The World’s Most Impactful Speaker - Trent Shelton

The World’s Most Impactful Speaker - Trent Shelton

By Nick James

This keynote speech from Trent Shelton is packed with great content and is a Masterclass on what it really takes to make others feel special and close the gap between your dreams and reality moving closer to your goals as a speaker.

He shares in detail great advice on how to take people on a journey when you are speaking talking to their souls, creating emotion and motion and giving them ownership. Your content should aim to change their lives as the content of this episode will potentially change yours.



Our goal in life should be to close the gap between our dreams and reality. What’s going to be the beauty that comes after the storm, what strength will you find? You have to be able to invest in the process to be able to reap the rewards later on. Internal motivation should always be more important than external motivation. What’s going to make sure you keep turning up, what’s your motivation? What is going to make you stand out from everyone else, what is your magnet? When you are authentic you will create an authentic connection. Your greatest gift is your originality. Realness in your heart makes it real for other people. Movement creates influence even being imperfect can make an impact on other’s lives How consistent are you with your message? The simplest things are often the most difficult to do. Emotions create motion when people’s emotions are moved then the content is impactful What’s the journey you are going to take people on with your content. What are people learning from your content that is going to change their lives? People want to be a part of something so give them somewhere, ownership and involvement in your process.



‘Every storm in life is a chance for growth’

‘I had  to face my  fears and walk towards them to become one of the world’s most impactful speakers’

‘If you want to be a speaker for the right reasons then everyone is your audience’



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