23: The Power of Owning Your Niche (Especially When It's LGBTQ+ Wellbeing) With George Goldsmith-Cottrell

23: The Power of Owning Your Niche (Especially When It's LGBTQ+ Wellbeing) With George Goldsmith-Cottrell

By Sarah Taylor

I&aposm in conversation with George Goldsmith-Cottrell (she/her) a personal trainer and online fitness coach where we talk about why we’ve chosen to work specifically with LGBTQ+ people and how that’s enabled us to support more of our dreamboat clients. 

We talk about the increasing mental health struggles in the LGBTQ+ community including the impact of COVID-19. George shares her own journey from struggling with anxiety and depression and crying at her desk in her soul-destroying 9-5 to discovering her passion for fitness, transforming her own mental health and creating a successful personal training and coaching business she absolutely loves. 

We explore the benefits of niching and the powerful impact on your clients and community when you’re authentic and open about your own personal story. 

And we also give you our perspective on why you’ve got to invest in the business side of your business – from having biz buddies who get what it’s like to be an entrepreneur (because let’s face it not everyone gets it!) to continually learning about marketing, strategy, pricing, scaling and all the powerful mindset stuff. 

We cover a lot in this episode! I really hope you enjoy it and do let me know what you thought of this episode by messaging me over on instagram, facebook or linked in - or you can email me, I&aposd love to hear from you! If you enjoy the episode, please be sure to take a screenshot and share it out on Instagram and tag me @sarahtaylorcoaching and I’ll be sure to share your comments and big takeaways on my Instagram Stories as well. 

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