:44:53 What Would You Tell The First People You Loved You can purchase Mo’s newest book, ‘Unstressable: A Practical Guide to Stress-Free Living’, available on 9th May 2024, here: Follow Mo: Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Linkedin Ads: Shopify: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25/04/242h 55m

World No. 1 Biohacking Expert: "I Tested 100,000 People's DNA. This Diet Will Kill You!". Fix This Hormone And You'll Fix Your Anxiety! - Gary Brecka

His old job was to know when you would die, his passion is to extend and improve people’s lives Gary Brecka is the co-founder of 10X Health System and is one of the world’s leading experts in human biology and biohacking. He has worked with CEOs, models, to athletes from the UFC, NFL, and professional boxers. Gary is also the host of the ‘Ultimate Human’ podcast. In this conversation Gary and Steven discuss topics such as, the common supplement mistakes that people make, the vitamin that most people are deficient in, how we are in a pre-diabetic epidemic, and the impact of loneliness at a cellular level. 00:00 Intro 02:18 What We're Getting Wrong About Supplements & Deficiencies 09:20 Humans Aren't Functioning Optimally 11:49 The Biomarkers That Predict Your Health Outcomes 17:53 The Link Between Your Genes & Anxiety & Trauma 22:16 Common Deficiencies That Keep Us Away from Our Optimal Health 30:24 Working with High Profile People 32:00 How Your Life & Business Changed In The Last Year 34:43 Life Insurances Know When You're Going to Die 41:51 I Knew Thousands of People Would Die but They Wouldn't Let Me Help Them 43:18 Fixing Your Deficiencies Could Save Your Life 50:44 What I Learned Analysing Thousands of Medical Reports 51:57 Fix the Simple Things Before It's Too Late 54:52 The Importance of Grounding for Your Blood Cells 01:00:02 The Most Important Exercise to Oxygenate Your Blood Cells 01:04:26 The Incredibly Health Benefits of Red Light 01:12:15 How Hydrogen Gas Helps Your Body 01:15:23 The Issues with Ozempic 01:16:42 How Is Gary's Life and His Pain 01:18:18 Advice to His Kids 01:19:18 The Loneliness Epidemic 01:25:13 Unethical Insurance 01:27:09 Gene Test Results 01:42:10 Last Guest Question You can listen to the ‘Ultimate Human’ podcast and purchase Gary’s products here: Follow Gary: Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Studies mentioned: 1. 2.,sodium%20concentrations%20and%20neuronal%20excitability Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Zoe: with an exclusive code CEO10 for 10% off Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/04/241h 46m

Moment 158: What is The Best Cheap Coffee? Coffee Expert Reveals In Blind Taste Test: James Hoffman

In this moment, world renowned coffee expert, James Hoffmann, tests and chooses the best high street coffee. James guides you though everything you need to know to assess coffee like a professional, this includes looking at the roast of the coffee, the smell and finally it’s taste and different tones. He also outlines the benefits of supporting your local cafe rather than getting your morning cup at a major coffee chain, as you can get a better cup of coffee from someone who cares nearly as deeply about coffee as you. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - James: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/04/2412m 7s

Special Forces Commander's Weird Trick For Overcoming Anxiety, "This Is The Reason People Quit", "Imposter Syndrome Is A Good Thing!"

Learn how to attack life with the same intensity as a member of the world’s most elite fighting force Jocko Willink is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer and New York Times bestselling author, he is also the host of the Jocko Podcast, and co-founder of the leadership training organisation, Echelon Front. In this conversation Jocko and Steven discuss topics such as, why excuses are pointless, the core component that every Navy SEAL has, how to overcome hesitation and take action, and why you should ‘embrace the suck’. You can listen to the ‘Jocko Podcast’ and purchase Jocko’s products here: Follow Jocko: Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Whoop: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/04/241h 53m

Jimmy Carr: "I Was Laughing & Crying When He Died". Jimmy Opens Up About Being Cancelled & How Anxiety Is The Flip Side Of Creativity!

Learn the lessons behind the laughter, learned from over 20 years in the world of comedy. Jimmy Carr is an award-winning comedian, writer and TV host for shows including, ‘8 Out Of 10 Cats’, ‘Roast Battle’, and ‘Big Fat Quiz Of The Year’. In this conversation Jimmy and Steven discuss topics such as, why we don’t think about death enough, how to speak so people listen, the power of imposter syndrome, and how to find out what you want to do in life. 00:00 Intro 02:01 How Are You, Jimmy? 03:07 Every Single Person Has Life Dysmorphia 08:59 What Is the Point of All This Work? 12:35 What Is Our End Goal? 14:08 People Crave the Success Not the Journey 16:47 You Should Be Feeling Imposter Syndrome 18:45 I Entertained My Sick Mother 19:54 The Unmeasurable Stuff Is the Important One 24:29 Depression 25:46 Men's Mental Health 27:30 What Is It to Be a Man 33:25 Losing My Religion 33:52 How Do You Deal with Grief in Your Life? 35:19 The Passing of Sean Lock 38:27 Business Is Life 39:12 The Issue Is Young People Are Not Given Enough Agency 41:52 How Comedy Teaches You to Be a Good Communicator 45:06 The Importance of Taking Risks 52:38 How To Deal with Rejection 55:31 Knowing Who You Are & What You Want to Do 58:44 Is It Motivation, Luck or Talent? 01:02:14 Being Cancelled 01:06:12 Would You Erase Your Worst Moments? 01:15:26 Artificial Intelligence 01:26:37 Self Expression 01:30:51 Jimmy's Eating Disorder 01:35:31 Advice to Younger People 01:38:25 Why You Should Sweat the Small Stuff 01:42:45 Having Confidence 01:43:40 Netflix Special 01:46:09 Dave Chapelle Attack 01:50:38 What Would You Tell Your Kids? You can watch Jimmy’s new Netflix stand-up special, ’Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer’, out on the 16th April 2024. You can purchase tickets for Jimmy’s brand-new international tour, ’Jimmy Carr: Laughs Funny’, here: Follow Jimmy: Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Fiverr: Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/04/241h 58m

Moment 157: The Money Expert's Investment Strategy NO ONE Is Talking About: Morgan Housel

In this moment, financial expert and bestselling author, Morgan Housel discusses the hidden costs of everything in life. Morgan says that that anything good in life comes with an unseen price tag, and part of achieving success in any area of life requires putting up with unknowns and volatility. In a career this might be long hours away from your family, in a relationship it may be the sacrifices and compromises made for another person. Part of this is being aware of your time horizons in life, and the amount of time between now and your goal, determining whether you are willing to sacrifice precious time to achieve the goal. In the end, Morgan says that the key to success in life is identifying what the cost is for any decision and being willing to pay it. Listen to the full episode here Apple - Spotify - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Morgan: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/04/2411m 25s

The Longevity Expert: The Truth About Ozempic, The Magic Weight Loss Drug & The Link Between Milk & Cancer!

Is ageing and disease inevitable? Or can they be fought with a few simple life changes? Dr Mark Hyman is a practicing family doctor, the founder and director of The UltraWellness Center, as well as the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. He is a fifteen-time New York Times best-selling author, as well as the host of the health podcast, ’The Doctor’s Farmacy’. In this conversation Mark and Steven discuss topics such as, the truth about Ozempic, the easy life hacks to stay young, inheriting generational trauma, and the benefits of fasting 00:00 Intro 02:06 What Is Your Mission 
03:08 What’s Functional Medicine? 06:29 I Couldn’t Function Properly, My Health Deteriorated Massively. 13:06 The Food System Is Damaging Our Health. 16:22 The Primitive Instinct That Make You Eat Junk Food. 18:24 How to Stay Healthy in Today's Unhealthy World. 24:21 Is Milk Good for Us? 27:54 Are There Health Benefits to It? 29:49 Ozmepic Drugs, Are They Good? 39:28 Fruit 40:53 When Should We Eat? 42:45 Evolutionary Story Behind Fasting. 44:36 Restricting Your Calories vs Fasting. 47:57 What Are Blue Zones, and the Importance of Studying Them? 49:06 Starvation Is Good for Us. 53:18 Loneliness Is Killing People. 56:15 We Need Systemic Solutions for Our Health Problems. 59:23 How to Add 7 Years to Your Lifespan. 01:00:57 Retiring Is Detrimental to Our Health. 01:02:49 The Role of Trauma in Our Longevity. 01:05:22 The Power of Psychedelics. 01:10:22 Healing Journey to Overcome Trauma. 01:17:00 How to Lower Our Biological Age. 01:17:31 Artificial Sugars. 01:22:53 What Is Exposome? 01:24:28 How Is Trauma Passed Down Generations? 01:27:46 The Biggest Discovery About Longevity & Health. 01:32:16 How to Have Access to What Happens in Our Body. 01:34:17 The Last Guest Question. You can purchase Dr Hyman’s most recent book, ‘Young Forever’, here: Follow Mark: Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Linkedin Jobs: WHOOP: Vodafone V-Hub: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/04/241h 45m

Ronda Rousey (Greatest Women's Fighter Ever): The Truth Behind My Fighting, I Kept This A Secret My Entire Career, WWE Is A Mess & Vince McMahon Is Still Running It!

Uncover the biggest secret behind Ronda Rousey's rise as a champion and pioneer of the fight game. Ronda Rousey was the first American woman to win an Olympic medal in judo, and UFC women's bantamweight champion from 2012 to 2015, she was also a professional wrestler in the WWE from 2017 to 2019, returning in 2022 before leaving in 2023. In this conversation Ronda and Steven discuss topics such as, her father’s death by suicide, her eating disorder, abusive relationships with coaches, and the truth about the WWE. 00:00 Intro 02:10 Being Born With A Rare Disease 03:46 Ronda's Struggles as a Child 05:27 Her Father’s Death When She Was A Child 07:35 Finding Out About Her Dad's Suicide 10:38 Ronda's Mother 11:46 What's Been Ingrained in Her as a Kid 13:34 Becoming a Prodigy of Judo 15:59 Her Competitive Nature for Fighting 20:30 Movin in With His Coach At 16 21:55 Her Struggles With Bulimia 24:33 Getting Bullied for Her Physique 25:49 Ronda Competing in the Beijing Olympics 26:30 Lack of Pay 27:01 Our Dark Side Becomes The Driver Of Our Success 29:32 How Her Concussions Affected Her Career 36:15 Defeating People in 60 Seconds 37:43 Having Very Strict/Abusive Coaches 39:56 How Did It Impact You? 42:53 Coaches Crossing the Line... 47:34 What Dana White Said About Ronda 48:55 Why Were You Fighting So Frequently? 50:15 Being The First Woman to Appear on the UFC 50:33 The New Jackie Chang 51:14 UFC 193 Ronda Vs Holly Holm 54:40 How Did You Feel After Losing? 58:14 Suicidal Thoughts 01:00:15 Ronda's Last Fight in the UFC 01:03:13 Her Husband Support During Tough Times 01:06:57 When Did WWE Come In? 01:10:44 Social Media Pressure 01:13:09 Did She Feel Expendable to the WWE? 01:13:30 Vince McMahon and Sexual Allegations 01:16:05 Ronda Suffering Two Miscarriages? 01:20:03 Where Does Her Happiness Come From? 01:27:32 Did Her Traumas Make Her Who She Is Today? 01:31:11 What She Learned From Her Dad? 01:33:04 Last Guest Question You can purchase Ronda’s memoir, ‘Our Fight’, here: Follow Ronda: Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Shopify: Uber: Vodafone V-Hub: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/04/241h 39m

Moment 156: Your Stress Is Making you Fat & Sick... Here's How To Fix It!

In this moment, neuroscientist and bestselling author, Dr Tara Swart discusses the brain-body impacts of stress and the dangers of being around stressful people. While people think of stress as being solely a mental health problem, it can physical health impacts, the most obvious being an increase in belly fat. This fat is a result of the stress hormone cortisol, which because of evolution, tells your body to hold onto fat as a survival mechanism. Because of this, you can’t shift this belly weight with either diet or exercise, the only thing that will change it is addressing the stress that is causing the release of cortisol. Dr Swart also says that leaders who cannot handle their stress, who she calls, ‘leaky cortisol people’, can cause a trickle down effect in an organisation, causing stress and negative health impacts on the people below them. Listen to the full episode here Apple - Spotify - Watch the Episodes On Youtube: Tara: Instagram: Twitter: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/04/2410m 35s

Tim Dillon (Comedian): "The Boomers Are A Selfish Generation!". "Gen Z Has Exposed Society's Scam!". "Bosses Are Being Threatened By Mental Illnesses!"

Making a living by telling jokes, takes making it through a life that’s no joke. Tim Dillon is a comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show podcast. In 2017, Rolling Stone magazine named him as one of the top 10 comics you need to know, and in 2022, he released his first Netflix standup special, 'Tim Dillon: A Real Hero’. In this conversation Tim and Steven discuss topics such as, how his mother’s illness inspired him to become funny, his addiction, how Generation Z has exposed society’s scams, and the mental health struggles that pushed him into becoming a comedian. 00:00 Intro 02:01 I Was a Closeted Gay Addict 03:23 Which One of Your Parents Were Depressed? 07:03 The Impact of Your Parent's Mental Illnesses on You 09:05 Your Parents Divorce 12:32 Childhood Trauma & Taking Drugs 15:51 Hitting Rock Bottom 19:40 AA Meetings 23:15 Trying to Get Sober 24:27 Being a Juror on a Murder Crime 27:41 His First Open Mic Comedy Show 29:25 The Taboos in Comedy 33:20 Why You Don't Get Cancelled 36:09 The Podcasting World 39:42 What’s Up With The Different Generations? 48:09 What Are His Goals in Comedy 49:18 Have You Processed Your Trauma? 55:38 His Experience with Therapy 58:24 Coming Out as Gay & Dating 01:01:50 What Do You Love About Yourself? 01:05:00 Mental Health Coping Mechanisms 01:07:27 Elon Musk Buying Twitter 01:08:35 Social Media Criticism 01:09:46 Touring The World 01:15:03 What Happens in Hollywood? 01:17:40 Rising to the Top: The American Dream 01:20:51 New Generations Don't Work Hard 01:21:49 Remote Working 01:25:05 The Future of AI 01:30:26 Men's Mental Health 01:33:53 Andrew Tate's Influence 01:34:49 Who Should You Have Apologized to and You Didn't? You can purchase tickets to Tim’s new show, ‘American Royalty’, here: You can watch ‘The Tim Dillon Show,’ here: Follow Tim: Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Conversations Cards: Follow me: Sponsors: Zoe: with an exclusive code CEO10 for 10% off Vodafone V-Hub: Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/04/241h 45m

The Better-Sex Doctor: The Link Between Masturbating & Prostate Cancer! This Is The Perfect Amount Of Times To Have Sex! Strong Pelvic Floor = Better Sex! Dr Rena Malik

If you’ve ever had questions about sex but have been to embarrassed to ask them, then this is the episode for you. Dr Rena Malik is a Urologist & Pelvic Surgeon, her YouTube channel has over 1.8 million subscribers, where she releases weekly episodes on everything to do with sexual health education. In this conversation Rena and Steven discuss topics such as, how stress affects the pelvic floor, the health benefits of orgasms, how to save your sex life, why sperm count is decreasing worldwide, and how to really boost testosterone. (0:00) Intro (02:04) What is it you're seeking to do? (02:54) How do you define sexual health? (03:10) Do we understand our bodies? (04:34) Where does your training come from? (06:01) What's your training with the pelvic floor? (08:31) Why should our doctors be asking about our sexual health? (10:39) Is a weak pelvic floor in men linked to erectile dysfunction, and does sitting cause it too? (12:22) How much sex should couples be having? (14:06) Should we be experiencing pain during sex? (16:21) The vagina's expanding process (18:47) How do we communicate with our partners about sex? (21:45) What's the first step in re-building a good sex life? (25:46) Men vs women’s sexual desire as we age (28:35) Anticipation around sex causing more harm than good (29:35) Is a low libido a hormone problem? (31:53) Ways to increase testosterone (34:49) A decline in testosterone levels and sperm counts (36:01) Chemicals in everyday objects impacting sperm counts (37:54) How have sperm counts been decreasing over the years? (41:30) How do we increase our semen volume (43:20) Does masturbating improve my pelvic floor? (44:19) The impact our technology is having on our genitals (47:12) Does masturbation decrease testosterone levels? (48:41) Does too much masturbation have a bad effect on us? (50:34) Will masturbating make people blind? (50:53) What do you think of no nut November (52:29) Masturbating giving you more clarity of mind (55:47) Post nut clarity (59:15) The link between cancer and masturbation (01:01:12) Porn, is it bad? (01:05:11) VR headsets and porn (01:09:38) Trauma and how it relates to our sex lives (01:12:14) Can you have sex when pregnant? (01:12:57) Orgasms and the clitoris (01:19:00) What is an orgasm (01:22:40) Scheduling time for sex? (01:24:11) Is there a disparity on how long sex should actually take compared to how long it takes (01:27:49) Vagina myths (01:29:54) Pelvic floor exercises, how to do them (01:32:12) How do we know if we have pelvic floor issues (01:35:16) PENIS SIZE, is it possible to increase the size? (01:38:03) How big is a penis on average vs how big people think they should be? (01:41:14) Will my penis get smaller as we age? (01:42:32) Does body parts size indicate a bigger penis? (01:45:09) Labiaplasty (01:46:45) Squirting (01:49:40) Last guest question Follow Rena: Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - Follow me: Sponsors: Zoe - with an exclusive code CEO2024 for 10% off Uber: Vodafone V-Hub: Study mentioned:,lower%20risk%20of%20prostate%20cancer. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/04/241h 56m

Moment 155: The "Post Date 8" Questions You Need To Ask To Find 'The One' - Logan Ury

In this moment, behavioural expert and dating coach, Logan Ury discusses the 3 fundamental things to look for in a partner. Too often people have a rigid list of exact traits that they want in their future partner in relationship science this is called, ‘relationship shopping’. This is the idea of shopping for your partner like you would do with any product online. However, more often than not, people end up in a long term relationship with someone who has none of these traits. The reason for this is that while people may think they know what they want, they are wrong. Instead, Logan says you need to date like a scientist, experimenting and constantly changing your hypothesis of what you want in a partner. This can be achieved by using Logan’s 8 questions to ask yourself after a date, the focus of this is examining who are you around that person, and what side of you do they bring out, as this is who you will be for the rest of the relationship. Listen to the full episode here Apple - Spotify - Watch the Episodes On Youtube: Logan: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/03/2411m 28s

The Gottman Doctors: "Women Tend to Be More Unhappily Married", 96% Of Non-Cuddlers Have An Awful Sex Life & Why One Night Stands Are Dangerous!

If over half of marriages end in divorce, what are the skills to make sure your relationship stays in the successful 50%? Drs. John and Julie Gottman are world leading relationship researchers that have been studying couples for over 40 years, publishing over 200 academic journal articles and 46 books. They are the co-founders of The Gottman Institute and Love Lab. In this conversation the Gottman’s and Steven discuss topics such as, the 3 skills you need for a healthy relationship, the steps to repair a relationship after an argument, why kissing can extend your life, and how cuddling leads to a better sex life. (00:00) Intro (02:07) What mission are you on & Why study love? (06:30) Studying traits of successful couples (08:27) Link between relationships & our health (12:15) What is the love lab? (15:05) The misconceptions about relationships (17:16) How to connect with your partner (27:08) What is the 'attuned' framework? (32:10) Why does typical couples therapy often fail? (34:41) The 7 Principles of a successful marriage (38:09) Do partners' dreams need to be aligned? (40:09) 69% of our problems are not solvable (48:05) What to do when your partner wants to change you (50:43) The four horsemen (57:45) What is flooding? (1:02:55) What's a 'caretaker' in a relationship (1:05:55) Conflict misunderstandings (1:07:58) How to become a master at conflict resolution (1:11:05) How to repair/fix relationship issues (1:18:46) What have you learnt about the role of kissing (1:21:49) The role of sex in a relationship (1:29:22) Our society is becoming more sexless (1:31:42) Men struggling to figure out where they fit into society (1:37:14) What do women really want in a man? (1:39:23) Talking about sex makes your sex life better (1:43:54) Betrayal in a relationship (1:44:38) The traits that show a failing relationship (1:48:44) Asking your partner their dreams (1:50:52) Advice to give a relationship its best shot (1:52:45) The most interesting conclusions from the love lab (1:55:03) What does Julie mean to you, John (1:56:00) What does John mean to you, Julie (1:58:02) Why did you write this book (1:59:18) The Last Guest's question You can purchase the Gottman’s new book, ‘Fight Right: How Successful Couples Turn Conflict into Connection’, here: Follow the Gottman’s: Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO2024 for 10% off Linkedin Ads: Shop the Conversation Cards:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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George Heaton (Represent Founder): From My Garden Shed To $100m Business Empire! "Work Life Balance Is Bullshit!", "That Letter Was The End Of Represent!"

From starting in a shed to aiming to be a billion dollar company, the road to success is a 24/7 mission. George Heaton is the owner and creative director of the British luxury streetwear brand, Represent. In this conversation George and Steven discuss topics such as, why a work-life balance is bullshit, changing his life and writing his rules for success, how Represent was almost destroyed, and why he doesn’t believe in motivation. (02:04) What is the mission you're on? (02:14) What made you obsessed with winning? (02:14) What influence did your father have on you? (04:01) What was your brother Mike like? (04:28) What did your parents do for a living? (04:52) Did you always grow up wanting to be in fashion? (05:36) The influence your older brother had on you (06:33) When was the idea of Represent born? (09:02) Where did that chip on your shoulder come from? (09:35) What was his shedding phase like? (11:31) Starting Represent in 2012 (14:01) Why don't people start? (16:28) How do you feel now about the old products you used to make in the shed? (17:13) What do you say to people who want to start their business? (17:59) Trying to scale the business (19:12) Hiring people (25:15) How do people get the answers they need to take them to the next level? (26:08) What made you step out of the CEO position and hire a CEO? (28:29) A phase where you didn't like yourself (30:17) How did you know you wanted to change? (33:20) Creating those next steps for the business? (39:53) Creating a solid company culture (40:48) Self-awareness (42:06) Staying in touch with the business side of things as a creative (45:47) The letter that nearly ended Represent (50:02) Company lawsuit (53:03) What his experience of it was at that time (55:19) What makes Represent special? (57:33) What is it about Represent that we don't see? (00:59:32) People stealing Represent's designs (01:02:02) How do you view money now? (01:03:47) What it's been like trying to create a life outside of the business (01:05:03) The brand being linked to your self-esteem and identity (01:08:58) How important is it that you surround yourself with the right people? (01:10:25) Romantic Relationships? (01:15:04) Opinions on work-life balance? (01:19:51) Advice on how to run a clothing line (01:23:37) How to get the motivation to go do the thing (01:24:38) What have you learned from hiring? (01:26:07) What if Michael decided he wanted to stop? (01:29:29) What is next for George? (01:31:01) What is the next goal? (01:32:21) What are you good at? (01:35:30) The next guest's question You can purchase all Represent products, here: Follow George: Twitter - Instagram - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Shopify: Uber: Vodafone V-Hub: Shop the Conversation Cards:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/03/241h 44m

Moment 154: The Truth About Quiet Quitting: Simon Sinek

In this moment, bestselling author and business leadership speaker, Simon Sinek discusses quiet quitting and the importance of expectation management when it comes to work. Simon says that both employers and employees need to be more open and honest about what they want from their professional relationship. For instance, he says that Amazon is very open that it is a very tough and competitive culture, so people can choose whether they want to work in that sort of environment. Equally, employees need to be honest about how they want work to fit into their life, do they want an easy casual job or do they want to push hard and be ambitious. Simon believes we need to treat work like a conversation, previously it has been treated like a speech where workers were told what they were going to do, but now people can ask, why does work have to be that way? Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Simon: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/03/2414m 35s

The Childhood Trauma Doctor: Your Childhood Trauma Changes The Shape Of Your Brain & Causes Parkinson's! How Not To Ruin Your Kids! Dr. Paul Conti

We are living in an epidemic of trauma, causing disease and death, so why are so few of us ready to face it? Dr. Paul Conti is a general psychiatrist and expert on treating trauma, he is also the founder and CEO of Pacific Premier Group, PC In this conversation Paul and Steven discuss topics such as, our current epidemic of trauma, why trauma is making you age faster, how you inherit trauma, and the ways that trauma can lead to an early death. 00:00 Intro 02:04 The Invisible Epidemic 04:12 What Percentage of the Population Has Traumas? 06:39 Your Brother's Suicide 09:43 Trauma Is Causing All Sorts of Illnesses in Our Bodies 12:35 How Trauma Speeds Up Your Ageing 14:31 How Trauma Affects Us at a Cellular Level 15:49 Trauma Leads to Early Death 18:01 Is There Anything Killing More Than Trauma? 19:15 The Different Types of Trauma 23:46 What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Weaker 26:30 Why Some People Experience Trauma Stronger Than Others 29:07 The Impact of Being Different 31:54 Developing Trauma Later in Life 35:21 How Do We Know If Trauma Is Being Passed On? 38:55 Do We Need to Understand Our Parents' Trauma to Understand Ours? 43:22 Post-Trauma Syndrome 44:11 How to Know If We Are Traumatised? 47:18 Trauma Shows Up as Addiction 50:18 What Tests Can Be Done to See If We Have Trauma? 51:12 Self-Destructive Shooting Methods 54:33 People Are Dying from Prescribed Meds 56:38 How Does Trauma Change Our Brains? 58:17 Trauma Creates Cognitive Blind Spots in Our Brain 01:03:14 We Tend to Seek What Harms Us in Order to Fix It 01:05:49 Becoming Addicted to Our Victimhood 01:07:27 What's the Role of the Limbic System in Our Traumas? 01:10:01 Shame Keeps Us Alive 01:11:57 You Can Build a Different Story Around Your Shame 01:16:08 How You Are Treated Determines Whether a Situation Becomes Traumatic or Not 01:17:46 How to Alleviate Our Shame 01:19:31 How Bringing Up the Trauma Helps 01:22:47 The Link Between Sleep and Trauma 01:24:28 The Importance of Sitting Alone with Your Thoughts 01:25:09 01:26:07 Sleep Problems Need to Be Urgently Addressed 01:27:33 Why You're Not Sleeping 01:28:50 Link Between Weight and Trauma 01:30:45 Advice for People That Think They Can't Change 01:33:40 Training Your Brain 01:36:04 Can You Completely Get Rid of a Trauma? 01:37:03 How to Stop Being Triggered by Trauma 01:38:18 Saving Lady Gaga's Life 01:41:53 Last Guest Question You can purchase Paul’s book, ‘Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic: How Trauma Works and How We Can Heal From It’, here: Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Uber: Vodafone V-Hub: Shop the Conversation Cards:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/03/241h 51m

The Manipulation Expert: "You're Being Manipulated!", "Use Jealousy To Manipulate People!" & "How To Know If Someone Hates You!"

Understanding the laws human nature is one of the most crucial skills in life, so why do so few of us take the time to learn them? Robert Greene is a New York Times bestselling author, whose books include, ‘The 48 Laws of Power’, ’The Art of Seduction’, and ’The 33 Strategies of War’. In this conversation Robert and Steven discuss topics such as, how to avoid a midlife crisis, ways to eliminate self-doubt, how to use body language to get what you want, and the dark truth about human psychology. (2:00) Why did you write a book about human nature? (3:59) How do we reverse a lack of self-awareness? (6:26) How to get rid of qualities we don’t like about ourselves (11:20) Where does our dark side come from? (14:54) How to pursue that thing you’ve always wanted to do (27:19) The unseen importance of creating a sense of urgency (29:12) How to know if you’re following a false purpose (35:42) Should a young person just be saying yes to everything? (39:39) How to manage other people that get in the way of what we want to do (42:31) Do we have to lie to be successful? (51:16) How to read someone's body language (53:57) A smile says loads about how someone feels about you (56:16) People's personalities are contagious (56:43) Frenemies, what they mean and how to spot one (1:06:07) What's the most controversial point from your book? (1:08:50) Does equality exist when we all strive for power? (1:11:54) Becoming the best, what it really means (1:17:36) Is death a motivator for you? (1:24:14) The importance of relationships (1:26:26) How to deal with dark thoughts (1:28:34) Advice for people going through self-doubt & hard moments (1:32:42) Why did you write this book, The Sublime? (1:37:08) What would be your parting message to the world? (1:42:59) How can we rise above our emotional reactions? (1:44:40) How has your research influenced how you view politics? (1:52:03) The last guest's question You can purchase the special 25th anniversary edition Robert’s book, ‘The 48 Laws of Power’, here: Follow Robert: Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: WHOOP: Uber: Shop the Conversation Cards:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/03/242h 2m

Moment 153: Happiness Engineer Explains The Exact Formula For Happiness: Mo Gowdat

In this moment, former chief business officer for Google X and bestselling author, Mo Gawdat, discusses the happiness equation. According to Mo, we don’t realise that happiness is actually very predictable, so much so that it can actually be put into a mathematical equation. Mo says the formula for happiness is: your perception of the events of your life minus your expectations of how life should be. This means, that it’s not specific events that cause happiness, but it is the comparison between the event and the expectation you have in your mind of how your life should be going. As a result happiness is all about perception, which means you have the ability to control your happiness and it becomes a choice that you decide. Listen to the full episode here Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Mo Gowdat: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/03/2422m 50s

The Calories Expert: "Health Experts Are Wrong About Calories!" "The Surprising Benefits Of Diet Coke!" & "The Link Between Obesity & Past Abuse!"

CrossFit vs. marathon running? Yoga vs. pilates? Does the fitness world always have to be a battleground, or is there a middle ground that everyone can agree on? Dr. Layne Norton is a former powerlifting champion and professional bodybuilder. He is the founder of Biolayne LLC and the co-founder of Carbon Diet Coach. In this conversation Layne and Steven discuss topics such as, the truth about calories, sugar addiction, growing muscle three times faster, and why people can’t lose weight. (00:00) Intro (02:04) Making Fitness Accessible to Everyone (13:46) My Bullying Experiences Is My Driver to Help People (16:39) How to Overcome Our Food Addiction (14:39) Finding the Psychological Ways That Stop Us from Achieving What We Want (18:02) How to Build Motivation and Discipline (24:33) Setting Big Goals Stop You from Achieving Them (27:14) The Psychology of Taking Small Steps Really Work (29:23) What Takes for a Person to Decide to Lose Weight or Go to the Gym? (35:00) Calories In/Calories Out (37:53) Thermic Effect of Food (41:49) Metabolic Adaptation (44:02) Can You Lose Weight in Calorie Surplus? (52:58) Artificial Sweetness (59:49) Is Sugar Addictive? (01:06:07) Craving Sugar (01:08:02) How Sweeteners Affect Our Gut (01:09:16) What Supplements Do You Recommend? (01:14:25) Whey Protein (01:18:03) Caffeine (01:19:08) Intermittent Fasting (01:20:16) Does Fasting Help When You're Ill? (01:24:24) Can You Lose Belly Fat? (01:27:40) Is Exercise Useful for Weight Loss? (01:30:40) Exercising Helps Having a Balanced Diet (01:35:07) Keto Diet (01:39:21) Fat Loss and Fat Oxidation (01:41:55) The Importance of Failure in Success Rate (01:49:53) Ozempic (01:53:10) What Are the Downsides of These Drugs? (02:00:36) What Do You Think of the Fitness Industry? (02:08:05) Resistance Training (02:09:16) How to Grow Big Muscles (02:17:21) Last Guest Question Follow Layne: Twitter - Instagram - Watch the episodes on Youtube - Follow me: Flight Fund: Sponsors: Vodafone V-Hub: ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO2024 for 10% off Studies mentioned in the episode: Obesity Risk for Female Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Prospective Study: Successful weight loss maintenance: A systematic review of weight control registries: Creatine for the Treatment of Depression:  Discrepancy between self-reported and actual caloric intake: Non-nutritive sweetened beverages versus water after a 52-week weight management programme: a randomised controlled trial: Short-term consumption of sucralose with, but not without, carbohydrate impairs neural and metabolic sensitivity to sugar in human: A randomized controlled trial to isolate the effects of fasting and energy restriction on weight loss and metabolic health in lean adults: Evidence for sugar addiction: Behavioral and neurochemical effects of intermittent, excessive sugar intake: The NutriNet-Santé Study Relation between caloric intake, body weight, and physical work: studies in an industrial male population in West Bengal: GLP-1 Receptor Agonists and the Thyroid: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14/03/242h 32m

The Relationship Therapist: "This Statistically Is The Best Age To Get Married So You Don't Get A Divorce!", "Men Should Not Split The Bill", "80% Of Women Want Men Over 6ft When Only 15% Are 6ft!"

Relationships and romance aren't easy, but are you making it harder than it needs to be? Lori Gottlieb is a psychotherapist and a bestselling author, she is also the co-host of the ‘Dear Therapists’ podcast. Her New York Times bestselling books include, ‘Maybe You Should Talk to Someone’ and ‘Mr Good Enough’. In this conversation Lori and Steven discuss topics such as, why men should always pay for the date, the best age according to statistics to get married, what women really want in a man, and the simple trick to show what is missing in your relationship. (00:00) Intro (02:08) How to Live the Life You Want (05:06) Lack of Human Connections Leads to Relationship Pressure (06:21) Why the Majority Aren't Satisfied with Their Relationships (08:01) The Need to Be Understood (09:47) Why Men Struggle More Opening Up in the Relationship (16:34) Setting Unreal Expectations When Looking for a Partner (19:40) We're Too Picky on Dating Apps (24:57) High Expectations, Can They Be Lowered? (28:04) Gender Differences in Dating (33:44) The Type of People That Seek Bad Partners (35:11) How to Help Those People (36:49) Financial Differences in Dating (42:53) People Are Choosing Not to Have Kids and Get Married (49:02) What Happens When a Woman Earns More in the Relationship (51:08) The Big Debate on a First Date (56:35) Red Flags in First Dates (59:51) The Age You Marry Is Linked to Divorce Risk (01:03:32) You Need to Learn to Unknow Yourself (01:05:35) The Impact of Seeking Approval (01:12:20) When Your Friends Sabotage You When You Try to Change (01:20:46) Do Women Express More Emotion Than Men? (01:22:38) Do Our Dreams Have True Meanings? (01:25:08) The Safety of Self-Compassion (01:26:55) The Opposite of Depression Isn't Happiness (01:29:46) The Grief of Heartbreak and How to Recover (01:37:53) How to Help Someone Going Through Heartbreak (01:45:02) Last Guest Question You can find the link to the graph on age and divorce risk here: You can pre-order Lori’s book, ‘Maybe You Should Talk to Someone’, here: Follow Lori Twitter - Instagram - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: WHOOP: ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO2024 for 10% off Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/03/241h 51m

Moment 152: The Top 4 Most Successful Stories From Women in Business!

This moment is a compilation of some of the most successful women to ever appear on The Diary Of A CEO, discussing the biggest hurdles that women have to overcome on the road to success. Karen Brady CBE, former managing director of Birmingham City F.C tells how on her first away game, it wasn’t believed that she could have a place in the boardroom and was mistaken for a player's wife or partner. Ever since, she has been driven to show the importance of true equality of treatment for people. Whitney Wolfe Herd, the founder of Bumble, says that one of the key reasons for Bumble’s success in a crowded dating app market was that it aimed at women and what they wanted, compared to all the other apps which ignored women to focus on male customers. Trinny Woodall, CEO of Trinny London, says that by starting a successful business in mid life, it proves that age is just a number and that energy alongside trusting yourself and your ideas is everything. Finally, Reshma Saujani, CEO of Girls Who Code, believes women have been sold the propaganda that they aren’t good or smart enough, and are left doubting their own abilities. Instead, she says that women have to say no and believe that they are deserving of success now. Listen to the full episodes here- Karen- Whitney- Trinny- Reshma- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Karen- Whitney- Trinny- Reshma- Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/03/2417m 13s

The Male Psychology Doctor: “There Is A Crisis Going On With Men!", “We’ve Produced Millions Of Lonely, Addicted Males!”, “The Ugly Truth About What’s Really Behind Toxic Masculinity”

What can video game and porn addiction tell us about society’s mental health crisis? Dr Alok Kanojia is a psychiatrist and co-founder of the mental health coaching company 'Healthy Gamer', which aims to help with modern stressors, such as social media, video games, and online dating. In this conversation Dr Alok and Steven discuss topics such as, the male mental health crisis, how your phone is hijacking your brain, the link between trauma and toxic masculinity, and how social media is ruining your relationships. (00:00) Intro. (02:07) Achieve Whatever You Want. (02:39) External Success Won't Fix You Inside. (04:12) This Won't Lead To Happiness. (06:48) I Had A Gaming Addiction (08:43) How To Identify Real Needs From Desires? (12:08) What Sort Of People Have You Worked With? (12:48) What Does It Mean To Be A Man? (20:27) What Is The Remedy For Men’s Mental Health & Suicide Issues? (23:20) Men Get Upset Based On Their Insecurities. (25:45) Men Need Self-Expression. (26:43) What Are Your Thoughts On Andrew Tate? (30:31) How To Stop People From Following Toxic Masculinity? (33:24) Do Men Need More Positive Role Models? (35:22) Why Are Women's Suicide Rates Increasing? (37:34) The Role Of Social Media In Our Mental Health. (44:16) Should Yoga Be Taught At School? (47:07) What Is Meditation And The Biggest Misunderstanding? (50:08) The Important Impact Of Meditation On Our Lives? (51:29) What Stops People From Meditating? (55:29) How Does Meditation Help With Addiction? (58:23) Our Biggest Addiction Is Success. (01:03:32) Dissatisfaction Leads To Watching Pornography. (01:04:04) How To Help People With Addiction? (01:05:06) Does Addiction Create Shame? (01:06:43) Case Study: How Any Transformation Is Possible? (01:07:32) Having The First Conversation With An Addict. (01:09:04) Do We Need To Hit Rock Bottom To Realise How Bad It Is? (01:09:05) Don't Protect People; Let Them Accept Their Responsibilities. (01:13:06) Motivational Interviewing. (01:13:00) The 25% Rule To Achieve Your Goals. (01:22:20) The Last Guest Question You can pre-order Dr Alok’s book, ‘How to Raise a Healthy Gamer’, here: Follow Dr Alok: Twitter - Instagram - Watch the episodes on Youtube - Follow me: Sponsors: Shopify: Linkedin Jobs: Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/03/241h 34m

CIA Spy: "Leave The USA Before 2030!", "Why You Shouldn't Trust Your Gut!", "I Held The Nuclear Codes Around My Neck" - Andrew Bustamante

Everyones seen the films, but what does it take to be a real life 007? Andrew Bustamante is a former covert CIA intelligence officer and US Air Force combat veteran. He is the founder of EverydaySpy, an online education platform that teaches real-world international espionage techniques that can be used in everyday life. In this conversation Andrew and Steven discuss topics such as, why spy skills work in the business world, how to manipulate people, the ways to take control of your emotions, and why he’s leaving the US before 2030. (00:00) Intro (02:10) Your Time At The CIA (02:47) What Is The CIA? (03:27) You've Got It Wrong About Spies (06:13) Applying Real Spy Skills To Overcome Any Barrier In Our Lives (07:43) How To Manipulate People (17:45) The Psychological Profile Of A CIA Agent (20:43) I Held The Key To Nuclear Missiles (22:45) It Was A Horrible Job (24:30) Would You Have You Pressed The Nuclear Button? (26:48) The CIA Message That Changed My Life (28:43) The Interview Process For The CIA (32:44) How Did You Feel When You Received That Letter? (35:07) Did The CIA Tell You To Cut Off From Your Social Circle? (35:57) Your Ethnicity Factor To Be Recruited By The CIA (37:16) Do You Have To Change Your Identity? (38:27) How Expensive Is To Train A CIA Agent? (38:34) What's The CIA Training Scheme? (39:17) Do They Show You How To Kill? (40:19) How You Teach The Art Of Lying (43:13) Body Language & Lying (44:59) Demystifying Lying Signs (47:57) How To Tell If Someone Is Lying (49:47) Human Psychology (52:55) The Essence Of Manipulation (54:32) How To Find Someone's Ideology To Manipulate Them (58:45) Have You Changed The Way You Look At The World? (01:02:34) Perception vs Perceptive (01:04:32) Leaning Into Objective vs Subjective Feelings (01:05:58) How To Train Yourself To Apply Rational Objective Perspective (01:08:27) Your Business Success (01:11:34) What Is SADRAT? (01:13:40) Change The Game When Selling Your Products (01:15:46) What Is Espionage? (01:16:41) What Is Our Secret Life? (01:20:49) How To Enter Someone's Secret Life (01:26:06) How To Apply It To Business (01:28:52) Adapting To Change Faster Than Your Opponent (01:31:51) Were There Times Your Life Was At Threat? (01:34:16) Sexpionage, What Is It? (01:36:22) Disguise, Did You Ever Do It? (01:41:17) Do CIA Agents Get Trained To Not Feel Fear & Anxiety? (01:43:56) How Do They Train You To Slow Down Your Emotional Brain? (01:50:11) Your Wife & You Leaving The CIA (01:51:38) America Is Going Through A Hard Period (01:56:58) What's The Advice For Everyone To Make That Change? (01:59:10) How Does Your Identity Stop You From Evolving? (01:59:22) What Is Something You Used To Believe That You No Longer Do? Want to learn more from Andrew? Find your Spy Superpower: Explore Spy School: Join the podcast: Follow Andrew Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - Follow me: Sponsors: Whoop: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/03/242h 5m

Moment 151: Neuroscientist Reveals The 3 Things You Need To Do For A Fulfilling Life: Tali Sharot

In this moment, neuroscientist, Professor Tali Sharot, discusses why happiness is not the most important thing in life, and actually it is just 1 of 3 critical factors for a complete life. Most people think that the meaning of life for humans is to try and find the maximum amount of happiness, however this just factor one. Tali says that the second factor is meaning. Often in your life you do a task not because it will give you happiness but because it gives you a sense of completeness that comes from meaning. Finally, Tali says that we need what is called a ‘psychological rich life’, which is basically a varied life. She says that this diversity in life is absolutely crucial as humans have evolved to have a desire to explore and face uncertainty. Listen to the full episode here - Apple - Spotify - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Tali: You can pre-order Dr. Sharot’s new book, ‘Look Again: The Power of Noticing What was Always There’, here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/03/2415m 1s

The Narcissism Doctor: "1 In 6 People Are Narcissists!", "Are Narcissists Better In Bed?", "Can A Narcissist Change? - Dr. Ramani Durvasula

1 in 6 people are narcissists, so what is a narcissist and how can you spot one? Dr Ramani Durvasula is a clinical psychologist, Professor of Psychology at California State University, and the Founder and CEO of LUNA Education, Training & Consulting. She is also the author of books such as ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go: Surviving a Relationship with a Narcissist’, and ‘"Don't You Know Who I Am?": How to Stay Sane in an Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, and Incivility’. In this conversation Dr. Ramani and Steven discuss topics such as, whether your partner is a narcissist, the 4 types of narcissist, why up to 50% of famous people are narcissists, and whether narcissists are better in bed. (00:00) Intro (02:08) Why Dedicating Your Life To Studying Narcissism (03:10) The Cost Of Narcissism (06:07) How To Spot A Narcissist (12:27) How To Differentiate An Asshole From A Narcissist (15:19) Can You Cure Narcissism? (16:39) What Gender Tends To Be More Narcissistic (18:24) The Types Of Narcissism (25:07) How Many People Are Narcissists? (27:21) Is Social Media Fuelling More Narcissists (32:09) Where Does Narcissism Come From Genetics Environment (36:06) Narcissism Lives In A Spectrum (37:08) Are Narcissists More Successful (40:12) The Empathic CEOs Are Rare (43:04) Does Money Make You More Narcissistic? (47:03) How Do You Know If You Are A Narcissist (50:19) What People Get Attracted To Narcissist? (53:41) How To Know If My Partner Is A Narcissist (55:32) The Three Rs: How To Know If You're In A Negative Relationship (59:28) Pathological Manipulation (01:00:56) What's Projection? (01:04:20) Can They Take Feedback (01:05:55) Gaslighting, What Is It? (01:10:49) How To Deal With Being Gaslit (01:13:10) Do Narcissists Engage In Domestic Behaviour (01:15:17) What Should I Do If My Boss Is A Narcissist (01:17:31) Can You Get Out From A Narcissistic Person (01:21:32) Can You Be Happy In A Relationship With A Narcissist (01:23:08) What Is The Weak Point Of A Narcissist (01:24:44) Why Don't They Like Authentic People (01:25:51) Famous Narcissists (01:31:55) You Can Come Back From Narcissistic Abuse (01:34:04) Hardest Day Of Your Life You can order Dr Ramani’s most recent book, ‘It's Not You: How to Identify and Heal from NARCISSISTIC People’, here: Follow Dr Ramani Twitter - Instagram - Watch the episodes on Youtube - Follow me: Sponsors: Eightsleep: Uber: Linkedin Ads: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Muscle Growth Doctor: "The Anti-Ageing Cure No One Is Talking About!", "Exercising At Night Is A Terrible Idea!", "Your Grip Strength Predicts Chronic Diseases!" - Andy Galpin

How can grip strength predict if you will get a chronic disease? And why is sleeping with a shut door ruining your sleep? Dr Andy Galpin, PhD, is Professor of Kinesiology (the study of movement) at California State University, Fullerton. He is the Co-Director of the Center for Sport Performance and Founder/Director of the Biochemistry and Molecular Exercise Physiology Laboratory. Dr Andy is an Elite Performer Coach & Consultant for NBA All-Stars, World Title athletes, and Olympic medalists. He is also the host of the ‘Perform with Dr. Andy Galpin’ podcast. In this conversation Dr. Andy and Steven discuss topics such as, how grip strength can predict chronic diseases, why you should never exercise at night, the foolproof way to lose weight, and why you need to know your VO2 levels. (00:00) Intro (02:11) Enhancing People's Physical & Cognitive Performance (04:16) Why You Care About Human Performance? (10:39) What's Your Academic Background (11:38) What's the Range of People That Come to You & What Do They Want Fixing? (14:23) What Stops Us from Reaching Our Optimal Performance? (20:53) How Vitamin Deficiencies Affect Our Body (24:37) Why We Don't Get Accurate Results from Blood Tests (28:22) You Need to Understand Why Your Body Markers Are Down (32:25) Why People Struggle to Sleep (37:23) How to Improve Your Sleep (42:59) Is 8h the Optimal Sleep Time? (48:34) The Misconceptions of Sleep Debt (50:51) The Power of Doing Tasks at Your Usual Circadian Times (55:24) Environmental Factors That Affect Our Sleep (01:04:17) Create the Optimal Environment for Restorative Sleep (01:06:56) Sleep Debt (01:10:12) How to Stop Travels Disrupting Your Sleep (01:12:28) How Important Is Your Heart Rate Variability (HRV)? (01:13:55) The Impact of Keto Diet and Carbs on Your HRV? (01:16:38) The Effects of Introducing Carbs Back into Your Diet (01:18:42) How to Have a Healthy HRV? (01:23:37) Good Morning Routines for Improved HRV (01:28:14) Does Red Light Have an Effect on Our Bodies? (01:30:36) The Importance of Choosing the Right Training (01:31:30) Gain Muscle Mass and Stay Lean (01:35:19) When to Eat When Exercising (01:37:18) Best Training for Best & Lasting Performance (01:39:22) The Death Dangers of Falling at 60+ Years Old (01:42:31) What Is VO2 Max? (01:45:03) What VO2 Max Says About Your Health (01:49:33) People Don't Believe Their Health Problems Can Be Fixed (01:52:24) The Exercise and Steps to Improve VO2 Max (01:54:43) To Build Muscle You Need to Add Variations to Your Exercise Routine (01:59:03) Creatine Benefits for Your Body (02:04:09) Fat Loss (02:11:30) Depriving Yourself from Food Isn't Beneficial in Weight Loss (02:12:34) Why Should You Do Strength Before Endurance? (02:12:58) How Technology Will Shape Our Health (02:18:40) The Impact of Minimizing Stressors in Our Lives (02:24:43) Last Guest Question Follow Dr Andy Twitter - Instagram - Watch the episodes on Youtube - Follow me: Sponsors: WHOOP: Uber: ZOE: with an exclusive code  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Moment 150: The REAL (& Usually Unseen) Reason You’re Struggling With Love & Relationships!: Logan Ury

In this moment, relationship expert and behavioural scientist, Logan Ury discusses what she thinks is the most important part out of all of relationship science: attachment styles. Logan says these styles help you to understand yourself, your previous dating patterns, and who you are attracted to. Our attachment style also explains we are triggered to push people away, as our brains create negative thoughts and look for flaws in a person as an unconscious way of protecting us from getting hurt. However, Logan says that it is possible for 25% of us to change our attachment style. She says this can be done in 2 parts: firstly by understanding your style of attachment, and secondly, by understanding your unconscious triggers you can override them in order to get out of your own way in finding love. Listen to the full episode here Apple - Spotify - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Logan: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Money Making Expert: The Exact Formula For Turning $100 Into $100k Per Month! 10x Your Income Without Working Harder! The Waiting List Hack That Will Make You Millions!

There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur, but what is the first step? Daniel Priestley is an award-winning serial entrepreneur who has built and sold several successful businesses and written 5 books on starting and scaling businesses. He is the founder of Dent Global, an accelerator and venture studio, and the cofounder of ScoreApp, an AI powered marketing software. In this conversation Daniel and Steven discuss topics such as, the entrepreneurs journey, struggling with mindset shifts when scaling a company, why passion is crucial for success in business, and how AI is changing the business landscape. (00:00) Intro (02:15) The Most Exciting Time Of History For Businesses (04:22) Growing Small Businesses & Making Them Millions (05:39) Can Anyone Be An Entrepreneur? (06:20) How To Know If It's A Good Business Idea (11:09) How Important Is Passion In Being A Successful Entrepreneur (14:18) Don't Pursue Entrepreneurship For This Reason! (22:42) How To Be A Visionary (28:05) How To Be Great At Pitching Business Ideas (35:46) The Magic Of 'With Or Without You' Energy (41:17) The Steps To Know If It'll Be A Good Business (49:43) Fear Of Failure (52:34) Life Force Energy & Bringing Stories To Life (57:59) The Importance Of Changing Environments Regularly (01:02:59) Starting A Business/Personal Brand (01:07:11) Soloentreneurship Doesn't Work (01:09:55) How To Make Money (01:16:01) Your Team Is Essential In Your Business (01:18:41) How Do You Invest Your Money (01:20:18) How To Build A Business From Scratch (01:24:46) Should You Work For A Big Company Or A Start Up (01:27:19) The Humility Of Accepting Others Are Better Than You (01:30:01) What's A Management Buyout? (01:36:33) How To Structure And How To Sale A Deal (01:39:42) AI Will Revolutionize How Businesses Work! (01:46:25) Work-Life Balance (01:49:54) Last Guest Question You can check out some of Daniel’s businesses below: KPI Scorecard: Scoreapp: You can order Daniel’s most recent book, ‘Scorecard Marketing’, here: Follow Daniel Twitter - Instagram - Watch the episodes on Youtube - Flight Fund: Follow me: Sponsors: Shopify: Vodafone V-Hub: ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO2024 for 10% off Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Orgasm Expert: Women Don’t Like Penetrative Sex As Much As Men! This Is How Often You Should Be Having Sex! Stop Inviting Pets Into The Bedroom! - Doctor Karen Gurney

Everyone has the desire to be desired, finally, in this episode, the mystery of desire is stripped back. Dr Karen Gurney is a Clinical Psychologist, Psychosexologist and Couples Therapist, she has been helping couples tackle sex problems for over 20 years. She is the author of the bestselling book, ‘Mind The Gap: The truth about desire and how to future proof your sex life’. In this conversation Karen and Steven discuss topics, such as the reasons for a dead sex life, why women prefer non-penetrative sex, how technology is killing your sex life, and why you should invest in your sexual currency. Topics: 0:00 Intro 02:07 What Do You Do and Why Do You Do It? 03:56 Our Attention Is Being Hijacked Which Is Affecting Our Sex Lives 09:57 Why Does Sex Get Harder the More We Think About It 11:50 Why Expectations and Pressure Make Sex Worse 15:56 Our Society Has Created a "Sexual Script" That's Wrong 17:10 How to Talk About Sex with Your Partner 23:09 How to Tell Your Partner You're Not Attracted to Them Anymore 25:56 How to Not Let Kids Ruin Your Sex Life 27:25 The Demographic That Comes to You More Than Any Other 28:16 Why Desire Goes in a Relationship 34:13 How to Trigger Desire in Your Relationship 38:34 The "Initiation" Problem 40:21 Should We Schedule Sex? 43:05 What Should We Be Doing to Keep Desire High in Our Relationships 45:55 How to Talk About Your Fetish with Your Partner 50:54 What Women Really Want During Sex 52:45 Does It Matter Who Initiates Sex? 56:04 If Our Idea of What We Want From Sex Isn't Happening What Should We Do? 58:31 If Men Can't Get It Up, What Should We Do? 01:00:56 If Men Can't Get It Up, What Should We Do? 01:01:15 Should We Have Sex Before or After We Eat? 01:02:22 The Optimal Amount of Times to Have Sex 01:04:16 Sexual Dissatisfaction Between Men and Women 01:07:54 How to Deal with a Sex Life as a Parent 01:11:54 What You Can Do as a Parent to Ensure Your Sex Life Doesn't Go Off Track 01:13:26 The Relationship Between Poor Sleep and Sex 01:16:39 At What Point Should People Reach Out to You? 01:17:21 Have You Ever Seen Relationships That Are Unrecoverable? 01:18:45 The Top 3 Most Common Sexual Problems 01:20:46 The Impact of Pets on Our Sex Lives 01:22:43 Are You Hopeful for the Future of Sex? 01:24:04 How Menopause Affects Our Sex Lives 01:25:21 Our Bodies Changing Over Time and How That Impacts Our Sex Lives 01:26:27 Are We Meant to Be Monogamous? 01:31:51 The Last Guest’s Question You can pre-order Karen’s book, ‘How Not to Let Having Kids Ruin Your Sex Life’, here: Follow Karen Twitter - Instagram - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Moment 149: Why You Are Easily Distracted & How To FIX it! Nir Eyal

In this moment, behaviour and habit design expert, Nir Eyal discusses how to beat procrastination and distraction. One of the first major steps is being able to master the internal triggers that are trying to pull your attention away. Nir believes that to do this you need to try and understand the underlying feelings behind these urge. As he says, time management is pain management, and all human behaviour is about trying to escape discomfort. Nir says that finding these underlying feelings can be achieved by writing down the sensations you feel just before distraction, this allows you identify them and then reframe them to your advantage. Because, if you don’t master these internal triggers, they become your master. Another major step to beat procrastination is by actually scheduling time to be distracted. Nir calls this ‘The 10 Minute Rule’, which allows you to give in to any distraction in your scheduled time, but only for 10 minutes! Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Nir: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/02/2418m 55s

Hinge Dating App CEO: Everyone Said Hinge Was A TERRIBLE idea! The 7 Love & Dating Secrets From Hinge’s Founder! AI Will Change Love & Dating!

What is the best way to get over a heartbreak? For Justin McLeod that was creating one of the world’s most popular dating apps. Justin McLeod is the CEO and founder of the dating app Hinge, which has over 20 million users and sets up a date every 3 seconds. In this conversation Justin and Steven discuss topics, such as overcoming addiction, early stigma around dating apps, the setbacks and difficulties when creating Hinge, his tumultuous love story, and why happy endings are for the movies. 00:00 Intro 02:07 My Addiction & Going to Rehab 05:18 12 Step Programme for Addiction 07:36 How My Love Experiences Influenced My Entrepreneurial Journey 12:22 Founding Hinge 15:46 How Do We Know Which Ideas to Go After? 18:50 When Did the App Form? 23:35 Tinder and How It Impacted Hinge 27:29 The Interview That Changed My Life 34:14 The New Era for Hinge 36:56 How to Be Successful on Hinge 38:56 What Is Hinge Labs? 42:51 The Worst Things to Do in Dating Apps 44:03 Advice for People Going on Loads Of Dates 47:30 Dating Apps Want People to Stay Single to Have More Customers… 49:23 How Has the Dating World Changed in the Last Few Years?
 50:31 Hinge First Principles 51:48 The Importance of Taking Risks 01:00:38 How to Have Great Company Culture 01:17:16 Biggest Hiring Mistakes 01:19:42 What the Future of Dating Apps Looks Like 01:21:33 The Last Guest Question  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Huel: WHOOP: Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Adam Grant: The Surprising New Research On Procrastination, Perfectionism & Happiness!

Work has to suck, you have to be selfish to get ahead, and you can’t become more original, these are just some of the myths that Adam Grant busts and replaces with an upgraded way to see the world. Adam Grant is Professor of Management and Psychology at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has been named one of the world’s 10 most influential management thinkers and one of Fortune’s 40 under 40. He is also a #1 New York Times bestselling author of 5 books, including ‘Think Again’, ’Give and Take’, and ‘Originals’. In this conversation Adam and Steven discuss topics, such as why star players ruin teams, how to be original, why character beats genius, and the myths about entrepreneurs and risk. 00:00 Intro 02:00 Finding Happiness Meaning & Success 04:50 Redefining The Game & Changing The Rules About Success 07:20 Who Are More Successful, Givers Or Keepers? 10:25 Taking The Initiative: Great Ideas Need Execution 14:21 What Happens To Procrastinators? 21:37 Who Are The Originals Of Our Time? 22:22 What Are The Characteristics Of Originals 23:48 Why Child Geniuses Won't Become Adult Geniuses 25:09 Being A Perfectionist 27:12 The Importance Of Urgency 33:11 The Importance Of Leaning Into Difficulty 38:21 What Role Trauma Plays In Becoming Successful? 40:56 What Determines What Sibling Will Be More Successful? 48:25 What Makes A Risk Taker? 53:18 What Takes To Build A Great Team 57:38 What Happens To People When You Take Them Out Of Their Team Culture 01:01:33 How To Not Get Complacent If You're Successful 01:06:01 Disagreeing With Your Boss 01:10:09 What Science Says About Group Vs Individual Thinking 01:15:51 Unlocking Your Hidden Potential 01:26:27 Self Promotion Vs Idea Promotion 01:28:41 Think Like A Scientist 01:42:56 Last Guest Question You can access The Athletic article, ‘Does Cristiano Ronaldo make teams better or worse?’, here: You can purchase Adam’s book, ‘Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things’, here: Follow Adam Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors:  Huel: Linkedin Jobs: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/02/241h 49m

Moment 148: Guarantee Financial Freedom! The 4 Numbers You NEED To Be Tracking: Ramit Sethi

In this moment, personal finance expert Rami Sethi breaks down the 4 finance numbers everyone needs to know and what exactly a ‘rich life’ is. Ramit says that most people don’t have even the most basic understanding of money, compare this to other areas of life such as driving, where we need to know the rules of the road before putting a key in the ignition. However, personal finance is actually incredibly simple and Ramit says that the four numbers you need to track are: your fixed costs like rent and groceries, savings, investments, and guilt free spending. From these numbers, Ramit says that he can see what are a person’s priorities and outlook on life. But more revealing is someone’s idea of their ‘rich life’. This is what a person’s life would look like if they finally reached the level of wealth they are chasing. Ramit says too often people’s answer to what their rich life is vague, for instance, saying they want to be able to do what they want when they want, or to have freedom. These answers are so vague as people have never really thought about this question before, but Ramit say they need to think about this potential future deeply and in detail so that they can truly envision it. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Ramit- Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/02/248m 19s

The Brain Professor: "Popular Treat Now Considered Deadlier Than Smoking!", "Alcohol Is Shrinking Your Brain" - David Raichlen

As humans we have evolved to move, but why are we getting it wrong so often? David Raichlen is the Professor of Human and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Southern California. His research focuses on the connection between human evolution, physical activity, and health, examining why inactivity leads to so many chronic diseases in the modern world. In this conversation David and Steven discuss topics, such as how modern exercise levels compare to hunter-gatherers, the dangers of sitting, how air pollution is linked to dementia, and the misunderstanding of just how much exercise it takes to get health benefits. 00:00 Intro 01:59 My Work: How Lifestyle & Exercise Affects the Brain 03:07 You Can Change an Ageing Brain 05:22 What Is a Neuron? 05:36 What Is the Hippocampus 07:28 The Link Between Exercise and Brain 09:06 What Happens to Our Brain When We Don't Exercise 12:54 People Aren't Meeting the Guidelines for Good Health 15:25 What Activities Are Good for Our Brain? 17:35 Orienteering Can Train the Brain 18:47 How the Different Types of Exercise Increase Neuroplasticity 22:39 Impact of Exercising in Greener Spaces Than Urban 24:06 Better Cognition Exercising Before a Task 25:41 The Optimal Time of the Day to Exercise 27:46 The Hadzas: Researching Hunter-Gatherer Tribes & the Findings 28:56 What Is the Optimal Exercising Time? 31:59 Cardiovascular Illnesses in Hadza Tribe 35:07 What's the Issue with Sitting? 40:29 The Power of Daily Small Amounts of Exercise 42:17 How to Improve Memory 46:08 Top Factors That Fuel Cognitive Problems 48:38 Link Between Human Connection & Brain Impact 50:54 Pollution Impact on the Brain 53:13 Racquet Sports for Brain Health 54:41 How Much Activity Do I Have to Do? 55:52 Endocannabinoid Receptors and Exercise Rewards 57:24 Mental Health Issues Linked to Lack of Exercise 01:01:45 Brain Foods 01:03:07 Reaching Optimal Living 01:07:50 What Causes Alzheimer's? 01:12:39 Last Guest Question Follow David: Twitter - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Huel: ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO10 for 10% off Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Vegan Dr: The Truth About The Vegan Diet, "Eggs Are Making You Fat", "Stop Eating Cheese!" - Neal Barnard

Could it be that what you eat is just as important as the medicines and pills you take? Dr Neal Barnard is the founder and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and has authored more than 100 scientific publications and 20 books. He is also the Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine. In this conversation Neal and Steven discuss topics, such as the only supplement you need, the no.1 food associated with weight loss, the dangers of drinking milk for men, and how to reverse erectile dysfunction. (00:00) Intro (01:35) What good do you hope your work is doing for people? (02:13) What is the state of human health currently? (03:33) Why do you care about human health? (06:40) Your first experience of realising human health is in a bad place (08:22) Why calories in vs. calories out doesn’t work (11:55) The truth about eating bread (15:18) If we don't eat meat, where do we get our protein? (18:27) How do we know the vegan diet is good for us vs. another one? (21:57) Don’t we have to supplement if we’re vegan? (25:22) A balanced diet with meat and plants, does that work? (28:34) Veganism is a diet for the privileged... (31:06) The power foods we should all be eating (38:54) Do you not just think you have a bias towards the vegan diet? (40:22) The shocking truth about dairy products (46:25) Drinking milk reduces sperm counts (48:28) The carnivore diet, isn’t that just as good? (52:45) The weight loss foods you need to start eating (1:01:03) Why we need to understand how to balance our hormones (1:05:20) Fertility issues have a strong connection to our weight (1:17:02) Ads (1:19:02) Power foods for the brain (1:26:27) How to prevent dementia (1:35:03) Metals, what should we be getting and what's toxic (1:38:53) Your closing message (1:40:05) The last guest’s question You can pre-order Neal’s book, ‘The Power Foods Diet’, here: Follow Neal Twitter - Instagram - Get tickets to The Business & Life Speaking Tour: Follow me: Sponsors: Huel: Shopify: Whoop: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/02/241h 48m

Moment 147: Stop These Habits That Are Destroying Your Body!: Mindy Pelz

In this moment, nutrition and functional health expert , Mindy Pelz discusses how we often treat our body as if it was an enemy working against us and our interests. Mindy discusses how evolution has actually shaped the human body so that it is constantly looking to increase your chances of survival. However, in the modern world we are getting in the way of our body’s natural defence mechanism, and taking actions that are against our own and our body’s interests, this can include injecting ourselves with weight loss drugs and using toxic deodorants, causing larger health problems later in life. Mindy says that in general we seem to be in a ‘evolutionary mismatch’ with our bodies and need to regain trust in them. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Mindy: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/02/2414m 2s

Paul Brunson: "The 70/30 Body Shape Is Scientifically The Most Sexy", "The ONE Question That Predicts Divorce!" & "The Link Between Childhood Trauma & Sex"

Relationships are the single most important part of our lives, so why do we so often leave them to chance and the randomness of fate? Paul C. Brunson is a professional matchmaker and life coach. He is the co-host of 'Celebs Go Dating’ and ‘Married At First Sight UK’, he is also the Head of Global Insight at Tinder. Paul has also been named the world's most influential matchmaker by the Matchmaking Institute. In this conversation Paul and Steven discuss topics, such as why Gen Z will have the strongest marriages ever, why dating is more complicated than ever before, the number 1 reason for breakups, and why men are struggling. You can purchase Paul’s book, ‘Find Love’, here: Follow Paul: Twitter - Instagram - Get tickets to The Business & Life Speaking Tour: Follow me: Sponsors: Huel: Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/02/242h 13m

World's No. 1 Exercise Professor: "Our Comfortable Lives Are Causing Cancer", "The Truth About Running", "Hand Sanitiser Is Making You Sick!

We may have health monitors and fitness trackers, but could it be the case that even with this technology, humans are actually reversing evolutionary progress? Dr Lieberman is the Chair of the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. His research focuses on how the human body has evolved to be the way it is, he also explores how humans evolved to run long distances to scavenge and hunt. He is the author of the best-selling books, ‘The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health, and Disease’ and ‘Exercised: Why Something We Never Evolved to Do Is Healthy and Rewarding’. In this conversation Daniel and Steven discuss topics, such as if human evolution is going backwards, why veganism is not the answer, how commuting is making you fat and what we can learn from hunter-gatherers. (00:00) Intro (02:00) What do you do, and why do you do it? (03:09) Are we actually a good species? (05:11) Do our ancestors hold the answer to all our health needs? (07:32) Have we evolved to eat meat? (10:33) How did we learn to hunt and gather? (17:03) Have we evolved to breathe wrong? (19:28) Why do we sweat? (24:23) When did our brains get so big? (29:55) Why do we struggle to diet? (38:31) Modern-day mismatched diseases (42:41) Why did you write a book about food? (45:02) Has our culture moved too fast? (46:15) We've decided to live with diseases rather than prevent them. (50:13) The modern foods we eat have affected the way we look. (53:02) Is cancer a consequence of our modern society? (58:34) How our bodies store energy (01:05:23) The keto diet and fasting (01:09:44) Are we too comfortable as a society? (01:14:59) Puberty has changed, and we’re going into it earlier than ever before. (01:16:37) The dangers of sitting down all day like we do. (01:20:08) What should people take away most from this conversation? (01:24:16) The products we put on our bodies, are they toxic? (01:30:06) The last guest's question You can purchase Daniel’s book, ‘Exercised: The Science of Physical Activity, Rest and Health’, here: Get tickets to The Business & Life Speaking Tour: Follow me: Sponsors: Huel Bundle: Uber: Shop the Conversation Cards: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/01/241h 35m

Moment 146: 3 Simple Steps That Guarantees Ultimate Happiness (Jay Shetty's Happiness Model)

In this moment, the podcaster, author, and life coach, Jay Shetty discusses how he believes people can find happiness. Jay says that it can be found in two forms, the sort of happiness that comes from daily habits and a more enriching happiness that arises out of deeper purposes. While most of us know what we can do for our daily happiness levels, deeper happiness that comes from finding our meaning and purpose in life is more complicated and vague. However, for Jay this deeper happiness comes from locating your passion, and more than just finding what you love, using this passion in the service of others, as this brings the most enriching happiness in life. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Jay: Sponsors: Huel Bundle: Eightsleep: CODE: STEVEN (save $150 on the Pod Cover) Linkedin Ads: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/01/248m 11s

Harvard Psychiatrist: THIS Food Is Causing The Mental Health Crisis! - Chris Palmer

If you want to hear more about ways to tackle mental health problems, I recommend you check out my conversation with Dr. Aditi Nerurkar, which you can find here: Too often we think that physical health has nothing to do with mental health and vice versa, but could it be that we have the equation completely upside down? Chris Palmer is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He is also the author of the book, ‘Brain Energy: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Understanding Mental Health’, which outlines a combined theory of what causes mental illnesses, and that mental disorders are metabolic disorders of the brain In this conversation Chris and Steven discuss topics, such as how depression and anxiety are caused by diet, the impact of gut health on mental illness, and why mental health problems and rates of suicide are increasing. You can purchase Chris’s book, ‘Brain Energy: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Understanding Mental Health’, here: Follow Chris: Twitter - Instagram - Watch the episodes on YouTube - Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25/01/241h 46m

The Fasting Doctor: “Fasting Cures Obesity!”, This Controversial New Drug Melts Fat, Fasting Fixes Hormones! Skip Breakfast!

There seems to be endless ways to lose weight and yet none seem to work, but could it be that there was one health metric that held the key to long term weight loss? Dr Jason Fung is a nephrologist (medical expert specialising in kidneys) and world-leading expert in intermittent fasting and low-carb diets. He is the author of bestselling books such as, ‘The Obesity Code’, ‘The Diabetes Code’, and ‘The Complete Guide to Fasting’. In this interview, Steven and Dr Jason discuss everything from the history behind dieting myths, how insulin causes weight gain, why you don’t need breakfast, how obesity is genetic, and the power of fasting. You can purchase Jason’s book, ‘The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally’, here: Follow Jason: Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/01/241h 25m

Moment 145: The Alarming Link Between Your GUT & Depression: Tim Spector

In this week’s moment, gut health and diet expert Dr Tim Spector discusses the power of the microbiome, your crucial community of gut microbes. Discoveries about the microbiome have exploded in the last 10 years and revolutionised the way we see the tiny bugs living within our intestine. Tim sees the microbiome as an incredible pharmacy within us, as individual microbes pump out vital chemicals for your immune system. These chemicals also affect brain function and your moods, playing a vital role in depression, as this is directly linked to the quality of your gut microbes. How do you improve your microbiome? Food plays a vital role in feeding microbes, Tim says the key is to consume as diverse a range of plants as possible, aiming for 30 different types of plants a week to maximise the diversity of species in your gut. Listen To The Full Episode Here -  Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Tim Spector: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/01/2413m 6s

No. 1 Happiness Expert: If Your Friends Get Divorced So Will You! Single Friends Will Keep You Single! Obesity Is Contagious

Everyone is constantly looking for happiness, but maybe real happiness can be found where we least expect it. Arthur C. Brooks is a bestselling author of 13 books and Harvard professor where he teaches courses on leadership, happiness, and social entrepreneurship. He is the columnist of the popular weekly “How to Build a Life” column at The Atlantic. In this interview, Steven and Arthur discuss everything from why Arthur studies the science of happiness, the crucial importance of meaning and agency, why society is wrong at saying what causes happiness and why happiness is infectious. You can purchase Arthur’s most recent book, ‘Build the Life You Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier’, here: Follow Arthur: Twitter - Instagram - Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/01/241h 29m

The Mental Health Doctor: “Sitting Is Increasing Your Anxiety!”, Your Phone Is Destroying Your Brain, You May Have ‘Popcorn Brain’!

Over 70% of people struggle with stress, but only 3% of doctors offer stress management, could a cure be just a handful of simple lifestyle steps? Dr. Aditi Nerurkar is a doctor, global public health expert and medical correspondent, she specialises in stress, resilience and burnout. She is author of the book, ‘The Five Resets: Rewire Your Brain and Body for Less Stress and More Resilience’. In this interview, Steven and Dr. Aditi discuss everything from the physical impacts of a delayed stress response, popcorn brain, the need to create digital boundaries, how stress can sometimes be helpful, and why multitasking is a myth. You can purchase ‘The 5 Resets: Rewire Your Brain and Body for Less Stress and More Resilience’, here: Follow Dr. Aditi: Twitter: Instagram: Get tickets to The Business & Life Speaking Tour: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/01/241h 57m

Moment 144: How To ACTUALLY Break Bad Habits: Joe Dispenza

In this moment, New York Times best-selling author and researcher, Dr Joe Dispenza discusses how to change habits. A habit forms when you’ve done something so many times that it becomes hardwired into your subconscious, and is even programmed into the very nerve cells of your brain. So in order to break a habit, you have to break the bigger habit of being yourself. Dr Dispenza says that this change can happen when we become conscious of our unconscious. This awareness can come from meditation, as well as mentally rehearsing changes we want to make, so that we avoid the trap of unconsciously making the same choices everyday. By mentally rehearsing scenarios, this avoids the uncomfortableness that comes from taking a step into the unknown and stops you from being the creator of your life. Listen To The Full Episode Here - Watch The Episodes On Youtube - Joe: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/01/2415m 49s

Yuval Noah Harari: The Urgent Warning They Hope You Ignore, “More War Is Coming”, Yuval’s Chilling Future Predictions!

If you enjoy hearing about the potential impact of AI on humanity, I recommend you check out my conversation with ex-Google office, Mo Gawdat which you can find here: He has shown millions of readers how humans have evolved to where we are now, but what does the future hold for us as a species? Yuval Noah Harari is a best-selling author, public intellectual and Professor of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is best known for his bestselling books, ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’, ‘Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow’ and ‘21 Lessons for the 21st Century’. His books have sold over 45 Million copies in 65 languages. In this interview, Steven and Yuval discuss everything from how AI will change everything, the importance of language and stories, why the idea of finding a ‘soulmate’ is a myth, and the ongoing battle for human attention. You can pre-order the 10th anniversary edition of ‘Sapiens’, here: Follow Yuval: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/01/241h 45m

Thierry Henry (EXCLUSIVE): "I Cried Every Single Day", Dealing With Depression, My Childhood Trauma & Fighting For My Dad's Love!

If you enjoy hearing about the beautiful game, I recommend you check out my conversation with Frank Lampard, which you can find here: What does it take to become a Premier League GOAT and what does it take from you when you walk away from the game? Thierry Henry is a French professional football coach, broadcaster and former player. He is regarded as one of the best strikers and Premier League player of all time, and France’s highest-ever international goalscorer. He began his professional career in 1994 and played for Arsenal from 1999 to 2007, he is the club’s all-time leading goal scorer with 226 goals. He was PFA player of the year twice, in 2003 and 2004, and European Golden Boot twice, in 2004 and 2005, he retired as a player in 2014 and is now coach of the under-21 French national team. In this interview, Steven and Thierry discuss everything from Thierry’s family’s expectation of him becoming a great football player, never feeling good enough and always wanting to get his father’s approval, ‘dying’ when he stopped playing football and his mental struggles after the game. Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/01/241h 55m

Moment 143: This Is Why You Can't Lose Weight: Daniel Lieberman

In this moment, Harvard University professor and best-selling author, Daniel Lieberman, busts some of the most common myths around exercise. For 2 of the biggest myths, Daniel says that they are too simplistic, saying that you must sleep 8 hours a night or that sitting is terrible for your health. Instead, he says that most people do better with 7 hours of sleep a night, (but this can change depending on age and health) also, sitting isn’t bad for you if you mix it up with regular interruptions. Daniel also helps to clear up the debate that exercise does nothing for weight loss. He says the problem is actually that the recommended 150 minutes per week of exercise is not nearly enough, but higher levels of exercise lead to sustained weight loss and prevents regaining weight after losing it. In reality he claim that most of the truth about diet and exercise is more complex than we are led to believe. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - You can purchase Dr Lieberman’s newest book, ‘Exercised: The Science of Physical Activity, Rest and Health’, here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/01/2413m 26s

The Fitness Scientist: "Even A Little Alcohol Is Hurting Your Health!", "Late Night Screen Time Linked To Cancer!", "Working Shifts Kills You 15 Years Early!" - Kristen Holmes

If you enjoy hearing about the transformative power of sleep, I recommend you check out my conversation with Dr Matthew Walker, which you can find here: If you have ever wanted to understand what exactly Circadian Rhythm is, and its unbelievable total body impacts, this is the episode for you. Kristen Holmes is the Vice President of Performance Science at the health and fitness monitoring company, WHOOP. Kristen’s focus is on understanding the scientific, psychological and personal factors that either promote or harm human performance. In this interview, Steven and Kristen discuss everything from the amazing impact of harnessing your Circadian Rhythm, Heart Rate Variability, the psychology of peak performance, and how people can take control of their health. Follow Kristen: Instagram: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/01/241h 49m

The Poo Scientist: "If Your Poo Looks Like This Go To A Doctor!", "Your Gut Health Causes Belly Fat, Anxiety!" & "Alcohol Is Destroying Your Gut Microbiome!"

It controls your immune system, anxiety, depression and whether or not you get diseases, so why do we know so little about the gut microbiome? Dr Will Bulsiewicz is an award-winning gastroenterologist (medicine that focuses on the digestive system) and a world-renowned gut-health expert. He is the author of over 20 scientific papers and the book, ‘Fibre Fuelled’. In this conversation, Dr Will and Steven discuss everything from, the power of the microbiome, why fibre is crucial for optimal health, the importance of understanding your poo, and why food can be just as powerful as medication. You can purchase Dr Will’s book, ‘Fibre Fuelled: The Plant-Based Gut Health Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Health and Optimise Your Microbiome’, here: Additional Interview Information: Interview Brief: The Bristol Stool Chart: Dr Will’s supplement: Follow Dr Will: Instagram: Website: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/01/242h 4m

Moment 142: These Daily Habits Are Slowly Killing You: Peter Attia

In this moment, longevity expert and author of ‘Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity’, Dr Peter Attia discusses ‘Medicine 3.0’. Most people in today’s world will die from lifestyle diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. In fact, Dr Attia says that our life expectancy hasn’t greatly increased since the 1800s, medicine just means we don’t die from infectious diseases. To live longer and better in our later years, Dr Attia says that we need a new playbook, or what he calls ‘Medicine 3.0’. This relies on taking preventative steps very early in life, as the risk of lifestyle diseases compound throughout our life. Dr Attia argues that while doctors practising traditional medicine are very aware of the risk of doing certain treatments, but often ignore the cost of not taking action to prevent future problems. Dr Attia believes that too often we worry about our health too late in life, when the problems start and the risk of taking action is higher. Instead, he argues, that if we take action when we are younger we have so much potential to change the trajectory of our lives. He says that we should start worrying about our future health now, and should think about it the same way as we think about saving for retirement, if we invest now we will thank ourselves later. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Peter: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/12/2318m 31s

The Love Expert: We've Built A Loveless Society & It's Making Us Depressed! (here's the fix!) Alain De Botton

If you enjoy hearing about the philosophy of life, I recommend you check out my conversation with Ryan Holiday, which you can find here: Philosophy isn’t just for universities and lecture halls, philosophy can help guide every part of your life, from relationships, work to mental health. Alain de Botton is a British author, intellectual and co-founder of the global organisation, ‘The School of Life’. He is best known for the books, ‘Essays in Love’, ‘How Proust Can Change Your Life’, and ‘The Consolations of Philosophy’. In this interview, Steven and Alain discuss everything from, the origins of mental health problems, what it means to live a good life, why perfection is dangerous, why we are chasing love rather than money and why love itself is a skill. You can purchase Alain’s most recent book, ‘A Therapeutic Journey: Lessons from the School of Life’, here: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/12/231h 35m

The Top 7 Belly Fat Burning Hacks For 2024 That Are PROVEN To Work!

As a holiday wrap-up, we’ve listened to you and answered one of the most popular questions; What is your favourite EVER episode? But, we think the more important question is what is YOUR favourite episode on the Diary of CEO of all time. Using our in-house data scientist and a group of analysts, we’ve found the most replayed and shared moments from 2023. This should be the most valuable episode you will ever listen to. 7th Most Replayed Moment, Dr. Giles Yeo. Dr Giles takes on some of the biggest myths about health, weight and obesity. His books, Why Calories Don’t Count and Gene Eating: Twitter: Instagram: 6th Most Replayed Moment, Dr. Mindy Pelz. In this clip we talk about intermittent fasting, the gut reset fast and the belly fat burning diet. Dr Mindy lays out how to eat and behave to improve our overall health. Instagram: Dr Mindy’s book, Fast Like A Girl: 5th Most Replayed Moment, Professor Matthew Walker. This is from my conversation with the Worlds Number One expert on sleep. He gives us a roadmap for how to sleep better, explaining the impact of our sleep on our overall health, happiness and everything in between. Instagram: Matt’s bestseller, Why We Sleep: Twitter: 4th Most Replayed Moment, Dr. Daniel Amen. Taken from Dr. Daniel Amen’s second appearance on the show, we discuss how to grow a healthier, better brain. Daniel is the World’s Leading Neuroscientist who may have scanned and seen more brains than anyone else. The no.1 book on Brain health: Instagram: Twitter: 3rd Most Replayed Moment, Gary Brecka. Gary Brecka is one of the world’s most renowned human biologists. Our conversation covers the ultimate human wellbeing checklist. From Dana White’s transformation using the super human protocol to stripping fat, listen to transform your life. Instagram: Twitter: 2nd Most Replayed Moment, Dr. Tim Spector. A favourite guest on DOAC, here Tim busts myths about a frequently debated subject: diet vs exercise. Foor For Life, Tim’s book: Instagram: Twitter: No.1 Most Replayed Moment: Dr Tara Swart. The most listened to moment ever this year is neuroscientist Dr. Tara explaining the brain and body’s connection. We dive into the influence the brain has on our health, relationships and well-being. Dr Tara’s book: Instagram: Twitter: Bonus Moment, Mo Gawdat: This is from episode 101 with Mo Gawdat, and it’s the most shared episode we’ve ever had of all time on WhatsApp. Mo explains to me his influential equation for happiness, and we discuss how to put it into practice. Mo’s book, Solve For Happy: Instagram: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/12/231h 18m

Moment 141: What Coffee Is REALLY Doing To Your Sleep!: Matthew Walker

In this moment, sleep expert and author of ‘Why We Sleep’, Matthew Walker discusses the 3 main reasons why caffeine is so terrible for sleep. Firstly, is that the impact of caffeine lasts long after drinking a cup of coffee. Caffeine has a quarter life of between 10 to 12 hours, which means if you have a cup of coffee at midday, a quarter of that caffeine is still in your brain at midnight. Secondly, as a stimulant, caffeine mutes the chemical, adenosine, which is in charge of sleepiness. However, the adenosine is still there and builds, so when caffeine leaves your system you get a caffeine crash, which is all the sleepiness that has been built up hitting at once. Finally, caffeine blocks deep sleep by between 15 to 30%. So even if you are able to fall asleep after drinking coffee, it will be poor quality sleep, and you lose out the amazing benefits of deep sleep, such as: regulating your cardiovascular system, replenishing the immune system, and securing new memories into your brain. However, Matthew doesn’t say that people should completely give up coffee, but instead the main thing to look out for is how much you drink and the timing of when you drink it. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Matthew: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/12/2314m 55s

Michael Bublé: "I Will NEVER Be Carefree Again!", Cancer Diagnosis, Dealing With Rejection & Being Mr Christmas!

Most people think of Michael Bublé as the soundtrack of Christmas, yet often overlooked is his unwavering dedication to his music, the personal challenges he’s faced and the mission he’s on. From summers of catching and sorting salmon on his father’s arctic fishing boat, to earning his 10,000 hours performing songs in the clubs, malls and cruise ships of Canada. Michael has earned his success, including 5 Grammy wins, 15 Juno awards, 6 multi-platinum albums, and well over 14 billions streams worldwide. Bublé is a true family man, yet his journey has been marked by having to overcome severe adversity, including the cancer diagnosis of his eldest son. This year, Michael announced the launch of his whiskey brand, Fraser & Thompson Whiskey, created in partnership with longtime friend, award-winning Master Distiller and Blender, Paul Cirka. This is the real Michael Bublé, you just haven’t met him yet. Follow Michael: Instagram: Try Michael’s new Whisky available to buy here: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/12/231h 32m

The No.1 Menopause Doctor: They’re Lying To You About Menopause! Brand New Science! (Men Need To Listen Too!): Mary Claire Haver

If you enjoy hearing about promoting female health and the power of nutrition, check out my conversation with the nutritional and functional health expert, Dr Mindy Pelz, which you can find here: When does menopause start? What is menopause? How does menopause affect my marriage? Over 1.2 billion women are going through menopause right now. This leading expert uncovers the myths that have dominated our understanding for years. Dr Mary Claire Haver is a menopause expert, OBGYN, bestselling author and internet personality. She specialises in women's health, focusing on empowering and educating everyone to understand women’s bodies. In 2018, she founded 'The Galveston Diet', which became a bestseller in 2023. The Mary Claire Wellness Clinic, established in 2021, has helped to empower and educate thousands of women. Her new book is out May 2024 and provides everything a woman needs to know to thrive during her hormonal transition and beyond. Follow Mary Claire Haver: Instagram: TikTok: Pre-Order Dr Mary’s new book here: The Galveston Diet: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/12/231h 25m

Moment 140: The 2 Minute Trick That Beats Procrastinating For Good: Ali Abdaal

In this moment, YouTube and productivity expert, Ali Abdaal discusses the power of consistency and how to overcome procrastination. Ali discusses the power of compounding interest, and how small actions over time can snowball into trigger larger rapid changes such as viral success from making a YouTube video every week for 2 years. However, to get to this position, Ali says you have to first learn to love the process, moving away from an outcome based mindset that means success is out of your control, and instead to a view of success that comes from within. To get there first means overcoming hurdles such as procrastination. In order to do this, Ali says you should move away from focusing on a large end goal and instead focus on a series of smaller goals along the was. So rather than worrying about moving a whole mountain, people should focus on moving one pebble at a time. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Ali: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/12/2314m 4s

“Dynamo Is Dead!” - The Heartbreaking True Story Of Why Dynamo The Magician Vanished For Years! (Exclusive)

He’s walked on water, flown and now buried himself alive, but could the greatest magic trick of Dynamo life be his escaping from his demons? Dynamo is a British magician who first entered the spotlight in 2004. His TV series ‘Dynamo: Magician Impossible’ attracted over 250 million viewers and ran from 2011 to 2014, earning him the Best Entertainment Programme award in 2012 and 2013. He became the first magician to headline arenas such as the London O2 and Sydney’s Rod Laver arena. In 2013, he stepped away from the limelight to recover from serious health issues. You can watch Dynamo’s 2 hour special, ‘Dynamo is Dead’, on December 14th, this will be aired live at 9pm on Sky Max and streaming service NOW Dynamo is back! But not as you have known him before… 'Dynamo is Dead' On Sky Max: Follow Dynamo: Instagram: Twitter: Sonic rest therapy: The Conversation Cards: Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now: Follow me: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Huel: WHOOP: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14/12/231h 38m

Casey Neistat (The Untold Story): "I was a homeless dad at 15 & had $200k debt!"...The Crazy Story Of How I Became The World's No.1 Video Creator!

If you enjoy hearing about the challenges of being a creator, I recommend you check out my conversation with the creator of ‘Call Her Daddy, Alex Cooper, which you can find here: There’s carving your own lane and then having over 3 billion people view the lane you have carved, all from the starting point of being a 17 year old teen father living in a trailer park. Casey Neistat is an America YouTuber, vlogger, filmmaker, and co-founder of the mobile application ‘Beme’, which he sold to CNN in 2016. He is one of the most famous people on YouTube, and his channel has over 12 million subscribers and 3 billion views. In this conversation Casey and Steven discuss topics, such as: How life has thrown unpredicted things at him Having a child as a teenager Leaving home forever on a school night Working 80 hours a week and doing anything to support his son The importance of patience Why he felt like a scumbag Feeling as if he was never heard Why he started making videos The reasons behind his filmmaking style The magic of Mr Beast Why Mr Beast is the most important person in the history of entertainment How great work matter The strangeness of fame Why you need to do something you hate to figure out what you like Being the definition of success but being in debt Becoming a millionaire but disappointing the people who got him there His moment of real darkness The challenge of his daily vlog How his daily vlog was taking away from his life Linking happiness and fulfilment with winning The only thing that gives him fulfilment The importance of knowing that nobody gives a care about you Follow Casey: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/12/231h 48m

Moment 139: "Your Inner Voice Is Limiting You!" How To Control The Negative Inner Thoughts: Mo Gowdat

In this moment, ex-chief business officer for Google X, Mo Gawdat asks the question, ‘what are the illusions that you are living under’? Mo believes, that for all of us, our view of reality is an illusion, and this can often become limiting or imprisoning. Too often this viewpoint of reality can lead to an identity you form that you feel that you have to stick with and cannot break away from. Furthermore, Mo says that for a lot of people, inner conflict comes when your actions don’t match with the inner feelings you have, so you don’t feel as if you’re fully complete. To overcome this, Mo says that we need to find balance within ourselves and that this balance can be broken down to smaller, more manageable sections that you can improve on every single day, as ultimately, this search for inner balance is a constant journey. Listen to the full episode here: Watch the Episodes On YouTube: Mo Gowdat: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/12/2315m 4s

Esther Perel (Love & Sex Expert): Why Men Love Porn More Than Their Partner! It's Time To Enjoy Sex Again! The Real Reason Men & Women Cheat!

If you enjoyed this video, I recommend you check out my conversation with dating expert Logan Ury, which you can find here: Why do people have affairs in happy relationships? Why does sex decline in some long term relationships and not others? Esther Perel is here to answer all of the biggest questions in sex and relationships. Esther Perel is a world-leading Belgian-American psychotherapist and relationship expert, best known for her work in human relationships and ‘erotic intelligence’. She is the New York Times best-selling author of, ‘Mating in Captivity’ and ‘The State of Affairs’, as well as the host of the podcast, ‘Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel’. Follow Esther: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/12/232h 2m

Mel Robbins: "Saying These 2 Words Will Fix Your Anxiety!" The New Trick For Stress, Anxiety & Breaking Every Bad Habit In 2024!

If you enjoyed this video, I recommend you check out my first conversation with Mel, which you can find here: From changing your life in 5 seconds, improving your relationships, and silencing your inner critic, Mel Robbins has all the tricks you need to change your life for the better. Mel Robbins is an American podcast host, author, motivational speaker, and former lawyer. She is the New York Times Bestselling author of books such as, ‘The 5 Second Rule’, and ‘The High 5 Habit’, and the host of the Webby award winning ‘The Mel Robbins Podcast’. In this conversation Mel and Steven discuss topics, such as: How to develop your own personal inner compass The importance of energy in decision making How to listen to your inner wisdom, gut feeling Why scary decisions are the right decision How to make a decision Why you fundamentally cannot change another human being Why it is so hard to change, and why change is hard How people are defined by their trauma Why you can't rely on motivation The biological events behind decision making How to start taking action The behaviour first approach How her ADHD diagnosis changed her The difference in ADHD between girls and boys No.1 consequence of undiagnosed ADHD The link between ADHD and trauma The effect of menopause on her Why people aren't happy The principles of happiness Why certain amounts of money can buy happiness The need to take the purusit of happiness seriously The addiction to being busy When she realised she needed to slow down How to know what your goals should be How she learnt the 'let them' theory Why we need to feel in control Why we get hooked into toxic dynamics Why we people please Why jealousy is more important than inspiration What the purpose of dreams are Follow Mel: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/12/231h 38m

Moment 138: The Power of Letting Go & Embracing the Unknown Bozoma Saint John

In this moment, the American businessperson and marketing executive, Bozoma Saint John discusses how to find your destiny. Bozoma says that too often people say that they just ‘fell into’ the job or industry they are in, when in fact she believes that this is destiny coming to find you and that we are constantly creating our destiny. She says that we underestimate the power of letting go of control (which is not the same as surrendering or giving up) as a way of opening up to different possibilities and routes to finding our destiny. As too often we bang our heads against closed doors, when instead there is an open door that is open on a different route. To realise this, she says we need to treat our powers of intuition like a muscle, ignoring external voices and opinions, training and growing your intuition to the point where you can have 100% faith in whatever it is telling you. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Bozoma: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/12/2317m 50s

The Man Who Followed Elon Musk Everywhere: "Elon's Dad Abused Him, His Trans Child Disowned Him, And Here Are His Secrets For Success!" Walter Isaacson

If you ever wanted to see inside the mind of the richest and most powerful man in the world, this episode is for you. Before becoming the world’s leading biographer, Walter Isaacson was formerly the chair and CEO of ’CNN’, the editor of ’Time’, and President and CEO of the ’Aspen Institute’. His best-selling biographies including, ‘Steve Jobs’, ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, ‘Einstein: His Life and Universe’, and most recently, 'Elon Musk'. In this conversation Walter and Steven discuss topics, such as: How he followed Elon Musk for 2 years Elon Musk’s childhood Elon’s abusive father The mental and physical scars of Elon’s childhood What haunts Elon Why Elon equates pain with love The 2 sides and personalities of Elon Elon’s ‘demon mode’ Why Elon loves drama and chaos What separates Elon from everyone else If he thinks Elon is a genius Elon’s first principle thinking Why Elon ignores rules and likes risk takers How 80% of people can’t work with Elon Why Elon bought Twitter How Twitter has hurt Elon Elon’s 3 aims for humanity Why there will be a mission to Mars in 30 years tim Elon’s rules for success How Elon and Steve Jobs changed reality Why Elon is not happy Elon and Jeff Bezo’s rivalry You can purchase Walter’s new biography, ‘Elon Musk’, here: Follow Walter: Instagram: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/11/231h 34m

Busta Rhymes: "His Death Stopped My Career!" Busta Rhymes Finally Opens Up About His Grief, Nearly Dying & How He Turned His Life Around!

If you enjoy hearing about inside the music industry and its artists, I recommend you check out my conversation with, which you can find here: From Trevor to Busta, love of the rap game to global success, and rock bottom to rebirth. This is Busta Rhymes as you’ve never heard him. Trevor George Smith Jr. or ‘Busta Rhymes’, first reached fame with the hip-hop group, ‘Leaders of the New School’, and began his solo rap career in 1996, since then has released 11 studio albums and received 12 Grammy Award nominations for his work. In this conversation Busta and Steven discuss topics, such as: Growing up in the hood Starting out in music Becoming an MC by accident Using rap as a way out of work Becoming addicted to entertaining and the reaction of people to his raps Rapping to protect himself Selling crack at 12 years old Failure not being an option for his father His father standing in the way of his musical career Getting booed off stage early in his career His mother signing his record deal at 17 years old What lessons he would tell his kids to reach success Why you need to be selfish to reach success His manger dying in 2012 How his manager taught him ever he knew His emotional down turn How his whole life was going in a totally different direction Why he couldn’t figure himself out Being on steroid pills How his son thought he was going to die You can listen to Busta’s newest album ‘Blockbusta’, here: Follow Busta: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/11/231h 34m

Moment 137: Finance Isn’t Rocket Science! The 2 Simple Skills Billionaires Use Everyday: Codie Sanchez

In this moment, investor and financial educator, Codie Sanchez discusses the first steps in understanding the game of finance and deals. Codie says herself that she is no financial genius, however with her background as a journalist, she is able to right the ask right questions to the right people in order to get the right answers. Through this she was able to infiltrate the world of finance and saw behind the curtain. Codie realised there is no difference between a $100 million deal and a $100,000 deal, all were just slight larger steps up the ladder. To see behind the curtain, Codie believes there are 2 key skills people need to realise: firstly, learn how to do deals, which is not complex but only made to seem complicated through financial language. Secondly, understanding the importance of connecting with the right people, online or IRL who can give you all the information you need about the business you are entering. Finally, Codie believes that we never actually sell anyone anything or convince them to do anything, but instead you connect with what people are already truly feeling. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Codie: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/11/2320m 31s

Doctor Jordan Peterson: "The NUMBER ONE Reason For Divorce!" & "The One Small Step You Have To Take To Turn Your Whole Life Around!"

Jordan Peterson became a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto in 1998, and since then has written 3 best selling books, ‘Maps of Meaning’, ‘12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos’, and ‘Beyond Order’. He is also the host of ‘The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast’. You can join Peterson Academy here: Follow Jordan: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23/11/231h 29m

The Coffee Expert: The Surprising Link Between Coffee, Mental Health, Depression & Heart Disease! James Hoffmann

If you enjoy hearing about the world of coffee, I recommend you check out my conversation with the founder of Pret, Julian Metcalfe, which you can find here: It’s the world’s most popular drink, with people drinking over 2 billion cups a day, but we still can’t agree on the most important facts about coffee. In this new episode Steven sits down with the world leading coffee expert, James Hoffmann. James won the World Barista Championship in 2007, is the co-founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters and through his YouTube channel has become one of the leading figures in the world of coffee. He is also the author of ‘The World Atlas of Coffee’ and ‘How to Make the Best Coffee at Home’. In this conversation James and Steven discuss topics, such as: Where coffee really comes from How coffee is the world's most popular drug Why you can't tell how much caffeine is in your coffee How to get the maximum benefit from coffee How he went from not drinking coffee to an expert in 2 years Why coffee costs so much The best high street coffee you can buy How we are all addicted to coffee Why you get the coffee jitters What is the lethal level of coffee How caffeine is an insect repellent The history of coffee How coffee changed the world Why 1 cup of coffee will increase your life How he became the world’s best barista The best way to make coffee How to have a better cup of coffee Why coffee pods are rubbish His favourite coffee How he made his passion his life Why he became obsessed by coffee How he learned to communicate You can purchase James’ most recent book, ‘How to Make The Best Coffee at Home’, here: Follow James: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/11/231h 24m

Moment 136: 3 VITAL Questions To Ask Yourself If You're Feeling Trapped In Life (Relationships, Work & Financially): Adam Alter

In this moment, professor of marketing and best-selling author, Adam Alter discusses how to become unstuck in life, work and relationships. The first thing is to understand what it actually means to become stuck, this often means judging whether to keep going with a particular path or to quit. In these instances Adam thinks it is best to think about the opportunity cost of leaving a goal behind, especially as research shows that it is nearly always a good idea to keep going beyond the point where it starts becoming hard as this is where growth happens. However, too often we quit as we view any sort of difficultly as a problem. One of the key ways that Adam thinks we can become unstuck is by simplifying a problem as much as possible, we can do this through what he calls a friction audit. This means knowing what is and isn’t important, what’s getting in the way, and how you can subtract it. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - James: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/11/2312m 43s

No.1 Neuroscientist: NEW Research Explains Why Life, Work & Your Sex Life will eventually get Boring! (HOW TO STOP THIS HAPPENING) Dr. Tali Sharot

Is new always better? Instead of always chasing the newest thing, is there not a way that you can appreciate the people and possessions already in your life? In this new episode Steven sits down again with leading neuroscientist, Dr. Tali Sharot. Dr. Tali Sharot is the director of the Affective Brain Lab and Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London. Sharot’s research combines neuroscience with the study of behaviour and psychology to examine how emotions and motivation lead to people’s beliefs and decisions. She is the author of the award-winning books, ‘The Optimism Bias’ and ‘The Influential Mind’. In this conversation Dr. Sharot and Steven discuss topics, such as: How to shake up your life Ways to break the feeling of being in a repetitive cycle Why people become immune to joy How to see what you’ve always missed How to have the best holiday Why you should take a break from your partner to improve your relationship How to keep a relationship spicey Why humans need the feeling of being in control The secrets of motivation Why the midlife crisis is real and the ways to beat it How VR can help people overcome fear Why happiness is low in midlife How to increase productivity Why humans get bored of happiness Why the idea of living your best life doesn’t exist Why people need to disrupt their life How to increase your levels of happiness Why 40% of people quit a new job How to use change to improve your life The ways that social media is like prison Why social media is ruining expectations Ways to make people believe you How changing incentives can change your life Why Gen Z will change the world People becoming addicted to risk Why risk can help get rid of anxiety The brain trick image Dr Tali refers to - You can pre-order Dr. Sharot’s new book, ‘Look Again: The Power of Noticing What was Always There’, here: If you enjoyed this episode, I recommend you check out my first conversation with Dr. Tali Sharot, which you can find here: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/11/231h 31m

Former No.1 Pick-Up Artist: “We’re Wired to Cheat After 7 Years”, “I Was In A Relationship With My Mum”, The True Danger Of Porn: Neil Strauss

What can the former world’s best pick up artist and now recovered sex addict teach you about love? In this new episode Steven sits down with 10x New York Times bestselling author, Neil Strauss. Neil Strauss is a former music critic, cultural reporter and ghostwriter, he is best known for his books, ‘The Game’ and ‘Rules Of The Game’ which documented the secret world of pickup artists. In this conversation Neil and Steven discuss topics, such as: How he went to rehab to overcome sex addiction His emotional evolution How he redefined his idea of love Dealing with a toxic relationship with a parent The reasons people have commitment issues Why dating is so hard Three steps for healing trauma How we are wired to cheat after 7 years in a relationship Why marriage is now a tick box exercise How to attract a perfect partner Why all relationship issues are historical The dangers of masturbation and porn What he learned as Kevin Hart’s ghostwriter The one attribute that made Kevin Hart a success Kevin Hart’s key to resistance How to overcome fear of abandonment Why your childhood is the reason behind your relationship problems The 5 things men need to do to find love How to break out of a toxic dating cycle Why checking a partners phone is cheating Living in a separate world when you cheat You can purchase Neil’s most recent book, ‘The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships’, here: You can purchase Neil's book, 'The Game: Undercover in the Secret Society of Pickup Artists', here: Follow Neil: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/11/231h 12m

Moment 135: Master The Art Of Controlling That Negative Voice: Yung Pueblo

In this moment, bestselling poet and author, Yung Pueblo discusses his mission in raising self-awareness and making people realise that healing is possible. When he was younger he believed that if you were sick mentally it was just something you had to deal with for life, however by radically changing himself through meditation and a different environment, he realised that healing is necessary to living a better life. Over time the difficult moments in our past build up in our mind, and we repeat cycles of thought and behaviour, healing allows us the freedom to escape this. However, Yung Pueblo believes the biggest challenge is that people doubt their own power and don’t understand their capacity, distracting themselves from their emotions. Instead we need to sit and embrace these difficult emotions that make us feel uncomfortable and be radically honest with ourself. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Yung Pueblo: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/11/2319m 41s

The Anti-Ageing Expert: "I Have The Erection Of An 18 Year Old!", "This Food Reverses Your Age!", "This Oil Reduces Inflammation by 85%!"

Can we slow down ageing? Could we even reverse it? And, is death potentially optional? In this new episode Steven sits down again with entrepreneur, anti-aging and longevity pioneer Bryan Johnson. In 2007, Bryan founded the payment processing company ‘Braintree’, and was soon 47th on Inc. magazine’s list of the fastest growing companies in America. Bryan sold Braintree in 2013 for $800 million. Since then he founded ‘Project Blueprint’ in 2021. ‘Blueprint’ is an algorithmic approach to optimal health and ageing reversal, Bryan is their first test subject. In this conversation Bryan and Steven discuss topics, such as: Fighting against depression for a decade in his early 20’s Wondering whether life was worth living Struggling to balance religion, marriage, and depression. Trying to find ways to overcome depression How he was able to find freedom Breaking free from a toxic relationship The algorithm that controls human behaviour The impact of negative self-talk Understanding his self-destructive tendencies His daily battles against harmful actions Confronting death How humans are self-sabotaging Recognising society's illness and self-harm. Why there is a collective existential crisis Why driving is the most dangerous act The impact of sleep Why it is possible for humans to live forever How he will live to 125 years old Why olive oil reverses ageing How he is tricking his DNA to reverse ageing Why he is measuring his night time erections You can follow all the work and progress of Bryan and Blueprint here: Follow Bryan: Instagram: Twitter: If you enjoyed this episode, I recommend you check out my first conversation with Bryan Johnson, which you can find here: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/11/231h 43m

The Savings Expert: “Do Not Buy A House!”, How To Turn £100 Into £1.5m Without Effort: Morgan Housel

Will money make you happy? How much is really enough? And how much should you save? Too often people don’t have the answers for the biggest financial questions in life, until now. In this new episode Steven sits down with world-renowned financial expert and best-selling author, Morgan Housel. Morgan Housel is a partner at the Collaborative Fund, a leading venture capital firm with a focus on technological companies. He is also the author of the book, ‘The Psychology of Money’, which has sold over 4 million copies. MarketWatch named him as one of 2022’s 50 most influential people in financial markets. In this conversation Morgan and Steven discuss topics, such as: How happiness is being in control and having freedom Why a lack of control can make your life crumble Why nobody actually cares about your material possessions The money games being played in society Why you should rent your home until you have kids His mission behind writing about money Why your relationship with money defines you How to gain introspection about your life and finances The randomness of financial crises Why you should have a deathbed perspective on work and savings How embrace failure can lead to huge successes The double life of billionaires: wealth and pressure The cost of a stressful job on health Why bad news travels faster Why growth comes from challenges and disasters How growth comes with stress and uncertainty Slow habits and their long term effects How personal tragedies shape life goals Why you should balance wealth with wellbeing Staying patient despite market upheavals The need for big, terrifying goals in business. The difference between being rich and feeling wealthy. Why a rising income doesn’t lead to happiness The meaning of authentic success You can purchase Morgan’s most recent book, ‘Same as Ever: Timeless Lessons on Risk, Opportunity and Living a Good Life’, here: Follow Morgan: Instagram: Twitter: Flightfund: If you enjoy hearing about how to master the world of finance, I recommend you check out my conversation with Ramit Sethi, which you can find here: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/11/231h 57m

Moment 134: 10 Hacks For The Perfect Memory: Jim Kwik

In this moment, brain training expert, Jim Kwik discusses some simple techniques to have a better memory and a higher functioning brain. Jim discusses how teaching is the best way to learn anything, and how all of learning is based on taking something you don’t know and connecting it to something you do know. He also gives his 10 keys for optimal brain health and his 3 PIE ingredients for a better memory: P for place, as we remember things based on where we put them in our mind. I for Imagine, as we remember things better when we can visualise them. Finally, E for entwine, as we need to connect both place and imagine for a better memory. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Jim: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/11/2325m 10s

The Exercise Expert: This Popular Lifestyle Is Killing 1 Person Every 33 Seconds! (The Comfort Crisis): Michael Easter

Is comfort killing you? And why can we never get enough of anything? Is the real way to find happiness by going against our most basic instincts? In this new episode Steven sits down with New York Times Bestselling author, Michael Easter. Michael Easter is the bestselling author of books such as ‘The Comfort Crisis’ and ‘The Scarcity Brain’. He was a senior editor at Men’s Health magazine and is currently a professor of journalism at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His writing has appeared in Men’s Health, Outside magazine, Men’s Journal, Cosmopolitan, Vice, Esquire, Scientific American, and Women’s Health. In this conversation Michael and Steven discuss topics, such as: How to get out of your comfort zone Why your comfortable life is killing you What is meant by healthy discomfort How 2% of people are willing to push beyond their comfort zones The difference between being lonely and alone The benefits of being alone But the negative impacts of being lonely Why loneliness is a killer How to make better long term decisions Why people with higher status live longer How noisy cities cause heart attacks and depression How to fix back pain The ways that taking the stairs will improve your health Why the world is becoming increasingly unhappy How activity in nature is better for your brain Why our ancestor were so much fitter than us How we’ve engineered meaning out of our lives Addiction being a spectrum we are all on Why moderation is not easy for humans What is the scarcity brain Why expectations often lead to unhappiness Fewer problems not necessarily leading to more happiness Embracing discomfort during crises You can purchase Michael’s most recent book, ‘Scarcity Brain: Fix Your Craving Mindset and Rewire Your Habits to Thrive with Enough’, here: If you enjoyed this video, I recommend you check out my conversation with Dr Peter Attia, which you can find here: Follow Michael: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/11/231h 46m

The ADHD Doctor: “I’ve Scanned 250,000 Brains” You (Steven Bartlett) Have ADHD! & Coffee Is Damaging Your Brain!!! Dr Daniel Amen

If your brain makes you ‘you’, how can you treat your brain so that you are the best possible version of you? In this new episode Steven sits down again with world-leading psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist, Dr. Daniel Amen. Dr. Daniel Amen is the founder of Amen Clinics, which has the world’s largest database of 225,000 brain scans for psychiatry, he is also the founder of BrainMD, a company specialising in brain-directed supplements. Dr. Amen has provided brain scans for celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Justin Bieber, and is a 12-time New York Times best-selling author. In this conversation Dr. Amen and Steven discuss topics, such as: His aim of creating a revolution in brain health Why brain and not mental disorders are the key issue Depression comes from brain health How optimising your brain will optimise your life The difference between physical trauma and emotional trauma Why playing racket sports will make you live longer The scan of Steven’s brain Steven’s ADHD and how to live with ADHD Why orange juice can make your brain worse The importance of blood flow to the brain How caffeine and nicotine constricts blood flow to the brain When you stop learning your brain starts dying How loneliness accelerates dementia Depression doubling the risk of Alzheimer's in women Why he doesn’t believe in the power of positive thinking Screen time creating anxiety and depression How sleep cleans the brain Sugars damaging impact on the brain Why not flossing can make you depressed How your body wash is poisoning you Ways to stop negative thinking The impact of certain fatty foods on reducing Alzheimer’s How weight gain is making you dumb You can purchase Dr. Amen’s most recent book, ‘Change Your Brain Every Day: Simple Daily Practices to Strengthen Your Mind, Memory, Moods, Focus, Energy, Habits, and Relationships’, here: Follow Dr. Amen: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/10/231h 50m

Moment 133: Behaviour Change Scientist Reveals A Simple Solution To Imposter Syndrome: Shahroo Izadi

In this moment, behavioural change specialist Shahroo Izadi discusses how to overcome imposter syndrome. Shahroo defines imposter syndrome as not being able to internalise your accomplishments, so that even the most successful people never feel as if they are enough. This is all linked to low self-worth, shame and guilt, coming from not being able to give yourself permission to accept that what others made find easy you find difficult. As you will need to change habits your whole life, Shahroo believes that you need to change the conversations you have with yourself, feeling smart, calm and proud of yourself so that you can reframe challenges to opportunities for showing your capacity. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Shahroo - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/10/2317m 48s

The Love Expert: Why Women Are Addicted To F**k Boys & Why You Should "Have A 'Boring' Relationship Instead!" Logan Ury

Are we our own worst enemies when it comes to romance? What if instead, we dated like a scientist, using equations and analysis, rather than feelings and attraction to find love. In this new episode Steven sits down with dating coach and behavioural scientist, Logan Ury. Logan is a behavioural expert, dating coach and Director of Relationship Science at the dating app, Hinge. She is also the author of the book, ‘How To Not Die Alone’, which outlines the scientific theories she uses with her clients to help them find love. In this conversation Logan and Steven discuss topics, such as: Why Logan is a dating coach and her work with Hinge How she helps people get out of their own way and find their dating blindspots The ways that modern dating is very new for history Researching the dating habits of Gen Z Hiring a dating coach for herself How Logan found her husband at work Attachment theory and its importance for dating How you can change your attachment style The negativity bias and how our brain runs on ancient software Why you should go for a securely attached person who may seem boring The reasons that securely attached people are the heroes of the dating world Why people are so addicted to f**k boys The importance of taking a break during a fight Understanding our dating patterns and how we can change them The secretary problem and the maths of when to stop looking and choose someone Digital Body Language and how it impacts dating Why people confuse ‘ick’s’ for dealbreakers Why you should overcome your ‘ick’s’ The 3 most common dating tendencies and unrealistic expectations Why the dating environment is so important How to date like a scientist Why you shouldn't try to be perfect on a date Vulnerability as a magnet for connection The post date 8 checklist Why you should ignore the spark and focus on the slow burn What things matter less than people think for relationships and what do they underestimate Why you need to be able to fight well in a relationship The tips and tricks to a dating profile why vulnerability is strength The difference between a maximiser and a satisfier Logan’s husbands cancer Living on a commune You can find out which of the 3 dating tendencies you are with Logan’s quiz, here: You can purchase Logan’s book, ‘How to Not Die Alone: The Surprising Science That Will Help You Find Love’, here: Follow Logan: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/10/231h 49m

The Junk Food Doctor: "This Food Is Worse Than Smoking!" & "This Diet Prevents 60% Of Disease!" - Chris Van Tulleken (Ultra-Processed People Author)

What if what you were eating wasn’t really food but an industrially produced edible substance, and your diet was worse for you than smoking? In this new episode Steven sits down with doctor and New York Times bestselling author, Chris van Tulleken. Dr. Chris van Tulleken is an infectious diseases doctor and one of the BBC’s leading science presenters, appearing on shows such as, ‘The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs’, ‘Trust Me, I’m A Doctor’ and ‘Operation Ouch!’. He is the author of the Sunday Times bestselling book, ‘Ultra-Processed People’. In this conversation Dr. Chris and Steven discuss topics, such as: What is ‘Ultra-Processed Food’ Why 80% of the average diet is not real food The ways that ultra-processed food can impact your health How there is a pandemic of junk food Dr Chris’s experiment of living of ultra-processed food The ways that junk food is causing a public health emergency The ways that your diet can be deadlier than smoking The lies we’ve been told about 'health' food Why ‘health’ food isn’t actually healthy The ways that food guidelines are actually nonsense How half the world’s population is predicted to become obese in 12 years time Why exercise can't burn off fat fast enough How we are tackling obesity in the wrong way The impact of a Ultra-Processed diet on intelligence How you can inherit obesity The ways that food companies have made their food addictive How food companies are like the mafia Ways that food companies target us with ultra-processed food How ultra-processed food can be more addictive that nicotine How the average diet is making people not just fatter but shorter Why we need to start a food revolution You can purchase Chris’ most recent book, ‘Ultra-Processed People: Why Do We All Eat Stuff That Isn’t Food … and Why Can’t We Stop?’, here: Follow Chris: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23/10/231h 39m

Moment 132: Triple Your Life Expectancy With These 3 Health Hacks! (Verified By Dana White): Gary Brecka

In this moment, Human Biologist and Biohacker, Gary Brecka discusses how he tripled Dana White’s life expectancy, and how you can increase yours. Gary describes the President of the UFC, Dana White, as just one more example of someone who had given up on their ability to thrive. This included carrying too much weight, waking up sore and being over medicated. Starting from a life threatening alert on Dana’s blood work, in 10 weeks Gary was able to change Dana’s life around, and by the end of 5 months he was off every medication, lost 40 pounds and said that he had no idea that he could feel as good as he did. Gary says that you can copy these amazing results with 3 simple steps: breath work, connecting to the surface of the earth, and become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Gary: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/10/2325m 23s

Sadhguru (World’s No.1 Guru) PREDICTS: "There Is A Mental Health Pandemic Coming! & We Are On The Brink Of Extinction!"

If you enjoy hearing about the spiritual aspects of life, I recommend you check out my conversation with Deepak Chopra, which you can find here: There is no meaning to life and there is no ‘you’, but knowing this is how you take control of your life both inside and out. In this new episode Steven sits down with world famous yogi, Sadhguru. Sadhguru is an Indian spiritual teacher who has been teaching yoga since 1982. He the founder and head of the non-profit spiritual organisation, the Isha Foundation, and has been named one of India’s 50 most influential people. He is the bestselling author of the books, ‘Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy’, ‘Karma: A Yogi's Guide to Crafting Your Destiny’ and ‘Death; An Inside Story’ In this conversation Sadhguru and Steven discuss topics, such as: Why we are wealthier than any other generation but are still unhappy The need for humanity to become conscious How to fight the mental health pandemic The coming suicide pandemic The price we pay for comfort How to raise human consciousness What he learned from his enlightenment Why people are miserable Human nature of being greedy and wanting to expand The technology we can use to expand consciousness What is the real 'you' How to never suffer again Why heaven is here and now What life really is Why compulsion is the main problem in life The need for a instruction manual for life Why people aren't thinking enough How to control everything inside you Why your emotions are in your hands Leaving his mother on her deathbed The ways that competition is a sickness Why trauma is an excuse How we only use one dimension of our intelligence The ways logic is ruining your life Why you should stop trying to be a good person How having a purpose is wrong Why there is no meaning to life You can purchase Sadhguru’s most recent book, ‘Karma: A Yogi's Guide to Creating Your Own Destiny: A Yogi's Guide to Crafting Your Destiny’, here: Follow Sadhguru: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/10/231h 17m

Jada Pinkett Smith (EXCLUSIVE): “I just wanted to stay ALIVE until 4pm!”, “Me & Will Are NOT Together”, “Tupac Kissed Me TWICE!”

If you enjoy hearing about the hidden side of Hollywood, I recommend you check out my conversation with Cole Sprouse, which you can find here: Drug dealer, Hollywood star, wife, mother, icon. Jada Pinkett Smith is dismantling her defences and revealing all. In this new episode Steven sits down with global superstar, Jada Pinkett Smith. Jada Pinkett Smith is an American actor who has appeared in films such as, ‘The Nutty Professor’, ‘Magic Mike XXL’ and ‘The Matrix Resurrections’. She is the co-host of the talk show ‘Red Table Talk’, and was named as one of Time magazines’ 100 Most Influential people in 2021. In this conversation Jada and Steven discuss topics, such as: How drugs were here parents priority Taking to the streets to find her identity and self-worth Being told by her father that he couldn’t be her father Using acting and art as an outlet and a way to escape Acting as a way to escape The domestic violence she experienced Wanting to be a hustler and big time drug dealer Drug dealing as a teenager Trying to created herm own safety, security and protection Growing up in a ‘war zone’ and getting used to violence and vigilance Getting a gun pointed to her head at 17 years old Being ‘out of her mind’ and fearless Coming to Hollywood in survival mode Being misunderstood all her life Never feeling as if you have ‘arrived’ and wanting to be loved Meeting Tupac at 14 years old Kissing Tupac and their relationship The greatness of Tupac Meeting Will Smith for the first time How Will Smith taught her never judge a book by its cover Having a mental breakdown and wanting to die Buying a farmhouse to escape Hollywood to build a quiet life Seeing Tupac in Rikers Island prison The last time she ever saw Tupac Still working out her relationship with grief Feeling spiritually bankrupt at the peak of her success Abandoning herself to Will Smith’s dreams The flaws of the romantic dream Being told by Will to go make herself happy Detoxing her need for outside validation and perfection Waking up everyday and just trying to make it to 4pm Planning her suicide to look like an accident Feeling as if she was born broken ‘The Slap’ and taking the blame for events Why ‘The Slap’ was never about her You can purchase Jada’s new memoir, ‘Worthy’, here: Follow Jada: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/10/231h 40m

Moment 131: Why You Need To Start Embracing ALL Your Emotions: Dr. Julie Smith

In support of world mental health day 3 days ago we're releasing a moment that we believe will help our listeners on the topic of supporting their mental health. In this weeks moment, discover the key to mastering your emotions in this insightful discussion with clinical psychologist, Dr. Julie Smith. In life, we often face two prevailing philosophies: suppress your emotions and power through, or embrace them wholeheartedly. But what if both of these paths lead to unexpected pitfalls? Join Dr. Julie Smith as she unravels the secrets to emotional harmony. Learn how therapy can provide you with the essential tools to navigate your emotions, to gradually confront them, and to understand your actions without judgment. Listen to the full episode here - Dr Julie - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/10/2310m 31s

Doctor Gabor Mate: I Regret My Interview With Prince Harry! The Shocking Link Between Kindness & Illness!

Being nice is bad for your health, while being angry is healthy, Dr. Gabor Mate unpacks the inner depths that lie beneath the personality you show to the world. In this new episode Steven sits down again with world-renowned trauma and addiction expert, Dr. Gabor Mate. Dr. Gabor Mate is a physician and an expert on addiction, stress and childhood development. For 12 years, Gabor worked in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside with patients challenged by drug addiction, mental illness and HIV. He has over 20 years of family practice and palliative care experience. His books include: ‘When the Body Says No’, ‘In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction’ and most recently, ‘The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture’. In this conversation Gabor and Steven discuss topics, such as: His tough year His biggest self-criticisms Why you don't have to identify with emotions The importance of saying ‘no’ Why he can't follow his own advice Losing himself with success His interview with Prince Harry Why he regrets this interview What he learned about Prince Harry How Prince Harry was a traumatised child The importance of asking for help The need to reconnect to our gut feelings Why gut feelings are everything How we play out our traumas Why women take the pain for both partners in a couple How repressing anger makes you sick Why you need healthy anger The ways that repressing emotions makes you sick The worst part of trauma How being nice hurts your health Why people need to be angry Why people pleasers are unhealthy How you can inherit stress The power of knowing your trauma The need to learn how to breath Why people are having sex too soon How success will never give inner peace The goal you should chase in life You can purchase Dr. Mate’s most recent book, ‘The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture’, here: Follow Gabor: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/10/231h 53m

Airbnb CEO: “IT WAS SO DARK WE NEARLY DIED!”. I Was Lonely, Deeply Sad & Wanted To Be Loved! [INSPIRING!] Brian Chesky

If you enjoyed hearing about the highs and lows of creating the world’s biggest brands, I recommend you listen to my conversation with Spotify founder, Daniel Ek, here: Is being an artist the secret behind running a Fortune 500 company? In this new episode Steven sits down again with the co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky. Brian created ‘Airbed and Breakfast’ in 2007 with his college friend Joe Gebbia as a scheme to pay their rent. Cut to 2020, when Airbnb became a public company, with its initial public offering reaching $100 billion, one of the highest in history. Brian has been named by Forbes as one of America's Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40, and one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People. In this conversation Brian and Steven discuss topics, such as: His difficult childhood Always feeling like an outsider and different How his art teacher changed his life The way industrial design shaped his career as a CEO Always wanting to design his own world Wanting to escape his childhood His work addiction Working as a way of finding love How success is isolating What no one told him about success The need to fight to be connected with people Why success won't fix you How Obama changed his life The life changing impact of one text message His biggest regret The impact of Walt Disney upon him How creativity changes the world Airbnb initially just being a way to pay the rent How creativity beats data Why more companies need creativity and heart Why company culture is everything The importance of leaders as examples How your worst moments define you Airbnb’s fight for survival What he learned about true happiness The world’s loneliness pandemic Follow Brian: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/10/231h 38m

Moment 130: Shopify's President: The 1 Skill You MUST Have To Thrive In Business: Harley Finkelstein

In this moment, the President of Shopify, Harley Finkelstein, discusses why having a diverse skillset is the best way to stand out in your industry and a way of becoming invaluable. A lot of the time you may think that having diverse skills in the form of hobbies or curiosities are a waste of time and take attention away from your main area of focus or business. However, Harley believes that these skills are actually priceless for an entrepreneur and leader, so much so that he attended law school just to become a better entrepreneur.  Listen To The Full Episode Here - Watch The Episodes On Youtube - Harley: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/10/2318m 25s

The Food Doctor: "Extra Protein Is Making You Fatter!" The 6 Food Lies Everyone Still Believes! (Brand NEW Food Science) - Tim Spector

Coffee is good for you, but orange juice is bad for you, and supposedly ‘healthy’ food isn’t healthy. The food doctor is here to set the record straight on the perfect diet. In this new episode Steven sits down again with the world-renowned nutritional expert, Dr Tim Spector OBE. Dr Spector is Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London, and is the director of the Twins UK study. He is also co-founder of the in-depth nutritional analysis company, Zoe. He is the author of the bestselling books, ‘Food for Life’ , ‘The Diet Myth’, and ‘Spoon Fed’. In this conversation Tim and Steven discuss topics, such as: Why he started talking in public about food His initial research focused on genes and obesity Starting to think about his own mortality The benefits of improving diet and gut health The diseases linked to poor nutrition How food impacts mood and energy Obesity only being a small side effect of poor diet The impact a poor diet can have in your future The importance of the speed and when you eat The impact of the menopause of the gut microbiome Why quality of food is more important than quantity Foods impact on fertility and libido Why supplements like protein are not necessary What is fibre How 95% people are not eating enough fibre Tim’s health hacks The importance of a healthy microbiome The benefits of fermented food Why different countries have better gut microbiomes The negative impacts of Ultra Processed Foods Why unhealthy snacking can impact a healthy diet The worst time for snacking How there is a snack epidemic and the need to change it Why healthy food doesn’t have health labels Perfect food habits The need to follow the 80/20 principle around diet Why coffee is good for you and improves your health How coffee is better for you than orange juice What diet advice has he changed his mind on Why drinking lots of water is not necessary Tim’s daily food routine Why certain fruits are better for you than others How there needs to be more nuisance to diet advice Why the carnivore diet is wrong Is artificial sweetener worse than sugar The truth about weight loss and need for sustainability His thoughts on Ozempic The need to stop thinking about calories and focus on food quality The benefits and negatives of not drinking alcohol The link between sleep and the microbiome His views on fasting You can purchase Tim’s most recent book, ‘Food for Life: The New Science of Eating Well’, here: Follow Tim: Instagram: Twitter: You can listen to Zoe's podcast here: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/10/231h 47m

The Relationships Professor: “This Is An Emergency!” The Number Of Men Having No Sex Increased 180%! (Why This Is Dangerous & How We Fix It)

From financial literacy to modern masculinity, Prof G has a theory for everything. In this new episode Steven sits down with world-leading marketing guru, Professor Scott Galloway. Scott began his career as a Fixed Income Analyst at Morgan Stanley, and in 1992 he started his journey as a serial entrepreneur, founding the brand and marketing consultancy firm, ‘Prophet’, the e-commerce site, ‘RedEnvelope’, and digital intelligence firm, L2 Inc’. In 2017, he released his New York Times bestselling book, ‘The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google’. Scott is a Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business and host of ‘The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway’. In this conversation Scott and Steven discuss topics, such as: The biggest problem facing men Why we need to speak about men Where we are going wrong with men How young people are doing worse that their parents Why levels of suicide is increasing I could have come off the tracks Why young men are struggling Why kids don't have social skills How marriage is now viewed as a luxury item The future of AI and sex bots ruining relationships Why a partner is the key to a happy life The ways that rejection is the key to success The benefits of quitting porn The key to financial security Why you shouldn’t follow your passion The way to get rich by living below your means Why you should assume you aren't smarter than anyone else Patience as the key to getting rich How to start investing and Scott’s success with investing Why financial literacy is essential What is the ultimate expression of masculinity Why young men need role models The most dangerous thing about Andrew Tate What really impresses people Why luxury items are about sex and god What made Scott hyper focused Why you should do an audit on your life How the solutions to world problems are simple Why we should give young people money The ways that masculinity has been hijacked You can purchase Scott’s most recent book, ‘Adrift: 100 Charts that Reveal Why America is on the Brink of Change’, here: Follow Scott: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/10/231h 56m

Moment 129: Life Changing Lessons From The World's Longest (85 Years) Study On Happiness: Dr Robert Waldinger

In this moment, the director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the longest study of humans ever, Dr. Robert Waldinger gives the answers to some of the most important questions in life. Most people don’t know what they want are very bad at knowing what will make them happy, for instance, fame, wealth and achievements have all been shown to not affect happiness. However, Dr. Waldinger reveals that relationships are the number one factor for keeping humans healthier and happier, this is because relationships make us feel that we are connected and that we belong in the world. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Robert: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/09/2319m 6s

Spotify Founder: “Spotify Was A Stupid Idea!” How A 23 Year Old Shy, Underdog, Introvert, Built A $31 Billion Business! - Daniel Ek

How to go from the Swedish housing projects to billionaire CEO of Spotify. In this new episode Steven sits down with the co-founder and CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek. Daniel Ek is a Swedish entrepreneur who started his first company in 1997 at just 14 years old. He eventually dropped out of college and founded the online marketing firm, Advertigo, which he sold in 2006 to the Swedish company Tradedoubler at 23 years old. Coming out of early retirement, Daniel founded Spotify alongside Martin Lorentzon in 2006. In this conversation Daniel and Steven discuss topics, such as: His childhood in a single parent household The importance of his mother in his success Growing up in the Swedish projects Coming from a musical family Overcoming being an introvert His ability to adapt to changing situations Not fitting in when he was growing up How his difference helped in his later success Starting his first company while at school How people worry more about failing then succeeding Why effort can’t always beat talent People not understanding what it’s actually like to be a billionaire How spare time is now his most important currency Why the idea of success through University is outdated What football taught him about business Retiring at 23 years old Why he found being rich and successful depressing How the idea of ‘why-not’ helped to create Spotify Realising that he had approached his career in the wrong way How Spotify nearly collapsed 4 times The importance of culture in organisations Why you should take the risk of betting on yourself Follow Daniel: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/09/231h 26m

No.1 Neuroscientist: Why You Should Always Look Into Someone’s Left Eye! & How Stress Leaks Through Skin, Is Contagious & Gives You Belly Fat! Dr. Tara Swart

Have you ever want to change your mind? Well what if you changed your brain instead? In this new episode Steven sits down with neuroscientist, executive advisor and author, Dr Tara Swart Bieber.  Dr Swart, has a PHD in Neuropharmacology and a past successful career medical doctor as a psychiatrist. From there she transferred into becoming a top level leadership coach, specialising in improving mental resilience in CEO’s and helping them to operate at peak brain performance. Her clients include leaders of FTSE100, Fortune 500 and Magic Circle firms. She is a Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan, and the author of the bestselling book, ‘The Source’.  In this conversation Tara and Steven discuss topics, such as: How emotions are contagious Neuroscience tricks for love and connection How Tara uses neuroscience to help leaders  Using neuroscience to handle stress How stress can make you fat  The way that exercise can combat stress How the brain cleans itself  The chemical nature of love How to improve relationships using neuroscience Why your gut instinct is real Why the world needs a spiritual revolution The impact of porn on the brain  How your friendship group impacts your brain and health The ways to physically change your brain How trauma can be inherited  How trauma changes your genes  The ways that you can train and strengthen your brain How exercise can change the brain The science of the law of attraction and manifestation Changing the voice in your head How your thoughts can stop you ageing  You can purchase Tara’s book, ‘The Source’, here: Follow Tara: Instagram:  Twitter:  Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25/09/232h 5m

Moment 128: How To Fix Your Sexless Relationship: Tracey Cox

Discover the keys to reigniting intimacy in your relationship with renowned relationship expert Tracey Cox. This insightful guide offers practical advice and proven strategies to help you and your partner reconnect, rekindle desire, and build a fulfilling, passionate love life. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Tracey: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/09/2313m 22s

Nick Cannon: How I ACCIDENTALLY Built A $1.3 Billion Business & My Ex-Wife Mariah Carey Saved My Life!

Nick Cannon has lived many different lives, and if you ask him he’s won them all.  In this new episode Steven sits down with TV host, actor, rapper, and comedian, Nick Cannon. At 16 years old, Nick began performing stand-up comedy, a year after this he appeared on the Nickelodeon sketch series, ‘All That’, as a writer for the show, at 17 years old, he became the youngest writer in TV history. Nick made the move into film in 2002, appearing in ‘Drumline’, and in 2005, he created, produced and hosted the MTV improv comedy series ‘Wild ’N Out’. From 2009 to 2016, Nick was the host of ‘America’s Got Talent’. In this conversation Nick and Steven discuss topics, such as: The power of optimism in his life  How imagination was his superpower as a child His unorthodox childhood  His father turning his life around  The importance of gratitude in his life  Going down the wrong path in his childhood Starting doing stand up comedy at 11 years old Being wise beyond his years  His connection with Jamie Foxx  Living his life in the public eye  Believing in luck rather than alignment  Speaking himself into existence  His ADHD and not being challenged when he was younger Meeting Will Smith at 16 years old  The lessons he learned from Will Smith Losing his TV show at 19 years old  Likeminded people intuitively connecting and coming together Becoming the youngest ever TV writer  The career advice he would give to his children  How fun is the battery for success  The importance of intuition in the world  Sad money vs happy money  The negativity of the music industry  The power of narcism and the need to balance it Self funding and taking a risk on ‘Wild N Out’ The importance of owning your intellectual property  Wild N Out being an platform for young talent  Wild N Out being a billion dollar business Working with Kehlani in her early career Why he struggles with signing young artists  Why networking is overrated  Being an outgoing introvert  Being diagnosed with lupus at 32 years old  His near death experience  Facing his own mortality  The death of his child How grieving is forever Turning grief into purpose  The 20th season of Wild ’N Out’ premiered on VH1 on the 6th July.  Follow Nick: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/09/231h 46m

The No.1 Celebrity Therapist: The WEIRD Trick To Get Your Sex Life Back, Fix Erections & Increase Fertility! - Marisa Peer

Lie to yourself to have a better life! In this new episode Steven sits down for a second time with world renowned therapist and founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy, Marisa Peer.  Starting in 1984, Marisa has worked as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist for over 30 years. During this time she has worked with rock stars, CEOs, Olympic athletes, royalty, and Oscar-winning actors. To make her life changing techniques of hypnosis and hypnotherapy available to everyone, Marisa founded the award-winning Rapid Transformational Therapy. She is also the best selling author of six books helping readers with everything from weight loss to confidence.  In this conversation Marisa and Steven discuss topics, such as: Why you should constantly choose and question your beliefs  Why you should lie to yourself  How your mind’s job is to make your thoughts real  The rules of how the mind works Why you don’t need to change events but change the way you think about events How you act according to the way you define yourself  How having or not having erections is based on what you think The damage that porn is causing  How porn is impacting sex lives Why people have affairs  The difference between intimacy and eroticism The power of fantasy on relationships  Re-finding the thrill in a relationship The most common sex problems in relationships  The importance of bringing a feeling of newness into relationships  When you can’t say something, your body will say it  Why there will never be a person that meets all your needs Choosing your battles and arguments in a relationship The need to be proactive when looking for love Why you should make a list to find love The importance of knowing you are worthy of love  Why you should put yourself around people you want to be with  How people can sense your level of self worth Why you should find self worth internally rather than externally  How what you learn is what you live  You can purchase Marisa’s most recent book, ‘Tell Yourself a Better Lie’, here: Follow Marisa: Instagram:  Youtube: FULL CLIP (Steve gets hypnotised): Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now: Follow me:  Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors:  Eight sleep: CODE: STEVEN (save $150 on the Pod Cover) Huel: Whoop: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/09/231h 21m

Moment 127: How To Build Unbreakable Confidence By Making This ONE Promise To Yourself: Chris Williamson

In this moment, YouTuber and podcaster Chris Williamson gives his best advice for building confidence. Chris believes that the most important step for achieving confidence is to lead with action. Acting first is more important than starting with positive thinking, as this positivity can easily be crushed by negativity. To being on the road to confidence, you should start with an incredibly small step and easy promises that you will never break. Chris says that little by little these small steps will compound until you have undeniable proof of past actions that you can feel truly proud and confident for achieving.  Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Chris: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/09/2311m 46s

Ashley Walters (Top Boy): "Me & Kano Didn't Have The Greatest Time!". The Unheard TRUTH About Top Boy, Career Rejection & Personal Grief!

In this new episode Steven sits down with rapper and actor, Ashley Walters. From Asher D to Top Boy, prison to fame, Ashley Walters refuses to be told what he can or can’t do. Ashley first gained popular attention in 2001 as Asher D, a member of British Rap Group, ‘So Solid Crew’. Acting in TV shows since he was 10 years old, in 2004 Ashley broke into film with, ‘Bullet Boy’, for which he was named Best Newcomer at the British Independent Film Awards. This led to roles in major Hollywood blockbusters such as ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. In 2011, Ashley starred as Dushane in the massively popular TV show, ‘Top Boy’.  In this conversation Ashley and Steven discuss topics, such as: Attending therapy  His relationship with his father  His anger with the world as a teenager His father’s time in prison  Looking for father figures and role models Joining So Solid Crew for belonging  Being a people pleaser and not feeling good enough His last encounter with his father  The lessons he learned from his dying father  Not grieving for his father  Being a perfectionist  Obsessing over the fact that he was going to die young His experience of prison  Being constantly motivated Having a strict upbringing  They key to his talent  Wanting to escape being himself  Being naturally shy  Using acting as a way to escape trauma  The tough life of acting  Turning adversity into motivation Moving into being a director Always needing the next challenge in his life His depression during the Coronavirus pandemic  The importance of forgiveness  His relationship with his wife  Struggling with opening up with his emotions Fatherhood Not having the greatest relationship with some of his children Top Boy How the script for Top Boy got Ashley hooked Why Channel 4 didn’t make a third season of Top Boy Why Top Boy became the success it did  How he will push himself for an acting role  Filming the last season of Top Boy His future Top Boy opening the door for black British culture worldwide Follow Ashley: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14/09/231h 43m

Trinny Woodall: How She Went From Drug Addict To Building A $300m Business Empire!

Age is bulls**t! From ‘What Not To Wear’ to a skincare and make-up empire, Trinny proves energy is everything. In this new episode, Steven sits down with fashion guru and CEO, Trinny Woodall. Trinny became a household name in 2001 as co-host for the makeover TV series ‘What Not To Wear’. This continued for 5 seasons and earned a Royal Television Society Award. In 2017, Trinny launched her direct-to-consumer beauty brand, Trinny London, this has been recognised as one of the fastest-growing brands in Europe. You can purchase Trinny's new book, 'Fearless' here: You can purchase all of Trinny London’s products here: Follow Trinny:  Instagram: Twitter:  YouTube:  Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/09/231h 15m

Moment 126: How To Master The Consistency Of Achieving Your Goals & Sticking To Them: Nir Eyal

In this moment, the behavioural design and productivity expert, Nir Eyal discusses how the belief that you only have a limited amount of willpower is actually a self-limiting myth. Instead, using scientific studies Nir shows that willpower is a limitless resource. Similarly, Nir says the single factor for why you don’t achieve your goals is from the emotion of not feeling like doing the gradual work it takes to accomplish them. It is because of this that you quit and fail. To prevent this, Nir believes you should act now with the same attributes and values you would want in your future self, the future you that has achieved these targets and goals.  Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Nir: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/09/2314m 58s

The Breathing Expert: Breathing Through Your Mouth Can Cause ADHD, Diabetes & Child Sickness! (Must Listen): James Nestor

The Breathing Expert: Breathing Through Your Mouth Can Cause ADHD, Diabetes & Child Sickness! (Must Listen): James Nestor Every breathe you take fundamentally impacts all areas of your health and wellbeing. However, 98% of people are breathing incorrectly.  In this new episode Steven sits down with the award-winning author and science journalist James Nestor. In 2020, James released his New York Times and internationally bestselling book, “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art”. It was awarded the prize for Best General Nonfiction Book of 2020 by the American Society of Journalists and Authors, it was a finalist for Best Science Book of 2021 by the Royal Society, and has been translated into 35 languages. In this conversation James and Steven discuss topics, such as: The one breathwork session that changed James’ life How 98% of people are breathing incorrectly  Why we have adapted to breathing incorrectly How human skulls have changed over time The ancient history of breathwork Why you should rethink how you breathe The impact of incorrect breathing Links between breathing and overall health   The damage of mouth breathing  How mouth breathing can lead to diabetes The ways that poor breathing affect sleep How breathing can impact ADHD Why asthma is not a life sentence  How to breathe for a longer life  How having bigger lungs can lead to a longer life Breathing techniques to tackle stress Ways to hack anxiety  How indoor carbon dioxide is impacting intelligence Why millions of children are ill from incorrect breathing  Whether to wear a face mask or not You can purchase James’ book, ‘Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art’, here: You can get yourself a CO2 monitor here: Follow James: Instagram:  Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/09/231h 59m

Google DeepMind Co-founder: AI Could Release A Deadly Virus - It’s Getting More Threatening! Mustafa Suleyman

AI is going to change everything, but can we control AI or will AI control us? In this new episode Steven sits down with AI pioneer and co-founder of DeepMind, Mustafa Suleyman CBE. In 2010, Mustafa co-founded the British Artificial Intelligence company DeepMind. Four years later DeepMind was bought by Google, and Mustafa became its Head of Applied AI. Later in 2019, Mustafa left DeepMind to work for Google, and in 2022 he left Google to co-found the startup, Inflection AI. The goal of Inflection AI is to use AI in order to help humans speak with computers, and in 2023 they released ‘Pi’, a personal AI chatbot. In this conversation Mustafa and Steven discuss topics, such as: His strict religious childhood Dropping out of Oxford University Helped to found DeepMind The core goal of DeepMind How intelligence can be defined as information processing and prediction. The history of previous groundbreaking technologies How technological changes come in waves AI's potential to advance civilisation What the world will look like in 2050 How AI will develop alongside other technologies such as biotechnology The race to create more powerful AI Making AI a tool that works for humans His aim of creating personal AI The chances of AI getting out of control The limitations of AI How AI could be exploited by criminals How we cannot have a short term mentality about AI The responsibility of AI creators His thoughts on the chances of containing AI The problems to containing or slowing down AI The need for a global containment policy on AI Lessons from WW2 we can use in tackling AI You can purchase Mustafa’s book, ‘The Coming Wave’, here: Follow Mustafa: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/09/231h 47m

Moment 125: The Marketing Professor: The Biggest Business Mistake You’re Probably Making Without Realising It

In this moment, the advertising and marketing expert Rory Sutherland, discusses the number one curse of modern businesses. Rory believes that too many companies are following the false goal of finding the perfect measurement of spending to outcome. This can led to companies obsessing over what can be measured and underinvesting on the things that really matter but are hard to quantify, this can include fundamental targets such as customer loyalty and repeat purchasing. A further flaw in this way of thinking is that all data that leads these decisions comes from the past, which means there is a limit on what big data can tell you about future spending. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On YouTube - Rory: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/09/2311m 22s

The Body Language Expert: 4 Body Language Tricks That Will Make Them Love You And Respect You! - Doctor Amy Cuddy

Can changing the way you stand transform your life? In this new episode Steven sits down with the body language expert, social psychologist, and bestselling author, Dr. Amy Cuddy. For over 20 years, Dr. Cuddy has focused on researching stereotyping, nonverbal behaviour, and presence and performance under stress. Her TED Talk, ‘Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are’ has been viewed over 23 million times, and her book, ‘Presence’ is a New York Times bestseller. In this conversation Amy and Steven discuss topics, such as: How all humans have prejudices Why prejudice is not necessarily always negative The cognitive shortcuts of biases The way to overcome your biases How to change the way you feel with body language Why she started studying body language The importance of body language How your body is giving off more signs than you think Popular myths about body language Using body language to become more attractive How breathing can impact confidence Why imposter syndrome should be called imposter experience How changing your posture affects how you feel The signs that you have bad body language The way you sleep can be the cause anxiety Using mind-body feedback to improve how you feel How to beat stage fright Strategies for being more confident in any situation How to make people feel more comfortable around you Why eye contact isn’t as important as you think You can purchase Amy’s book, ‘Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges’, here: Follow Amy: Instagram: LinkedIn: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31/08/231h 29m

Rainn Wilson: "I was so unhappy during The Office!" (Dwight Schrute)

From a childhood in the jungle to Dunder Mifflin and fame, this is the Rainn Wilson you don’t know. In this new episode Steven sits down with actor, comedian, podcaster and author, Rainn Wilson. Rainn is best known for playing Dwight Schrute on the US version of the TV sitcom ‘The Office’, which ran from 2005 to 2013. During this time Rainn was Emmy Award nominated three times for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. In 2008, he co-founded the digital media company SoulPancake, which aims to encourage open-hearted dialogue about what it means to be human. In this conversation Rainn and Steven discuss topics, such as: His childhood in the jungle of Nicaragua Growing up in a loveless home Childhood depression and anxiety His struggles with addiction How therapy has changed his life His mothers affair Being grateful for his traumatic childhood Channelling pain and trauma into comedy His spiritual and mental crisis Why he chose to become an actor Struggling with anxiety attacks His search for meaning and purpose in life His journey into spirituality How humans are spiritual beings having a human experience Why a lot of life is just static Coming to spirituality out of necessity The impact of his son's birth Feeling of unfulfilled while filming 'The Office' The cultural impact of 'The Office' Being unhappy despite his massive success Why there is no end point of happiness Why the present moment is all we have The importance of gratitude The battle of the ego and why it causes unhappiness How everyone has a shadow self The 12 step programme and how it encourages change The power of surrendering You can purchase Rainn’s most recent book, ‘Soul Boom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution’, here: Follow Rainn: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/08/231h 24m

Moment 124: 10 Sugar Hacks So You Can Eat Whatever You Want! Jessie Inchauspé

In this moment, the biochemist and glucose goddess, Jessie Inchauspé gives her top hacks for flattening your glucose spikes. These spikes that can come from our favourite foods can have devastating long term health impacts, and controlling them is one of the best strategies for your overall wellbeing. Jessie’s glucose hacks range from eating food in the right order, stopping counting calories, moving after eating and even drinking vinegar before you eat. All of these simple tricks can ensure that you are the healthiest and most productive you can possibly be. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Follow Jessie: Instagram: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25/08/2334m 58s

The Discipline Expert: The 4 Surprising & Easy Habits ALL High Achievers Have! (Based On 2,000 Years Of Research) - Ryan Holiday

How can a 2,000 year old philosophy change your life in 2023? In this new episode Steven sits down with the bestselling author Ryan Holiday. Ryan is best known for promoting the timeless life philosophy of Stoicism through his books, ‘Ego Is The Enemy’, ‘The Obstacle Is The Way’, ‘Courage Is Calling’ and ‘Discipline Is Destiny’, as well as hosting ’The Daily Stoic’ podcast. In this conversation Ryan and Steven discuss topics, such as: How researching Stoicism has made Ryan a better person Ryan’s definition of Stoicism How Stoicism provides a guide to the big questions of life The ways an ancient philosophy can be applied to the modern world How 'Meditations' by Marcus Aurelius changed Ryan's life The timeless questions of the human experience How Stoicism helps people to navigate in a world of problems The 4 cardinal virtues of Stoicism How Ryan has viewed Stoicism differently over his life The different meanings of discipline How discipline can lead to freedom What is true freedom How exercise creates control over the mind The importance of keeping commitments to yourself You are what you do How to set the correct goals Setting the definitions of your own success How taking care of yourself physically sets you up to thrive emotionally Why we need struggles and difficulty in life Why we need to confront our ego How human nature hasn't changed over the course of history Reading as a way of living multiple lives What Ryan thinks is the meaning of life The key pieces of wisdom that cross time and cultures You can purchase Ryan’s most recent book, ‘The Daily Dad: 366 Meditations on Parenting, Love, and Raising Great Kids’, here: Follow Ryan: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: YouTube: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/08/231h 25m

Ivan Toney: I’m Finally Ready To Speak! The Truth About His Football Ban And His Future Team!

He has previously said that he would “speak soon with no filter”, for Ivan Toney that time is now. In this new episode Steven sits down with footballer Ivan Toney. Ivan started his football career in 2012 playing for Northampton Town at 16 years old, and 3 years later moved into the Premier League with Newcastle United. After 4 appearances with Newcastle United, he spent the next few years on loan to various clubs. However, in 2018 Ivan began to build his reputation as a top striker when he joined Peterborough United, scoring 49 goals in 94 appearances. In 2020, Ivan signed with Brentford, helping them win promotion to the Premier League in his first season. In November 2022, the FA charged Ivan with 232 counts of breaching betting rules between 2017 and 2021, he was fined £50,000 and banned from playing professional football until 17 January 2024. In this conversation Ivan and Steven discuss topics, such as: Finding football at a young age The brutal playing style of the lower leagues His father’s belief that he would be a top footballer The advice Ivan would give to his younger self When he began gambling The impact that rejection by teams had on him His journey in football being a constant climb How moving to the Premier League changed his mindset Mixing with the wrong crowd when in the Premier League Not feeling as if he was given the chance to prove himself early in his career Taking chances and becoming a top goal scorer Becoming a father at a young age and its impact on him Advice that he would give to his children if they wanted to become footballers Why Brentford is so special and it’s superpower as a team The mentality that management instils at Brentford The importance of having self belief His gambling addiction How he believes that FA made an example out of him Why he was not match fixing His lowest point during his playing ban Being denied entry to a restaurant because of the allegations against him Seeing this chapter of his life as a learning moment How young footballers not being given advice on how to spend their money wisely The racist abuse he has received Why he stopped taking the knee before matches How he plans to be scoring goals in January 2024 Follow Ivan: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/08/231h 45m

Moment 123: 11 Extremely Damaging Things You NEED To Avoid For A Healthy Brain: Dr Amen

In this moment, the celebrity psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist, Dr Daniel G Amen breaks down the most important tricks for a healthy and powerful brain. According to Dr Amen, while genetics do play a factor in your brain health, what is more important is how you live your life. This can include everything from eating more fish and less red meat, avoiding brain trauma, toxins and even taking better care of your mouth health. However, for Dr Amen, the 2 most important factors for whether you have a healthy or unhealthy brain is: learning and loneliness. By not learning and being lonely, you rapidly decreases your brain’s capacity and ability to function, which will then affect every aspect of your life. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Dr Amen: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/08/2312m 11s

How I Manipulated The World's Richest Men: “They Lost $100 Million In One Night!” - Molly Bloom (Molly's Game)

In this new episode Steven sits down with the author, entrepreneur and ‘Poker Princess’ Molly Bloom. Molly is a former Olympic skier, and at 21 years old was ranked No. 3 in North America in moguls. After an accident, she left skiing and took a years sabbatical from the University of Colorado - Boulder to move to LA in 2004. Initially bartending, she began to run poker games in The Viper Room. These games attracted A-list celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Ben Affleck, playing for millions of dollars. In 2013, she was arrested for taking part in underground poker games and faced 10 years in prison, but was eventually sentenced to 1 year of probation. In 2014, she released her memoir ‘Molly’s Game’ which was made into an award winning film of the same name in 2017. In this conversation Molly and Steven discuss topics, such as: How her upbringing was based around competition and achievement Why she was obsessed with achieving glory from a young age Moving to LA and finding her way into running poker games How she started running illegal poker games and made them different from others The psychological lessons she learned from watching poker games How she made herself indispensable to the game and its players What it took to run the world's most exclusive poker nights Having her poker game and income taken from her Learning to pivot quickly from failure to success Seeing someone lose $100 million in one night Kicking Dan Bilzerian out of her poker game How she was making $4-6 million a year from tips The mafia showing up at her door What she was able to learn from listening to the elite players of her game How she had access to the world’s most powerful people Becoming addicted to drinking and drugs Her legal troubles with the FBI and facing 10 years in prison Why she refused to snitch to the authorities for millions of dollars The lessons she has learned coming out of the world of poker Being comfortable with risk and the necessity of taking risks in life How she was able to sell her story into a Hollywood movie You can purchase Molly’s memoir, ‘Molly’s Game’, here: Follow Molly: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/08/231h 35m

Doctor Joe Dispenza: Your Thoughts Are Making You Sick! You MUST Do This Before 10am To Fix It!

In this episode Steven sits down with Joe Dispenza, an expert and author who explores the intersection of science and mindfulness. Joe’s best selling books, such as "You Are the Placebo" and "Becoming Supernatural" have helped thousands understand the science and the potential of untapped capabilities within their bodies to supercharge their health. His work emphasizes the importance of meditation and mental rehearsal in creating positive change and mind and body ‘cohesiveness’, revolutionising how people can see health and wellness as one and the same thing. If you have been looking for a ‘kick’ to make positive changes in your life, Joe provides not just a method of how to do it, but how to stop making excuses not to do it. In this conversation Joe and Steven discuss topics, such as: How to take personal responsibility How we become addicted to our negative emotions How to bounce back from personal heartbreak How to turn destructive habits into constructive ones How your beliefs are the limit on yourselves The habit we need to break is being ourself Your beliefs are your limitation How you become addicted to your negative emotions How 95% of what we do is programmed How habits can work for or against you How you can recreate your reality How you can become addicted to guilt How to show up as the person you want to be How your thoughts can make you feel sick How your thoughts can help you heal How we always wait for something external to change so we can change How to be a creator of your life, not a victim of your life How to teach your body how to feel How the worst things that happen to you are often the best things How your mind can heal your body Follow Joe: Website:  Instagram:  Facebook: YouTube: Telegram:@OfficialDrJoeDispenza Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Moment 122: The Unseen And Horrifying Knock On Effect Of Dating Apps On Our Society - Scott Galloway

In this moment, professor and author Scott Galloway discusses how technology has taken over dating and the impact of this. Traditionally, a third of couples met via work, another third through friends and a final third at school, however dating apps have completely taken over the dating market. This change to dating has had dramatic impacts specifically for young men, as the men who are in the top 10% of attractiveness attract 90% of female attention. This has led Scott to the belief that online dating has been great for the top 10% of attractive men, OK for the top 50% and a total disaster for bottom 50%. These bottom 50% of men are effectively shut out of the dating market and can have devastating impacts for society. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Scott: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/08/2312m 33s

CMO Of Netflix, Uber & Apple! Work Life Balance Is BAD Advice! "I Lost My Baby & My Husband!" - Bozoma Saint John

In this episode, Steven sits down with the former CMO of Netflix and former Chief Brand Officer of Uber, Bozoma Saint John. The first black woman to hold all of these (and many more) trailblazing roles, she is a legend of the corporate world. Born in Ghana in 1977, she moved to the U.S. at a young age. Saint John has held high-profile roles at companies like Apple, where she led global consumer marketing for iTunes and Apple Music, and Uber, where she was Chief Brand Officer. Saint John is widely recognized for her influence in the industry, her efforts to increase diversity in corporate America, and her engaging and unique public speaking style. Some topics discussed in this episode: The secrets that make Uber, Netflix and Apple so successful How to stop getting the Sunday scaries Is work-life balance a lie? How to forge your own career How to find your own identity in the workplace Personal tragedy, loss, and emotional healing How to sell anything How to ask for help Boz’s Book: Follow Boz: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Website: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/08/231h 35m

WARNING By Sam Harris: ChatGPT Could Be The Start Of The End. AI "Could Destroy Us, The Internet And Democracy"

In this new episode Steven sits down with philosopher, neuroscientist, podcast host and author Sam Harris. In 2004, Sam published his first book, ‘The End of Faith’, this stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for 33 weeks and won the PEN/Martha Albrand Award for First Nonfiction. He has gone on to author 5 New York Times bestselling books published in over 20 languages. In 2009, Sam obtained his Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience from the University of California, Los Angeles. In 2013, he began the ‘Waking Up’ podcast which covers subjects from meditation to AI. Sam is also the co-founder and CEO of Project Reason, a nonprofit foundation devoted to spreading scientific knowledge and secular values in society. In this conversation Sam and Steven discuss topics, such as: How to change peoples beliefs Why he is not optimistic about AI How to live an examined life Why you become what you pay attention to The reason the mind is all you really have moment by moment Why AI is not aligned with human wellbeing How it is too late to turn back the progression of AI The danger of misinformation Why we’re going to have to abandon the internet You can access the ‘Waking Up’ meditation app here: Follow Sam: Instagram: YouTube: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/08/231h 51m

Moment 121: "This ONE Small Thing Makes Me So Grateful That I Cry!" - Fearne Cotton

In this moment, the broadcaster, writer and founder of Happy Place, Fearne Cotton discusses how we can find meaning through connection in our confusing world. Fearne believes that connection can be found in the simple things, such as stepping outside of your own heads and the constant noise of your life and realising the greatness of everything that surrounds you. The reason that stepping outside of yourself is crucial, is that it removes your feelings of self-importance that can separate you from the connections all around you. Listen to the full episode here - Fearne - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/08/2315m 14s

The Man That’s Ageing Backwards: “I Use My Son’s Blood To Reverse My Age! I’m Now 18!” Bryan Johnson

In this new episode Steven sits down with entrepreneur and anti-aging pioneer Bryan Johnson. In 2007, Bryan founded the payment processing company ‘Braintree’, and was soon 47th on Inc. magazine’s list of the fastest growing companies in America. Bryan sold Braintree in 2013 for $800 million. Since then he founded ‘Kernel’ in 2016, which creates hardware to measure brain activity, and most recently ‘Project Blueprint’ in 2021. ‘Blueprint’ is an algorithmic and automative approach to optimal health and ageing, Bryan is their first test subject. In this conversation Bryan and Steven discuss topics, such as: His early life in the Mormon church Why he chose to be an entrepreneur and how it fit his skillset His business failures and what he learned from them How he rapidly scaled his business His struggle with depression Why he is investing $2 million a year into his health His mentality for being remembered by history and meaningful work The daily schedule of his anti-aging process The future of the human race working alongside AI Why he thinks ageing isn’t inevitable You can learn more about Blueprint here: You can learn more about Kernel here: Follow Bryan: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/08/232h 4m Opens Up: “I Would Have Had Children 10 Years Ago!!!” Guilt, Shame, Depression, Creativity & ADHD!

In this new episode Steven sits down with global superstar William James Adams Jr., better known by his stage name, began his music career in 1992 when he was only 17 years old and signed with ‘Ruthless Records’. In 1995,’s group ‘the Black Eyed Peas’ was officially formed and released their debut album in 1998. In 2001, released his debut solo album and 2 years later in 2003, the Black Eyed Peas released their third album, ‘Elephunk’. It was with this album that the band started to receive major global attention. Since then has worked as an activist, director of creative innovation at Intel, fashion designer, actor, and coach on ‘The Voice UK’. In this conversation and Steven discuss topics, such as: His childhood in East LA Never having felt poor before he attended private school How creativity is his currency Getting a record deal at 17 years old Why he is living in 2030 His tips to creativity Why hard work is actually relative His thoughts on fatherhood How he uses music to help solve his problems His prediction for a future with AI You can download’s AI-powered messenger app, **‘**FYI’, here: Follow Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31/07/231h 20m

Moment 120: The ONE Skill, We Can All Learn, That 95% of Millionaires Have!: Alex Hormozi

In this moment the entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist Alex Hormozi gives his best advice for becoming a millionaire. According to Alex there are many ways to reach this level of success, but it is dependent upon the person on which path they want to take to become a millionaire. This can either come from creating a business around a core skill or working with other people to combine their skills into a unified organisation. Alex believes that one of the keys to personal development and success is the idea of skill stacking. This is the adding of different skills on top of an original skill, until you reach a level of having a completely unique and valuable skillset. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Alex: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/07/2311m 14s

Shocking TRUE Story: “I Lost Both Of My Legs Because Of A Tampon” (Health Warning) - Lauren Wasser

In this new episode Steven sits down with model, Toxic Shock Syndrome survivor and activist Lauren Wasser. Lauren was born into a family of models and started modelling at just 2 months old. She was beginning to make a name for herself in the modelling industry when at 24 years old she contracted Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from a tampon. TSS is a life-threatening complication from bacterial infections, and due to infection both of Lauren’s legs were amputated. 3 years after being just 10 minutes from death, Lauren made her return to modelling at 27 years old in her now trademark golden legs. She now works to educate and raise awareness about the impact of TSS. In this conversation Lauren and Steven discuss topics, such as: The day that her life changed forever How a tampon nearly killed her Losing her leg at 24 years old Her struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts Finding her confidence again Her return to modelling How her golden legs became her statement piece Finding her purpose in tackling Toxic Shock Syndrome The information that everyone should hear You can learn more about Toxic Shock Syndrome here: You can also learn more about the impact of TSS on the people who have lost loved ones due to the syndrome, here: Follow Lauren: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/07/231h 46m

The LIFE-EXTENSION Doctor: "The ONE thing that's increasing your chance of early-death by 170.8%!" Peter Attia (E267)

In this new episode Steven sits down with the physician and longevity expert, Dr Peter Attia. Dr. Attia graduated from the Stanford University School of Medicine in 2001, and until 2006 he was a surgical resident at Johns Hopkins Hospital. During this time he was a surgical oncology fellow at the National Institutes of Health's National Cancer Institute. In 2012, Dr Attia co-founded the Nutrition Science Initiative, and 2 years later, in 2014 he opened his medical practice, Attia Medical, PC. This institute focuses on the applied science of longevity and optimal performance to minimise the risk of chronic diseases and improving lifespan. He serves on the editorial board for the journal ’Aging’, and is the host of ’The Drive’ podcast. In this conversation Dr Attia and Steven discuss topics, such as: The next evolution of medicine How healthcare is failing people The main way to prevent a heart attack Why you should be thinking about old age and disease right now How to improve your quality of life as you age Why emotional health is as important as physical health How to live well until you are 100 The easy hack to losing weight The importance of lifting weights and building muscle How to slow down all diseases You can purchase Dr Attia’s new book, ‘Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity’, here : Follow Dr Attia: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/07/232h 4m

Moment 119: How To Figure Out ANYTHING In Your Life: Marie Forleo

In this moment, entrepreneur and author of ‘Everything is Figureoutable’, Marie Forleo discusses her 3 rules for a Figureoutable mindset. The most important of these rules is her third rule, which says that if you don’t care enough to reach a dream or goal, that’s OK, and instead you should find another dream or goal. Too often in life we beat ourselves up for being unmotivated or lazy for not achieving certain targets. Actually, we should just admit that we don’t care enough about the goal, and it is just something we think we should want to achieve. Instead, Marie believes we should reexamine our priorities and understand the difference when we say we ‘can’t’ or ‘won’t’ do something, as 99 percent of the time when we say we ‘can’t ‘we mean we won’t or don’t want to. Listen to the full episode here - Marie: Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/07/238m 38s

The Money Expert: "Do Not Buy A House!"... The 10 Ways To Make REAL Money! Ramit Sethi (E266)

Ramit Sethi began his journey as a personal finance adviser in 2004, with his website, Ramit was the co-founder of PBworks, and is the CEO of GrowthLab. He is also the author of the 2009 New York Times best-selling book, ‘I will Teach You To Be Rich’, and ‘Your Move: The Underdog’s Guide to Building Your Business”. In 2023, Netflix released the series ‘How To Get Rich’ with Ramit as its host. In this conversation Ramit and Steven discuss topics, such as: How to define your ‘rich life’ Why buying a house isn’t necessarily a good decision How to invest like a millionaire His 10 rules for becoming rich Where real wealth is created The key character traits of rich people Why most people don’t understand money The truth about investing in cryptocurrency Why becoming rich isn’t necessarily about intelligence You can purchase, ‘I Will Teach You to Be Rich: The Journal’, here: Follow Ramit: Instagram: Twitter: Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' per order link: Follow me: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Huel: Whoop: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/07/231h 38m

Rita Ora: “I Lived With Constant Anxiety”…After Being Signed By Jay-Z At 18!!! (E265)

In this new episode Steven sits down with global superstar, Rita Ora. Rita Ora is a British singer and songwriter who first rose to prominence in 2012 with the number 1 single ‘Hot Right Now’, she released her first album, ‘Ora’ later that year. In 2015, Rita made her film debut in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, in the same year she was a coach on ‘The Voice UK’ and judge on ‘The X Factor’. In 2016, she was the host of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and in 2018 she released her second album ‘Phoenix’. In 2020, she was a judge on ‘The Masked Singer UK’, and a year later in 2021, she became a coach on ‘The Voice Australia’. Rita’s third album ‘You & I’ is available now on all music streaming platforms. In this conversation Rita and Steven discuss topics, such as: Her childhood and life before success How her parents helped her achieve her dreams How Rita has always felt as if she has to prove herself Why she is scared of losing everything she has worked for The methods she has used to tackle anxiety and panic attacks Why she doubts she will ever feel as if she has ‘made it’ Being open and never denying who she truly is The sacrifices it has taken to reach the level she is at How her marriage has changed her life Her new album and what has inspired it You can listen to Rita’s new album, ‘You & I’, here: Follow Rita: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: YouTube: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/07/231h 19m

Moment 118 - The Ultimate Gift YOU Should Be Offering Each & Every Friend: Simon Sinek

In this moment, the best selling author and inspirational speaker, Simon Sinek, discusses the honour of being able to serve a friend in need, why people are having quarter life crises and why we should ignore the targets set by social expectations. Simon believes that more often than not when people are in a crisis they don’t want solutions but for some to let them vent and sit in the mud with them. He also discusses how too many young people are worried about wasting time in their careers and life, trying to keep pace with arbitrary targets set by societal standards. Instead, Simon believes we should ignore the noise and stick to our own sense of purpose or ‘why’ in life. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Simon: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14/07/2315m 44s

Frank Lampard Finally Speaks Out About What REALLY Happened At Chelsea (E264)

In this new episode Steven sits down with one of Chelsea FC’s greatest ever players, Frank Lampard OBE. Frank began his football career in 1995 with West Ham United, the same team that his father had played for. He made his Premier League debut a year later in 1996. In 2001, Frank signed with Chelsea and stayed with them for 13 years, making 648 appearances and becoming the club’s top scorer with 211 goals. During his playing career, Frank was named one of the best midfielders of his generation, and he began his managerial career in 2018. In this conversation Frank and Steven discuss topics, such as: His father’s role in his success His fear of failure His work ethic and understanding of his weaknesses The coping mechanisms he has used along the way What it takes to be a modern manager Creating an environment for success The challengers of being a modern player How his mothers death impacted him His plans for Chelsea Follow Frank: Instagram: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/07/231h 55m

Harvard Professor: "10,000 Steps A Day" Is A LIE! Revealing The 7 BIG LIES About Exercise, Sleep, Running, Cancer & Sugar!!! Daniel Lieberman

Dr Lieberman is the Chair of the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. His research focuses on how the human body has evolved to be the way it is, he also explores how humans evolved to run long distances to scavenge and hunt. He is the author of the best-selling books, ‘The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health, and Disease’ and ‘Exercised: Why Something We Never Evolved to Do Is Healthy and Rewarding’. In this conversation Dr Lieberman and Steven discuss topics, such as: Sitting isn’t actually the new smoking The unseen health benefits of running The best exercises for a healthy life Why you don’t need 8 hours of sleep a night Separating the health myths from reality How the world has become too comfortable How 74% of diseases can be prevented Ways to hack and boost productivity You can purchase Dr Lieberman’s newest book, ‘Exercised: The Science of Physical Activity, Rest and Health’, here: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/07/231h 30m

Moment 117 - The Unexpected Power Of Seduction: Robert Greene

In this moment, the bestselling author Robert Greene discusses how seduction is a high form of power that can make people do what you want without them realising it. Seduction does this by using pleasure and excitement to reduce people’s resistance to your ideas. Robert also breaks down the qualities of a great seducer, including being outer directed towards other people, a great listener and giving someone attention and a feeling of recognition. Finally, Robert explains why vulnerability is seductive and insecurity is not. While insecurity is self-absorbed, vulnerability is an openness to another person and the world. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Robert: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/07/2311m 25s

JACKASS Star Steve-O: A SHOCKING Story Of Unaddressed Childhood Trauma, 3-Day Drug Binges, Mocking Death & Craving Attention! (HOW TO TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND).

In this new episode Steven sits down with Stephen Glover, better known as the star of Jackass, Steve-O. After graduating from Clown College in 1997, and recording various death defying stunts on camera, Stephen became Steve-O, a member of the MTV series ‘Jackass’ in 1999. Since then, Jackass has become a cultural phenomenon with 3 TV series and 4 number one box office smash hit films. After battling addiction and becoming sober in 2008, Stephen has diversified his career, starting stand up comedy in 2013, creating the ‘Wild Ride! with Steve-O’ podcast in 2020, and writing 2 best selling memoirs. In this conversation Stephen and Steven discuss topics, such as: Stephen’s ‘insane’ childhood His mother’s alcoholism and later illness Why he thought he would be dead before the age of 25 His anger at the idea of death Feeling guilty for being successful Becoming sober and escaping addiction How heartbreak led Stephen to find stunts His constant need for attention and how it has driven his life Why Stephen feels as if he is defective You can purchase tickets to Stephen’s ‘Bucket List Tour’, which we be in the UK until 14th July 2023, here: Follow Stephen: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/07/231h 38m

The Psychology Master: The Colour That Makes You Attractive, How Your Name Determines Your Success & How To Become UNSTUCK In Your Marriage, Job, or Life!

Adam is a Professor of Marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business, his research focuses on judgment, decision-making and social psychology, as well as the impact of subtle cues in the environment on human behaviour. He is the bestselling author of the books: ‘Drunk Tank Pink’, ‘Irresistible’, and most recently ‘Anatomy of a Breakthrough: How to get unstuck and unlock your potential’. He has also written for the New York Times, New Yorker, Washington Post, Atlantic, WIRED, Slate, Huffington Post, and Popular Science. You can purchase Adam’s newest book, ‘Anatomy of a Breakthrough: How to get unstuck and unlock your potential’, here: Follow Adam: Twitter - Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/07/231h 38m

Moment 116 - The ONE Type Of Trauma You Cannot Heal From: Professor Steven Peters

In this moment, the psychiatrist and author of ‘The Chimp Paradox’, Professor Steve Peters, discusses how there are some early childhood traumas that simply can’t be erased. It is a commonly held belief that with enough therapy and time all traumas can be eventually be eradicated. However Professor Peters believes that it is critical we divide traumas between those you can tackle and others that you have to learn to live and deal with. If we don’t accept that there are some problems that can’t be solved it can actually cause more distress, not only to the people suffering the trauma but even to their therapists and partners. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Professor Steven: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/06/2312m 16s

Russell Brand FINALLY Opens Up: Escaping A Lifetime Of Anxiety, Addiction & Finding Love!

Russell began his career in stand up comedy, gaining recognition at the ‘Hackney Empire New Act of the Year’ in 2000. In the same year he became a video journalist for MTV. In 2004, Russell achieved his break as a presenter for ‘Big Brother’s Big Mouth’, and reached worldwide fame in the 2008 film, ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’. Since then he has appeared in the films, ‘Get Him To The Greek’, ‘Despicable Me’, and ‘Arthur’. He has also released the best-selling books, ‘My Booky Wook’, ‘Booky Wook 2’, ‘Recovery’, ‘Revolution’, and ‘Mentors’. In 2014, he launched his political-comedy web series The Trews, followed by the ‘Under the Skin with Russell Brand’ podcast in 2017. His show ‘Stay Free with Russell Brand’ broadcasts daily on Rumble. Follow Russell: Instagram - Twitter - TikTok - YouTube - Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/06/231h 45m

The Brain Coach To The World's Top Leaders & Billionaires! 10 Steps To Never Forget Anything Ever Again!: Jim Kwik

In this new episode Steven sits down with world-renowned brain coach and expert in memory improvement, Jim Kwik. After a head injury at 5 years old left Jim struggling at school, he created strategies, system and learning habit to overcome cognitive problems and improve his mental performance. In 2001, he developed his knowledge of brain training into the online learning platform, ‘Kwik Learning’, which is now used in 195 countries. He has also worked with the celebrities, athletes, politicians, and CEO’s, as well as companies such as Google, Virgin and Nike. He is the author of the bestselling book, ‘Limitless’, and host of the ‘Kwik Brain’ podcast which is one of the top 50 podcasts in the world. In this conversation Jim and Steven discuss topics, such as: His work as a memory coach with the biggest stars and companies in the world The best ways to retain information How your brain is more powerful than you think The best foods for increased brain power How to triple reading speed You can purchase Jim’s book, ‘Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life’, here: Follow Jim: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: YouTube: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/06/231h 40m

Moment 115 - 3 Happiness Pillars Everyone Needs To Know: Dr Rangan Chatterjee

In this moment, the physician, presenter, and podcaster Dr Rangan Chatterjee discusses what happiness REALLY is. Too often we chase after the emotion happiness itself, when actually it is a byproduct that comes from doing the right things. For Dr Chatterjee there are 3 core pillars of happiness, these are: alignment, contentment and control. These foundations are the difference between real happiness and pleasurable experiences, and a happiness that works for you compared what society tells you is happiness. Listen to the full episode here - Dr Rangan: Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23/06/2312m 10s

The Money Expert: From $0 to Millions In 2 Years Without Any Hard Work!: Codie Sanchez

In this new episode Steven sits down with founder, CEO and self-titled "Boring Biz" lady, Codie Sanchez Codie starter her career as a JFK award winning journalist covering human trafficking. In a career change, Codie entered the world of finance, and is a former partner at private equity firm EEC, and built First Trust’s $1 billion+ AUM Latin America business. She is the Founder of ‘Contrarian Thinking’ and the Cofounder of ‘Unconventional Acquisitions’, which focuses on purchasing small or what Codie calls ‘boring’ businesses as a way to achieve financial freedom. Codie has appeared on CNBC, Fox, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, People en Español, Business Wire. In this conversation Codie and Steven discuss topics, such as: The ways of reaching financially freedom Learning the skills of making the perfect deal Codie’s ingredients for success How to transform failing businesses How to purchase a business with $0 You can find out more about Codie on her website, here: Follow Codie: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/06/231h 37m

Queer Eye Star Opens Up About Hitting Rock Bottom: Jonathan Van Ness

In this new episode Steven sits down with hairdresser, television personality, and ‘Queer Eye’s’ grooming expert, Jonathan Van Ness. Jonathan began his career as a hairdresser, however in 2013 while giving a haircut he captured the attention of a creator for the comedy video website, ‘Funny Or Die’. This was the start of Jonathan’s hit ‘Gay of Thrones’ web series which was nominated three times for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Short Form Variety Series. In 2018, Jonathan was catapulted into fame as the grooming expert in the Netflix series ‘Queer Eye’. Since 2015, he has hosted a weekly podcast, ’Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness’, and in 2019 he released his New York Times best-selling memoir, ‘Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love’. In 2021, Jonathan launched ‘JVN Hair’, a gender inclusive, sustainable, cruelty-free haircare brand. In this conversation Jonathan and Steven discuss topics, such as: Jonathan’s intense childhood His drug and sex addiction His journey into sex work and how he lost control of his life The challenges he has faced with rapid fame The increasing transphobia and attack on trans people in the US You can purchase all of Jonathan’s ‘JVN’ hair products, here: Follow Jonathan: Instagram: YouTube: TikTok: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/06/231h 13m

Moment 114 - Winning Will Cost You More Than You Expect: Tim Grover

‘Showing up is half the battle’, how often have you heard this phrase these days? According to Tim Grover, trainer to some of the most iconic athletes ever, showing up is NONE of the battle. Tim believes that people are too willing to take the easy route in life, but in reality winning will cost you everything and require you to make the hardest decisions. However, if you think the price of winning is too high, Tim says that the bill of regret is even higher and can take generations to pay off. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the episodes on youtube - Tim: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/06/2312m 43s

The Miracle Doctor: EVERYONE should start Fasting right now! (NEW SCIENCE) Dr. Mindy Pelz

In this new episode Steven sits down with the nutrition and functional medicine expert Dr Mindy Pelz. Dr Pelz is a fasting, keto and detox expert, she is a leader in alternative health and a pioneer in the fasting movement. She has worked with a wide range of high-profile clients from Olympic athletes, to Academy Award-winning actors, and Silicon Valley CEOs. Her books, 'The Reset Factor', 'The Menopause Reset’ and most recently ‘Fast Like a Girl’ are bestsellers, she is also the host of two podcasts, ‘The Women United’, and ‘The Resetter’. In this conversation Dr Pelz and Steven discuss topics, such as: The power of fasting The most common myths about food and eating How sugar is at the root of most health problems The perfect diets for men and women You can purchase Dr Pelz’s newest book ‘Fast Like a Girl’, here: Follow Dr Pelz: Instagram: YouTube: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/06/232h 11m

Yung Pueblo: How To Let Go Of The Past, Connect With The Present, & Expand The Future

In this new episode Steven sits down with the poet and philosopher Diego Perez, also known as Yung Pueblo. Diego was born in Ecuador and immigrated to the United States as a child, and grew up in a working class neighbourhood in Boston. After having a mild heart attack, Diego gave up drinking and drugs, and attended his first Vipassana meditation course in 2012. Pursuing writing, he started posting his poetry on Instagram in 2013 and has written three bestselling books, ‘Inward’, ‘Clarity & Connection’ and ‘Lighter’. In this conversation Diego and Steven discuss topics, such as: How having a heart attack was the catalyst for change in Diego’s life Why you should embrace and sit with your emotions The power of meditation and embracing change The way to escape suffering in your life You can purchase Diego’s newest book ‘Lighter’, here: Follow Diego: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/06/231h 32m

Moment 113 - Why You're Not Having Sex & How To Get It Back: Jay Shetty

If you go onto social media or talk with friends it seems that everyone is having sex, however if you look at the statistics it seems that sex is at an all time low. In this moment, ex-monk and relationship guru, Jay Shetty discusses why there is a rise in sexless relationships and marriages, going for months or even years without sexual intimacy. To bring back sex, Jay says that we need to regain intimacy in relationships, through open and honest conversations, as sex is a byproduct of connection and intimacy, rather than a source of it. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Jay: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/06/2317m 38s

How To TRANSFORM Your Life At Any Moment: The Alcoholic Lawyer That Became "The Fittest Man On The Planet"!! Rich Roll

In this new episode Steven sits down with the ultra-endurance athlete, bestselling author and podcast host, Rich Roll. Rich was a successful lawyer until a revelation at 40 sent him down the path of becoming an ultra-endurance athlete, 2 years later he competed in the ‘Ultraman World Championships’, a 320 mile triathlon in Hawaii. Rich finished as the fastest American male competitor, and in 2009 he was named one of Men’s Fitness’s ‘25 Fittest Men in the World’. In 2012, he published his memoir ‘Finding Ultra’, and shortly after, ‘The Rich Roll Podcast’ which has released over 750 podcasts. In this conversation Rich and Steven discuss topics, such as: The key lessons Rich has learned after interviewing 750 guests Rich’s struggle with alcoholism What inspired Rich to make such a radical change in his life The benefit of test yourself with difficult challenges Why you should have a nourished life rather than a balanced life You can listen to the Rich Roll podcast, here: Follow Rich: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/06/231h 43m

A Billion dollar NIGHTMARE! The Disturbing Drama Behind The Scenes Of A Billion Dollar Beauty Business. The Ordinary - Nicola Kilner

In this new episode Steven sits down with the CEO and Co-Founder of DECIEM and The Ordinary, Nicola Kilner. Nicola began her career as a business-management student at Nottingham Trent University, where her sponsored work program with the pharmacy chain Boots led to her becoming one of the company’s youngest buyers. In 2011, she met Brandon Truaxe who would found and launch DECIEM in 2013, with Nicola serving as brand director. DECIEM was a skin-care company made up of 10 different brands, the most popular was ‘The Ordinary’, which was launched in 2013. After Brandon’s struggles with mental health crises, Nicola became DECIEM’s Chief Executive in 2018. In this conversation Nicola and Steven discuss topics, such as: Managing an organisation through the Covid-19 pandemic Recovering from the death of a founder and honouring their memory Juggling pregnancy, motherhood and being a CEO Making a company feel more like a family than a business The skills she implements as a leader and CEO You can purchase all of DECIEM’s products here: Follow Nicola: Instagram: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/06/231h 53m

Moment 112 - Want To Sleep Better? Listen To This: Matthew Walker

It seems that it is harder and harder to get a good nights sleep in the modern world, despite the miraculous benefits of sleep becoming increasingly known. In this moment the sleep expert himself Dr. Matthew Walker provides the 5 sleep hygiene tips you need for deeper sleep. These tips range from giving yourself a bed time to walking it out, in this moment Dr. Walker provides all the solutions you will need for the best possible sleep. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Matthew: My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business, Marketing & Life' per order link: ⁠ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/06/2313m 23s

EMERGENCY EPISODE: Ex-Google Officer Finally Speaks Out On The Dangers Of AI! - Mo Gawdat

In this new episode Steven sits down with the Egyptian entrepreneur and writer, Mohammad "Mo" Gawdat. Mo began his career at IBM Egypt as a systems engineer, before moving to NCR Abu Dhabi to cover the non-finance sector. He worked in various roles at Microsoft for seven-and-a-half years before joining Google in 2007 to start it’s business in emerging markets. In 2013, he joined Google’s innovation arm, ‘Google X’ and eventually became its chief business officer. He left this role in 2018 to focus helping one billion people become happier as part of the #onebillionhappy global movement. He is the author of three books; ‘Solve for Happy’, ‘Scary Smart’ and, ‘That Little Voice in Your Head’, as well as the host of the podcast ‘Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat’. In this conversation Mo and Steven discuss topics, such as: Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence How AI will have radically changed the world by 2025 How he witnessed the evolution of AI firsthand The impact of AI on creativity and the creative industries His solutions for gaining control of AI and the societal changes it will create You can purchase Mo’s book, ‘Scary Smart: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and How You Can Save Our World’, here: Follow: Instagram: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/06/231h 56m

Editor Of Vogue (Edward Enninful OBE): How To Become No.1 In Your Industry Against All The Odds!

In this new episode Steven sits down with the editor-in-chief of British Vogue, Edward Enninful OBE. Edward began his career in fashion as a model before becoming the fashion director of the British fashion magazine i-D at just 18 years old. This made him youngest-ever fashion director for an international magazine and Edward held this position for over 20 years. Between 1998 and 2011 he contributed extensively for Vogue Italia and Vogue US. From 2011, he was the Creative and Fashion Director at W Magazine. In 2016, Edward was awarded an OBE for Services to Diversity in the Fashion industry, and in 2017 he was named the editor-in-chief of British Vogue. In this conversation Edward and Steven discuss topics, such as: His upbringing in Ghana and his experience of being a immigrant in the UK His experience of being one of the few black people in the world of fashion How his insecurity drove him to succeed Becoming a workaholic and how work dominated his life The mental health impact of being a high achiever Edward’s memoir, ‘A Visible Man’ is now available in paperback, you can purchase it here: Follow: Instagram: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/05/231h 19m

Moment 111- The Unexpected Health Benefits Of Travel Everyone Should Know: Max Lugavere

Have you ever felt like your life is stuck on repeat and you are just doing the same things again and again? In this moment Max Lugavere discusses the dangers of becoming stuck in a rut and how our brain removes joy, excitement and happiness to save energy when we become fixed in our routines and habits. This is why when we grow older time seems to move quicker, as when we are younger every day is different and new. To combat this, Max discusses how new and novel experiences such as travel are hugely important for the brain and can even create new brain cells. This is part of not just living a longer life but living a fuller life. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Max: My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business, Marketing & Life' per order link: ⁠ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/05/2316m 15s

Jack Whitehall's Emotional Confession About His Dad, His Biggest Fear & His New Life!

n this new episode Steven sits down with the British comedian, actor, writer and presenter, Jack Whitehall. Jack is a three time winner of the ‘King of Comedy’ at the ‘British Comedy Awards’. He began his television career as a presenter for ‘Big Brother's Big Mouth’ in 2008, before appearing on panel shows such as ‘8 Out of 10 Cats’, ‘Would I Lie To You’ and ‘Mock The Week’. He co-wrote and starred in the TV shows, ‘Fresh Meat’ and ‘Bad Education’, making his film debut with ‘The Bad Education Movie’. He appears with his father, Michael Whitehall, in the Netflix comedy documentary series, ‘Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father’. The two have also written a book together, ‘Him & Me’. Jack is starring in the new film ‘Robots’ available now in theatres and on demand. In this conversation Jack and Steven discuss topics, such as: How comedy is an escape for Jack Using comedy as a way to hide his anxieties His fears that his success can leave him at any moment How he struggles with achieving a work life balance His relationship with his father and aims for fatherhood Jack is currently touring the UK with his 2023 live show, ‘Settle Down’, tickets and tour dates are available here: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25/05/231h 25m

No.1 Habit & Procrastination Expert: We've Got ADHD Wrong! Break Any Habit & Never Be Distracted!

In this new episode Steven sits down with the American behavioural design expert, Nir Eyal. Nir’s career has focused on behavioural engineering and helping businesses to develop habit-forming products. His work explores the intersection of psychology, technology, and business, and has earned him the label of “The Prophet of Habit-Forming Technology”. Since 2003, he has co-founded two technology companies, worked as a consultant in product design and taught as a lecturer in Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design. Nir is the author of 2 bestselling books, ‘Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products’ and ’Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life.’ In this conversation Nir and Steven discuss topics, such as: How to reclaim your time and attention. The importance of ‘time-boxing’. The real reasons that people become distracted. How our thinking about having finite willpower is wrong. Why our thinking about ADHD is wrong and needs to be fixed. You can purchase ‘Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life’, here: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/05/231h 40m

Moment 110- The Unknown And Surprising Power Of Physical Touch: Dacher Keltner

How would you like to increase you life expectancy, be happier and have less stress? According to Professor Dacher Keltner, one of the world’s leading emotion scientists, the solution is as simple as reaching out. In this moment, Professor Keltner discusses the awesome power of touch and the devastating impacts of living without it. Through evolution humans are built for touch and connection, this can be seen all over our bodies from our hands, skin and brain. However, in the current pandemic of loneliness millions of people are missing out on its benefits. Ultimately Professor Keltner believes we need to remove our suspicions of touch and see it for what it is: a foundational language that all human speak and feel. Listen to the full episode here - Dacher: Watch the Episodes On Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business, Marketing & Life' per order link: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/05/2316m 17s

Mia Khalifa's Heart Breaking Reality Of Being Controlled By The Adult Industry

In this new episode Steven sits down with the Lebanese-American media personality, Sarah Joe Chamoun. Sarah entered the adult entertainment industry in 2014 under the stage name ‘Mia Khalifa’. Despite only being an actress in adult films for 3 months and only earning $12,000, she quickly became one of the most searched-for-performers in the industry and gained huge attention. Since leaving the industry in 2015, Sarah has worked as a sports presenter, OnlyFans model and in 2020, she guest appeared as herself in the Hulu show ‘Ramy’. In this conversation Sarah and Steven discuss topics, such as: Sarah’s battle against insecurity and search to find self-confidence The reasons she entertained the adult entertainment industry Her attempts to move away from her past and how it still impacts her The predatory tactics of the adult entertainment industry What she has gained from her therapy journey You can follow Sarah’s Demi and fine-body jewellery brand, Sheytan, launching June 2023, here: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/05/231h 4m

The No.1 Sex Expert: How To Have Great Sex EVERY Time! (And Fix Bad Sex) - Tracey Cox

In this new episode Steven sits down with the British sex and relationship expert, Tracey Cox. Tracey is one of the world’s leading writers on sex and relationships, having 30 years of expertise and research, she has written over 17 books on these subjects and has a weekly column for the ‘Mail Online’. Formerly the Associate Editor of *’*Cosmopolitan’ in Australia, Tracey returned to the UK to co-present television programmes such as ’Would Like To Meet’ and ’The Sex Inspectors’. Currently Tracey co-hosts the weekly podcast, ‘SexTok with Tracey and Kelsey’. In this conversation Tracey and Steven discuss topics, such as: The difference between lust and love How you can predict infidelity and why people cheat How long-term couples can bring sex back to sexless relationships Why you should communicate and design your perfect sex How porn and AI affects peoples sex lives You can purchase Tracey’s most recent book ‘Great sex starts at 50’, here: **** Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/05/231h 39m

Moment 109 - How to Overcome & Push Through Your Hardest Times: John Eckbert

In this moment John Eckbert discusses how he was able to make it through the darkest and most difficult period of his life and the lessons that he learned that made him a better person and CEO. This period challenged every identity that John gave to himself: a husband, a partner, and a father. However, what remained stable during this time was his position as a business leader and the trust that things will improve, you just have to keep showing up. Looking back, John believes it is important to remember that we end up being grateful for the worst periods in our life, as they end up making us into the people we are. Listen to the full episode here - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/05/2315m 46s

7 Life-changing Lessons From The Longest Ever Study On Health & Happiness! Dr. Robert Waldinger

In this new episode Steven sits down with the American psychiatrist and Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, Robert Waldinger. Dr Waldinger is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and the fourth director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development. This is the longest every study of the same group of people over time, following 724 men for nearly 80 years. The study explores the factors that lead to healthy and happy lives. Robert is also the Founding Director of the Lifespan Research Foundation, which aims to implement the lessons learned from the Harvard Study in peoples work and personal life. His TED talk, “What makes a good life?” has been viewed over 40 million times. In this conversation Robert and Steven discuss topics, such as: What are the factors that make for a good life The impacts that money and success have on a happy life Why relationships are the most important factor for long term health and wellbeing Why we should reexamine the value we place on relationships How modern society gets in the way of connection You can purchase Robert’s new book ‘The Good Life: Lessons from the World's Longest Study on Happiness’, here: **** Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/05/231h 31m

Shopify President: How To Become A Millionaire For The Price Of A Starbucks Coffee!

In this new episode Steven sits down with the Canadian entrepreneur and President of Shopify, Harley Finkelstein. Harley was 17 years when we started his first company selling T-shirts at University. Later, while studying law at the University of Ottawa, Harley met the future co-founder of Shopify, Tobias Lütke, and became an early adopter of the platform. After graduating from law school, Harley worked as a lawyer before joining Shopify in 2010 as it’s first employee. Since then Harley has helped Shopify grow from a start-up to one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms in the world, powering over 1 million businesses in 175 countries. In this conversation Harley and Steven discuss topics, such as: Harley’s mission to make more people into entrepreneurs Why Harley had no choice but to become an entrepreneur Downshifting and what ‘being enough’ truly means Why Harley searches for meaning rather than happiness Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/05/231h 49m

Moment 108 - This Powerful Tool Can Change Your Life: Africa Brooke

In this moment Africa Brooke discusses the importance of accountability and how taking responsibility is the opposite of self-sabotage. From her own past experiences, Africa knows that it is all too easy to externalise and place the blame outside of yourself. This is a way of avoiding self reflecting and truly examining the role you play in the decisions and negative outcomes in your life. However, the opposite is also true that we always have the ability and power to change even the smallest part of our circumstances for the better. Listen to the full episode here - Africa: Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/05/2314m 14s

Macklemore: How I Destroyed My Addiction & Overcame My Darkest Times

In this new episode Steven sits down with the American rapper and songwriter Macklemore. Ben Haggerty adopted the stage name of Macklemore when he began rapping at the age of 14, at the same time he was beginning his struggle with substance abuse. Ben released his debut album, ‘The Language of My World’, in 2005. However, his struggles with addiction threaten to halt his musical career and he entered rehab in 2008. He started collaborating with the producer Ryan Lewis in 2009 and the pair released their album, ‘The Heist’, in 2012. This album went on to win 4 Grammy Awards and become platinum certified. Since 2017, Ben has focused on his solo career, releasing the album ‘Gemini’ and launching his golf-inspired clothing brand Bogey Boys in 2021. He has just released his third solo album, ‘Ben’. In this conversation Ben and Steven discuss topics, such as: Ben’s struggle with addiction and relapsing How to be there for someone struggling with the disease of addiction Knowing the difference between what you want in the moment vs in the long term Removing your ego and being present during the creative process The double edged sword of social media You can listen to Macklemore’s new album, ‘Ben’, here: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/05/231h 21m

The Scary New Research On Sugar & How They Made You Addicted To It! Jessie Inchauspé

In this new episode Steven sits down with the French biochemist and bestselling author Jessie Inchauspé. After an accident that resulted in Jessie breaking her back when she was 19 years old, Jessie became interested in the ways to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Jessie followed this passion in her career, working as a product lead at the genetic health start up 23andMe. In 2019, Jessie started the @glucosegoddess instagram account, which shared data from her experiments with a continuous glucose monitor. These experiments looked at the impact that various foods had upon her glucose levels and the subsequent affects on her physical and mental health. In 2022, Jessie published her bestselling book, ‘Glucose Revolution’ (available to purchase here: In this conversation Jessie and Steven discuss topics, such as: The life changing accident that made Jessie realise the importance of good health Why Jessie focused on glucose as a measurement for health The impact that controlling your glucose can have upon your health and wellbeing How out of control glucose levels can damage both your mental and physical health The hacks that you can use to maintain steady glucose levels Jessie is the author of the new book, ‘The Glucose Goddess Method’, which you can purchase here: Follow: Instagram: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/05/231h 35m

Moment 107 - Why Counting Calories Doesn't Work: Tim Spector

In this moment Dr Tim Spector unravels the myth of calorie counting for health and weight loss. Dr Spector discusses how dieting is not just a simple case of tracking calories in compared to calories, as it is nearly impossible for even professionals to accurately count calories. Furthermore, just as people and their lifestyles are not the same, neither are calories. Calories from either quality whole food or ultra-processed can have radically different impacts on your health. Instead of obsessing about calories Dr Spector believes you need to be focused on the quality of your food. Listen to the full episode here - ⁠ Tim: Watch the episodes on YouTube - ⁠⁠ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/04/2318m 15s

How I Built A $400 Million Company With Joe Rogan! (Incredible Story) Aubrey Marcus

In this new episode Steven sits down with the American entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author Aubrey Marcus. Aubrey founded Onnit in 2010, the company was built upon the philosophy of providing it’s customers with the supplements and equipment necessary to achieve ‘Total Human Optimisation’. It was the release of the nootropic Alpha BRAIN in 2011 and partnership with Joe Rogan that Onnit began to achieve rapid success. Aubrey stepped down as Onnit’s CEO in 2020 and since then founded the coaching platform ‘Fit For Service’, as well as hosts the ’Aubrey Marcus Podcast’. In this conversation Aubrey and Steven discuss topics, such as: His friendship and partnership with Joe Rogan The power of psychedelic medicine and how it changed his life His journey with polyamory and why he will never be in a open relationship again The role that his family played in his later success Why the modern world desperately needs connection and community Aubrey is the author of ‘Own the Day, Own Your Life’, which you can purchase here: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/04/231h 56m

Stress Is Killing You! 5 Proven Steps To Reverse Its Effects: Deepak Chopra

In this new episode Steven sits down with the author and alternative-medicine pioneer Deepak Chopra. Deepak is an expert in the field of mind-body healing and has written over 90 books on the subject. He has also been named as one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world. After studying medicine in India, Deepak moved to America to begin his medical career. However he soon became disillusioned with Western medicine and its reliance on prescription drugs, and was inspired to become involved with holistic medicine and the Transcendental Meditation movement. He is the founder the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, which focuses upon the importance of mental, emotional and spiritual well-being to the overall health of the individual. In this conversation Deepak and Steven discuss topics, such as: How emotions affect the physical body The key areas of suffering in our life How to be successful no matter what The greatest emotion humans posses Why depression is the real pandemic affecting modern society How emotions affect you on a cellular level Self identity is a hallucination and life a dream? Why the greatest emotion you can adopt is awe How to be successful no matter what The 5 most common points of suffering The stark difference between a human being and a human doing How to see the opportunity in every problem Why every time you feel anger, it’s just your body remembering trauma The magic of focusing on your strengths. You can purchase his most recent book, ‘Living In The Light’, here: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/04/231h 29m

Moment 106 - Marketing Principles That Made Brewdog Billions: James Watt

In this week’s moment, James Watt talks about the marketing ethos of his company Brewdog, who have built their reputation through unique marketing principles. James explains how Brewdog raised brand awareness with no marketing budget and by being intentionally provocative and punching above their weight. It is one of their foundation beliefs that everything Brewdog does should tie back into their core beliefs of not only getting a return for their business but also creating a passion for fantastic beer. This moment will leave you with a fresh perspective on how creativity and imagination can trump money and size in the world of business. Listen to the full episode here - ⁠ James : ⁠ Watch the episodes on YouTube - ⁠⁠ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/04/2315m 7s

No.1 Heart Surgeon: Cardio Is A Waste Of Time For Weight Loss! Philip Ovadia

In this new episode Steven sits down with heart surgeon Dr Philip Ovadia MD. Dr Philip Ovadia is an American heart surgeon, founder of Ovadia Heart Health and the author of the new book, “Stay Off My Operating Table”. As a heart surgeon Dr Ovadia saw firsthand the dangers of heart disease, the number one killer worldwide. Having struggling with obesity his whole life and a family history of heart disease, Dr Ovadia was finally able to lose 45kg by following a predominately animal-based foods and low carbohydrate diet. Since then it has been Dr Ovadia’s mission to improve the public’s metabolic health through lifestyle and dietary modification as a way to prevent later health crises and death. In this conversation Dr Ovadia and Steven discuss topics, such as: Philip’s mission to make being healthy normal again Why we should focus more on prevention rather than medication Why cholesterol and fat are not necessarily the cause of heart disease The impact of sugar on your health Metabolic health and ‘skinny fat’ The benefits of the carnivore diet The danger of the standard American diet Why exercise doesn’t help with weight loss You can purchase, ‘Stay Off My Operating Table’, here: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/04/231h 24m

NastyGal Founder: I Was A Stripper! A Shoplifter! Then Built A $400m Business! Sophia Amoruso

In this new episode Steven sits down with serial entrepreneur Sophia Amouroso. Sophia Amouroso is an American business woman and New York Times best-selling author of ‘#GIRLBOSS’ which later became a Netflix series of the same name. Sophia founded the female fashion retailer, ‘Nasty Gal’ in 2006 when she was 22 years old. 6 years later, Nasty Gal was named the "Fastest Growing Retailer” in America. However, in 2016, the same year that Sophia was named by Forbes as one of the richest self-made women in the world, Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy. Since Nasty Gal’s bankruptcy Sophia has founded ‘Girlboss Media’, an online community providing mentoring and support for women worldwide. As well as ‘Business Class’, a comprehensive tutorial course that helps founders accelerate and scale their businesses. In this conversation Sophia and Steven discuss topics, such as: How Sophia’s rebellious nature helped her to create an original business How she regards being an outsider as a superpower Why as a CEO you only know 10% of what is happening in your company Why Sophia would never want to be a CEO again You can follow Sophia here: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/04/231h 35m