476: Dan David | Putting Muscle on the China Hustle

476: Dan David | Putting Muscle on the China Hustle

By Jordan Harbinger

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Tuesday, 2 March

Dan David (@Dan_David44) is an investor, activist short-seller, and whistle-blower. He is the founder of Wolfpack Research, host of the I Hung Up On Warren Buffett Podcast, and is featured in The China Hustle documentary.

What We Discuss with Dan David: Dan defines what it means to be an activist short-seller, and how his research discerns between legitimate but worthwhile risks in the market and outright criminal fraud. How Chinese companies use reverse mergers to trade on US markets without oversight and siphon hundreds of billions of dollars from the economy without accountability or criminal consequences. Why the US government allows this legalized corruption to continue (with the blessing of investment banks). In the end, who really suffers in the fallout of these reverse takeover (RTO) scams. The long-term dangers of allowing this fraud to continue, and what Dan sees as our way out of this mess. And much more...

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