By Mark Beaumont

Welcome to the first series of the Endurance podcast with myself Mark Beaumont. I’m joined on many of the episodes by my friend and performance manager Laura Penhaul.

We started recording these conversations as a research project for my new book, also called ‘Endurance’ & published by Global Cycling Network – so you can find many of these conversations written up in the ‘Wise Words’ sections of the book. The Endurance podcast is focussed on meeting the sports scientists, the support staff, the researchers, the entrepreneurs – the people you will rarely have heard of - but who are the experts at supporting endurance athletes and are at the forefront of endurance sports.

I started my endurance journey 25 years ago as a 12-year-old boy cycling across Scotland, and I recently pedalled around the planet at the pace of 240 mile a day. Laura has been a physiotherapist at 4 Paralympic & Olympic Games, led the first female crew to row the Pacific Ocean and lead my Performance team for the ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ race.

Young or old, female or male – I believe that endurance is the greater leveller in sport. I’m fascinated by the mental, physical and logistics skills that it takes to push endurance.

We are all endurance athletes at heart – we can all go further.


Episode 20 - Dr James Hull

This episode is all about breathing – something we know is important, but normally don’t think about. Dr James is a Respiratory Physician & lung doctor at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London and also a specialist sports respiratory clinician at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health , at University College London. James is a Doctor Doctor! A medical doctor who went back to University for a PhD in vascular aspects of exercise physiology. His main job now is evaluating ‘unexplained’ exertional breathlessness but also trying to work out why athletes get coughs and wheeze during sport. He promotes awareness of a condition called exercise induced laryngeal obstruction (EILO) which is very common (5% of all adolescence / young athletes) and yet completely misdiagnosed as asthma. In elite sport James is a specialist advisor to the English Institute of Sport – working to optimise the respiratory health of Team GB athletes; trying and reduce risk of infections and asthma problems as well as on a panel of experts advising the International Olympic Committee on respiratory health in athletes and COVID.Dr James Hull BSc MBBS PhD FRCP FHEA FACSM Twitter: @Breathe_to_win Web: www.breathetowin.co.uk
11/02/211h 14m

Episode 19 - Dr Will Duffin and Eoin Walker – The World Extreme Medicine Episode

Eoin has worked as a Paramedic for 20 years in London and currently works for WEM and the International Red Cross. He is the Trauma Lead for WEM and a Pre-Hospital Mass Casualty Incident Management Paramedic. His expedition & educational endeavours have taken him to six of the seven continents and teaches pre-hospital trauma and expedition skills. Eoin has undertaken various global expeditions as an expedition medic. He currently works in Cairo, Egypt on various pre-hospital projects with stakeholders. Will is an expedition Doctor, thought leader in extreme medicine, leadership, human performance, adventure and travel. As the Joint Medical Director of World extreme Medicine, he spends his time recruiting and interviewing the most adventurous minds on earth – including mountaineers, astronauts, war surgeons and senior leaders. Will instructs on expedition and jungle medicine courses and is an academic tutor for the Masters Programme in Extreme Medicine at Exeter UniversityWorld Extreme Medicine podcast https://wemcast.podbean.com/http://www.exeter.ac.uk/postgraduate/taught/medicine/extrememedicinemsc/
04/02/211h 25m

Episode 18 - Baz Moffat

Baz is the Co-Founder of The Well-HQ, alongside Bella Smith and Dr Emma Ross who we heard from in Episode 3 of the Endurance podcast. This is a really important conversation about female health, but not one to listen to with younger children, unless they are comfortable with adult language. Baz is an inspiring women’s health and fitness coach, specialising in the areas of pelvic floor, and women’s wellness. Her holistic approach focuses on helping women throughout their lives with one common goal – to help women move freely and live life to the full.With over 20 years’ experience in the health and fitness sector and as a former elite GB rower and medallist, Baz is able to utilise this knowledge and combine it with her own experience as a 40-year-old mother of two, to bring a deep understanding and a unique and informed approach to her work within women’s health.Her drive, enthusiasm and compassion has quickly earned Baz the reputation as the ‘go-to-trainer’ for any woman wanting to get her body and fitness back on track.Twitter: @BazMoffattwww.thewell-hq.com
28/01/211h 8m

Episode 17 - Dr Ian Walker FHEA

Ian is a world-record ultradistance cyclist and traffic, transport and environmental psychologist. He teach statistics and traffic psychology at the University of Bath and does research on road safety, travel choices, energy consumption, water use and the built environment. His research focuses particularly on unconscious and low-awareness causes of everyday behaviour like habits, the environment around us and unconscious stereotypes.Outside work, a big part of Ian’s life is ultra-endurance cycling. In 2019 he broke the world record for cycling between the Northermost and southernmost points of Europe - 6,367 km in 16 days, 20 hours and 59 minutes - an average of 377 km per day to take the official Guinness World Record.Book: Endless Perfect Circleswww.drianwalker.com/toptobottom/@iancyclesalot on Instagram
21/01/211h 8m

Episode 16 - Dr Eleanor Jaskowska

Community Manager at Komoot, Phd from Oxford University in Plant Sciences. Eleanor describes herself as a microambitious Welsh outdoor lover, living in Bristol and always out exploring. This episode describes El’s personal journey from 60km rides escalating to the 600km rides, with iconic rides including a fixed gear Paris-Brest-Paris and AAA Super Randonneur series. But this conversation is all about route setting and trying not to get lost!

Episode 15 - Dr Charlotte Elsworth-Edelsten and Luke Gupta

Dr Charlotte Elsworth-Edelsten is a Sleep Specialist and Human Movement Scientist. Luke Gupta is Lead Project Physiologist and Sleep Scientist at English Institute of Sport. Having completed her PhD in human movement biomechanics and physical activity performance and participation, Charlotte moved to the French alps and took a post doctoral position at Geneva University Hospital in 2009, where she worked between the sleep laboratory and the laboratory of kinesiology. This is where her interest in sleep developed. Living in Chamonix Mont-Blanc she is well placed to take theoretical and empirical work out into the field, for example the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc which you will hear us mention in this conversation. Charlotte runs sleep clinics, where she advises, assesses, and aids in the diagnoses of individuals with a wide range of sleep problems and disorders. In addition to this, she works in an educational capacity delivering lectures and seminars that raise awareness surrounding the importance of sleep. She is particularly interested in the cognitive and health related impairment we suffer directly resulting from disturbed sleep and the effect this has on performance. Website: www.charlotteedelsten.com or www.the-sleep-science-coach.com Luke is the author of ‘Does Elite Sport Degrade Sleep Quality?, and his research has included ‘napping in high-performance athletes: sleepiness or sleepability’ as well as ‘when research leads to learning and not practice in high performance sport.’
07/01/211h 29m

Episode 14 - with Alex Wolf

Alex Wolf is the Head of Strength and Conditioning (S&C) for the English Institute of Sport where he leads a team of 60 plus S&C Coaches. Alex also spent five years as lead S&C for GB Rowing, and then wrote the book ‘Strength and Conditioning for Rowing,’ which is a great read for all athletes, not just rowers! Alex sits on the Board of Directors for the UK Strength and Conditioning Association.
31/12/201h 12m

Episode 13 - with Alan Murchison

Alan is a Michelin starred chef with over 25 years of experience in some of the worlds best kitchens. He is also the author the superb book ‘The Cycling Chef’. Outside of the kitchen Alan is an ex-international endurance runner, multiple ITU World & ETU European Duathlon Champion, 2018 National 100 mile time trial team champion. Alan is one of the few athletes who has run under 30 minutes for 10k and also ridden a 19 minute 10 mile time trial. He is also team chef for British Cycling at major eventswww.performancechef.com @performance.chef on Instagram
24/12/201h 18m

Episode 12 - with Sophie Killer and Rebecca Dent

Dr Sophie Killer is the Lead Performance Nutritionist for British Athletics and Rebecca Dent is a High-Performance Dietitian with a keen focus on adventure and endurance sports.Dr Sophie Killer is Performance Nutrition consultant in elite sport, having worked as the Head of Performance Nutrition at Tottenham Hotspur FC and as a senior member of the English Institute of Sport Performance Nutrition team. Sophie was the Lead Nutritionist for British Athletics, supporting the Olympic and Paralympic Track and; Field team throughout the Rio 2016 Games and continues to work in Athletics in a consultancy role in the lead up to the Tokyo Games. Sophie has gained a wealth of experience working with a wide range of elite athletes from cyclists, runners, ultra endurance athletes, triathletes and extreme sports athletes through to team sports, including leading the nutrition service for British Basketball during the London 2012 Olympic Games and having spent 5 seasons working in Premier League Football.Sophie completed her PhD in Exercise Metabolism & Performance Nutrition at Loughborough University and continues to engage in research through numerous collaborations. She holds a Visiting Fellowship in Sports Nutrition at Loughborough University where she is involved in PhD supervision and sessional lecturing. She has 15 publications to date, sits on the Editorial Board of the BioMed Central Nutrition Journal, is a Review Editor for Frontiers in Nutrition and is an invited reviewer for the EJSS, IJSNEM and IJSPP.https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Sophie_KillerRebecca describers her job as helping you choose the right foods to eat based on your lifestyle choices, sporting endeavours or epic adventures, but above all to help you achieve your best health.@sophie_killer and @Rebecca_Dent on Twitter
17/12/201h 40m

Episode 11 - with Pav Bryan

Pav Bryan is a Performance Director at Spokes, and heads up the coaching team at Spokes, responsible for ensuring the products and services they offer is market leading and always at the forefront of innovation. Pav developed the ‘Truly Personal Coaching’ methodology, which has provided countless successes not just with his coaching, but within the industry that has now adopted it. Pav recently released a book, ‘The Guide to Truly Effective Cycling’ and takes the reader on a journey from the initial planning of their goals, through to implementing their strategy at their event. Spokes.fit.com @spokesfit and @pavbryan on Instagram
10/12/201h 2m

Episode 10 - with Cliff Harvey Phd

Cliff Harvey is a leader in the field of carb-appropriate nutrition, mind-body healthcare and the achievement of success in health and performance. He is an author, clinician, researcher and speaker – as well as one of the founders of NuZest nutrition – and he describes his WHY as helping others to learn simple, effective methods to be healthier and happier. Cliff describes health and happiness are flip-sides of the same coin. A healthy body is a happy body, a healthy mind is a happy mind, and a healthy spirit is a happy spirit…and vice versa. Amongst lots of other national sporting bodies and elite athletes, Cliff has worked with National cycling associations in New Zealand. www.cliffharvey.com Twitter: @CarbAppropriate
03/12/201h 19m

Episode 9 - with Chrissie Wellington OBE and Dr Andy Kirkland

Christine Wellington OBE needs little introduction to most, a legend in the Ironman world, having won every iron-distance event that she entered as well as being a four-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion. She held all three world and championship records relating to iron-distance triathlon races: firstly, the overall world record, secondly, the Ironman World Championship course record, and thirdly, the official world record for all Ironman-branded triathlon races over the full Ironman distance. Dr Andrew Kirkland worked with Chrissie on her training book. Andy is a lecturer in Sports Coaching at Stirling University here in Scotland and passionate cyclist. In Performance Coaching he works with grass-roots sport through to Olympic level. Book – To the Finish Line & A Life Without Limits Twitter: @chrissiesmiles and @andykirkland71
26/11/201h 26m

Episode 8 - with Mike Griffiths

Mike Griffiths was the Logistics Manager on the Around the World in 80 Days and organises teams on the legendary RAAM (Race Across America) every year. In 2016, he formed Leadership Challenges; an organisation that plans adventure-based challenges to deliver leadership capacity building, and life-changing experiences to individuals from all walks of life. Mike has also guided elite teams, wounded, injured and sick military veterans to success in RAAM, one of the world’s toughest and respected endurance cycling events. Mike is a British Army veteran who served for over 26 years in operations around the world, including the Balkan states, Angola, Canada, the Falkland Islands and extensively in Afghanistan and Northern Ireland.www.leadershipchallenges.org
19/11/201h 14m

Episode 7 - with James Lowsley-Williams

James Lowsley-Williams, known to most as Hank, was a domestic professional road cyclist from 2012-18 and is now a presenter for Global Cycling network. Hank is a boy racer who has always craved the big adventures, so jumped at the opportunity over the last few years to take his enthusiasm and bike skills into some ultra-endurance challenges, testing his mind and body beyond. These have included recreating the first stage of the 1903 Tour de France, a 300 mile ride from Paris to Lyon on a vintage single-speed and climbing to 6893 meters up the worlds highest volcano and freeriding 300km through the Atacama desert to the Pacific. This episode is a fascinating insight into what it takes to transition from road racing to adventure and endurance cycling. @jamesl_w on Instagram
12/11/201h 6m

Episode 6 - with Gerard Vroomen, Doug Golenz and John Dennis

Bike design has come a long way in the past decade, and most bikes are now designed for the Mark Beaumont’s of this world as opposed to the Mark Cavendish’s! That means comfort for endurance and great handling, rather than purely for elite racing. This conversation happened between Scotland, Holland, England and the US – and explored bike design and bio-mechanics. Gerard Vroomen is a Dutch-born mechanical engineer and the owner of Open Cycle. He is best know as the co-founder of Cervelo bikes. Vroomen co-founded Cervélo in 1995 when their design for a new time trial bicycle failed to garner interest from traditional bicycle manufacturers. Today, Cervélo is the largest triathlon bike manufacturer in the world. Doug Golenz co-founded and runs StudioWest near Boulder, Colorado – world famous for cutting edge bike design. The team are passionate creativity and have over 100 patents to their names. John Dennis is someone I (Mark Beaumont) have worked with personally as my bike fitter before the Around the World in 80 Days. John has worked full time in elite sport for over a decade, including as lead physiotherapist with British Triathlon. As an expert in cycling biomechanics, he has since worked with a multitude of pro cycling teams including Team Sky. Analyzing sports injuries, movement patterns and working with clients at his business Physiohaus near Newcastle in England with the best chance of a quick recovery and individualised bike positional work.
05/11/201h 3m

Episode 5 - with Dr Rich Burden

Dr. Richard Burden is the Head of Biosciences and Physiology Technical Lead at the English Institute of Sport. He has worked across three Olympic cycles including with the GB Rowing Team, the British Olympic Association's Intensive Rehabilitation Unit, and individual Olympians and Paralympians. His interests include biomarkers of training adaptation, recovery and the female athlete. He has a number of research collaborations with academic institutions including St. Mary’s University, University College London, Loughborough University and Harvard University. He is also Senior Consultant Editor (Elite Sport) for the journal Experimental Physiology.
29/10/201h 13m

Episode 4 - with Dr Jim Taylor

Dr. Jim Taylor lives near San Francisco is an internationally recognized authority on the psychology of performance. He started out as an alpine ski racer, and is now a 2nd degree black belt in karate, sub-three-hour marathoner, Ironman triathlete, and nationally ranked USAT age-group Olympic and Sprint distance triathlete. Jim has been a consultant to USA Triathlon and works with world-class and age-group endurance athletes in cycling, running, triathlon, and swimming. He also has his own podcast, called ‘Train Your Mind for Athletic Success’ which you might enjoy, along with many resources which you can find at www.drjimtaylor.com
22/10/201h 10m

Episode 3 - with Dr Emma Ross

Dr Emma Ross is the founder and director of Thrive Revolution and was the head of Physiology at the English Institute of Sport. Thrive exists to support girls and women discover the best in themselves and fulfil their potential. Read on everyone, because this is fascinating podcast that everyone should listen to, including boys and men. Emma is on a mission - to empower women with the knowledge and wisdom they need to achieve health, happiness and high performance, whether in work, sport, family or life. She spent a decade working in high performance sport, developing a world-leading campaign to optimise female athlete health and performance. Now Emma lectures, coaches and educates about improving body literacy in all women. The roots of this work is understanding how our biology and anatomy works, and how that influences body, behaviour and emotion has the potential to help women everywhere, in all walks of life, to capitalise on their untapped potential, reduce anguish and anxiety, and experience their life in a new way. Find out more at thriverevolution.com, @ezross on twitter and @ emma_zoe_ross on Instagram.
15/10/201h 8m

Episode 2 - with Professor Greg Whyte

Professor Greg Whyte, aka Super Greg is a former Olympian and Sports Scientist who has made fame through his incredible work on celebrity challenges, helping turn celebrities into ultra endurance athletes, including David Walliams, John Bishop, Cheryl Cole, Gary Barlow and Eddie Izzard. Greg won World Championship medals and represented Team GB at the Olympics in Modern Pentathlon – and is a professor in Applied Sport and Exercise Science at Liverpool John Moores University and is a hugely respected authority on exercise physiology, sports performance and rehabilitation. Find out more at gregwhyte.com, @gpwhyte on Twitter and @profgregw on Instagram. https://markbeaumontonline.com/
08/10/201h 17m

Episode 1 - with Jenny Graham, Fiona Kolbinger and James Hayden

In this first Episode of the Endurance podcast Laura and Mark chat to Jenny Graham, Fiona Kolbinger and James Hayden, three well-known names in the ultra-endurance road cycling world. Jenny holds the female Guinness World record for the fastest circumnavigation by bicycle - 124 Days, 10 hours and 50 minutes. Jenny is also part of the Adventure Syndicate (a collective of female endurance cyclists) and presenter on Global Cycling Network. Fiona was the winner of the Transcontinental Race (across Europe) in 2019, beating a field of 224 men and 40 women. She also recently graduated as a Doctor. James has won back-to-back Transcontinental titles and has now shifted his focus more to off-road ultra-endurance bike packing adventures. https://markbeaumontonline.com/
01/10/201h 39m

Endurance Podcast - Trailer

First episode launches on Thursday 1 October 2020. Welcome to the first series of the Endurance podcast with myself Mark Beaumont. I’m joined on many of the episodes by my friend and performance manager Laura Penhaul. The Endurance podcast is focussed on meeting the sports scientists, the support staff, the researchers, the entrepreneurs – the people you will rarely have heard of - but who are the experts at supporting endurance athletes and are at the forefront of endurance sports. Young or old, female or male – I believe that endurance is the greater leveller in sport. I’m fascinated by the mental, physical and logistics skills that it takes to push endurance. We are all endurance athletes at heart – we can all go further.
23/09/202m 12s
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