Gary Vaynerchuk LIVE at Expert Empires

Gary Vaynerchuk LIVE at Expert Empires

By Nick James

In this very special episode, you're going to hear from the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk in an exclusive recording taken from his Expert Empires appearance, in which Gary talks about how to grow your personal brand, as well as how to start, grow and scale a business based on your passion.


We live in an incredible, and incredibly fast-paced world in which innovation is taking place constantly. But we should never hope to achieve success merely through short cuts. You have to put the work in. It is our job to create stories for people about what our purpose is, and to have it engage with someone. We must remember that not only are we competing inside our genre, we are also competing with all other forms of content. We all need an outside perspective from time to time. We can sometimes become far too enchanted by the things we create, and unable to see its flaws. Nurture the art of over-listening. We have to learn to hear everything, from the good to the bad. We can learn from everything that's said, and by doing so, ensure that we gain mastery over client retention.


'The world is an incredible place. We're so lucky to be alive!'

'If you don't provide real, actual value to people in exchange for the money you ask for in exchange, you will lose over time'

'You'll get more value if you over-provide'

'One way to get the next client is to never last the last client fail'


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Nick James

Nick dropped out of university at the age of 21 and failed spectacularly with his first coaching business, which forced him to take a £16k/yr telesales job. 

Within 12 months he was the top performer and left to start his second business at 24. This time he discovered a winning formula and before long had a multi-six-figure company.

He then made a huge mistake which nearly put him out of business and cost him £50,000 in personal cash!

Fortunately, Nick kept it afloat, turned it around, and sold that business 2 years later in a seven-figure deal. 

He then co-founded a multi-million-pound marketing company, which he exited in 2015, and created Expert Empires.

Today, Expert Empires is known as the UK's number one business event for Experts, with world-renowned celebrity speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Chalene Johnson, David Goggins, and Lewis Howes gracing the stage.

Nick also specialises in helping Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Trainers, and Authors take their businesses from zero to six figures and beyond through his Expert Empires Mastermind programme.

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