SLS: Getting in iTunes and more

SLS: Getting in iTunes and more

By Spreaker Live Show

Spreaker Live Show #112 for May 17th, 2017

You are the content this week. All your questions and your experiences.
-Getting in iTunes and other Platforms is Discussed
-What does Rob Greenlee REALLY do at Spreaker?
-Where and What is that RSS feed that other platforms need
-Does Auto Posting to Facebook Really Work… Honestly

Show Duration: 62 minutes

Host: Rob Greenlee, Head of Content, Spreaker @robgreenlee - rob(at)spreaker(dotcom)
Co-Host: Alex Exum, Host of “The Exum Experience Podcast” on Spreaker

Listener Feedback from Episode 111:

Linda Irwin - Awesome Insanity Surfer's track
I tried i-Tunes but could not get my Apple I.D. to work even two weeks into being on the telephone with support. Rob said he could get it on there for me, but I cannot search to find if it ever made it.

Dave Kanyan

Play: Dave Breather mp3


If anyone is interested...and even if you're not, here is a link to my Episode #70

In this show I almost immediately read the letter that I sent in, that Rob and Alex read on air. I wanted people to have a chance to hear me read it in my voice and then hear my responses to their suggestions and tips.

Play: Getting in iTunes - How Dave Does His Show
Play: Technical Stuff Dave

For the record I think that Alex and Rob do a great show providing valuable info and entertainment at the same time. Not easy to do. Rob comes prepared with years and years of valuable experience (with amazing detailed outlines) and knowledge regarding Spreaker (btw, he's the head of content) and then podcasting in general. Alex is also knowledgeable but is really filling the role of color commentator a bit more. Does Alex fly off the handle sometimes and maybe lose his place and train of thought? Yes! He has admitted as much.

Do I disagree or not understand what he is talking about sometimes? Yes! Am I gonna stop listening? No! The content is too valuable and I think Alex is a good part of that.

Rob and Alex have a yin and yang thing going. Besides I'm pretty sure I heard Alex back off his comments about David J. and all is good. I think Alex's comments are good for the show and podcasting in general. It keeps Spreaker LIVE honest. It would be boring if all Alex did was agree and be a yes man to everything. If Rob thinks that Alex goes across a line then I'm sure Rob would say something and maybe even reprimand him or something to that effect. Demerits might be something to consider.

I think it's great that Dave wrote the letter that he did and we are now discussing it three episodes in succession. Spreaker LIVE #110-112. Rob had mentioned in a previous episode possibly way back in 2016 that he was hoping for more letters, comments, input from other people than the few of us who comment regularly. Maybe this is the break he was waiting for. I for one will pledge to comment more often and be as honest as possible. I will start NOW!

Rob I have a million questions for you , but I don't do an interview show just yet so I'll submit my questions one show at a time. This is my Dumbing It Down with Dave Question of the week.

Feel free to rename it the Spreaker LIVE question of the week.

-ROB: You are the "Head of content" at Spreaker. What does that mean and what do you do exactly?
-Is this a full time gig?
-What is your Spreaker "head of content" day like?
-It sounds like something interesting.
-Are you the only employee based in the U.S.? I know you have corresponded with me several times to help me out.
-You travel to different shows and conferences representing Spreaker and you also host Spreaker LIVE.
-I've been very curious about your job and your workday. Not trying to be nosey. Just curious.
- I don't know anyone else who job title is "head of content" Thanks Rob.
- I enjoy Spreaker LIVE and I'm always listening even if I'm not always commenting!

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