SLS: Podcasting Thoroughly Defined

SLS: Podcasting Thoroughly Defined

By Spreaker Live Show

Spreaker Live Show #144 for Jan 24th, 2018

Show Duration: 70 minutes

Host: Rob Greenlee, Head of Content, Spreaker @robgreenlee - rob(at)spreaker(dotcom)
Guest Co-Host: Jay Soderberg AKA @TheRealPodVader, Head of Content at BlogTalkRadio & Spreaker, Host of "Next Fan Up - NFL News & Reaction" podcast -
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Show Today:
- Why Podcasting? Why has it recently grown faster?
- What type of audiences are you going to reach?
- Podcast Advertising TERMS you need to know
- Listener Comments

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Podfest Multimedia Expo 2018 – An Insider’s Guide

This February 8th-10th, Orlando, Florida will be taken over by Podfest Multimedia Expo. A conference created for independent podcasters (from beginners to veterans) by podcasters, with the aim of building and developing an international podcast community through networking, events and exchanging of ideas. This year is the event’s fourth year and will see over one thousand content creators flock to find out what’s hot and what’s not in the podcasting world.

During the course of the three days, six key topics, or ‘tracks’, will be the umbrella themes for all panels and discussions, this year’s are: Monetization, Multimedia, Technology, Audience Building, Entrepreneur, and Social. To really get under the skin of these topics, there will be events of all varieties, ranging from demos of the latest products and services to workshops and panels. All will be followed by a Q&A.

On the show today:
Why Podcasting? Why has it grown faster lately?
Opt-in, one-on-one personal environment where ads are not only expected but embraced by listeners, making real connections that lead to tangible results. More than ever, now is the time to take a serious look at what a podcast sponsorship can do for your brand.

From niche to big business, podcasting made huge strides in 2017:
• Ad spend is expected to hit $534 million in 20202
• 93% of brands have increased their podcast advertising spend from 2016 to 20173
• Huge investments are being made in the medium
• Break out shows have led to Hollywood TV adaptations and spin-offs
• Increased number of festivals and live events are building even more excitement
around the industry
• Apple releases its new consumption metrics for publishers in beta to meet the
growing demand for better data on all sides - just the beginning and not very impactful yet!

What type of audiences are you going to reach?
As attention spans become more fragmented, there is one place where brands can still reach an unduplicated audience that’s increasingly unreachable by traditional media - podcasts. Half of
U.S. households, as studied by Nielsen, are currently home to fans of at least one podcast. In addition to the steady growth in awareness and listening over the past few years, listeners are
becoming more diverse. In just 12 months, non-white listeners have grown 20%, up to 36% in 2017.

A better ad experience:
• 83% agree the host is authentic and natural in delivering the ads
• 78% don’t mind the ads because they know sponsors support the podcast.
• Over half (57%) of the podcast ads tested outperformed video pre-roll in driving purchase
intent lift

They’re paying attention:
• 55% pay more attention to ads on podcasts vs. ads on other mediums6
• Two-thirds of listeners 18-49 have acted on ads they heard in a podcast either by
researching a product or service or by actually purchasing something they first heard about
in an episode7
• 74% of our pod listeners are likely to purchase a product from their favorite host8
So who’s listening:
• Millennials heart podcasts: about 4 in 10 listeners (44%) are 18-34
• They’re technologically active: 81% of podcast subscribers listen on mobile devices and 48%
follow brands on social media
• They have disposable income: 75% make $75K or more, over 30% make $100K or more
• Pod fans are an ambitious bunch: nearly 60% have college or grad-level education, 75% are
• And speaking of work: Podcast listening peaks during the work week, and prevails during
work hours over music10
The audience you’re going to reach simply comes down to the content you buy. Want vegan
urban moms or farmers in the Midwest? There’s a podcast targeting those audiences. The
combination of targetability and the receptivity to advertising is what makes podcasts work.

Podcast Advertising TERMS you need to know
Pre-roll: An ad at the opening of the podcast. It can be a full length host read (30-60 seconds), a
pre-recorded (traditional audio) ad or a shorter “this show is brought to you by”. There can be
multiple pre-rolls in 1 episode.
Mid-roll: These segments occur periodically throughout the episode. Typically, these range
from :30-:60 seconds, but can be any length.
Post-roll: A brief ad at the end of the content, during which the host can urge listeners once
again to check out the company or simply remind them of the sponsorship.
Offer Code/Promo Code/Offer Code: Most podcast ads offer listeners a unique promo code and/or dedicated website to visit, which allows sponsors to track how many conversions they're getting.
Podcatcher/Podcasts App: Or podcast client is a program or app used to download podcasts. Apple Podcasts reigns supreme, but others include Stitcher, Spotify, RadioPublic, and Pocket Casts.
Download/Progressive Download Plays: The current standard unit of audience measurement. Most podcasts are sold based on total average downloads per episode. A download counts each time there’s a request for a file (i.e. the episode). The general formula for calculating total downloads looks at
bandwidth consumption per file, session length of a download, and similar factors. Some
vendors may allow buys based on impressions, which are calculated based on downloads.
TTSL: Total Time Spent Listening - what Apple added recently too
Listen, Plays: Not sure podcasting industry has got firm and clear on how plays, listens are counted. We are getting close. IAB is making progress on this. Progressive Downloads can be counted as plays and listens too.
Abandonment Rate (the percentage of people that leave the podcast before 2 minutes has expired
Host (the tech kind): Referring to a content hosting platform such as Megaphone, Libsyn,
Soundcloud, or PodBean where creators can upload their content feed for distribution and
consumption. While irrelevant to the listener, the hosting platform can make a difference to an
advertiser in regards to what technology is available for campaign execution - see “Set your
campaign parameters” for more.
Baked In/Live Reads/Host Reads: “Baked in” reads are native host-read ads recorded into the content and live in the show in perpetuity. Good for branding campaigns and for tapping into the power of the
Dynamic insertion (DI): Pre-recorded reads (host/announcer read OR canned audio from the
advertiser) are seamlessly integrated into natural breaks within the content. Ads are inserted
on-demand allowing for audience targeting, full impression tracking, and the ability to swap
creative at any time.
Dynamically-served impression: Standard unit of measurement for DI ads. Impressions can
be tracked for all ad units (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll).
CPM - Paid Per thousand Listens on total audience
CPA - Fixed payment per conversion transaction - Not paid for audience and affiliate programs
RSS feed: Host Server generated XML document URL that contains text metadata, image and episode list that includes link URL’s to .mp3 files and episode level text title and descriptions.
Webplayer/Widget Player: Transportable programming code that can be cut & pasted to be placed in your website to enable an audio player experience on an external show website or blog.

Listener Comment from last Weeks show:

Thanks so much for covering this topic Rob and Jay. The fact that we can disable the RSS here on Spreaker is huge. I imported one of my Anchor feeds here and recommending others on Anchor to do the same. Now I can use that gorgeous Spreaker player with a custom image and layout when I want to embed an episode on a blog post. Cheers!

Gail Nobles
IHeart radio appears to be joining with podcasting, but radio is mainly music, and podcasting is more within itself. Online there is change.

Radio and Podcasting is starting to look like one together to me. People just want them to stay different. Radio is able to bring us the best hit music where podcasting cannot.

What's going to happen when podcasting starts looking like video and TV? What change will that bring? There is always change. Online, you don't have to worry about AM and FM do you? Computers and technology has brought constant change.

You mentioned Tunein. I did have a problem trying to submit different categories of my shows to Tunein. There was something not right with the feed. I didn't know how to solve it.

It might be best if Spreaker submit our shows where they think they are needed automatically somehow.

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