SLS: Preparing for Podcast Ads

SLS: Preparing for Podcast Ads

By Spreaker Live Show

Spreaker Live Show #132 for Oct 18th, 2017

Show Duration: 45 minutes

Host: Rob Greenlee, Head of Content, Spreaker @robgreenlee - rob(at)spreaker(dotcom)
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Show Today:
- Preparing Your Show for Podcast Advertising
- Creating an App for Your Podcast Just Got Easier!
- Another Audio Comment via Voxer

On the show today:

Preparing Your Show for Podcast Advertising
If your goal is to monetize from advertising then running ads early in your podcast and often is good practice.

Getting skilled and practicing doing ads is important as you will not be good at it out of the gate
When paying advertisers are interested then you and your show will be ready
Gets your listeners accustomed to hearing ads on your show as adding ads to an ad free show can be jarring for your listeners
Start driving home the idea that advertising supports the sponsors that make the show possible, greater ad response
Get started with Affiliate Programs like Amazon Affiliates, Commission Junction ( or Share A Sale
This gives you an inventory of sample ads that you can show potential CPM advertisers that you have the skills to create and deliver a great ad read - create an mp3 of all the reads you have done one after another
The best way to cut those sample ad reads for the ad demo mp3 is to save the clips with 30 seconds of lead in, the ad spot and 30 seconds of post ad content. This will give advertisers a sense of how you lead in, deliver and roll out of an ad spot.
Start keeping track on every single episode where an ad could be dynamically injected into your mp3 file. If you’re doing your show and find a natural transition spot record that time hack for each episode down to this HH:MM:SS.


- Find a product on Amazon Associate or any product or service you love that has an affiliate program and apply for it.
- Thought leaders who sell courses and information products online offer affiliate partnerships
- What about your own product or service gives you something to promote on your show.
- Keep the ads relevant.
- You only get good at running ads when you’re really running ads
- Prepare for ads to be dynamically inserted in the future.
- “Dynamic insertion” refers to a type of ad inserted at a pre-determined time in the episodeo

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- Creating an App for Your Podcast Just Got Easier!

Connect with your audience more directly with an exclusive experience, all while expanding on your brand, with a customized Mobile App dedicated to your show.

It’s a seemingly small addition to your podcast’s overall distribution system that offers considerable benefits. It’s just about the closest you can get to your listeners, who can download your app (from either iTunes or Google Play—you can choose where to place it) and use it to get direct access to your show and only your show. There’s no getting distracted by other podcasts, and they’ll be able to give back and show you their love and appreciation by liking your episodes and leaving comments.

Aside from this intimate experience, Mobile Apps also offer a way to expand and build upon your podcast’s mission, what it stands for, and the brand you’ve constructed around it. It’s a professional touch that impresses listeners as well as potential sponsors looking for established podcasts to support and work with.

Creating and customizing a Mobile App is a cinch. Spreaker offers a simple app-builder straight from its website where you can modify and manage your app with just a few clicks. How it looks and the keywords and information you add are all your choice and under your control. And if it building one was easy before, it’s even easier now, thanks to a few more features we’ve added to make creating your app a snap. Now you can crop your images and get some immediate help with your title and descriptions.

Crop your images
Those of you who have already submitted a Mobile App to either the iTunes Store or Google Play know that they are infuriatingly specific about the images you use to brand and embellish your app. You have to adhere to strict restrictions, not just in regards to content, but size, too. If you don’t set them correctly right off the bat, with the exact measurements required, you’re either prevented from completing your app or risk publishing one with distorted images.
So we’ve come up with a solution that’s easy and will make you look good, too. Now, once you’ve uploaded your images while building your app, you can crop them as you please right from the builder. So even if you upload images that are bigger than what’s needed, you’ll still be able to adjust them to make them fit.

Taking the words right out of your mouth
Coming up with a way to describe your podcast that’s both informative and enticing is not exactly easy, and it gets even harder when you have to worry about keywords and creating multiple descriptions that differ just enough from each other.

But now you won’t have to waste any more time coming up with various turns of phrases and call-to-actions. As you build your Mobile App, the app name, short description, and long description will appear in the fields pre-populated for you, drawing from the information you’ve included on your podcast’s Spreaker page. Of course, you can always modify the text if you’d like, but otherwise you’ll be free to just carry on with the rest of the setup and submit it.

Now, not only can you customize your Mobile App to your heart’s content, but you can do it all in less than 10 minutes! It’s a professional product, made exclusively for your listeners, that’ll be ready in a jiffy.

Ready to take your podcast to the next level? Create your own Mobile App now!

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Audio Comment from Kyle Wilcox

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