Interview with Marie Forleo - Expert Empires Global headline speaker

Interview with Marie Forleo - Expert Empires Global headline speaker

By Nick James

Marie Forleo, New York Times Best Selling Author with a fan base of millions is confirmed as headline speaker for Expert Empires Global in April and this episode shares an insight into the great content she will be sharing with everyone at Expert Empires Global.

You can be an expert in your field but to build a successful business you need to be an expert business person and Marie has great advice on why ultimately ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ and the importance of going for progress not perfect if you want to move forward and make a difference.



You may need to find a solution that’s never been thought of before, or change your mindset but it’s about having a belief that will mean that you show up and are more powerful and optimistic. When you are an expert and have information to share with others you need to know how to be an expert business person. You need to be an expert communicator, expert marketer so you can inspire the people you are serving. There are many different ways to build a business so you need to understand which route is the best one for you. It is not your customer’s job to find you it’s your job to find your customers and understand where they are and work with them from that point You need to go for progress, not perfection. Experts always want to do their best but you need to focus on getting out of your own way and getting out there and then tweaking along the way. You need to focus on the impact you are making, the legacy you are creating from not being perfect.



‘I’m a guide on the side and I’m no better than the people I work with’

‘How is building a business going to impact on your life?’

‘It’s about humbling yourself and understanding it’s about being a great communicator and marketer to build a business that can make a difference’



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