34: The Queer Wellbeing Sessions 5: The Pillars Of Wellness With Amanda Ashy

34: The Queer Wellbeing Sessions 5: The Pillars Of Wellness With Amanda Ashy

By Sarah Taylor

The Queer Wellbeing Sessions have been one of my highlights during 2020. It’s been such an honour to dedicate Friday nights to our collective wellbeing and hold space for the queer community and our wonderful allies. 

Each week I’ve had a different wellness or coaching professional join me to share their insights, wisdom and powerful tips and guidance for how we can support ourselves on our individual healing journey.

Last week my guest was Amanda Ashy a holistic nutritionist and mindfulness expert. 

Amanda shares how she went from working in television as a media producer and director where she was leading a very unhealthy lifestyle working 70-hour weeks and living off coffee and fast food to deciding to follow her passion for nutrition. She trained to become a clinical nutritionist and mindfulness expert and now specialises in supporting families and children with their wellbeing. 

Hear all about what Amanda calls the Pillars Of Wellness and learn how to reduce stress and increase your wellbeing with some simple daily lifestyle changes.

This is such a valuable and important episode, I know you will take so much from it.

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