SLS: Spotify Submissions Resume, HTTPS

SLS: Spotify Submissions Resume, HTTPS

By Spreaker Live Show

Spreaker Live Show #159 for July 11th, 2018

Show Duration: 60 minutes

-Host: Rob Greenlee, Head of Partnerships, Voxnest and Spreaker @robgreenlee - rob(at)voxnest(dotcom)
-Co-Host: Alex Exum, Host of “The Exum Experience Podcast” on Spreaker
-We stream LIVE every Weds at 3 Pacific /6pm EST from
-You can now get the show on Google Podcasts App on Android
- is COMING FAST - Next month in Philly July 23-26
-Spreaker powered by Voxnest - Whole new booth experience this year with ability to use touch screens to see all of our platforms in our software.
-Alex created a video for a 'Show Clock' for Speaker Live Show listeners since we mentioned in the show
-On my other Podcast - I had the product manager for Google Podcasts as a Guest. Go to to see and hear that conversation
-Shoutout to James Cridland and his newsletter. It is an incredibly thorough and very useful daily compilation of up-to-the-minute podcast-related news from around the world.
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Show Today:
- PodcastMovement is Coming Fast
- Voxnest/Spreaker is Hiring
- What’s the status of HTTPS feeds on Apple Podcasts?
- Spreaker Feed Submissions to Spotify has resumed
- We got an Audio Comment about App Donations
- Other Listener Comments

On the show today:

- What’s the status of HTTPS feeds on Apple Podcasts?
As probably every podcaster already knows, at the end of May, Apple communicated that they will soon require secure podcast feeds as part of publishing podcasts with them.

-This means that podcasters who have already submitted their show to Apple Podcasts will need to ensure they are using a secure podcast feed with an SSL certificate and for those of you who plan to submit in the future, you need to make sure you have it set up. If you’re not a techy person this basically means that it is recommended to use a podcast HTTPS RSS feed, with the “S” in HTTPS literally standing for ‘secure’.

-What does this mean for you?
We want to make the transition as easy as possible for Spreaker users: in the near future you’ll need to have your RSS Feed secure to be submitted on Apple Podcasts. That’s why we have already made an update on our website which will allow Spreaker users to have their show’s RSS feed directly available as HTTPS. Below we explain how to make the changes.

-What do I have to do?
For podcasters who have not yet submitted to Apple Podcasts yet: you can already get the RSS Feed directly from the CMS or your Show page on the Website since it’s already been updated. It’s that easy.

-For podcasters who are already submitting to Apple Podcasts: don’t worry for the time being, the HTTP feed is still working and we are in discussion with Apple to find the best solution for you. We’ll be in touch with more information regarding the transition as soon as we have an update.

-Spreaker Feed Submissions to Spotify has resumed
*Spotify submissions has resumed Weds (Today)
We began submitting the backlog of the Spotify submissions, finally, using the Spotify API
We’ll do it at a rate of 600 shows per hour (50 every 5 minutes are submitted), to process the full 4000 shows on PENDING state.

- Kyle Wilcox wrote and sent us an audio comment: Hey, I think the discussion about making the custom Spreaker app a paid app in the Apple App Store was interesting. I wonder if you could also make the app free, and allow people to donate various amounts with in-app purchases. I think you could even do subscriptions that way. Here's my audio comment about this. Play Audio Comment

Listener Comments & Questions:

Joe Bunzerelly
I know this has been brought up before, but can we put the download button back on the embeddable player? The last time this was brought up i believe the answer was that only a small percentage of listeners downloaded as opposed to streaming. If that's the case, why not make it an option in the embeddable player, like many other features are. I just think it makes it more accessible to people who are new to podcast listening and afraid of using data. Obviously i try to steer them towards the podcast players, but I would still like an easier way to have them download straight from my webpage. I understand that i can make a download button, but if it was integrated into my webplayer, I can have the whole thing automate, and streamline my workload. Thanks!

Linda Irwin
I guess I will have to share manually since I closed the business page a couple of months ago as they messed up functionality of it to the point that people stopped following it.

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