451: Jason Silva | Origins of a Performance Philosopher

The Jordan Harbinger Show

By Jordan Harbinger

451: Jason Silva | Origins of a Performance Philosopher

Thursday, 24 December

Jason Silva (@JasonSilva) would have been called a “performance philosopher” by counterculture icon Timothy Leary. Among many things, he’s a futurist, filmmaker, creator of short video series Shots of Awe, and host of the National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games and Origins: The Journey of Humankind.

What We Discuss with Jason Silva: How our concepts of self are formed — often through the eyes of others — and how they affect our behavior. How top performers excel by shutting down the editorial parts of the human brain coined by Buddhists as the monkey mind. Why “unscripted” isn’t the same as “unprepared,” and how videos can be edited to elicit altered states of consciousness. How good directors help performers get out of their heads — while bad directors do just the opposite. How is day-to-day reality edited by context, similar to the Kuleshov effect demonstrated by Alfred Hitchcock? And much more!

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