SLS: Canadian Podcast Research

SLS: Canadian Podcast Research

By Spreaker Live Show

Spreaker Live Show #133 for Nov 1st, 2017

Show Duration: 60 minutes

Host: Rob Greenlee, Head of Content, Spreaker @robgreenlee - rob(at)spreaker(dotcom)
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- New Research Report focuses on Canadian podcast consumption
- Why Start Podcasting If You’re a Small Business

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Here is my show recording outline:

A New Research Report focuses on Canadian podcast consumption, conducted by Audience Insights, a Canadian audience research firm.

Podcasting is becoming an increasingly important part of the Canadian conversation.
Nearly 10 million Canadian adults have listened to a podcast in the past year.

The demographic trends younger, more affluent, and more educated, also leans male. That’s more or less in the same bucket as Australia and the U.S

24% of adults listening monthly and 15% weekly. A fast-growing audience, more than
7-in-10 started listening in the past three years.

Podcasting attracts often hard-to-reach young, affluent, educated consumers.
Podcast listening peaks among 18-34 year olds, among men, among those with a
university education, and in households with more than $100K income.

Podcast listeners show an appetite to hear more Canadian produced podcasts.
47% of all Canadian podcast listeners say they would like more about what
Canadian podcasts are available.

Four of the Top 10 podcasts listened to in the past
month are Canadian.

The full report isn’t available at this point in time, it seems, only a summary report with some initial findings that you can view in this link. .

-Why Start Podcasting If You’re a Small Business

As a small business, it can be impossible to find your unique voice in the marketplace and successfully reach your audience. Consumers’ lives are saturated by advertising on a daily basis, so just how can you create brand personality and make your business heard?

The answer is podcasts. Podcasts are increasingly being integrated into brands’ content marketing strategies and rightly so; it is advertising which requires minimal equipment, little money and offers businesses the opportunity to create an intimate rapport with their customer.

If you need further convincing as to why podcasts are the future of B2C advertising, here are three more reasons as to why they might be just what your business needs to get on the road to establishing a relationship of trust between brand and consumer:

-Let them hear your business’s most intimate voice
Podcasts allow you to create a voice and personality for your brand, in turn allowing you to build an intimate relationship with your customer. It is tailor-made content, which is thoughtful, informative and can make you stand out amongst the crowd. By speaking directly to your customer it helps put you on a level with them, allowing consumers to feel more empathetic towards your brand and letting them see another side of your business.

-Grow your audience with interviews
Securing an influential guest who has a large or loyal following can be a great way of broadening your audience. Guests who are not directly related to your subject matter or might offer a unique point of view give you the opportunity to entice new listeners. More importantly, if the guests are willing to share the content via their social media channels it can give a real boost to your numbers and strengthen brand validity.

Reach your customers without them even thinking about it
What makes podcasts truly unique as a content medium is the fact they don’t require undivided attention like lots of other media, such as video. Podcasts are easily consumable content – you can speak to your audience while they are going about their daily lives: driving, cooking or commuting. The development of home listening devices such as Amazon Echo allow listeners to multi-task while they get their podcast hit and mobile devices allow listening on the move.

Research is showing that the number of people listening to podcasts outside the home is on the up swing:

“While Home continues to be the most often named location for podcast listening, the vehicle is a strong second.” Edison Research.

If used wisely podcasts can be a powerful tool in a small business’s content marketing strategy. They allow companies to directly speak to their consumers in a personalized way and are a clever way to create a trusted relationship between brand and customer. More importantly, all you need to get started is a microphone, a computer, and some recording equipment…so what are you waiting for?

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Tamara, That is the entry point for CPM campaigns. CPA campaigns can be lower.

Tamara Ford (Shelf Addiction)
I heard that you need 5,000 downloads/listens in the US per episode to even think about podcast ads. Do you agree with that?

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