SLS: Pandora Podcasts Arrives

SLS: Pandora Podcasts Arrives

By Spreaker Live Show

Spreaker Live Show #171 for Nov 14th, 2018

Show Duration: 45 minutes

-Host: I’m Rob Greenlee of Voxnest that operates Spreaker. I am a 14+ year podcaster that started out on the radio. This is the official podcast of Spreaker platform.
@robgreenlee - rob(at)voxnest(dotcom)
-Co-Host: Alex Exum, Host of "Live Talk" and “The Exum Experience Podcast” on Spreaker
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Show Today:

- Pandora Podcasts Is Finally Here
- Growing Interest in Complex Storytelling Podcast Productions?
- Listener Comments

On the show today:

- Pandora Podcasts Is Finally Here
Yes, Spreaker is working with Pandora
Yes, Your show will have the opportunity to be considered for inclusion
We will be announcing a path for that next week
What is the Pandora Podcast Genome Project
Pandora's podcast genome project, which aims to do for podcasts what its music genome project did for music, has launched in public beta. The new initiative hopes to introduce listeners to podcasts they might enjoy based on prior listening habits, and was first announced earlier this year.
- You can ask for early beta access here if you are a current pandora user -
Pandora will roll out beta access to select listeners on mobile devices. Those interested in early access to the offering can sign-up here, with general availability in the coming weeks.
“It might feel like podcasts are ubiquitous, but, eighty-three percent of Americans aren’t yet listening to podcasts on a weekly basis, and a majority of them report that’s because they simply don’t know where to start,” said Roger Lynch, Chief Executive Officer, Pandora. “Making podcasts – both individual episodes and series – easy to discover and simple to experience is how we plan to greatly grow podcast listening while simultaneously creating new and more sustainable ways to monetize them.”
genres including News, Sports, Comedy, Music, Business, Technology, Entertainment, True Crime, Kids, Health and Science
With the introduction of podcasts, listeners can now easily enjoy all of their audio interests – music, comedy, news, sports, or politics – on Pandora, the streaming service that knows their individual listening habits the best
The Podcast Genome Project’s unique episode-level understanding of content knows exactly what podcast you’ll want to discover next, and will serve it up through a seamless in-product experience that is uniquely personalized to each listener and will continue to grow with their tastes over time.

- Growing Interest in Complex Storytelling Podcast Productions?
Up in Vancouver I saw some Masterclass type sessions on very advanced reality and fictional story telling productions
But we need more workshops on how small groups can pull together interesting shows using simple processes and tools - using hacks and tricks to reduce production time and expense to expand the numbers of people and companies wanting to product really great sounding podcasts

- Coming Events Spreaker will be at: in Seattle - Jan 19-20, 2019 - Large event

- Listener Comments & Questions:

Mark Dowding
Some of those fictional shows are great - Wolverine is amazing, Weird Al is involved in one which is a period drama based in Hollywood during the golden era.

But at the end of the day they are just radio plays - and this is really where radio will help raise the bar in podcasting, by bringing greater creativity to the medium. They can keep their over advertised, music heavy shows.

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