28: Cultivating Conscious Relationships With Love Coach Michelle Zaylar

28: Cultivating Conscious Relationships With Love Coach Michelle Zaylar

By Sarah Taylor

"I never use the term falling in love. I really don&apost like that, it&aposs like falling where? Falling on your face? Falling on your arse? No. I&aposm really here for people to walk steadily into love with their eyes wide open, with clarity and a strong foundation."

I&aposm talking with Love Coach Michelle Zaylar about the world of love and relationships (and if you&aposre anything like me help in that department is always welcomed!) We get real about the the challenges of navigating dating and finding love as a later in life lesbian or queer person – btw it’s not our fault we find it all a bit of a minefield! And Michelle explains exactly what a conscious relationship is, how to create one and why we’d want them (and believe me you do!). She also busts some myths that you might have about what makes a healthy, loving relationship. So if you’re wondering how to show up in the best way for yourself and those really important people in your life you&aposre going to want to give this episode a listen.

I personally got so much out of my conversation with Michelle and I really hope you do too.

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