SLS: Midrolls Enabled in Spreaker, Show Stats or Not, Spotify Update

SLS: Midrolls Enabled in Spreaker, Show Stats or Not, Spotify Update

By Spreaker Live Show

Spreaker Live Show #152 for April 18th, 2018

Show Duration: 63 minutes

Host: Rob Greenlee, Head of Partnerships, Voxnest and Spreaker @robgreenlee - rob(at)voxnest(dotcom)
Co-Host: Alex Exum, Host of “The Exum Experience Podcast” on Spreaker
We stream LIVE every Weds at 3 Pacific /6pm EST from
- First Edison Research/Triton Digital Infinite Dial Canada and how Google Home is dominating Amazon Alexa
- In Las Vegas NAB Show Update from April 7th - 12th
- Then World Wide Radio Summit in LA May 2-4
- 3rd of May - 2:30PM - 3:20PM:
THE FUTURE OF EVERYTHING Panel: How Your Radio Station Can Benefit From These Evolving Platforms?
The future of our business is in podcasting. Unless it's streaming. Or maybe it's video. You'll have to subscribe, unless you won't. And you'll get it all on your phone, unless it's on your "smart speaker," or in your car. Wait... what IS the future going to be for the radio and music businesses? What will we have to do to survive and prosper as the current business models become antiquated? Our panel of forward-thinkers will help you see into the future, and help you steer your career and your company through the technological developments that are already changing how your audience is consuming content.
MODERATED BY: Perry Michael Simon - N/T/S & Podcasting Editor, All Access

Douglas Reed - EVP/Radio & Library Services, SourceAudio
Gina Juliano - VP of Marketing & Content, Spotlite Media Inc.
Rob Greenlee - VP/Head of Partnerships,,,
Steven Goldstein - Founder/CEO, Amplifi Media
Tom Leykis - Creater/Host, The Tom Leykis Show in Edmonton, Canada May 5th

- in Edmonton, Canada May 5th

Show Today:
- Should you Publicly Disclose Your Listening Stats?
- Mid-Roll Ad Insertion is Enabled on Spreaker Now
- Spotify Submissions Button is NOW in Spreaker CMS
- We got comments

On the show today:

-Should you Publicly Disclose Your Listening Stats?
- Recently turned off stats on SLS
- Why should your numbers remain private?
- Seen my listen numbers go up - wonder if showing low numbers drives low numbers
- It is a change in host and listener expectations

- Mid-Roll Ad Insertion is Enabled on Spreaker Now
- Is active in your CMS tools NOW - Go to “Ads Options” - check boxes, then click on below episode links to show wav form to set mid-roll insertion points in each episode
- Mid-Rolls are only available on downloads and distribution platforms using your RSS Feed. They are not yet available on the Spreaker website and on the Embedded player.

- Spotify Submissions Button is NOW in Spreaker CMS
- Third submission list has been sent to Spotify
- Those more recent submissions that did not make it on the Third list - Getting email soon to ask to resubmit via Spreaker CMS tool - look for “Spotify” in left nav menu
- New submission process has come to Spreaker CMS now
- Acceptance of Shows by Spotify has been slowing down some - taking longer now

Listener Comments:

Doug Salamone
I publish as soon as I'm done recording unless it's a project requiring more editing and creative design.
I like both types of shows. Ones without a co-host and ones with a co-host especially if they have great chemistry.

Joe Bunzerelly
Is there an update on midroll?
Im a recent switch to spreaker, and i thoroughly enjoy this show, i like the balance of hearing my host representative” and also the objective of two seasoned podcasters. I like knowing what's going on in podcasting and Spreaker on particular, but i never feel like you guys are trying to sell me something.

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