SLS: How to Promote Your Podcast, Midroll's are Live

SLS: How to Promote Your Podcast, Midroll's are Live

By Spreaker Live Show

Spreaker Live Show #153 for April 25th, 2018

Show Duration: 76 minutes

Host: Rob Greenlee, Head of Partnerships, Voxnest and Spreaker @robgreenlee - rob(at)voxnest(dotcom)
Co-Host: Alex Exum, Host of “The Exum Experience Podcast” on Spreaker
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Show Today:
- Top 21 List: How to Promote Your Podcast
- Spotify Update

On the show today:

Top 21 List: How to Promote Your Podcast
“Build it or record it and distribute it and they will come” approach is not working very well these days. Distribution is not enough, it get you to the starting line towards audience development, but much more to do.

Even if your show art is great and the title is really catchy, it’s still swimming in a sea of many, many, many other audio fish. You are the unique difference with a little hard work!

Podcasting comes with many demands on our time.
Those of us that do it are preoccupied with worrying about how to monetize, checking our stats, editing our show, lining up guests to interview, writing for the next episode, keeping up with the industry itself, learning about new hardware and software, and trying to get ratings and reviews.

Building a base of listeners is not easy!!!

Here are 21 areas to think about and possibly apply to your show promotion and marketing.

1. Get media interviews
Be sure to have a hook, though. Just being a podcaster and having what you think is a good show merely puts you in line with the other creators who are contributing to that 400 thousand number above. Give the host and/or producer a reason why they should interview you (and not the other podcasters).

2. Post media coverage on your website
I devote an entire section of your website to showcase where I’ve been interviewed.

3. Posting Audio Episodes to YOUTUBE with Video Content Too
Posting on YouTube gets you on the second largest search engine in the world, and thus a chance to be found by folks who might otherwise not come across you and your show.

4. Have a business card just for your show
Press the flesh with a show card, because expecting people to remember that you have a podcast, what it’s called, and where to find it is not only asking a lot, but it’s a missed (branding) opportunity. At the least have a website address on there, but consider having your name, number, and email address as well.

5. Email signature
Mine is loaded, from the URL to icons for the platforms where my podcast can be found to social media.

6. E-newsletter
Mine goes out once a week – on the day that my podcast comes out. You have total control over the content, the length, and the frequency. Thanks to my Web developer, I don’t even use a paid service. But regardless of how you send yours out, just do something. In this day and age of our email inboxes being on the receiving end of newsletters from others, make sure you are active as a sender too.

7. Public speaking and guesting on other podcasts or radio shows
Become considered an expert in your podcast show genre and work to build reputation as an industry speaker at conference events, put on workshops. Put on your your show website that you can be booked to speak on a variety of topics related to your podcast topics. Get feature at podcasting events. But think local too.

9. Social media
Yes,you should be promoting on social media, but not just on social media. Have one account dedicated solely to your podcast. Instagram. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn about my podcast, but put other posts related to your podcast/business on those platforms too.

On Instagram, post something every day of the week. Pull from show notes, pull out a great quote from guest or commentary, create an image for it on Canva, and voila, you have an Instagram post.

10. Podcast Award nominations or Winning
These expose your show to not only the other nominees but to voters and readers who scan the list to see what podcasts are competing for a certain award. Before you know it they’re checking you out to hear why your show is a contender.

11. Provide a roadmap for your guests or co-hosts to promote
Email the guest to let them know that the interview is out, the various links they can choose from to promote to their followers, and your social media handles that you’d like them to tag in their posts. There is a greater likelihood of them putting something up if you give them suggested text than if you just say, “Thanks again. I hope you like it.” You might even get new social media followers of your own!

12. Network with other genre compatible interest groups
Be respectful on FB Groups and Google Groups. Before you know it, now they are promoting your episode for you!

13. Cross promote, cross promote, and then cross promote
On website/blog and any relationships with content creators who which you can share written or audio content with to build win-win audience growing relationships.

14. Create and Distribute and eBook on your topic genre
It can work to re-purpose content from the podcast to fill the eBook – include links throughout so that readers can click to go and hear the interview that what they’re reading to hear deeping conversations on that topic. eBooks can be a convenient workbook outline for audio listeners.

15. Refer to past episodes of your podcast
“Wow, I’m glad you brought that up. That’s a lot like what I talked about with (guest’s name) back on Episode (number). Say, if you never heard that episode, go back and listen to my interview with (guest’s name).

16. Do a “Best Of” episode
Compile in one episode – a number of past podcasts you put out, in such a way that the listener will want to go hear other episodes that you’ve put out.

17. Contact constituents who were mentioned in your podcast
Let them know they have been mentioned on your show and ask them to share it, if the coverage was positive.

18. Record on-location
When I do an interview on-site. Can use branded mic flags to promote my podcast during Live or recorded session..

19. Ask someone you know to listen and provide feedback
Get some honest feedback from listeners

20. Give a number for listeners to call

21. T-Shirts
- Spotify Submissions Button is NOW in Spreaker CMS
Acceptance of Shows by Spotify has been slowing down some - taking longer now

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