450: Frank Maderal | The Dirty Money Behind Illicit Gold Smuggling

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By Jordan Harbinger

450: Frank Maderal | The Dirty Money Behind Illicit Gold Smuggling

Tuesday, 22 December

Frank Maderal is a litigator and trial attorney (as featured on Netflix's Dirty Money) whose work has given him an intimate knowledge of illicit gold mining and smuggling operations that wreak environmental, social, and economic havoc on a global scale.

What We Discuss with Frank Maderal: Why gold is such an ideal, sought-after medium by criminal enterprises for laundering billions of dollars every year. How unethical methods of gold mining -- both illegal and quasi-legal -- have a devastating, irreparable impact on the environments in which they operate and the people who live there. Money laundering 101: how it works on a global scale, what gives it away to law enforcement, and why gold makes its trail harder to trace even when the evidence is seemingly hiding in plain sight. Why otherwise on-the-level gold traders are increasingly turning to illegal means of aggregation (whether knowingly or not). What law enforcement is doing to make the illicit gold trade a more difficult business for its top-level players and deliberately ignorant enablers. And much more...

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