30: The Queer Wellbeing Sessions 2: Mental Health & Me With George Goldsmith-Cotterell

30: The Queer Wellbeing Sessions 2: Mental Health & Me With George Goldsmith-Cotterell

By Sarah Taylor

The Queer Wellbeing Sessions Week 2.

 As you will know if you&aposre a regular listener of this podcast, I am incredibly passionate about creating greater inclusion and access to all wellbeing services for LGBTQ+ people.

So, I decided to dedicate the month of November to what I&aposm calling the Queer Wellbeing Sessions where every week, on a Friday in Instagram I chat with a queer wellness or coaching professional about a wellbeing practice that will support us with our own personal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. And we get to experience the modality or technique in the session too with a short live practice or exercise. 

This week my guest was George Goldsmith-Cotterell an online fitness coach and personal trainer and we talk about the important relationship between mental health,  exercise and food.  George shares her personal wellbeing story and how she has transformed her mental health by changing her diet and looking after herself with exercise and lifestyle changes.

My new online course for gay, bi and queer women, Dare To Be You starts on Monday 23rd November, you can find out all about it HERE.

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