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Episode 15 - Dr Charlotte Elsworth-Edelsten and Luke Gupta

Episode 15 - Dr Charlotte Elsworth-Edelsten and Luke Gupta

By Mark Beaumont

Dr Charlotte Elsworth-Edelsten is a Sleep Specialist and Human Movement Scientist. Luke Gupta is Lead Project Physiologist and Sleep Scientist at English Institute of Sport. Having completed her PhD in human movement biomechanics and physical activity performance and participation, Charlotte moved to the French alps and took a post doctoral position at Geneva University Hospital in 2009, where she worked between the sleep laboratory and the laboratory of kinesiology. This is where her interest in sleep developed.

Living in Chamonix Mont-Blanc she is well placed to take theoretical and empirical work out into the field, for example the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc which you will hear us mention in this conversation.

Charlotte runs sleep clinics, where she advises, assesses, and aids in the diagnoses of individuals with a wide range of sleep problems and disorders. In addition to this, she works in an educational capacity delivering lectures and seminars that raise awareness surrounding the importance of sleep. She is particularly interested in the cognitive and health related impairment we suffer directly resulting from disturbed sleep and the effect this has on performance.

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Luke is the author of ‘Does Elite Sport Degrade Sleep Quality?, and his research has included ‘napping in high-performance athletes: sleepiness or sleepability’ as well as ‘when research leads to learning and not practice in high performance sport.’
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