SLS: Is Podcasting Growing Up?

SLS: Is Podcasting Growing Up?

By Spreaker Live Show

Spreaker Live Show #120 for July 19th, 2017

Show Today:
-Is Podcasting Growing Up?
-Will Better Tracking of Downloads from Apple Help Make Podcasting Better?
-Scheduling Guests for your Podcast
-IAB Version 2.0 Podcast Measurement Guidelines Released
-Your comments

Show Duration: 31 minutes

Host: Rob Greenlee, Head of Content, Spreaker @robgreenlee - rob(at)spreaker(dotcom)
Co-Host: Alex Exum, Host of “The Exum Experience Podcast” on Spreaker
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On the show today:

-Will be at Radio Conference in Minneapolis, MN, Tue-Thurs July 25-28
- in August, will be in Anaheim, CA Aug 22-26
Scheduling Guests for your Podcast

-Spotify Accepts Podcast Submissions, should you expect to get in though?
-Accepting less than 10% of submissions, so don’t count on or expect to get into Spotify
Spotify is focused on creating curated playlists for users, thus main reason they are very picky on shows they add.

On the show today:

We discuss “Is Podcasting Growing Up?”
-Podcasting is growing up: According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, podcast industry ad revenue will reach $220 million in 2017, up 85 percent from 2016’s $119 million. And, after years of offering only an opaque “downloads” number, Apple is getting ready to give podcast creators more data about their listeners.
-IAB Version 2.0 Podcast Measurement Guidelines Released

We discuss “Will Better Tracking of Downloads from Apple Help Make Podcasting Better?”
-Some will want to optimize for the metrics when creating shows, some will not
-Will having more specificity about podcast numbers attract more advertisers and benefit the creators of shows that have passionate audiences?
-Not so sure we have a big issue with it now as most advertisers are fine with downloads as a metric.
-This change will give a little bit more data on duration and activity around already downloaded files, but will still not give us a “COMPLETE” data on this as many podcatchers enabling downloads are not being tracked by Apple.
-This so called “black box” of not knowing actual plays of downloaded episodes. I question the commonly held belief with some podcasting analysts scares away a lot of advertisers that are accustomed to a higher degree of measurement and more specificity into whether your ads are being served. Some may not jump in with full budgets, but it has not really held back brands and companies from testing and running podcast ads to date.
-With this New Apple data there could be many podcasts realizing that they didn’t have audiences as big as they thought based on download numbers.
-There’s going to be a percentage of podcasts that realize they have a very, very engaged audience base that is listening to whole episodes and not dropping out early.
-This new data could cause a resizing and reconceptualization of, how do you measure for the success of a show?

Listener Comments:
Linda Irwin Also, keep consistent distance from your microphone and avoid excessive "You know", "Umm" and "Like" peppered throughout your sentences.

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