26: We Need To Talk About LGBTQ+ Mental Health With Kate Webb

26: We Need To Talk About LGBTQ+ Mental Health With Kate Webb

By Sarah Taylor

This episode is on a topic that isn&apost talked about enough. The fact that mental health issues and suicidal distress is almost twice as high for LGBTQ+ people than for everyone else.

I’m talking to Kate Webb, deputy CEO of MindOut, an incredible LGBTQ+ mental health charity for which I&aposm a board trustee. Kate and I talk about some of the reasons why people in the LGBTQ+ community struggle more with their mental health. We discuss the lack of safe social spaces, minority stress, discrimination and the damage caused by ignorance and lack of understanding within the wellbeing and healthcare professions.

Please listen to this episode to hear about the support available to you if you&aposre struggling with your mental health and how each of us can personally do our bit to stand up for  greater equality, understanding and the creation of a safer world for LGBTQ+ people.

And I know you&aposre here for that or you wouldn’t be listening to this podcast!

N.B. There are a few places in our conversation where we mention suicidal distress and suicide.

Links from the show:
Contact MindOut: https://www.mindout.org.uk/
MindOut on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindoutlgbtq/
MindOut on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mindoutlgbtq/

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