SLS: Is It Ok to Podfade?

SLS: Is It Ok to Podfade?

By Spreaker Live Show

Spreaker Live Show #142 for Jan 10th, 2018

Show Duration: 35 minutes

Host: Rob Greenlee, Head of Content, Spreaker @robgreenlee - rob(at)spreaker(dotcom)
Co-Host: Alex Exum, Host of “The Exum Experience Podcast” on Spreaker
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Show Today:
- Is it OK to Podfade?
- How to be born again as a Podcast?
- We want to hear what drives value to you in this podcast?
- Listener Comment

On the show today:

- When is the Right Time to Podfade?
Well, Podfading is generally burnout or life change or you ran out of things to discuss.
Energy and Passion is the driver of Podcasting, when it is waning it will show in your program
It is OK to Podfade, but take the opportunity to learn from it.
It could be a temporary mental state you are in, if it is then take a week off from doing an episode and regroup and create an improved format and maybe bring in a guest or something to get the energy back in you and your audience.

- How to be born again as a Podcast?
Refresh cover art, show format, intros, guests
One must be careful about changing too fast though as audience gets used to it, gradual change is always better.

- We want to hear what drives value to you in this podcast or not?
What value do you get from this podcast?
We can talk more about Spreaker?
Next month, change is on the menu - this podcast may be changing to recharge its energy too

Listener Comment from last Weeks show:

Doug Salamone
We're becoming a society where we all live in our own internet bubbles. Our reality is our reality, but not the reality of others. Strange world we live in.

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