SLS: How To REBOOT or Launch Podcast, New Privacy TOS (GDPR) Update

SLS: How To REBOOT or Launch Podcast, New Privacy TOS (GDPR) Update

By Spreaker Live Show

Spreaker Live Show #155 for May 23rd, 2018

Show Duration: 45 minutes

-Host: Rob Greenlee, Head of Partnerships, Voxnest and Spreaker @robgreenlee - rob(at)voxnest(dotcom)
-Co-Host: Alex Exum, Host of “The Exum Experience Podcast” on Spreaker
-We stream LIVE every Weds at 3 Pacific /6pm EST from
-Next: I am traveling to Lisbon, Portugal to give a two day podcasting workshop to journalists at a conference called the - May 27-June 3

Show Today:
- Steps to Successfully Start and Launch a Podcast
- Important Updates to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
- Listener Question "Can you do a Live Show and not publish it?"

On the show today:

- Steps to Successfully Start and Launch a Podcast
- Much of this can be used with existing Podcast to REBOOT it = See “___”

- Focus on Show and Marketing = Goals, Show Name, Timelines, Location of Recording
- Budget: Recording Equip and Recording Production and Editing Software
- Select Podcast Publishing, Hosting, RSS creation and Monetization Tools
- Have Artist Create Square Cover Art 1400 or 3000 pixel square jpg/png, big bold text, colorful show logo and make it look great
- Create online marketing strategies based on listener genre, search keyword list for the show to reach communities with interest in content
- Write series description, select genres, show keywords in author tag, show title then input it into hosting platform
- Produce :30 :60 Promo Preview Episode and Publish as episode "zero“
- Create your Podcast RSS feed for getting distribution and enable “Manual” version in RSS Customization area of Spreaker CMS tool
- Add podcast to your website or create a website for your podcast and would advise your create articles, video too
- Write PR pitch copy about the podcast and social tweets or posts, get images related to the podcast for website/social posts
- Start Submitting Show RSS to listening platforms - Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify, Google Podcasts and iHeartRadio
- Submit show launch episode for major feature in Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher and others
- Do PR outreach starting 2-3 weeks before first episode launch via Social Media and company publicists to get media stories
- Then Produce episode in mono 44.1 mhz 96K-128K then Publish Launch episode 1# on Launch Day
- Enable automated dynamic ad monetization strategies with insertion points if your organization allows it - existing or new - Dynamo or Spreaker

- Important Updates to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on Spreaker, Voxnest and BlogTalkRadio

Starting now and officially by May 25, 2018, it is necessary for you to review and accept our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy – a legal requirement to continue accessing and using Spreaker’s products and services.

Over the course of the last few months, we have been working behind the scenes to improve and make Spreaker’s content management system compliant with the new GDPR policies (General Data Protection Regulation).

If you’re wondering what the GDPR is, don’t worry! The GDPR is a new Regulation which aims to protect users digital privacy rights by strengthening laws on data protection and giving EU citizens complete control over their personal data – great news for online users everywhere. This means that all users will be the owners of their online data and it is the controller’s (ours) obligation to make sure your rights are respected according to the Regulation.

So, what does that mean for you when it comes to how Spreaker uses your data?

We will only keep users’ personal data only if it is strictly necessary for accessing and using the platform.

Grant a permanent removal – in case of account deletion – of all of your personal data on Spreaker (and its partners) within 30 days.

Continue our daily work to protect and keep personal data secure – with particular attention with regards to children (there will be no data collection and platform access for persons under the age of 16 years old).

How we will keep our transparency commitment to the community:


Doug Salamone
Can you do I live show, but not have it save as an episode?

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