#30 - Podcast Parcel #1


By Chris Evans

#30 - Podcast Parcel #1

Monday, 21 December

Hello friends and thank you for downloading our How To Wow Pick Of The Pods 2020. What follows is a substantial taster of what How To Wow has had to offer over the last 30 episodes, the thirtieth being the one you are listening to right now and therefore a sense of how you might benefit from having How To Wow in your life, for an hour or so a week, in your ears - going forward. Do yourself a favour, subscribe to How To Wow for 2021 and then do me a favour in return by remembering to rate and review this greatest hits episode, cos that really helps.

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Life Lessons Festival:

The Sunday Times Life Lessons with added How To Wow. For which tickets go on sale this Wednesday the 9th December at 8am, or if you're listening to this a little later, tickets are now on sale and hopefully almost sold out but give it a go anyhow at Life Lessons Festival


Life Lessons was an instant hit early this year, indoors at The Barbican, :"when it was still winter !", so hopefully this year it will be an absolute smash as we are holding it outdoors at the amazing Chiswick House in early spring.


Our 3 day inspirational festival is back for its second year in 2021 from Friday May 14 to Sunday May 16th.


Tickets are on sale from Wednesday 9th December at Life Lessons Festival Hopefully, I'll see you there!




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