S3 Ep18: The Maps, The Wellsite Witness: A Bounty Hunter's Tale

S3 Ep18: The Maps, The Wellsite Witness: A Bounty Hunter's Tale

By Shane L. Waters, Wendy Cee, Gemma Hoskins

The eighteenth episode of "The Maps," delves into a critical yet contentious chapter in the Speed Freak Killers case. Hosts Shane and Wendy focus on Leonard Padilla's efforts to extract more information from Wesley Shermantine by attempting to bring him out of prison to pinpoint other burial sites. This episode features an exclusive insight from Rob Dick, a seasoned bounty hunter, who recounts the unfolding events.

The episode begins with a detailed account of the dig at the well site, a location marked by Shermantine’s maps that had already yielded grim discoveries. Shane and Wendy discuss the rationale and the urgency behind Padilla's strategy to use Shermantine's firsthand knowledge for identifying additional sites.

Listeners will hear directly from Rob Dick as he explains the complexities and controversies surrounding the idea of taking a convicted serial killer out of prison to assist in an investigation. He shares the logistical, legal, and ethical challenges that arose, and the reactions from law enforcement, the victims' families, and the public.

"The Wellsite Witness: A Bounty Hunter's Tale" is a captivating episode that sheds light on the unconventional methods employed in the desperate search for more victims. It's a story of high stakes, moral dilemmas, and the relentless pursuit of closure for countless grieving families.

For more on this dramatic and controversial effort, and insights from those at the heart of the investigation, visit itsfoulplay.com, where the intricate layers of the Speed Freak Killers case continue to be unraveled.

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