SLS98: How To Avoid The Podfading Fate

SLS98: How To Avoid The Podfading Fate

By Spreaker Live Show

Spreaker Live Show #98 for Jan 18th, 2017

Our Topics This Week:
- How To Avoid The Podfading Fate
- Listener Comments and Feedback

Show Duration: 24 minutes

Host: Rob Greenlee, Head of Content, Spreaker @robgreenlee - rob(at)spreaker(dotcom)

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- Launches beta Ad Revenue Sharing Program

Main topic this week: “How To Avoid The Podfading Fate”

What is Podfading? Why Should You Care? How To Avoid It?

What is Podfading?
-For years podcasting usage stats have shown that a large percentage of new podcasts do what’s called Podfade after about 7 episodes. This term means slowing down in publishing new episodes to your feed. This is a very common issue for all podcasters, even those who have been podcasting for a long-time.
-Causes: Run out of stuff to talk about
-Cause: Live gets in the way
-Cause: Too much work to get an episode out
-Family obligations getting in the way
-Full-Time job not allowing you time to produce your show.
-Too much post recording editing and publishing work.. Causes burnout!
-Run out of money
-Did not plan your show to streamline all processes and distribution methods to be as efficient as possible

Why Should You Care About Podfading?
-Can be embarrassing to family and friends to quit so fast
-Wasting time, money and energy
-Missed opportunities that come from creating a great podcast

How To Avoid It?
-Plan ahead
-Pick a topic or show theme that you have deep knowledge about and connections to potential interesting guests
-Find a co-host
-Find an easy to publish podcast file host
-Easy to use recording setup/equipment
-Get an agreement with your wife/husband and kids that a certain day and time each week is podcast time
-Commit to doing at least 100 episodes before you would consider podfading
-Don’t pre-record a bunch of episodes before you launch your show
-Don’t worry too much if the first few episodes are just not that good
-Don’t really start promoting your show until episode 5-10 depending on feedback
-Do anything and everything to get audience feedback

How To Restart a Podfaded Show?
-Don’t do it
-If you must, then change your artwork and maybe event the name of the show.
-Then get planning for what it is you are going to do different that will not lead to podfading this time.

Listener Comments from SLS97: Ad Revenue Share Program beta launched

Francesco Baschieri
I guess it will work differently for live content and for pre-recorded. For LIVE the ad-insertion point can simply be triggered by pushing a button

Spreaker Live Show
Francesco, You are right about Live insertions, did not cover that. It will be an interesting topic for a future episode.

Linda Irwin
I think seven #tags would be good. Comedy, parody, music, spoof, skits and add humor, funny.

Linda Irwin
I would want control over ad insertion points.

Linda Irwin
There is a rumor that Google is going to buy SoundCloud . . . wonder what changes that is going to bring.

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