SLS: Growing Impact of Apple Watch on Podcasting

SLS: Growing Impact of Apple Watch on Podcasting

By Spreaker Live Show

Spreaker Live Show #169 for Oct 31st, 2018

Show Duration: 49 minutes

-Host: I’m Rob Greenlee of Voxnest that operates Spreaker. I am a 14+ year podcaster that started out on the radio. This is the official podcast of Spreaker platform.
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Show Today:

- Is Apple iWatch Dramatically Changing Podcast Listening?
- Does Podcasting Need a New Professional Association
- Enabling your Spreaker Monetization Tools
- Listener Comments & Questions

On the show today:

-Is Apple Watch Dramatically Changing Podcast Listening?
9-10% of the Downloads for this Show is going to Apple Watch and “AirPods”
Voxnest the parent company Spreaker has said that data on average is showing, 9.4% of all podcast downloads on an Apple Watch device. With Amazing 'bumps” higher to 13% on Weekends..
Apple Watches gained the option to play podcasts in mid September.
That is fast adoption and change. Not sure if it is growth in listening, but could be?
the ability to have Podcasts app on the watch has been added by watchOS 5, the latest operating system available for Apple Watch. It goes together with iOS12 (on the iPhone).
For sure, you can both download episodes on the watch and play them later (offline) but also play them as a stream.

-Do We Need a New Podcasting Association?
Any industry association needs to be a) international; b) representative of the industry (so have NPR in there as well as indies); c) the blessing of Apple, Spotify and Google.

You might be asking a simple question of Why? Yes again, we have been here before and it was called the Association of Downloadable Media (ADM). It was a grassroots started organization formed by some of the larger players in the podcasting space back in 2008.

Now ten years later and much maturity in the market has occurred, but most new people to podcasting will not have known this history. It is also true that it does not matter now much what happened in the past, but what we do now going forward. I agree with that thought, but some lessons can be learned from that experience to make an organization work this time.

The ADM was mostly a failure by most measures with group in fighting and backroom closed door communications in efforts to control the efforts of the group, but some good came out of it and we did set some very basic measurement standards that has carried the overall podcasting industry till the more recent efforts by the IAB Podcast Metrics Working Group to establish v.1 and more recently IAB v.2 Podcast Metrics Standards.

The thought is to create and industry group that can collaborate to create more standards in the industry around advertising formats, best practices around dynamic ad insertion and programmatic ad buying. The large brands and agencies need some whitepapers with examples of successful advertising campaigns.

As we see host/talent read ad spots converge more with programmatic buying platforms we will see revenue grow in the podcasting medium.

Clearly we also need to keep working on audio playing client side metrics to realize the complete picture of listening from downloaded podcast audio files.

This new unnamed podcast industry association would enable everyone to come together around growing the listening side of the podcasting industry with the potential of co-op online and offline marketing and promotion.

I have a proposed name for the new association and that might be “Professional Podcast Association” (PPA) or “Global Podcast Association” (GPA). Please reach out and let me know if you have any other ideas about this proposal – rob at robgreenlee dotcom.

-Enabling your Spreaker Monetization Tools
Every Show Created on Spreaker can be enabled to create cash for the podcaster
All opt in too! You enable and then turn on pre,mid and post rolls in all your episodes
I suggest to enable early mid-rolls across all your episodes
Midrolls are very important

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-Listener Comments & Questions:

Yep! Spreaker is the only one doing it right for audience interaction and syndication for publishers. People need to know the power of Spreaker.

Linda Irwin
I listen to pod-casts when I am home (most of the time) and listen to radio when we are travelling in the truck (not very much). I really do not cross over the two.

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