Sharable Content, What We Really Want to Say to the World

Sharable Content, What We Really Want to Say to the World

By Nick James

Chalene Johnson is a world-renowned motivational speaker and co-founder of the Smartlife.

Movement. Charlene is a business expert having built and sold several multimillion businesses of her own and has helped others to also achieve this.

She explains why fun is her motivator and how she effectively interacts with her audience daily. This is a great opportunity to hear about how to begin on social media and create the content that will be shared and liked ultimately increasing your audience. Chalene shares detailed information about exactly how she works with and responds to the changing face of social media platforms to make sure she always knows what’s going on in this episode packed with great content not to be heard anywhere else.



We all need to have our own structure because it’s when we are forced into someone else’s structure that we feel trapped. The more structure I have the more freedom I feel. Everything I do online with my social media is figuring out how the various levers affect platforms and interacting with my audience. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have to know how to do everything but you do need to invest in experts who do know what’s going on. When you begin, focus on one platform you want to spend time on, this will likely be where your customer already is. People don’t care about you; you have to create content that people want and is sharable. Sharable content says something about who we are, our values and the audience we want to attract and something about the value we want to put out to the world. You have to focus on what your audience believes is the solution to the problem. It’s important to create universal sharable content to reach beyond your current audience. Instagram look at comparatively how fast did your post takes on comments, likes, shares, and saves compared to another account with the same hashtag. It’s looking at it relative to the engagement not relative to the size of your account.



‘I spend on average at least 2 hours responding to DM’s’

‘You can curate sharable content’

‘You have to have the right mindset and energy and having fun is my primary motivator’



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Nick James

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