SLS: How to "Launch" your podcast

SLS: How to "Launch" your podcast

By Spreaker Live Show

Spreaker Live Show #177 for Jan 23th, 2019

Show Duration: 50 minutes

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Show Today:

- Podcon2 Recap
- How to "Launch" your podcast?
- How important is a Podcast Name?
- Is shorter shows better?
- Is it more important to be creative or descriptive?
- Listener Comments & Questions

On the show today:

How to "Launch" your podcast?
- Plan Content
- Quality Mic and Recording
- Get Podcast Host
- Then determine First full episode launch date
- Then Create Promo/Preview Episode - Publish it
- Then Submit to ALL Distribution Platforms
- Then Promote the Launch on Social/Website/Media
- Launch with your first episode on Launch day

How important is Podcast Name?
- Short is Idea and catchy that communicates theme that is not too long
- Descriptive to what the show is about

Is shorter shows better?
- As long as it needs to be
- As long as it is interesting and entertaining - not boring
- Generally 30-50 minutes long

Is it more important to be creative or descriptive?
- Ideally balance of both is good, depending on the content
- Personality is key, like discussed recently on the show
- Clarity of information and message tends to be more descriptive
- Creative takes listeners on a ride of imagination in Orlando is Coming in March, 2019

Listener Comments:

Jason Rigden
Thanks for mentioning the Seattle Podcasters Guild! What makes a "podcast city" is the community of podcasters. A strong local ecosystem makes for strong shows. It is just like in music. Cities with strong interconnected music communities produce exceptional bands. I think the same thing will work for podcasting. We just need to start building those communities and that is exactly what the guild is trying to do.

The DMVShow
Hey guys! I actually started my podcast doing live shows roughly 2 yrs ago. It is definitely challenging being the host, producer, sound engineer and all in between. I never edited anything.. I love doing it live unfortunately, I ran out of material. But i am planning a reboost to the show....fine tune....thxs for all the advise

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