470: Bruce Sackman | A Glimpse Behind the Murder Curtain

470: Bruce Sackman | A Glimpse Behind the Murder Curtain

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Tuesday, 16 February

Bruce Sackman (@bts1811) is a renowned investigator specializing in tracking down medical serial killers. He is the co-author of Behind the Murder Curtain: Special Agent Bruce Sackman Hunts Doctors and Nurses Who Kill Our Veterans.

What We Discuss with Bruce Sackman: How Bruce first became aware of the MSKs (medical serial killers) who were operating for years, undetected, in our veterans hospitals. Why it's so difficult -- even for medical professionals -- to spot their colleagues who kill in a hospital environment (and why it's often covered up when they do). How the monstrously prolific body count of a quietly efficient MSK makes the serial killers who wind up famous as household names and true crime documentary subjects seem like amateurs in comparison. What motivates an MSK to murder the people who trust and rely on them for care? How Bruce's experience with tracking, exposing, and catching MSKs have helped investigators and forensic nurses throughout the world put a stop to these formerly unchecked murder sprees. And much more...

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