S5 E10: How To Sleep (Better)

S5 E10: How To Sleep (Better)

By Dr. Hazel Wallace

On the season finale, Dr Hazel discusses all things sleep with Dr Sophie Bostock - a Sleep Evangelist who is on a mission to help millions of people to improve their lives by unlocking the science of sleep. Sophie studied Medicine and Entrepreneurship before completing a PhD in Health Psychology at UCL. Following several years with award-winning digital medicine company, Sleepio, Sophie launched TheSleepScientist.com to provide education and coaching for clients in business, the military, healthcare and elite sport.

Topics include
* Why do we sleep? And why is it so important?
* The 8 hour rule and can you sleep too much?
* Can you make up for sleep debt on the weekend?
* Tips on how to achieve a good nights sleep.
* Sleep tracking devices - help or hinder sleep?
* Listener Question: “If I’m a light sleeper - does that mean I’m not achieving deep sleep?”
* Listener Question: “Is melatonin effective for sleep problems? Or just jet lag?”
* Listener Question: “CBD is widely marketed as a sleep aid - what does the evidence say?”
* Listener Question: “Relationship between food and sleep - foods we should avoid/include”
* Listener Q “why do some people remember their dreams and others don’t? Is it down to sleep quality?”

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