Alcohol and Empire Building - interview with Ruari Fairbairns (founder of OYNB)

Alcohol and Empire Building - interview with Ruari Fairbairns (founder of OYNB)

By Nick James

Nick is with ‘One Year No Beer’ founder Ruari  Fairbairns talking about the movement and community he has built and his passion.

As someone who has experienced a professional life where alcohol is very much part of the culture, Ruari discusses the reality of alcohol and why many believe that alcohol is making life better when actually it’s making it worse.

The movement and platform he has created gives people the opportunity to undertake a challenge that reveals the reality of their relationship with alcohol and enables them to understand what they are really seeking in life.

Ruari is passionate about his community but is also a hugely successful entrepreneur building an empire that is providing aspiration for those involved.



We are all in a toxic relationship with alcohol there is no safe level as it’s a poison. The ‘take control’ course is for those who have taken an extended break from alcohol and want to have a structure in place moving forward. Empires have been previously built on alcohol;  it is said to have greased the wheels of many deals. Can you as an entrepreneur give yourself an upgrade by taking a break from alcohol? Yes, and you will gain more energy, productivity, clarity and time. People use alcohol to switch off but in reality, alcohol creates anxiety. You should celebrate the wins as an entrepreneur in business and in life but you don’t need alcohol to do it. People want to help other people and we are creating a platform where people can help each other. When we hit the power of unlocking community we will be hitting millions of users who will be empowering each other to change their relationship with alcohol. The principles of change are the same whatever the addiction. If we can give people a platform and the tools to work out what they need to change in their lives then we can change the world. Community is free to build and when you have built a community it will have a wider impact than just those directly involved. The ripple effect is immeasurable.



‘I can have a drink whenever and where ever I want to, I just choose not to’

‘Creating a movement that is challenge-based is a brilliant way of marketing’

‘I know that changing your relationship with alcohol will change your life’



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